Bem Estar Criativo para o Sucesso - José Diney Matos

Bem Estar Criativo para o Sucesso - José Diney Matos

Learn how to be more productive, empowering your personal and professional performance in a creative and innovative way.

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Have you ever had that feeling that you need to change something in your life, both personally and professionally? Probably already, isn't it? The book "Creative Welfare to Success", by author José Diney Matos, will help you to leverage your lifestyle and increase your productivity through creativity.

Being creative is directly related to the ability to innovate and act with authenticity. In addition, it is the act of turning ideas into reality and using imagination to boost business, for example.

The universe of creativity is based on curiosity. Without it, it is not possible to generate solutions and diversify ideas.

Are you curious? Then continue reading our summary and be surprised!

About the book "Bem-Estar Criativo para o Sucesso"

Originally published in 2006 by Editora Saraiva, "Bem-Estar Criativo para o Sucesso", "Creative Welfare to Success" in a direct translation, provides a new philosophy that seeks to help people develop, become more creative and innovative, improving their working relationships and contributing to the development of companies.

In its 221 pages, "Creative Welfare to Success" uses an academic language, bringing the thinking of different authors that ground the subject and, thus, delineating the principles of the concept.

About the author José Diney Matos

Graduated in Economics and Communication, José Diney Matos specializes in different areas, being postgraduate in Finance, Science & Technology, Capital Markets, and Sociology.

With experience in the business area, he was an executive of large companies for more than 20 years and now he has been working for many years as a consultant in behavior in professional relations and quality of life.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you are looking for an understanding of how to be more creative, "Bem-Estar Criativo para o Sucesso" is for you! Here you will understand how to be more productive through creativity and innovation, leading your employees to better results.

Main ideas of the book "Bem-Estar Criativo para o Sucesso"

Among the content presented by José Diney Matos, we highlight the following ideas so that you can develop innovation and creativity.

  • Creativity and innovation are the way to productivity;
  • Creative behavior guides you and your business toward success;
  • The role of the leader is key to boosting performance in companies;
  • A business with an environment and creative people is conducive to making creative choices;

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[Book Summary] Bem-Estar Criativo para o Sucesso - José Diney Matos

Overview: What is Creative Welfare?

At this moment, we want to invite you to a reflection and, therefore, we repeat the question of the beginning of this text.

Have you ever had that feeling that you need to change something in your life, both personally and professionally?

Our modern day-to-day contributes to this feeling. We live in a technological world, where changes are constant and the quality of life tends to grow. But not everything is perfect!

At the same time that the quality of one's life increases, that of others diminishes. In the labor market, what was once innovative is already outdated. We live in an age when technology provides us with wonders, innovations, makes life easier, but it generates new problems that we need to know how to deal with.

Competitiveness and stagnation. These are the great challenges to be faced. The business world and the corporate environment are increasingly competitive and, living this reality, you need to have a differential to stand out in the market.

Parallel to this, new technologies offer us so many tools and facilities that we become accommodated, which affects our productivity.

At this point creative well-being comes in a philosophy that seeks to develop your personal and professional performance, raising your productivity and, consequently, guiding you towards better results.

When we talk about accommodation, mediocrity, routine, monotony, conformism, and passivity, we speak of the inverse of creative welfare, which preaches the awakening of talent, creativity, and innovation by a conscious and productive method where you can develop your natural potentialities and perfect your skills.

In conclusion, we bring the summary definition of the concept presented by the José Diney Matos:

"In short, creative well-being is the conscious state of wholeness of being that results from our capacity to transform creativity into creation through innovative behavior."

Adopting the "Creative Welfare to Success" will guide your decision-making to be creative and innovative, and from now on, we will understand the details of this thought and how to apply it in our daily lives.

Overview: Creative Behavior and Success

Understanding the concept, we need to figure out how to embrace this new behavior and execute the creative well-being in our lives.

For this, Matos suggests some good practices for our development

  • Perform self-management of your life: understand your knowledge and skills, your routine, your characteristics, and learn how to optimize your performance from there. Self-knowledge and self-management generate confidence and security, which are crucial to the success of your projects;
  • Fight against Stress and Anxiety: anxiety and stress are present problems in our lives. It is up to us, then, to fight against these evils, for they can lead us to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic imbalance;
  • Use your energy intelligently: you need to decide how to spend your energy. Do you prefer to spend it with superfluous things or taking action, setting to do, and spinning your gears to achieve your goals? Use your energy wisely, with vigor, enthusiasm, motivation, endurance, and emotional balance. Do this, and we are sure that creativity will flow through your veins!

It is seeking creative wellness and applying it in your life that you can pave your road to success.

"The creative professional is always focused on the observation of details in the context of occurrences in global situations. He associates particularities with the peculiarities of the whole, moving from quantity to quality. To do so, he relies on critical attention and revealing intuition, in order to know the true dimension of what is being mentally experienced. [...] His sensitivity and insight help in questioning the obvious, without losing the notion of the importance of what he observes, because what he seeks is innovation."

As you saw in the passage above, creative professionals are special!

The fact that they are always attentive to opportunities, seeking solutions to problems and focused on their goals, makes creative and innovative people achieve success.

What do you need to be a creative person?

Now that we have seen that creative behavior has a direct link to success, we ask you: Do you have the characteristics of a creative personality?

Author José Diney Matos explains in his book "Creative Welfare to Success" what you should stimulate in your personality to be more creative and have better ideas.

  • Have new habits and establish a stimulating routine;
  • Value constructive criticism;
  • Initiative and proactivity are differential;
  • Mental discipline and boldness;
  • Learn to overcome frustration;
  • Stay optimistic and enthusiastic;
  • Self-determination is essential;
  • Let your imagination soar!

Overview: Leveraging performance

"There is no way to talk about creative well-being in personal and professional life without looking at how companies often deal with people in the workplace."

Creative welfare is not only useful for personal development. It is completely applicable to companies, through the enhancement of employee performance.

In order to improve performance in your company, know that you need to analyze everything that surrounds the interpersonal relationship of the company.

Regardless of the organizational structure, be it micro, small, medium, or large, human relations must be prioritized to favor the productive, creative, and innovative environment.

And to perfect this environment, the leader's role is critical. A leader should guide his team to understand the following question: what is the definition of success common to all?

The leader is one who is innovative, takes risks for improvements, develops and stimulates the team, offers constant feedback and values his team, pays attention to the present and plans the future, inspires confidence, and gives freedom.

According to José Diney Matos:

"The manager does things right and the leader does the right thing."

But we need to focus on the main attribution of the leader: to lead the human factor, thereby acting together, people join their ideas, increase their creative capacity and the result is innovation. That's what makes the difference.

Overview: Creative Companies Make Creative Choices

Let's recap? So far in "Creative Welfare to Success" we have already understood the concept of creative well-being, how to apply it in our lives, how it leads to success, and how companies and leaders play an important role in that.

Now we need to understand how to turn your business into a creative enterprise and make creative choices.

How to be a creative company?

Creative businesses possess and cultivate the following characteristics:

  • Easy and free communication;
  • Flexible, spontaneous and relaxed environment;
  • Networking is essential;
  • An environment conducive to development;
  • Have a purpose;
  • Freedom to exercise creativity;
  • Employees have the desire to progress and grow with the company;
  • Focus on results.

If your company pursues these characteristics, Matos says that you will be on the right path to create well-being.

In conclusion, when we look back and see all the concepts surrounding creative well-being, we realize that they bring us to the stage of making creative choices and leading the business forward.

Making the right choices is a big challenge. And we make choices all the time: whether to choose to go clubbing or stay at home watching a movie, choosing where to have lunch, which profession to follow, or what strategy to adopt for the company!

A creative environment made up of creative people will be extremely supportive of creative choices because people will be able to consider all the variables for decision-making - including their creative potential - and there will be a discussion process to come up with the best options.

So, better choices are made, better paths are trodden and goals achieved!

What do other authors say about it?

In the recommended book "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how real leaders must continually study to develop themselves and develop those around them so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people. In addition, employees should be encouraged to innovate and try new things, even if they fail. This makes them realize that managers have full confidence in their potential and their work. In the book, this practice is called "responsible freedom."

In the book "Mindset" by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, it is debated how our beliefs shape our behavior and our growth. While mindsets produce definitive worldviews, people can change as they learn new skills. Human beings can be taught to react in different ways, such as facing challenges and thinking differently.

In "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management", the author Kevin Kruse explains that most business owners adopt a morning routine to energize themselves physically and mentally. They recharge with lots of water, healthy food, and exercise. And, as we saw in José Diney's book, having daily habits helps to make us more creative.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Are you ready to turn your life around? The time has come to change!

Let's now review the characteristics of a creative person and how to kick-off this new phase!

  • To innovate you have to want to innovate and use your creativity to transform what already exists into something new;
  • As a creative and innovative person, always look for the following characteristics: originality, transformation, change, curiosity, enthusiasm, perseverance, and imagination;
  • As a leader, be "naturally enthusiastic, emotionally balanced and spiritually developed";
  • Be proactive!

And to start applying this in your life, José Diney Matos suggests you need to follow some initial steps.

  • Understand your current habits and routines;
  • Work your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state: a creative mind must be organized so that ideas can arise;
  • There is a Greek proverb that says: "Know yourself", that is, self-knowledge is fundamental;
  • Establish new healthy habits that will favor the development of your ideas;
  • As a leader, stimulate this philosophy among other leaders, strengthening human relationships and creating high-performance teams;
  • Create, innovate, and make it happen!

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