A Era dos Super-Humanos - Paula Marques, Ricardo Cayolla

A Era dos Super-Humanos - Paula Marques, Ricardo Cayolla

See the challenges and skills that will prepare you for the future, by raising questions that afflict society and stories based on scientific discoveries.

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Not long ago, we had wisdom and control of things that happened. We could prepare ourselves and it was all a famous cake recipe. But things have changed, the speed with which everything progresses is frightening. We no longer know how we will live and what may come tomorrow.

Thus, the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla, who are two people with totally different experiences, decided to deeply investigate the future challenges, presenting in the book "The Super-Human Age" which is the set of skills that need to be developed so that you can lead the world.

Want to know how?

Let's go!

About the book "The Super-Human Age"

Published in 2018, the book "The Super-Human Age" raises broad questions that unsettle society. Also, it intends to tell great stories of Superhumans, all of them grounded in discoveries of science.

Therefore, the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla want to share their views on these possible responses and what competencies will prepare you for the future.

In addition, they intend to present how we can survive in an era where the recipes do not work, and the world is full of challenges and imbalances.

About the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla

Paula Marques holds a degree in Economics. She has had experience in auditing and consulting with PwC and in private equity investment banking. She is currently the executive director of Porto Business School.

Ricardo Cayolla has a PhD in Marketing and Strategy. He has been a professional tennis player, currently an entrepreneur in the field of sports. Ricardo is the author of six books and has many publications in magazines.

To whom is this book indicated?

The content of "The Super-Human Age" is ideal for you who are curious enough to know what humanity's next step is, how to use the future, and how to adjust to the challenges.

Also, if you want to know what skills you need to develop for the future, this book is for you.

Main ideas of the book "The Super-Human Age"

  • The best way to see the future and get it done is through imagination and visualization;
  • Build a good network of contacts;
  • Stories are the best way to enchant and influence people;
  • "The key to continuing to be number one is to always train as if we were number two";
  • The best ideas are simple ones that will make your day to day easier;
  • "The future will be of those who can connect realities that have never been linked before";
  • "Know the path you're walking on, know when it's time to stop and think".

Download the "The Super-Human Age" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] The Super-Human Age - Paula Marques, Ricardo Cayolla

Overview: Future Thinking

In this first chapter of the book "The Super-Human Age", the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla show the importance of imagining and visualizing the future.

They present us the story of the boy Chris, who created in his mind the image of an astronaut. That is the necessary purpose for everything to come true later.

All this has only been achieved by many questions and imaginations. Questions like: "What would an astronaut do? What would you eat? How would he behave?" These questions have been part of his childhood, making him grow up acting like an astronaut.

Chris outlined a plan and goals to get where he wanted to go. In his perspective, it would never be a failure if he did not reach the goal, because the important thing was the focus, determination, unusual-thinking, and much learning.

One of the essential skills that Superhumans have reported in this chapter is to ask questions, not give answers:

"The sharpness and energy of the images we create about the future are the best prediction of what that future will look like."

Overview: DNA Matrix

A creative and restless young man began researching how he could have saved the life of a friend who died of pancreatic cancer. After much research based on his friends, Google, Youtube, and Wikipedia, he came to the conclusion that the answer could be in a specific protein.

To prove his theory, it was necessary to use a laboratory provided by the Medical School. After many experiences, failures, and discouragement, it was time to reach the final stage with a simple, cheap, accurate and sensitive test to detect pancreatic cancer.

No current idea can be implemented without the innovation system being activated, that is, the network. Working on a network requires receiving and sharing.

As explained by the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla, superhumans like people and are curious to know them, that is, they like to know their difficulties and motivations.

According to the book "The Super-Human Age":

"Access to the network represents for the future what access to capital has so far represented."

Overview: Human Influence

Knowing how to simplify history is a fundamental skill for a complex and confusing world. JR is a photographer and proves this: he used his ability to influence and impact others through stories.

But before that, he'd run away from the police for graffiti, until the day he found a camera at a station. That was when he abandoned the paint can and started photographing his colleagues' graffiti.

In this way, his photographs have reverberated and generated success worldwide.

At that moment, when everything seemed to have already been invented, JR tells a different story. Stories that serve to communicate, being clear, simple and without noise.

"We must not forget that at the end of the story there is still a human being that we have to seduce."

Thanks to successful negotiations, these stories have become global. With that, JR was able to motivate many people to produce their own photographs.

Overview: Design Philosophy

At this point of the book "The Super-Human Age", the authors Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla show that Superhumans have the constant ability to find a way out of problems.

According to them, human beings make decisions using very little sensibleness because they are emotional and end up following impulses.

Bruce Poon is an entrepreneur since childhood, who has always visualized opportunities where others did not see them.

Wanting to own his own business, he created G Adventures, a company that revolutionized the travel industry. It offers experiences in other cultures, getting the client to be with other people in different conditions from home, and a lot of interaction with the locals.

"The ideas that are going to change the world are those that simplify our lives."

The company provides a unique experience to its customers, making them better able to enjoy life and the day to day. One of the main pillars of this great company is empathy and problem-solving mentality.

Overview: Reflection

In this last stage of the book "The Super-Human Age", Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla intend to share the competence of having sufficient capacity for reflection and great spiritual intelligence.

When everything is too fast, maybe it's time to stop and think. Think about the decisions we are making and our lives. According to the authors, these stopping points and reflections that make us achieve success:

"True wisdom consists in knowing when to stop and then moving faster and in the right direction."

They show that the future will belong to those who learn more skills and know how to match them with creativity. But they point out that the important thing is to see how we absorb knowledge because we have to learn how to learn.

One of the great characteristics of Superhumans is knowing how to control the body and mind so that they consume less energy without going through physical and psychological exhaustion.

The information tires our attention. One of the ways found to keep the focus is to eliminate excessive noise, to practice physical activities, among others.

What do other authors say about it?

The book "The Blue Ocean Strategy" brings a new concept in strategy to achieve prominence in the market. This innovation is based on exploring market opportunities in which there are no competitors yet, named by the author of "blue oceans".

In this way, there is a separation of opponents and a differentiated form of growth.

In the book "Mindset", by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it is debated how our beliefs shape our behavior and our growth. While mindsets produce definitive worldviews, people can change as they learn new skills.

Human beings can be taught to react in different ways, such as facing challenges and thinking differently.

Finally, in the book "The Lean Startup", Eric Ries explains that it is important that the word "innovation" be widely understood. It can be related to original scientific discoveries, a new use for existing technology, creation of a new business model, among others.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

We have gathered as the main resources of these Superhumans for you to apply from now on:

  • Think and work in a network;
  • Share stories that impact others;
  • Be curious;
  • Present various stimuli;
  • Have a vision of always solving problems;
  • Link different realities;
  • Stop and think about everything you've done before to seek improvement points;
  • Have the energy and courage to make future images about what you've dreamed of happening.

But after all, how do we know what will happen in the future? Only by creating it you will be able to find out.

Think well where to invest your time and energy, and see if in the end you are prepared for all scenarios. This is just the starting point!

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