Career Advice for Ambitious Women - Heather McGregor

Career Advice for Ambitious Women - Heather McGregor

Learn here what to do to become a powerful woman with infallible, practical, simple and efficient tips that will take you towards success.

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Do you want to be a successful woman and reach the top, but don't have the right tool to fulfill this desire?

Often, what stops women from achieving their goals is the lack of focus, perseverance and satisfactory direction.

The book "Powerful Women have Ambition" is a handbook of success designed for women to achieve a bright, prosperous and victorious life.

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About the book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women"

The book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women" (2012) was written by Heather McGregor. It consists in 154 pages and 10 incredible chapters in which the main objective is to empower women of all ages and guide them to a higher level of personal fulfillment.

About the author Heather McGregor

Heather McGregor is a writer, broadcaster and founder of Taylor Bennett, an organization responsible for promoting diversity in the communications field.

She is an MBA from the University of Hong Kong and also a non-executive director of two companies.

She actively works for a representative increase in women at the senior level and in 2017 she was appointed as a member of the UK Economic Honor Committee.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women" is totally suitable for women who are empowered, ambitious and ready to change their lives no matter what their situation are.

Recommended for leaders, entrepreneurs and all women who want to find a way to shine and achieve a successful career.

Main ideas of the book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women"

The book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women" highlights some fundamental strategies that aim to target women and resolve all their doubts regarding personal life and the business world.

We can quote:

  • The appropriate qualification will help you to go further;
  • Creating solid bonds is one of the ways to achieve professional advancement;
  • Inspiring successful people will help you have the strength to move on;
  • Creating excuses wastes time, creating solutions attracts success;
  • List priorities, save minutes;
  • Don't be multifunctional and learn to set limits;
  • Promote an efficient message from yourself;
  • Create links and form teams. It is impossible to work alone.

Through all these guidelines, excited to kick-start your victory?

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[Book Summary] Careers Advice for Ambitious Women - Heather McGregor

Overview: How to start a well-structured career?

The author Heather McGregor begins saying that you need to understand that it is impossible to think about a career solidification without first thinking about the qualifications needed for a certain area.

The act of qualifying, graduating or specializing guarantees not only a feeling of personal satisfaction, but also the way of acquiring skills and positioning oneself in the business world.

Learn that if you are an ambitious woman and have chosen a competitive area that requires a lot from you, an appropriate qualification is required.

The book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women" highlights three main benefits guaranteed by qualification in the life of those who have it. Among them, we can mention:

  1. To be qualified is to have more confidence about the work being done;
  2. Qualification is a report of your skill. In the world we live in, we need to prove what we are saying. You can't just say that you are an expert on something if you have nothing to demonstrate it;
  3. Your qualifications can promote important links. Understand that the better the place you choose to specialize, the greater the chances of creating important links for your rise.

Overview: Invest in network

Creating links is important, we already know it. But what we really want to emphasize here is the importance of network for better running your business.

Being connected with people who really make a difference in your area is essential for the propagation of your company or the activity for which you want to advertise.

But the contact must be selected, okay? You can't simply connect with someone for the purpose of professional advancement if you can't stand that person.

The author advises that is important to understand that apathy is fundamental in relationships. And the basis of this bond, for there to be a subsequent success, must also be built on respect, generosity, admiration and trust.

Many women understand the importance of a good connection for their personal and professional growth, but they do not know how to do this.

The manual of the effective approach

Sometimes, we hide our essence for the simple reason we think that if it is a professional contact we do not need to demonstrate who we really are.

But there lies the error. New contacts need to see truth in you.

It is important that you are concerned not only with what you are going to say, but especially if what you are saying is a mirror of your identity.

Choosing characteristics in which you want to be remembered is a strong strategy for creating links. That is, no one will create a bond with those who the do not remember. Strive to be remembered. Be an unforgettable person.

Another key tip given by Heather McGregor, is that you should stay connected when it comes to meetings and events in your area. Dating is a great opportunity to identify influential people and start a connection with them.

Overview: Don't put your age as a hindrance

According to the author, putting age as an obstacle to achieving a goal in life is very characteristic of women.

Turns out that in this wave of constant excuses, where the time factor is the main limiting factor, many opportunities are left behind.

McGregor points out that this is mainly because women are multitasking. This brings the feeling that they are always late, in terms of a dream or planning, be constant.

Ideally, you should be inspired by successful stories. Put the focus on someone with a sure overcoming history will increase your expectations and the chance to shoot action considerably.

It is very common to find women who are frustrated by some choice made in the past. But what prevents you from going back on your choice and retaking the lost reins? Lack of courage!

Another observed impediment is the fear of others' judgment. After all, what will people think of me?

What is strongly being missed in women's behavior is self-confidence. Often failing to do something dreamed or desired is synonymous of annuling the self, its own choices and decisions.

Ah, but how do I know if it's time to change the area and restart what I've always wanted?

First of all, the author tells you to be aware of your emotions when having contact with your particular area. Also note your career advancement opportunity and, if you would like to be at the top of the place where you work.

Understand that if the answer is negative, it is time to stop where you are and start over with new plans. Regardless of whether you are in the beginning, middle or retiring, reevaluate your career and choose the best option for you.

Overview: The importance of choosing priorities in career advancement

According to the author of the book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women", women have an inner obligation to please. Whether it is a cultural issue or not, it needs to be release for them actually experience a true professional ascension.

For that to happen, initially you have to make choices.

The author Heather McGregor says that setting priorities is the first step to a successful life.

This way you should understand that you, woman, cannot do everything. You have to learn how to say no. An overworked woman has a good chance of giving up on a project before it even starts.

Also, understand that the priority vs time relationship is much more closely linked than you can imagine.

Being able to direct your priorities and manage your time to achieve those priorities guarantees you energy savings, increase your focus and brings a greater chance of reaching your goals.

See that trying to have everything done is synonymous of throwing away all the plans that were once made. When you set a lot of goals and outline a lot of strategies to do that, you can suffer some consequences, among them we can mention:

  • Losing focus on what you really want;
  • Constant loss of energy, physical and psychological weakness;
  • Impression of lack commitment through so many activities.

Worrying, isn't it? Get away from it!

Overview: Affinity with numbers

An empowered woman who has professional ascension as a daily focus needs to know about the company's financial area, even though there are fully specialized members to take care of this.

A good manager understands about finances to exercise good leadership. How do you know why the company's accounts did not close at the end of the month?

The ambitious woman needs to know how to control her finances.

We understand the difficulty that exists among the female world with regard to account management.

However, Heather McGregor teaches some tips in which to facilitate this practice.

The use of spreadsheets, lists, investing in savings and searching for information in newspapers, magazines, the internet are ways that help in controlling, in the sense of organization of expenses and profits and, consequently, in the greater understanding in terms of finance.

Overview: Build your successful team

In the view of the author, you need to keep in mind that for your work to be successful and bear fruit, you need a team around you.

There is no point in wanting to play the wonder woman believing that you can realize everything yourself, because that is not true.

It is necessary to add people who have the same goal, the same desire to win and who are able to share strategies for the growth of all.

In the course of the book "Careers Advice for Ambitious Women", Heather McGregor explains some methods that can serve as a support when the work team is constituted. Among them we can mention:

  • Recognize the importance of all team members;
  • Having a working group goes beyond the collective within the company. Having a successful team means recruiting talents, identifying skills and, above all, recognizing qualified professionals that make you rise in the market and always be ahead of the competition;
  • Be an accessible leader. Understand that as much as your team is competent, when things get difficult, it is you that they will count on.

What do other authors say about it?

In "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead", author Sheryl Sandberg teaches that women are barred in the job market due to prejudice, lack of opportunity and often because of the creation of their own barriers.

In the book "Brave, Not Perfect" the author Reshma Saujani addresses the problem of how girls learn from an early age to be perfectionists and afraid of failing, instead of being brave, and the consequences of that later in life.

Finally, in the book "The Start-Up of You", Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha show you how to plan your career as if it were a start-up, evaluating your resources, aspirations and values, as well as the realities of the market, understanding that to win you need to adapt and take smart risks.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Qualify. An entrepreneurial woman needs to acquire experience to achieve a more solid and successful career;
  • Create bonds with other people. Regardless of what career level you are in, understand that building links is fundamental to solidification in all areas of your life;
  • Analyze your life, your emotions, your desires and be open to what life has to offer;
  • Set goals and manage time in your favor. Prioritize and reap the rewards of productivity;
  • Ask for help. Don't try to be multitasking. Build a solid work team, value the people who are part of your successful group;
  • Take a vacation. No one can survive long without a break to restore their energy. Understand that work is important, but your health is much more;
  • Empower yourself. Understand finance. Nothing is more important for business growth than an opinion of a manager who knows what is talking about;
  • Empower other women. Teach. Create bonds. Advise. A woman alone is powerful, but women together are unbeatable.

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