Book Adeus, Aposentadoria - Gustavo Cerbasi

Adeus, Aposentadoria - Gustavo Cerbasi

Do you dream of your retirement? Discover with this book summary, how to reach this stage in a peaceful and happy way, without reducing your quality of life.

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Have you made any plans for when it comes time to retire? What was supposed to be a time to relax without financial worries is, in most cases, a period of deprivation and dependence on others.

Do you believe that social pension will meet your health and personal care expenses? Or do you feel worried and uncertain about your future?

Take it easy, because with the Pocketbook of “Adeus, Aposentadoria”, by Gustavo Cerbasi, we will discover together how to get the best out of what retirement brings!

Let’s go?

The book “Adeus, Aposentadoria”

Written by Gustavo Cerbasi, “Adeus, Aposentadoria”, “Goodbye, Retirement” in free translation, is a book that aims to demystify the concept of retirement as we know it today.

Published in July 2014, by Sextante, the book brings strategies to apply to your career and investments that will guarantee quality of life and financial stability during your retired life.

Who is Gustavo Cerbasi?

Gustavo Cerbasi has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of São Paulo (USP) and a degree in public administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

He has specializations in finances from the Stern School of Business (New York University) and from the Institute of Management Foundation (FIA).

He is also the author of other books about money and investments, such as: “Smart Couples Get Rich Together”; “How to Organize Your Financial Life”; “Money: The Secrets from the Ones Who Have It”.

To whom is this book indicated?

“Adeus, Aposentadoria” is a book for people who want to learn how to manage their money to ensure a happy retirement while maintaining quality of life.

What are the main ideas of the book “Adeus, Aposentadoria”?

The main ideas presented by author Gustavo Cerbasi are:

  • We need to forget about the concept of retirement as we know it;
  • Earnings from public or private pensions are not sufficient to maintain quality of life and buying power in retirement;
  • Financial planning, though constantly associated with deprivation, is the best way to avoid having to deal with many long-term uncertainties;
  • The increase in tax revenues proposed by governments will offer only a temporary solution for the social security deficit.

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[Book Summary] Adeus, Aposentadoria - Gustavo Cerbasi

You can’t fight the facts

In this part of the book “Adeus, Aposentadoria”, Gustavo Cerbasi presents geoeconomic studies conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE, on changes in life expectancy and percentage of the economically active population.

These data support the claim that, in addition to living for more years, we have also learned to consume more and better. Therefore, the money paid into a pension, which guaranteed a peaceful old age, will no longer be enough for when those who are currently economically active, retire.

How to take care of your financial future?

Taking good care of your financial future means having an income that meets your needs, even if you are not working, either out of will or lack of conditions. To make this possible, you have to adopt one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Always save more money than you expect to spend when inactive;
  • Build experiences and skills that make you professionally desired, to the point that you can choose the most interesting job;
  • Create forms of raising money that does not need your intervention constantly.

Why can’t current solutions solve the problem?

The five most adopted strategies of financial planning and their risks are listed by the author Gustavo Cerbasi to show some current problems:

1 - Contribute to INSS

Our cost of living tends to grow over the years, along with the payments for health care and other insurances. And the amount paid by the social pension, which is INSS in Brazil, does not follow this evolution.

It is important to note that governmental agencies, like INSS, are prone to excessive administrative procedures and completely vulnerable to changes in government.

2 - Unretirement

Unretirement is to re-enter the workforce and extend the years of work. To do that, you need to look after your health and keep your resume up to date or study for civil service examinations.

3 - Save more

Saving money to have a large reserve may be worthless if you don’t have a strategy that takes inflation into account.

Besides increasing your saving effort, you have to be cautious about the quality of your chosen savings accounts.

4 - Paying into a private pension plan

Pension plans are vulnerable to changes in the financial market. As the author Gustavo Cerbasi said in the book “Adeus, Aposentadoria”: they are an addition to income when you retire, but not enough.

Also, the plans available in your country may not offer social pension benefits, such as disability retirement or paid sick leave.

5 - Complain and charge the government

“Adeus, Aposentadoria” points out that the proposals of changes in the social pension of Brazil have been inefficient to solve the current problems with it, offering only temporary solutions.

How to have an increasing income and freedom throughout life?

According to Gustavo Cerbasi, if we really want to be able to build wealth throughout our lives, we need to adopt a new educational standard that teaches us how to be an entrepreneur after getting experiences and money by working for others.

This way, we will be building wealth and relieving the pressure on the current pension systems available.

This educational pattern is divided into three steps, which we will see below.

Step 1: Education for Work

The first step of “Adeus, Aposentadoria” argues that one should:

  • Be curious to recognize the urgencies of the labor market;
  • Dedicate yourself above average;
  • Work harder than others;
  • Exceed expectations of bosses in order to grow in the career;
  • Make the most of your employee position to learn about the market and decipher it.

When you feel that you are achieving career success, it is time to slow down and start experiencing the first tests of the next step.

Step 2: Education for Entrepreneurship

Gustavo Cerbasi mentions some ways to start learning about entrepreneurship. They are:

  • Visit franchise fairs;
  • Take specific courses for entrepreneurs;
  • Take advantage of the network built through employment;
  • Have entrepreneurial experiences in parallel with the career;
  • Invest in real estate, stocks, auctions, and autonomous services with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Entrepreneurial education results from all the learnings and experiences that can lead you to create an innovative activity.

Step 3: Education to Invest

Investing education is about:

  • Taking counselor training courses;
  • Training in balance sheet analysis;
  • Attending family business events;
  • Discussing matters of succession and estate planning with attorneys.

How to turn theory into practice?

If you agree that retirement is not the best choice to enjoy your old age, you have to create the physical and mental conditions and style of life that are appropriate for a long workday and fulfilling performance.

  • Make your work more exciting, good and enjoyable;
  • Dedicate time to keep learning, but do not overwhelm yourself;
  • Practice throughout your life, invest in different ways, even if you don't have much time to study about it.

Books about financial planning

In the book “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money”, the author Jill Schlesinger recommends that you take some actions to avoid financial loss during retirement: talk to yourself about your financial plans; rethink your retirement age.; dream big about your retirement; hire a financial advisor.

According to the author Lynda Gratton, of the book “The 100 Year Life”, for a longer life, people must escape from a 3-stage life – education, work, and retirement – to a multi-stage life. To do so, you need flexibility and changes in how you use your time.

Finally, in “Unshakeable”, Tony Robbins gives one valuable piece of advice: If you’re not careful, taxes can easily eliminate 30% or more of your investment returns. Therefore, it is important to pay attention only to the net amount that you will actually be able to keep.

How can I apply the ideas from “Adeus, Aposentadoria”?

Regardless of whether retirement it is a short, medium or long term plan for you, let’s look at a few points that, if applied immediately, will help you trust the future:

  • Make a habit of studying: study to be a good professional, study to be a good entrepreneur and study to be a good investor;
  • Start worrying early and learn how to manage your money better;
  • Create short, medium and long term goals about your career and use of money;
  • Reduce expenses;
  • Diversify your investments;
  • Learn to work with pleasure;
  • Get work experience and use it to your advantage;
  • Lead and take care of your future yourself.

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