The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

Did you know that there is a scientific method for getting rich? Find out how this science works and transform your financial life.

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That's right: you're about to learn The Science to Getting Rich with this summary.

According to author Wallace D. Wattles, it's an exact science such as algebra or arithmetic.

Certain laws lead the process of conquering wealth. Once these laws are learned and followed by someone, this person will get rich with mathematical accuracy.

Do you want to know how it works? Check out the book summary "The Science of Getting Rich" and learn how you can be a successful person in your financial life!

About the book "The Science of Getting Rich"

Published in 1910, "The Science of Getting Rich" was a source of inspiration for several important works as the book "The Secret", by Rhonda Byrne, that turn the "Law of Attraction" popular.

Throughout seventeen chapters, the author conveys in simple and straightforward language the teachings that could change your life forever.

About the author Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace Delois Wattles (1860-1911) was an American writer of humble origins, born in the state of Illinois, USA.

The author was a pioneer in the New Thought Movement, becoming a successful writer with a series of successful works, such as "The Science of Being Great" and "The Science of Being Well" which later influenced all authors of the genre.

"The Science of Getting Rich" was first published in 1910 and received some updates through the times.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you've ever asked yourself the question "Can I really get rich?", this is definitely a book you need to read!

In addition, reading is also recommended for those seeking personal development, and for those who want to understand the root of what is called "Law of Attraction".

Main ideas of the book "The Science of Getting Rich"

In "The Science of Getting Rich", Wallace D. Wattles discusses a number of important points. The main ones are:

  • The thought is the only force that can produce tangible riches;
  • You don't have to cheat on a business;
  • The mental attitude of gratitude puts the mind in close proximity to the source from which these blessings come;
  • Gratitude puts your mind in total harmony with the creative energies of the universe;
  • The law of gratitude is a natural principle of action and reaction;
  • Faith is born of gratitude;
  • To get rich, you need to use your willpower only on yourself;

In this summary, we will explain three points raised by the author for you to put into practice and move towards richness:

  1. The first step to getting rich;
  2. The First Principle of Science to Getting Rich;
  3. You deserve to be rich.

So, are you ready to multiply your savings?

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[Book Summary] The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

Overview: The first step to getting rich

According to the author Wallace D. Wattles, the first step to getting rich is to believe in three key pointers. They are:

  1. There is a thinking matter from which all things are made. In its original state, it permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe;
  2. An imprinted thought on this substance produces the thing that is imagined by thought;
  3. A person can shape things in his thought, and imprinting this thought on this amorphous substance can cause the creation of his thinking.

But to this end, Wallace D. Wattles warns:

"Don't ask yourself why these things are true or speculate how these things might be true. Just accept them as true".

In the author's view, the Science of Getting Rich is in the absolute acceptance of these three indications.

Moving on, Wallace D. Wattles introduces us to the main aspects of richness. According to him, getting rich is not the result of saving or greed. Many people who only spend what they need are poor, while others squander and still get rich.

For all these things, you must come to the conclusion that getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way.

No one remains poor because other people have monopolized richness and put a fence on it. You may be excluded from business in certain areas, but there are other doors open to you.

No one remains in poverty for lack of sources of richness. Everything you see on Earth is made of an original substance, from which all things proceed.

Overview: The First Principle of the Science for Getting Rich

According to Wallace D. Wattles, thought is the only force that can produce tangible richness. In short, there is a thinking substance from which all things are made and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

Based on this fact, thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.

At this point, Wallace D. Wattles points out that whoever wants to get rich should keep in mind only thoughts and things related to richness. This is because seeing the appearances of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind.

To escape this, the author tells you to stick to the truth that there is no poverty: there is only abundance.

Likewise, the author goes on to say that for those who are sick, it's much more natural and easier to think about the disease. However, thinking about the illness will not produce health, on the contrary: thinking about illness always attracts more illness.

"Thinking of health when surrounded by the appearances of disease or thinking of richness when in the midst of appearances of poverty requires power, but whoever acquires this power becomes a mastermind."

It is also important to remember that the doubt will arise at some point in the process. At this point, you have to put it (the doubt) aside, just like all other universal concepts. Insist and persist until it becomes a belief.

In order not to feed the doubt, according to the author, another fundamental thing is not to listen to arguments against this idea.

Reading magazines or books that teach a different idea will not help you have faith or positive thinking. These readings will mix your ideas and then all your efforts will have been in vain.

The persistence in positive thinking and faith requires conviction.

Overview: You deserve to be rich

Another point Wallace D. Wattles repeatedly argues in this book is that you — yourself deserve to be rich.

Through a series of examples, the author recalls how we were taught (in religions, especially) that for one reason or another we must be poor. According to the author, however, being rich is the best way to be useful in this world, and to help the next.

To demonstrate that we must not only be rich but nature as a whole long for prosperity, Wallace D. Wattles makes use of a parable.

"A seed dropped into the earth activates itself, and in the act of life produces hundreds of more seeds; life, by life, is always multiplying. It has to do this to continue to be life."

The author deconstructs the myths and misconceptions that most of us have about wealth. "It is God's desire for you to get rich," says the author.

Following are other points related to God and the concept of richness:

  • Intelligent substance (or God) will do things for you, but will take nothing from anyone to give you;
  • You should start by getting rid of competition thinking;
  • You must create in order not to compete with what has already been created;
  • You should not take anything from anyone;
  • You should not make fierce negotiations;
  • You must not mislead or take advantage;
  • You should not let someone work for you for less than you already earn;
  • You should not covet or desire the property of another;
  • No one has anything you cannot have without having to take care of it;
  • You must become a creator, not a competitor;
  • You'll have everything you want, but in such a way that when you have it, other people you relate to will have more than they have now.

To conclude this topic with a golden key, keep this thought of the author himself:

"The person who can sincerely thank God for the things he still has in his imagination truly has faith. He will enrich. It will cause the creation of everything you want."

What do other authors say about it?

To Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", the journey to enrichment should begin as early as possible, and it involves assessing your finances, setting personal goals, and seeking the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals.

According to Tony Robbins in his book "Unshakeable", many people make money, but they don't feel better. Some of the richest people in the world live in constant fear of losing everything. They feel dissatisfied when they wake up in the morning. Is this wealth? To feel really rich, you need to take care of your emotions.

Finally, for the author of the book "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill, the first step to becoming rich is to have a strong desire to be rich. It may sound simple, right? But this desire has to be strong and have a good deal of persistence.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

To embrace Wallace D. Wattles' "The Science of Getting Rich," remember:

  • Use positive thinking: it's the only force that can produce tangible riches;
  • Be grateful: the law of gratitude is a natural principle of action and reaction;
  • God wants you to be rich;
  • Get rid of the thought of competition;
  • Do business without deceiving or taking advantage;
  • No one has anything you cannot have without having to take care of it;
  • Be a creator, not a competitor;
  • You can have everything you want, and it can be good for the people around you.

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