Awaken the Millionaire Within - Carlos Wizard Martins

Awaken the Millionaire Within - Carlos Wizard Martins

Discover the fundamental steps that will propel you to success and the big secrets to achieving financial independence and make your dreams come true.

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I bet you're a dreamer with visionary ideas, right? Now, answer us: do you want to be a millionaire?

And who doesn't want to, right? Getting rich through your efforts to reach your goals is great and celebrating your achievements is priceless!

So we want you to understand once and for all how to awaken your 'rich self' that is sleeping somewhere within you, making you reach all your goals.

In this PocketBook, we'll talk about motivation, focus, commitment, and the key steps to winning a millionaire mind.

So, let's make money?

About the book "Awaken the Millionaire Within"

The book "Awaken the Millionaire Within" was published in 2012 by the founder of Wizard language school, Carlos Wizard Martins.

The content of the work consists of 13 fascinating chapters spread over its 156 pages, which will lead you to understand how a brilliant mind works and the main secrets of millionaire thinking.

About the author Carlos Wizard Martins

Carlos Wizard Martins holds a degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University in the United States.

He actually started his business by tutoring in English. In 1987 he founded Wizard, which became a successful franchise and the largest leader in english language teaching.

In addition, Carlos owns the natural products company, Mundo Verde and in 2016 became the owner of Topper and Rainha brands.

To whom is this book indicated?

The content of the book is a talk from a millionaire entrepreneur to a businessman, entrepreneur, or visionary who wants to get rich but doesn't have that necessary mindset attitude.

Main ideas of the book "Awaken the Millionaire Within"

In the course of the book, the author draws attention to key topics of how to be a great entrepreneur and how to have a millionaire mind. Such as:

  • The main defeat is self-imposed;
  • Fear of prosperity prevents you from seeing opportunities;
  • For a visionary, there are no crisis moments;
  • Prosperity is achievable;
  • Why you should be able to differentiate real constructive criticism from "constructive criticism" from people who just want to demotivate you;
  • Enrichment has nothing to do with luck; it's a process of a lot of effort and work.

In this PocketBook, we will explain essentials of how to aim for the top on the ladder of success.

So, let's get this content!

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[Book Summary] Awaken the Millionaire Within - Carlos Wizard Martins

Overview: Escape the Dream Killers

As its name implies, dream killers are those people who aim to spread someone's project or goal. These attitudes come through criticism, comparisons, and even negative thoughts thrown at a person who has a project in focus.

The author of the book, Carlos Wizard makes it clear that dream killers often use their available time to destabilize people. In addition, they try to equate their personal failure with someone else's.

Ponder the following question and answer for yourself: have you ever found yourself unmotivated after talking to someone about your life projects? If so, you were probably faced with a dream killer!

Often these types of people may come undercover as friends, or some "constructive criticism" to make you give up on your goal.

"Awaken the Millionaire Within, explains that keeping the focus is critical. We often postpone our dreams by letting ourselves be overwhelmed by everyday fatigue. Or by letting us grieve over the bad words spoken by someone."

The key is to move on, so:

  • Roll up your sleeves;
  • Stop complaining about your reality;
  • Do something to change it.

Overview: Three Thoughts That Stop You From Going for Success

There are three negative thoughts that, according to Carlos Wizard, are viruses for the brain. This is because they infect the dreamer in such a way that he is prevented from moving on with his plans.

1. "The competition is too big"

Thinking about market competition is not a bad thing as long as it's to evaluate what you can do to be ahead of it. Thinking of competition as limiting is extremely damaging, as this will decrease your ability to undertake.

The author explains that admiring competition is healthy. That way you will be working on the creative side of you. Looking at this view, you can:

  • Stimulate your ideas;
  • Restructure your company;
  • Recycle your employees.

All this in favor of your rise in the market means that the competition is not your enemy. On the contrary: it will be a passport to your growth!

2. "I don't have luck"

Carlos says that getting rich has nothing to do with luck. Having this thought is the same as giving up on your dreams once and for all.

The author explains that if you look at luck as a way to be successful, you will be throwing away every time you've used to prepare yourself, all your effort and study.

Initially, we need to internalize two important information:

  • There is a millionaire inside you;
  • To realize the dream of getting rich you need to use the right weapons for that.

Keep in mind that reaching the top of success means dedication, not luck.

3. "I am conformed to my situation"

If you want to be a millionaire, nonconformity must be one of its main features. According to the author, the conformed person is unable to have any kind of initiative. She doesn't believe she can get out of that current situation.

The conformed is a resigned being, tolerant of life's problems and at the same time incredulous in change. Already the millionaire has a mind totally opposed to this, he is confident, demanding, innovative and insistent.

Got the difference?

Overview: Believe in Your Dreams

You must be the main supporter of your dreams. Imagine that you have already reached them. Have positive thinking. Have faith.

One of the main behaviors that lead a person to failure is personal discredit. It's no use having a dream, cultivating something inside yourself, imagining wealth, travel, a nice standard of living if you don't internalize that it can belong to you.

Positive thinking leads to motivation, which leads to ideas, planning and ultimately the realization of your dreams.

So don't be afraid to dream big and believe that you are worthy of all that you have achieved so far and want to achieve.

Overview: The importance of letting go of the past

The author gives a very important tip: you must reset your past!

If you have internalized, mentalized and believed that you can be a millionaire, great! The next step is to detach yourself once and for all from everything that has imprisoned you in the past.

This has to do with mental and emotional restructuring; you need to change your posture.

Such measures are crucial points for enriching and moving towards success.

Be persevering

Perseverance is an important quality for those who want to get rich, so:

  • Be constant in your projects;
  • Don't give up;
  • Be focused on a proposed activity;
  • Be persistent on making your dreams come true.

And remember: at many times you will be tested, you will be questioned, but it's crucial that you don't get discouraged! These are the challenges that will help you become stronger, better define your goals and defend that yes, it's possible to make your dreams come true.

Overview: Set Goals

Achieving prosperity and getting to the goal requires setting goals and literally defining where you want to reach.

Actions for a prosperous and fulfilled mind are key points for this:

  • Ask questions about the future;
  • Consider which direction you should take to achieve the predetermined goals.

Do you know how?

Well, before goal setting:

  • Take time for yourself to rethink your goals, ideals, and values.
  • Think about all areas of your life.

For sure, after all this quality moment, you will be lighter and better able to write goals, make plans and especially overcome barriers.

When specifying your desires, mentor positivity, victory and success. Practicing this mindset attitude daily will make you strong and fearless in the face of life's hardships.

Overview: Pay Attention to Your Emotions

Through this work, the author affirms the importance that should be given to emotions. Emotional intelligence has the ability to manage your feelings.

Of course you don't master it overnight. You need to seek self-knowledge, self-analyze, know your personality so that you can slowly begin to develop emotional intelligence.

An emotional intelligent is not indifferent in the face of adversity. What happens is that this person is consistent in his actions and thinks about the relevant points in decision making.

Wizard explains that a mind that analyzes, determines, and deduces situations is much more apt to achieve the goal than an impulsive mind.

In addition, he points out that generic and vague thinking without an action plan is totally illusory and far from reaching the desired target.

Overview: The Relevance of Having a Successful Team

Do you know any successful or enterprising person who achieved victory alone? Do you know any millionaires who have reached the target of success with the strength of their own hands?

Well, a successful professional needs a successful team. And this is through opportunities.

  • Multiply talents;
  • Train your employees;
  • Motivate them;
  • Empower them.

And keep in mind that a great leader has a competent team behind.

Build a visionary group

Do you know how you can do this? In addition to stimulating motivation and empowerment, you must also change your mind and transform your individual dream into a collective dream.

Engage people in your cause. Respect and gratitude in a work environment make the place more enjoyable. It also forms a much more promising and successful team.

Celebrate achievements. Learn to trust your team. Teach them to develop an enterprising mind so that setting goals is the team's main goal.

Overview: The Magnitude of Faith in Building a Successful Path

Throughout the book, the author writes key tips for anyone who wants to be a millionaire. One of them is the connection with faith.

Wizard explains how important it is to be interconnected with God to achieve a winning path. The person connected with faith can clearly see his talents, gifts and potentialities.

The author cites the importance of the search for the spiritual dimension and states that contact with spirituality generates inner peace, diminished internal conflicts and, consequently, a more promising destiny.

Set aside a specific time for meditation and reflection. Choose a quiet place where you can disconnect from the world around you and develop a sense of gratitude in you.

Overview: Promise yourself

Have an appointment with yourself. Commit to your dream. The author explains that people who treat each other seriously are always ahead in the scale of success.

One of the main problems for a person who wants to achieve a goal is to find excuses to sabotage himself by taking actions such as:

  • Postpone his dreams, his agreements, and projects;
  • Doubt his ability;
  • Doubt his goals.

The writer of the work states that it is not only a promise in the professional field, but also to reaffirm a commitment to his well-being. Your health, your quality of life, your emotions and principles are as important as being professionally accomplished.

Promise yourself to victory, happiness and prosperity.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Mindset" by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it discusses how our beliefs shape our behavior and growth. While mindsets produce definitive worldviews, people can change by learning new skills. Human beings can be taught to respond in different ways, how to face challenges and think differently.

Already in "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management", author Kevin Kruse explains that most entrepreneurs adopt a morning routine to reenergize themselves physically and mentally. They recharge with plenty of water, healthy food and exercise.

Finally, for Napoleon Hill author "Think and Grow Rich", the first step in becoming rich is to have a strong desire to be rich. It may sound simple, right? But this desire has to cause fire in the belly and you must have a good deal of persistence.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

In order for you to be able to apply all of this content to practice and to take actions that aim for enrichment, just look at the tip I separated:

  • Renew the energies. Meditation can help in directing decision making, try to establish a routine for that choice;
  • Stay focused. Life is made up of trial and success, so keep trying. Persistence will lead you to success;
  • Before setting goals, think about your goals, ideals and values;
  • Engage people in your cause. Change your mind and turn your individual dream into a collective dream;
  • Rest easy with life: The author suggests that you are intertwined with faith and God to walk for victory.

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