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The best service of abstracts and audiobooks and audiobooks at a special special price for college students.

US$ 4,00


Online access to hundreds of abstracts

Online access to hundreds of abstracts

Apps for Android and IOS

Apps for Android and IOS

New books every week

New books every week

Download in PDF and MP3 for offline access

Download in PDF and MP3 for offline access

Books unlimited at anywhere

Enjoy ad-free best sellers and download the application to access your favorite content whenever and wherever you want in offline mode, have Your personalized Library in the palm of your hand


PocketBook4You Premium Students

30 days free

No commitment, cancel whenever you want

Only for students 18 years or older, enrolled in a college or university in an eligible country

Exclusively for students starting 18 years old. You will be charged $3.50/month for 12 months. You can cancel at any time. At the end of this period, you will be charged the normal price of $7.00/month, unless your Student Plan is renewed. A 30-day free trial will be offered to users who have never used the free trial before, subject to the provision of credit card information. This plan is renewable for a maximum of 3 times: to renew your subscription, you must confirm your student status by providing the necessary documents at the end of the current one month period.


Start your 30-day free trial. You don't have to keep it and you won't be charged until the free trial is over. You're entitled to only one free trial.

The subscription will be charged after the 30-day free trial.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month. If you cancel your subscription, it won't be renewed at the end of your plan. It will be finished after the period you've purchased is over.

You may cancel your free trial on your account settings. If you cancel it within the trial period, you won't be charged.

Yes, the student plan costs only R$ 4.00 per month. You can find out more here

You can use it when registering your account, or by going to your Profile and Account, adding the coupon in the appropriate space.

Yes! Just download our app on your phone and download the audios that interest you.

The Knowledge Paths bring together the best books on specific subjects, and are ideal for readers who seek to diversify knowledge from different approaches and teachings.

Your team with access to the best insights to put into practice: In a business plan, more people would have access to the premium account.

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