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Awakening the Entrepreneur Within - Michael E. Gerber

Find out how ordinary people can create extraordinary companies by developing their dreams in business models.

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Have you ever wondered how extraordinary companies really are born? More than that, how do great entrepreneurs and their dreams come about?

Awakening the entrepreneur within may not be an easy task. This process goes through the definition of dreams, their destruction until the construction of a business model.

In this summary, we will discuss how great ideas come about and how they are going to be realized and transformed into a company, all told through the author's experiences along his journey.

Want to know more? Read on and find out how to develop a dream that can become a successful business!

About the book "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within"

The book Awakening the Entrepreneur Within was published in 2008 by author Michael E. Gerber.

The work consists of 237 pages, which is divided into 5 parts and 27 chapters, which address the entrepreneur's awakening through the dream, vision, goal, and mission.

About the author Michael E. Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is a renowned American author who has dedicated his life to understanding and improving the world of entrepreneurship.

In 1977 he founded E-Myth Worldwide, which works with small business guidelines. Author of 13 books, including the bestsellers "The Entrepreneur Myth" and "The most successful small business in the world", was once a coach, teacher, and became the world's most illustrious small business "guru".

To whom is this book indicated?

"Awakening the Entrepreneur Within" is indicated for those who are enterprising or want to undertake, and moreover, it is suitable for dreamers and those who are willing to turn their dreams into successful businesses.

Main ideas of the book "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within"

The author invites you into the dream room, a place where you can find out how to turn your business dreams into reality.

Let's go together?

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[Book Summary] Awaken the Entrepreneur Within - Michael E. Gerber

Overview: The preparation

To begin this journey of preparation, the author cites some rules for the entrepreneur, let's find out what they are?

The first is that:

"An entrepreneur is an inventor".

Here the author directly links the act of undertaking with the act of creation rather than replication.

This can also be observed in the entrepreneur's second reality:

"Entrepreneurs do not buy business opportunities; they create them."

A person who just recreates cannot be considered an entrepreneur, but someone who is service-oriented.

If there is no creation, the enterprise is not yours, and that moment loses its essence. And why is that? We can see the reason in the third reality:

"Invention is contagious".

What's new is exciting and engaging with customers, it's the creation that piques interest, and it drives a successful venture that is measured against the fourth reality:

"For an entrepreneur, the success of the invention - the company - is measured by growth"

When a company does not sell and consequently does not grow, we have the indication that its product was not accepted by customers. Then your product must be removed from the market.

We know this does not happen so quickly, but it should be done after all people do not consume those products, they expect something that is innovative and adds value.

The author makes it clear that:

"Everyone has the ability to be entrepreneurial".

Even though for some this process takes a little longer, the process of creation in the world of entrepreneurship is marked by practice rather than natural characteristics.

Each of these realities is defined by four dimensions which are:

Each of these characters represents a person, or stage, through which the entrepreneur will go.

So, the book is not just about the process of entrepreneurship, but also about the knowledge of these people who live in you.

So now let's find out what is the challenge and the role of each of these people.

Overview: The dreamer and the dream

The author describes his experience as a dreamer when he felt the awakening of something new and seized the opportunity.

And what will your dream be? How to find out your motivation, your reason for the undertaking?

To help you think about this, let's look at what Michael says about business dreams. In his view, the division between personal and impersonal dreams is clear.

The personal dream represents personal desires, such as financial growth and the acquisition of goods.

While impersonal dreaming makes you think of attitudes that are good for other people, or how we can make it clear when it comes to entrepreneurship, a solution for a client.

And that's what you have to hold on to, as entrepreneur awakening involves understanding the world around you.

what can be improved? What services or products could you offer that will add customer value? Notice the opportunities, and when that happens don't run away from them.

Allow yourself to be a dreamer, you will have doubts and reflections but do not prevent your dream of being born.

And then the dreamer can give way to his first supporter, another very important person in this process: the thinker.

Overview: The thinker and the vision

While the dreamer has an idea, an intention, the thinker is the one who cares about how to do that.

He has the role of finding the way, what is needed to make the dream come true.

As described by the author:

"the thinker transforms the Important Idea into an Important Reality."

Gerber tells of his impersonal dream of transforming small businesses around the world, and how he came to important conclusions about his idea after exploring the thinker.

Thus, the author explains in his work "Awaken the Entrepreneur Within" that you need to ask questions about your dream, fill in all the gaps, clear up any doubts.

Knowing the audience that is served by your dream and understanding how to execute it will help you to refine your vision.

The next step in the entrepreneur's awakening is the construction of the business model. But before that, the author Michael E. Gerber makes it clear that if your business idea is no bigger than anything you thought you could do before, you should give up.

It's time to create your story and knows how to tell it!

Overview: The leader and the mission

Who is the true leader of a company?

The real leader is the one who commits and identifies with the enterprise. It is the one who believes in everything that has been raised here. He is fascinated by the dream, the vision, and the goal.

The leader is the one who takes responsibility, builds a team, sets standards, and makes sure that everyone involved is committed to the company's mission.

He is committed to delivering results, which maybe you or someone you need to take on a job.

The book "Awaken the Entrepreneur Within" characterizes the journey of leadership and entrepreneurship in 4 points, which are essential for the creation of a company: the dream, the vision, the objective and the mission.

You should answer any questions about your business: what it does, who it does for, how to motivate its employees. To do this, take notes and report on your processes.

At the end, the author reveals the golden pyramid strategy for building successful businesses, they are:

  1. Identify your skills;
  2. Make a list of each market your product can reach;
  3. Identify the geographical area;
  4. Identify your customer category, learn from them, design a satisfaction and referral system, and test effectiveness;
  5. Document your practice;
  6. Create, recruit and train your replacement;
  7. Build your business management system;
  8. Multiply your business.

What do other authors say about it?

Joaquim Castanheira's work "V ai que Dá!" Reports the success stories of ten Brazilian businessmen. Rogério Gabriel, the founder of the "Prepara Group", says optimism and self-confidence are essential for an entrepreneur.

In addition, learning from frustrations is critical to making better decisions in the future.

In the book "Sonho Grande", Cristiane Correa complements the idea of personal strategic planning and stresses the importance of maintaining a continuous improvement process to achieve your goals.

In the book "The Complete Guide for Undertaking", the 53 authors who wrote it state that the goal of entrepreneurship should not just be financial gain. While generating revenue is very important, doing what you enjoy will motivate, inspire, help you get the most out of your business.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Always think of the impersonal dream, one that adds value to other people;
  • Investigate your dream, ask all questions and always doubt;
  • If you find it a bad idea, give it up!
  • Make notes about your steps, the conclusions you will reach in this process;
  • Think of a business model, who you are going to sell to, and where;
  • Find people who are committed to following the company's dream;
  • Focus on the customer and how to deal with it.

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