Book Beyond Leadership - Leonardo Peracini

Além da Liderança - Leonardo Peracini

Discover the poetry of leadership and learn how to be a better leader and to develop people.

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The market is full of challenges and, in order not to be punished by changes, it is necessary to be always updated. That said, we need a new way to lead. And this is exactly what Leonardo Peracini brings with the book "Além da Liderança".

Every idea he has, he puts on paper in the form of poetry, in addition to bringing feelings and symbolism to management, offering you a more heart than reason approach.

You will learn that embarking on a journey of self-discovery is the first step to build a life-changing leadership. It will break down the barriers and help you see that the tough and controlling boss stereotype is a thing of the past.

So, are you ready to change the way you lead?

About the book "Além da Liderança"

"Além da Liderança", has 195 pages and was published in May 2015, by Clube de Autores.

The book has a different structure, with the option to start reading in the middle or at the end of the book.

Leonardo Peracini turned ideas into poems and life lessons based on his love for people's development.

At the end of each chapter, there are deep and intimate reflections. These are steps that will guide you to respect, teach your followers, and untie yourself to start an evolution in your team.

About the author Leonardo Peracini

Leonardo Peracini is Brazilian, born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. He is a teacher, writer, business consultant, founder of companies, physical educator, and speaker.

With all the experience gained throughout his career, Leonardo has published books in Brazil and Europe. Now, he has the mission of developing new leaders with a unique methodology, filled with poetry.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Além da Liderança" is ideal for managers, business or family leaders, businessmen, financial investors, and for those who started their path to be entrepreneurs

Also, if you have a leadership position and feel the results don't show up, don't blame yourself. In this book, you will learn a method that will completely change the leader in you.

Main ideas of the book "Além da Liderança"

  • A leader is an artist who has patience and loves the mission and work;
  • Lack of purpose and automatic activities is the right way for the company's sources of ideas to disappear. So, be a leader with a mission;
  • Managing well is not being afraid of making mistakes! Forget control and focus on the essence and legacy that, as a leader, you intend to leave;
  • Leadership needs innovation. It brings enthusiasm and defines the identity of a corporation;
  • Take pleasure in small attitudes so you may always have satisfaction; to lead with love is to be happy after all!

At the end of each chapter, the author brings poems related to the lessons to arouse the artist-leader within you.

Download the "Além da Liderança" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Beyond Leadership - Leonardo Peracini

Overview: Before you start leading, first understand what makes you a leader

"Além da Liderança" starts with the important lesson that you can't be a leader without knowing yourself and having a strong purpose.

Are you a manager called "tough", "intransigent", "strict"? The book wants to show you that it's not a rule to be like this.

As a leader, you are also a human being, so you can, and should, show feelings such as patience and empathy. Above all, understanding employees is necessary..

For Leonardo Peracini, "making life a poetry" is a way of finding feelings and love in life and work. Sharing these emotions in the form of management is the key to make the environment productive and comfortable.

Also, the leader has the main function of assisting his collaborators to discover their passions alone, which should be collective.

Keep in mind that you, as a leader, have to be the "bridge" between the team members and their ultimate goal. Good communication is one of the required leadership skills.

Overview: Would you take your own life for the company you work for?

Who are you? What have you built so far? How do your problems make you feel? What will your legacy be?

Several questions are suggested to begin what Leonardo Peracini calls a "journey of self-discovery".

By teasing yourself, you tease someone else and find the true meaning of your day-to-day activities. It's a key concept to find the right answers.

As it is affirmed in "Além da Liderança", the alignment of the company's purpose with each employee motivates everyone to grow.

Thus, it's necessary to make your team members feel ownership. To do so, you can invite them to contribute to the decisions of the company.

Overview: Ideological leadership

Leonardo Peracini criticizes controlling leaders and compares effective leadership with a Beethoven's symphony. The musician died many years ago, but his compositions remain. No one needs to force other musicians to reproduce his works perfectly.

Beethoven left a seed, which bore fruit without anyone being forced or pressured. His works are eternal and natural for those who reproduce it. Your leadership should be like that.

Overview: Inertia in leadership

The leader who lives steeped in inertia, working in automatic mode, with mechanized methods, is on the right track to the end.

Getting out of it can be difficult, but it results in a major transformation and create room to innovate. Also, it motivates people to do the same.

Leonardo Peracini emphasizes the importance of being an excited and restless leader. You should always bring new ideas and suggestions to your company and team.

Overview: Leader or artist?

The poetry that Leonardo Peracini brings in "Além da Liderança" begins to be understood in this chapter. It is about the importance of seeing art and meaning in your actions. For the author, a leader should be and live like an artist.

Developing leadership is creating artwork. Artists produce their work patiently, giving it all the time necessary to bear good fruit.

An effective leader should do the same to create positive impacts with a great leadership.

Overview: The identity crisis in companies

When you have a way of doing things, you create a north and an identity that represents the company. But, according to the book "Além da Liderança", this way of working doesn't have to be eternal.

After all, without innovation, we are slaves. The world changes all the time and technology forces the modernization of management and processes.

With a poem, Leonardo Peracini says that the past runs to death very fast. And the future, the new, is in a hurry to live.

But calm down! Sometimes the haste is so great that companies end up losing their true essence, quickly seduced by what is simple and fast.

Overview: Lack of life in companies

How do you feel about the company you work for? Are there laughs and friendship among employees?

The author points out that many lifeless environments are toxic to developing creative professionals.

Therefore, the leader has to take the first step and change the workplace. A great leader brings life, good feelings, love, and encouragement to everybody.

As Leonardo Peracini says, a relationship filled with love won't end easily. It works for life and career.

Overview: Leader? Prophet? Or teacher?

In "Além da Liderança" we see that the role of a leader is to balance between the qualities of a prophet, who predicts the problems and develops possible solutions, and a teacher, who teaches and builds bridges between everything.

We know that the day-to-day of a leader is filled with tasks. But Leonardo Peracini emphasizes the importance of setting aside a portion of time to listen to employees and develop points of improvement with them.

Finally, as stated by the author, the main characteristic of a leader is to inspire others with good examples and great results.

Overview: Living for pleasure

Think about the good feelings you have when you quench thirst, receive a gift, or smell the food you like. Small pleasures that get absorbed in the right way make us grateful and turn bad things into happiness and learning experiences.

With this, Leonardo Peracini says that there is also pleasure in suffering and that a good leader identifies this by turning failure into opportunity.

Overview: A materialization of love as the nourishment of life

Choosing between the paths of hate and love is an option for everyone, especially a leader. "Além da Liderança" highlights that it's much easier to choose to hate, as it is a feeling that comes faster.

Love, on the other hand, is a daily construction: love for people, for work, for life.

It's so important to understand the reasons why you do what you do. With love, the walk is more pleasant, filled with good memories, and powerful weapons to avoid dropouts. So, seek your purpose and love it.

Ephemeral happiness

What is happiness? How does it manifest? For Peracini, happiness and freedom are together. You need to choose your destiny and have the courage to face it.

A successful leader, full of achievements, acts despite of fear.

Quoting Guimarães Rosa, the author says that happiness happens in distractions and keeping a smile on your face is an important weapon to lead wisely.

What do other authors say about it?

Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter and James Noel bring the concept of six essential leadership passages in the book "The Leadership Pipeline", which represent steps in an organization's hierarchy. They also underline the importance of developing people and planning leadership succession.

According to Angela Miguel, in the book "Learn Leadership from La Casa de Papel", the purpose is the strongest trace that makes a leader. It is the explanation for the decisions made and for destiny. Leaders inspire others by sharing values, experiences, ethics and ideas, even if there are differences between them.

Finally, for John C. Maxwell, author of the "Leadership Gold" the best leaders are those who can listen. Listeners know what is happening because they pay attention. They learn better than others because they absorb from many places. In addition, good listeners have the ability to better see other people's strengths and weaknesses.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

You are almost ready to be a leader beyond expectations. So, let's remember some important ideas that you can start applying right now:

  • Begin by leaving behind certain ideas you have about leadership. A leader can't be cold and tough;
  • Have a purpose! Don't waste your time thinking that you are earning a living when you are only focusing on useless activities;
  • Controlling is not leading! Anyone who compels someone to do something doesn't share the essence and importance of what that person is doing;
  • Break inertia and laziness with innovations. Bring new ideas to your group every day and motivate them to do the same;
  • Leading is like having the patience of an artist who takes years to polish their work;
  • Make the workplace a better environment to all. Fill it with life, respect and affection. Happy people produce more;
  • Moments of pleasure can be transformative. If your day is too harsh, get some air, quench your thirst, eat something you like, and come back with renewed energy.

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