Empreendedorismo para Subversivos - Facundo Guerra

Empreendedorismo para Subversivos - Facundo Guerra

See what an entrepreneur of the nightlife has to teach you about opening your business in the post-capitalist world.

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In this summary of the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", Facundo Guerra, one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs in the world, shows what needs to be done to increase the chances of success when starting an enterprise in changing times.

Despite all the difficulties that the entrepreneur finds in the middle of the road, including sleep loss, stress, and the huge risk of the business failing, the author has some tips and guidelines to help you achieve your goal.

One thing you have to do is to have a purpose, that is, what led you to create the project, and this should not be restricted to making money and/or be "free".

Do you want to know more? So let's go!

About the book "Empreendedorismo para Subversivos"

The book "Empreendedorismo para Subversivos", "Entrepreneurship for Subversives" in free translation, contains 239 pages and was released in 2017, in Brazil.

The book tells the professional trajectory of the author, Facundo Guerra, about what led him to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur, creating more than 10 successful businesses related to entertainment, including bars and concert halls.

Facundo Guerra harshly criticizes some models imposed on current businesses and tells how you can avoid these "traps". Furthermore, he offers a guide for anyone who wants to open their own business, revealing his mistakes and successes.

About the author Facundo Guerra

Facundo Guerra has a degree in food engineering and he is an international journalist and politician. He holds a master's and a Ph. D. in Political Science. In 2016, he was considered one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs in the world by Good Magazine.

Also, he has had more than 10 enterprises related to the nightlife in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives" is for all who wish to be an entrepreneur or are already building their own business. Also, it is suitable for those who wish to expand their perspectives on the current moment of capitalism and market trends.

Main ideas of the book "Empreendedorismo para Subversivos"

Some of the main points shared by the author Facundo Guerra are:

  • There is nothing that can't be learned;
  • Important characteristics are: curiosity, resilience, and patience;
  • An entrepreneur should always be in search of new challenges and solutions, be aware of adversity, and be able to react quickly;
  • Entrepreneurship in Brazil is, for the most part, summarized in franchises or pyramid schemes, such as Herbalife;
  • Failure is an inherent part of the entrepreneur;
  • When setting up the business, consider timing;
  • Reduce as much waste as you can from your product or service.

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[Book Summary] Empreendedorismo para Subversivos - Facundo Guerra

Overview: Entrepreneurship hardships

In the first part of the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", the author Facundo Guerra exposes his point of view on the harsh reality of entrepreneurship and demystifies some factors. For example, the idea that entrepreneurship will lead to people becoming freer or richer.

He emphasizes that these should not be the reasons to start your own business, otherwise there will be great chances of being disappointed, especially if it is your first one.

You need to know what your purpose is! It will increase the chances of your business succeeding, affirms Facundo Guerra.

Also, he says there is a big difference between an entrepreneur vs. a businessman. Entrepreneur, in his view, is that person who is setting up new businesses and who needs some qualities: patience, curiosity, and resilience, and that insecurity and fear will always follow.

The businessman presents a structured business. There are must-have characteristics such as: be cautious, conservative, and careful with the risks.

The author Facundo Guerra explains that, if you want to start a business because you've "bottomed out", or because you were fired, or for anything else that led you to need to open a business, you're on the right path.

As he indicates in the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", what pushes the entrepreneur is not the idea, the business sense, to have focus, perseverance, courage, leadership, or ability to plan, but despair.

That's right! For Facundo, the entrepreneur must have what he calls the "fiber of a survivor of the apocalypse".

Overview: A business in post-capitalism

In this part of the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", we will present some of the author's insights for setting up a business in the post-capitalist world:

Politics and consumption

For Facundo Guerra, consumption is becoming a political act, since you acquire that product or service that is aligned with what you believe.


What is the purpose of your enterprise? What can you do to make your venture resistant to post-capitalism? The author emphasizes you should seek rewards that go beyond money, such as legacy, or that your product/service has a meaning.

Producing with purpose can significantly increase the chances of your business succeeding.

The importance of timing

When setting up the business, consider timing, that is, if you waste a lot of time planning the business, you take the risk of your competitor standing in front of you. That way, there are things you have to do exactly at that time, otherwise, you can lose.

Decrease your risks

To reduce the risk of failure, the author Facundo Guerra emphasizes not wasting time on irrelevant things, giving the example of the business plan, a document that simulates how the business will be developed, if it is financially viable or not.

In his view, nobody can put on a spreadsheet the number of future variables that are inserted into this tool.

However, to reduce these risks, you can use tools such as crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

About undertaking from what you like to do

In the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", it is also stressed the care people need to take when opening a business for which they are "blinded by passion", since this will prevent them from seeing the most obvious defects and will ignore the problems that will arise along the way, besides ignoring the market.

Don't use lack of money as an excuse

Facundo Guerra demystifies the idea that money is necessary to be an entrepreneur. If you have a good idea, it will remain. If it didn't, maybe the ego wouldn't let you see that your idea was not so good.

Organization Chart

In the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", the author emphasizes not to treat your organization as a rigid and bureaucratic company.

In the future companies will be based on decentralized networks, with an emphasis on projects and processes and no longer on hierarchy.

Price x Value

Charge a fair price that covers your costs and guarantees you a reasonable profit, and you're already on the way to ensuring a positive consumer experience. Otherwise, your business will be doomed to failure, advises the author Facundo Guerra.

Don't use promotions as a strategy

He argues that promotions imply a lie told a priori to your consumer: that the price you charged was much higher than fair.

What you must do is produce what is necessary, with a fair price, and without excess.

About the people who will work with you

When deciding who will work with you, choose those who share the same worldview as you.

Choose potential partners and make it clear that each one you are looking for one day may be so essential to you that you will become your permanent companion on the journey.

Know where you want to go

In the book "Entrepreneurship for Subversives", Facundo Guerra criticizes the "unrealistic goals" and the quantifiable "I will grow x % in y years", saying that they can be a waste of time, since how can you predict where your company will be in the future if our society develops at an exponential rate?

Creating unrealistic goals and expectations within your company will entail unnecessary emotional wear on employees.

What do other authors say about it?

The author Flávio Augusto, in his book "Value Generation", gives tips on how to open your own business, sharing his vision of entrepreneurship and the world, besides giving tips for you to stand out among the crowd.

The authors of "The Complete Guide for Undertaking", Alexandre Sita and Elissandro Sabóia, provide tips for those who want to be entrepreneurs or already are, through 53 reports of experiences of specialists in the area.

Finally, the book "Entrepreneurship", by José Dornelas will help you elaborate and develop a business, starting from the idea until arriving at the management of the new company, through tips of entrepreneurs.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

According to the author Facundo Guerra, a reflection has to be made on why to open an enterprise, aligned with your purpose, with the problem you want to solve.

In addition, he exposes some of the mistakes he made in opening up his ventures as a way to help future entrepreneurs avoid such problems.

So, here's what you should NOT do:

  1. Opening one business after the other, without even giving yourself time to structure the first, to have insights for the next, or without knowing if the other ventures are following what you want;
  2. Choosing partners who are not aligned with your worldview;
  3. Not worrying about your company's cash flow.

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