10x Marketing Formula - Garrett Moon

10x Marketing Formula - Garrett Moon

Learn in this summary the powerful formula for marketing success.

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The internet is noisy and gets louder every day. At best, the supply of content from people, places, and companies are excessive. Nobody says "my favorite part of social media is the fact that companies are there!"

We are at a crossroads. Digital and social marketing are working less and costing more. If you build it, it maybe will be nothing.

The web is full of lonely websites, ghost blogs, social media without an audience, and videos seen only by relatives. Nowadays, it is difficult for digital marketers.

You can still succeed in digital and social marketing. However, you cannot simply think that it will happen naturally. You have to make it happen, and that is what this work offers.

And that is what the "10x Marketing Formula" of author Garrett Moon offers: formula for online marketing success in a world where that success is increasingly difficult to capitalize on.

About the book "10x Marketing Formula"

Launched in 2018, written by Garret Moon, "10x Marketing Formula" shows us how you can create content so good that it makes your competitors not even seem to try.

Most marketers don't just have a content problem; they have an amplification problem. Launching something in orbit around the blogosphere, as useful as it may be, does not mean that someone will see it, or click, or care. Therefore, creating and promoting both are no longer optional skills.

About the author Garrett Moon

Garrett Moon is CEO and co-founder of "CoSchedule", the most popular marketing calendar on the web and the fastest growing startup in the state of North Dakota.

The company is seen as the best business tool created by a startup on "Entrepreneur. com" and helps more than ten thousand marketing teams to organize themselves in more than 100 countries around the world.

To whom is this book indicated?

For all people who want to achieve unquestionable results through marketing, but only if you are willing to:

  • Redefine your entire marketing concept;
  • Determining and accepting the risk of failure;
  • Tirelessly do only the most important things and say no to everything else.

Does content marketing still work? Without a doubt, yes. But only if you are willing to adopt the mindset, the structures, and the formula.

Main ideas of the book "10x Marketing Formula"

  • Competition-free content is content that adds enormous value to your customers and target audience that only you can produce.
  • Valuable content makes your competition look like it hasn't even tried. It is the key to content that stands out and achieves results;
  • Your content focus connects the dots between what your customers care about and what you have to offer. The main topics of the content intersect the needs of your target customers with the value that your products or services provide;
  • A metric that matters is a framework for focus, analysis, and final results using three stages of growth. Your metric that matters becomes the benchmark for your team's activity and success.

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[Book Summary] 10x Marketing Formula - Garrett Moon

Overview: The seduction of content marketing

The dream of content marketing is to be a magic funnel that puts money in your bank account. Its attraction is that it will create an entrance sales machine. And the prescribed formula is:

High-quality content + generation of target audience = increased revenue and business growth.

  • Step 1: create incredible content and optimize it with a little love for SEO.
  • Step 2: Visitors experience this incredible content, falling in love with you and your brand.
  • Result: credit cards slide out of wallets while you sleep.

What should you do when it doesn't work like that?

Moon says that the main concept is that if you provide enormous value upfront, you are swimming in qualified leads and revenue. However, less than half of American B2B (business-to-business) marketers rate their organization's content marketing as successful.

These qualified leads must come from website traffic. And content marketing must eventually provide critical mass in generating traffic.

Per the survey, the growth of unique visitors year-on-year should be 780% higher for the best content marketers.

Not only that; the "10x Marketing Formula" presents that those same marketers are also expected to achieve 600 percent higher yields from their content.

Lack of time

Most B2B marketers, according to Moon, are too busy to go all the way with content marketing, 69% claiming lack of time. Far from being lazy, they are managing strategies, tactics, and layers of bosses breathing down their necks more than ever.

Producing Content

The main function of content marketing is, of course, marketing content. But, according to Moon, 55% of B2B marketers report that they don't have enough. If you have no content, success in this area is a difficult hill to climb.

Inability to engage the public

To turn an audience into paying customers, your content needs to be interesting. He has a job to do and that is to elicit an active response. In addition to likes, clicks, and shares, you need people to buy your products and services as a direct result of each marketing channel.

If you fight here, you are not alone. Because 47% of B2B marketers say they struggle to produce content that engages their audience.

Overview: The three limitations

Growth Hacking is about transforming smart tactics into accelerated growth. Content marketing is about creating, publishing, and sharing valuable content with your audience, to convert traffic into customers.

But with its growing popularity, Moon says that content marketing alone may not be enough. This means that marketers need to take a page out of the Growth Hacker manual.

We need to become content hackers. A content hacker is a result or death!

According to the book "10x Marketing Formula" Marketing professionals who mix agile growth tactics with high-converting content to achieve rapid 10x growth. And they never stop doing that.

Moon establishes that all you need to get started are three restrictions:

A metric that matters + goal + timeline = content hacker.

A metric that matters

The first constraint is the focus.

Content hackers doggedly seek to increase one and only one metric. It's the accelerator pedal to step on - the only metric that will accelerate your business more than any other.


"10x Marketing Formula", says that the second constraint is specificity. Content hackers set specific goals to measure the only metric that matters. They are not looking for "more" users or to "increased" revenue, they have a $100, 000 increase in monthly sales, and they define concrete numbers through the reverse engineer.


The third constraint is the speed. According to Moon, Content hackers set a clear timeline for when their goal will be a reality. It is a specific month, day, and year. And ideally, it is much shorter than what looks safe or comfortable.

And there it is. The three restrictions are your new marketing strategy; and tactics and communication between your team remain fluid. People are usually impressed by this. But it is the happy truth. It is not complex or messy.

Instead, it is simple, messy in the middle, and effective at the end.

I hope you realize that you can do that too. Doubling your sales, tripling your email list, or increasing users tenfold is not out of your reach.

Overview: The focus of the content

Simply put, your content focus connects the dots between what your customers care about and what you need to offer them. Note that I said "what your customers care about" and not "what your audience cares about".

There is a difference. Because if you're wonderful at generating leads and converting traffic, you'll need to understand intimately the customers who are already paying.

Therefore, the purpose of the main content exercise is to understand the confluence between what you do and what you need to say. Here, you go beyond traffic, eyes, and the target audience and generate content that wins customers.

Visually, it is best represented by two overlapping circles:

Strategy Target

Placed side by side, the circle on the left represents the content that your audience cares about. The circle on the right represents the value you provide as a company. The place where the circles overlap is the focus of the content and the target of your content strategy.

This is content that aligns with the interests of your target audience and, at the same time, generates demand for your product or service.

Content focus helps marketers avoid two big traps:

The traffic trap

According to Garret Moon, this trap is creating the content that your audience cares about, but it fails to convert traffic into customers. The danger is that web traffic will become a false signal. Increasing traffic seems like a positive sign - but revenue does not increase proportionately.

The promotional trap

This trap, according to "10x Marketing Formula", as to create a constant flood of promotional content that fails to connect to the needs, pains, and interests of the audience. The danger of this "mechanical" content is that it adds little or no value to the public. This will not generate traffic and no traffic means no conversion.

Overview: Three levels of development

Just because you are focused on a certain metric, it does not mean that it will be everything you will be pursuing this year, this quarter, or even this month. Instead, you have to choose the metric that best suits your stage of growth.

This means that your metrics will be constantly evolving as you get better, bigger, and more successful. Garrett Moon says that:

"You need to start with a realistic goal for where you are."

A useful structure involves analyzing your marketing team or company in one of three phases: Startup, Growth, and Scale.

Startup phase: get traffic

Your team needs to know how to get traffic anytime and all the time. Imagine a retail store with beautiful products, impressive displays, and helpful staff waiting to provide a great experience.

Everything in the store can be world-class, but if no one ever walks in the front door, your excellence is wasted and does not generate results. You cannot sell to people who are not there. To get results, you must have traffic.

Growth Phase: Create an Audience

Once you have mastered getting traffic, Moon suggests that you turn visitors into a loyal audience. You should create a sequence that is interested in learning more from you. In stage two, it's time to turn your traffic into the public.

Scale Stage: generate commercial value

Lastly "10x Marketing Formula", says that once your team generates leads consistently and constantly becomes new members of the public, it's time to focus on business value.

This is where you learn to generate revenue from your followers, who have worked hard to create. However, this will not happen in a consistent, reliable and predictable flow if you try to skip levels one and two.

What do other authors say about it?

In "Little Red Book of Sales", Jeffrey Gitomer says that the word "value" it's difficult to define and understand. What's more, giving and adding value are words that many salespeople have a hard time understanding, let alone provide.

According to the author:

"Many people think that value is something that the company provides. Some small additional service, something adhered to the product, a subtle reduction in price, even something 'free'. Wrong"

These things are not values. Value is made for the customer, in favor of the customer.

On the importance of the Internet for marketing, Seth Godin, author of the book "This Is Marketing" explains that the internet has changed the rules of the game. It is the most massive means of communication that has ever been created, as it connects billions of people.

"Dotcom Secrets" is a work that reveals the secrets of digital marketing. Russell Brunson reveals the importance of creating an attractive character. This concept involves finding ways to divide your story, between elements, identity, and narratives, making it engaging and making people follow you because they find a personal connection.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

To begin, apply the "10x workflow" to each piece of content, following the same process:

  1. Write down everything that needs to be done;
  2. Remove unnecessary tasks from your list;
  3. Combine similar tasks;
  4. Give each task a definition of completed;
  5. Assign responsibility for each task;
  6. Determine when each task should be performed;
  7. Estimate how long each task should take.

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