45 Do Primeiro Tempo - Patrick Santos

45 Do Primeiro Tempo - Patrick Santos

See how to deal with periods of professional crisis and know what to do to make the best decisions according to your desires and life purposes.

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If you are dissatisfied with work and do not know how to deal with moments of anguish, anxiety and even depression, then the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo", written by the author Patrick Santos, was made for you.

It offers the starting point for giving new directions to professional life and looking for other ways to provide happiness.

In this PocketBook, you will clarify many questions and learn how to deal with the uncertainties that affect all people undergoing a career readjustment period.

Want to see the details? Come on, let's explain everything!

About the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo"

"45 Do Primeiro Tempo", by Patrick Santos, was published in 2019.

This work has 144 pages that address the internal conflicts experienced by the author and how he did to make his career more enjoyable and motivating.

Simply put, he tells of the steps he went through from the beginning of professional dissatisfaction to the moment he was able to define new career projects.

About the author Patrick Santos

Patrick Santos is an experienced journalist and communications executive, working for over 20 years on Jovem Pan radio. The experience during the sabbatical period was so intense that it generated the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo".

From it, the author has developed new projects in the area of writing and communication.

To whom is this book indicated?

The teachings of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" are a source of inspiration for people who are experiencing a period of a career crisis and also for those who want to turn their professional life around.

Main ideas of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo"

  • The causes of job dissatisfaction are not always in the company or career path chosen. Understanding them requires knowledge through reading and conversations with people who have been through a similar situation;
  • Although it is necessary to remain calm in order to make a correct decision, it is essential to abandon the comfort zone that often enslaves us;
  • Planning is essential before a definite conversation with the boss. A resignation or trading on a sabbatical period should be planned to take into account the financial conditions;
  • Beginning the sabbatical or resignation requires learning to see life (and the profession) with new perspectives;
  • Treating old emotional wounds is part of the process of self-awareness. Resolving internal conflicts is the first step in identifying real career purposes;
  • New paths may be inserted in the same career or in a totally different area from which you work. Future decisions and projects will depend on each one's purpose and life experience.

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[Book Summary] At The Tenth Hour - Patrick Santos

Overview: The conflict

The author Patrick Santos begins the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" by telling how he felt when he realized that he was no longer happy at work and reporting what he started to do from it.

The love of the profession

Contrary to what happens to most professionals in crisis, Patrick Santos says that he has always loved the profession. Even choosing journalism by vocation, he began to feel fear, sadness, and exhaustion. It was as if the days lasted centuries.

In addition to his work in journalism, the author held an important leadership position at the radio station where he worked. This means that he was where his colleagues dreamed to be.

None of this, however, was able to prevent the internal conflict that arose. Patrick's conclusion was that he needed an extended break.

Seeking knowledge

To alleviate the anguish caused by the conflict he was living at work, the author resorted to books. The preference was for those who told stories of people who went through the same situation.

He emphasizes that at this time, the pursuit of knowledge is fundamental to understanding what is happening to us.

One of the necessary actions during reading and in everyday life is to record the ideas and feelings that come to mind without ever running away from them. It is through conflict analysis that the future solution will be found.

The calm to decide

According to the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo", during a period of job dissatisfaction, one of the biggest risks is making hasty decisions.

To prevent this from happening, the first step is to clarify ideas and, if possible, to adopt measures that favor thoughtful reflection. The simple habit of walking or having therapy sessions are among the indicated alternatives.

Before resigning, the decision must be matured. This requires calm and "cold-blooded" to consider all the consequences.

Overview: Making decisions

This part of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" shows how author Patrick Santos made the decision that changed his life and what he did soon after.

Leaving the comfort zone

Faced with a professional crisis, the big question to answer is: what really matters to me? It is from this that we create the strength to get out of autopilot and free ourselves from attachment to material achievements.

Although the doubts and uncertainties are many, the author Patrick Santos reinforces that it takes firmness and willingness to risk. Only in this way is it possible to relieve the anguish, anxiety, and depression that are affecting us.

The H hour

When we come to the conclusion that we need to give new directions to working life, time H is the conversation with the boss.

Patrick Santos emphasizes in his book, "45 Do Primeiro Tempo", that before this moment it is necessary to prepare and analyze all possibilities.

Such alternatives must also be good for the company. The ideal is to reach a financial and terms agreement so that all parties are met on their needs.

Due to the openness he always had with his boss, the author mentions that they came to the conclusion that a sabbatical would be the most appropriate. That way, no definitive shutdown would be made.

Slowing down

As the sabbatical begins, the author Patrick Santos says that it takes time for us to get out of the routine. This is perfectly natural and is part of the rest process of body and mind.

At this early stage, he says that it is necessary to adapt the routine and continue the process of self-knowledge.

Indulging in such great pleasures as having a beer in the middle of Monday afternoon is essential to slow down. This makes us feel deserving to enjoy the rest and review our career choices.

Overview: Inner Paths

This chapter of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" shows that looking at the world with new eyes and listening to the inner voice provides a reconnection with our own history (and choices).

Look around the world

A sabbatical is not synonymous with packing and meeting exotic destinations. The author Patrick Santos says that, although he loves to travel, he decided to know his own neighborhood better.

Just looking at where we live, talking to people, and having coffee at the corner bakery works miracles for our perceptions.

Walking around the city where we live and making short and short trips are also ways of reconnecting. Alone or together, these little "adventures" rest our minds and bring us in touch with new versions of ourselves.

Enjoy and listen to the silence

Patrick Santos reveals that during the sabbatical time, drastically reduced access to social networks. He says the goal was to avoid cruel comparisons based on the "fake Instagram world".

Learning to let go of goals and meet your own needs is another of the great learnings of this period. Enjoying and listening to your own silence is the first step to self-awareness. And it is from this that ideas for new perspectives for the future are revealed.

Overview: Deep Encounters

At this point of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" the author Patrick Santos recounts the deep encounters he had with his mother and father and how revealing these moments were.

An unforgettable trip

During the sabbatical, Patrick made an unforgettable trip with his mother to the city of Cusco, Peru.

He says that there was always a great silence between the two because the author was almost abandoned by his mother, who gave him to the maternal grandmother to take care of.

During the trip, it was possible to reconcile her own story by living moments of greater depth and friendship with his mother.

Welcoming fragility

The author Patrick Santos says that the abandonment of his father (during his mother's pregnancy) caused him to deny his own fragility. Paternal absence created a kind of armor in which he could not fail.

However, the seemingly strong and fearless man harbored a fragile boy who needed to be healed.

The healing began when he decided to meet the father in person. Although the situation was painful, it was possible to soften the old wounds of the past.

This has made it easier to deal with fears and anxieties in a natural way without bringing to you all the problems in the world.

Overview: A new time

This last part of the book "45 Do Primeiro Tempo" talks about the decision made by the author about his career and other lessons learned during the sabbatical period.

New Horizons

When the sabbatical period was over, Patrick Santos saw that his desire was to seek new ways of acting professionally.

Although he returned to Jovem Pan, he started working on the development of a different project: a new "design" of the radio. He also gave up his former leadership position.

In addition, authoring projects (including this book) were started, and ideas for new pictures on radio programs began to flow naturally.

He found that the reasons for his frustration were not in the company or career of his choice. They were in some choices that were not consistent with their longings.

A sense for life

Rediscovering one's own story and delving into feelings is essential to redefining life and career paths. For the author Patrick Santos, the answers we find along the way make sense of what we choose and do.

It is worth noting that the process of self-knowledge does not end with the sabbatical. It lasts a lifetime. Our choices and projects are dynamic and we need to be open to new purposes and directions.

What do other authors say about it?

In Tony Robbins's "Awaken the Giant Within", there are also great lessons about life changes, which, according to the author, depend only on the initial decision to change. As such, the book outlines lessons about self-control and how these lessons can help you achieve your personal goals.

In the book "Mindset", by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it is debated how our beliefs shape our behavior and our growth. While mindsets produce definite world views, people can change by learning new skills. Human beings can be taught to react in different ways, how to face challenges and think differently.

Finally, in the work "Winning", Jack Welch approaches that we must always seek quality in our professional life. If you are not satisfied with your job, find a job that provides enthusiasm for your career, it is very important that you do not settle down and leave the comfort zone.

But when looking for a job, analyze the company as a whole: your team, tasks, salary, career plan and more. And, when starting a new job, try to exceed all expectations, always give your best!

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

After learning about the experiences of author Patrick Santos, you can now apply these practical tips:

  • Read and look for information about people who have changed careers or rediscovered how to give new meaning to their chosen profession;
  • Do not run away from feelings such as fear, frustration, anguish, and anxiety. It is through them that you will identify the causes of job dissatisfaction;
  • Be patient before making a more "radical" decision. Consider all factors that involve one or more decisions you want to make. Plan yourself considering the short and long term;
  • Avoid blaming the company or career for your feeling of frustration. Value self-awareness to identify what you really want for your life. From this, simply chart new paths;
  • Talk to trusted people who can advise you with discernment about conflicts in the profession;
  • Whether through a sabbatical, resignation or while in business, learn to set boundaries and develop new habits for revitalizing body and mind.

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