Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins

Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins

Learn the fundamental lessons of self-mastery and take control of your life by controlling your emotions, relationships, and finances.

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Do you want to change your life but have a hard time committing to your decisions? Along your walk, do you tend to believe that everything is against you? Tony Robbins provides the answers in his book "Awaken the Giant Within".

The author explains how decisions and beliefs are important to achieve positive change and becoming the person you want to be.

The book "Awaken the Giant Within"

"Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny!" (1991), is a classic that has helped millions of people around the world.

Tony Robbins shows us how the human decision-making system works and how we can use it to achieve our goals.

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is one of the world's leading authorities on peak performance psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, being considered one of the most influential men of his generation.

In addition, he has authored several bestsellers such as:

Robbins is one of those responsible for the popularization of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), being considered one of the main authorities in psychology and one of the most influential of his generation.

He has already provided his teachings to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Why should I read it?

This book is for those who want to change their lives, for people who are interested in making better decisions, and for those who want to take control of their destiny.

What can I learn from the book?

  • You have the power to change anything about yourself;
  • Vocabulary has the power to alter feelings;
  • Everything that happens in your life begins with a decision;
  • Pain and pleasure are the two guiding influences on your behavior and the choices you make;
  • A belief is a "feeling of certainty" that is shaped by your conditioning, experiences, and imagination;
  • You can change an emotional state by changing your physiology or focus;
  • All your experiences become a reference guide for how you will conduct yourself in the future.

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[Book Summary] Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins

The Power of Decision

To start the book "Awaken the Giant Within", the author explains which is the right way to make decisions so that you can achieve the desired goal.

When was the last time you thought about changing your life? Maybe it was New Year's Eve when you decided you would go on a diet and lose weight. But did you actually turn it into reality?

For Robbins, the reason we failed was because of the way we expressed our desire to change, for example, instead of saying, "I would like to stop eating processed food," say, "I'm going to start eating healthily".

Tony explains that committing is a challenging task, but the more we dedicate ourselves, the easier the activity gets. So, when you fail, just think about what you can learn from this lesson, and most importantly: don't give up!

In order for you to have greater autonomy and to be able to really control your destiny, the author lists the 3 types of decisions that we must pay attention to; are they:

  • Conviction on what to focus on;
  • Decisions about what things mean to you;
  • Security on what to do to create the results you want.

In addition, the 6 laws that actively contribute to its decision-making power are presented in the book:

  1. Remember the true power of making decisions;
  2. Understand that the most difficult step in achieving something is to make a real effort;
  3. Make decisions frequently;
  4. Learn from your decisions;
  5. Commit to your decisions, but be flexible in execution;
  6. Enjoy the decisions made.

Pain and Pleasure

In this part of the book "Awaken Your Giant Within", author Tony Robbins shows us that our decisions are based on avoiding pain and increasing pleasures. Even so, we continue to make decisions that cause pain.

In order for you to face this situation, a tip is to associate constructive behavior with pleasure, and negative behavior with pain.

For example, when you want to eat chocolate, it is mandatory that you do 5 minutes of the exercise that you hate the most. This will lead you to think a lot before making a decision and analyzing that pain wins over pleasure; that is, you will avoid eating the chocolate, as you will have to do the exercises later.

But for this action to work, it is essential that you put a healthy behavior in place of chocolate, that is, replace this habit with another one that provides you with pleasure.

Change Your Beliefs

The main idea here is about how our ingrained beliefs are able to halt our changes.

But calm down, because there is a solution to this problem!

One of the suggestions of the author Tony Robbins is similar to the one presented previously, that it is necessary to associate a pain with the old beliefs, and a pleasure with the new belief.

For this, the change can occur through NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning).

Thus, the work "Awaken Your Giant Within" offers 6 steps that will get you out of pain and into pleasure:

  1. Decide what you really want and what keeps you from having it now;
  2. Use a lever: associate intense pain not to change now, and immense pleasure to the experience of change now;
  3. Stop the limiting and destructive pattern;
  4. Create a strengthening alternative;
  5. Condition the new pattern until it is consistent;
  6. Try it.

"If you don't have a plan for pleasure, you will be in pain."

Finally, practice everything that makes you feel good and be positive!


Author Tony Robbins says that the language you use has a direct influence on the way you think and feel, that is, words define your experience; this is named by him as "Transformational Vocabulary".

Our speech builds our emotions, and it often happens in a negative way. So changing our vocabulary can be difficult, but when you change it, it automatically transforms your emotional.

So how can you change your vocabulary in a way that helps you manage your emotions?

The book "Awaken the Giant Within" advises the reader to use more intense words for positive emotions, such as "very happy", instead of "happy". Negatives, on the other hand, should be treated with less intensity, using unusual and unusual words (this can make you improve your mood).

Right Answers

Have you ever thinked that most of our thoughts are questions? It is often these thoughts that drive our change.

Therefore, we can say that these questions have great relevance in our quality of life.

If we ask negative questions, it is certain that we will also have negative answers. Therefore, it is essential to change this behavior.

For example, if every time you find yourself in a bad situation you ask yourself "Why does this always happen to me?", you are focusing your thoughts on life's failures.

The result of this? Your mood gets terrible, and your life experience will be shaped by negativity.

According to the author Tony Robbins in his work "Awaken the Giant Within", to face this challenge, you need to make a previous list of questions, trying to analyze the good things you can take out of situations.

Also, make the questions empower you and help you find solutions.

Your Values

If you want to become a giant, you must know your values and have your purposes well defined.

Reflect on and list your most important values in order of priority, setting out your reasons for including each value. By making this selection, you will find that some values are not in line with your goals.

The solution here is to change your values or your goals.


Rules are essential for you to define your experiences and achieve happiness, and these experiences end up impacting your decisions.

Therefore, a tip from author Tony Robbins is that you control your established rules, that is, do not depend on other people.

In addition, he suggests in his book "Awaken Your Giant Within" that you communicate your rules so that everyone is aware of what is indispensable for you.

For example:

"I am very happy when my leader praises me, because I do all the tasks for the day."

In that speech you gave control over to your leader. Rephrasing and returning responsibility to you:

"I am happy when I spend my working hours really focused and I manage to extinguish my demands."

7 days to shape your life

Tony Robbins proposes to the reader, in his work "Awaken Your Giant Within", a week of changes, performing the following tasks:

  1. Take control of your emotions and reshape your everyday life experiences;
  2. Go in search of physical conditioning so that you have good energy levels;
  3. Improve your relationships;
  4. Take your financial control and learn the 5 elements to create wealth (earn more income; keep that wealth; increase your wealth; protect your wealth; enjoy your wealth);
  5. Define attitudes consistent with your values and create parameters to know progress and what is being done or not;
  6. Learn to use time to your advantage;
  7. Take that day off, plan something fun and get it done.

More books about self knowledge

In the book "Mindset" by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it's discussed how our beliefs shape our behavior and growth. While mindsets produce definitive worldviews, people can change by learning new skills. Human beings can be taught to respond in different ways, how to face challenges and think differently.

For "Psychology of selling" 's author Brian Tracy, successful people enhance their inner dialogue with upbeat and confident phrases. For example, if you repeat the phrase "I like myself" throughout the day, your self-esteem will surely increase.

Already in "Winning", Jack Welch discusses that we should always seek quality in our professional life. If you're not satisfied with your job, find a job that provides enthusiasm for your career. It's very important that you don't settle, and get out of your comfort zone.

But as you look for a job, look at the company as a whole: your team, tasks, salary, career path, and more. And when starting a new job, try to exceed all expectations, always give your best.

How can I use the tips?

  • To re-awaken the giant within you, focus on making and committing to the right decisions;
  • Change your habits by associating the unwanted with pain and the desired with pleasure;
  • Ask yourself the right questions;
  • To change who you are, change your beliefs;
  • Changing your vocabulary can transform your attitudes and emotions;
  • To find the best solution to any problem, ask the right questions;
  • Discover the values of your own life to find out if you are harnessing your full potential;
  • Set goals for each area of your life (Personal development goals; Career / business / economic goals; Toys / adventure goals; Contribution goals);
  • Understand your emotions and what is behind them.

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