Change By Design - Tim Brown

Change By Design - Tim Brown

Learn once and for all how to decree the end of old ideas and see everything you need to become an expert in Design Thinking.

The author Tim Brown explains in his book, "Change by Design", the operation of the concept of innovation used by entrepreneurs, known as "Design Thinking", which assists in the development of products and ideas, and has the main objective of customer satisfaction.

Thus, Design Thinking refers to an unconventional form of reasoning:

"In this kind of thinking, we seek to formulate questions through the apprehension or understanding of phenomena, that is, questions are formulated to be answered from the information collected during the observation of the universe that permeates the problem. So by thinking abductively, the solution is not derived from the problem: it fits in it."

Are you curious? So let's get to know more about this powerful methodology soon!

About the book "Change by Design"

The book "Change by Design", released in 2019 by writer Tim Brown, cites the role of design in the creation and development of organizations in businesses, communities, and governments.

This work is composed of a discreet and exciting approach to innovation that inspires designers. This process is called Design Thinking.

About the author Tim Brown

Tim Brown is CEO and President of IDEO. He often talks about the value of Design Thinking and innovation for entrepreneurs and designers around the world.

Brown attends the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland). If you want to watch it, your Serious Play and Change By Design lectures are available on TED. com.

The author works for senior executives and boards of Fortune 100 companies. In addition, he has conducted strategic relationships with companies such as Ford, Microsoft, Steelcase, and Procter & Gamble.

To whom is this book indicated?

The Design Thinking methodology covered in the book "Change by Design" is useful for both the creative industry and others who want to produce and develop ideas in their companies.

In addition, it can be applied to problem-solving organizations. If you are interested, Brown's teachings will support you.

So, come on!

Main ideas of the book "Change by Design"

  • Design Thinking moves through inspiration, problem, and conception to execution;
  • Observe what people do, what they don't do, and what they cannot explain;
  • Design Thinking works through four mental states;
  • Create prototypes quickly;
  • Stories are essential for projecting thought;
  • The distinction between products and services is increasingly blurred;
  • Innovate and design for a purpose.

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[Book Summary] Change by Design - Tim Brown

Overview: The process of Design Thinking

Often, innovation is only seen as a process of creating new technology, but it's more complex than that. Defining innovation in this way is too simple.

On the other hand, Design Thinking provides a way to approach the innovation process and thus gain a more sophisticated understanding of innovation itself.

It encourages us to use a more integrated method. This method contemplates three "spaces" through them a project can circulate several times, that is, it is not a one-way method.

Firstly, we have the inspiration. It consists in considering the problem or opportunity for the purpose of solving it or taking advantage of it.

Second, we have the conception. At this point, we refine the ideas and theories and put them to the test. Finally, there is execution, which consists in exposing the idea to the market.

The author Tim Brown says in his book, "Change By Design", that most innovations go through each step several times, as this is part of the Design Thinking process. Of course, at the design stage, for example, the product you are developing could gain features that exceed the initial resolution of the problem.

For this reason, you may want to go through the inspiration process, because by doing so, your product will be able to solve other types of problems.

Therefore, an integrated solution has three balanced aspects: practicality, feasibility, and convenience. In developing your projects, you should use this idea of integration as the basis of your thinking.

Overview: Watch what people do, say, and what they can explain

Tim Brown makes it clear that through observation you can gain insight into how people actually do their activities, what they do or don't do, what they say or don't say, and what they can explain or not.

According to the author:

"It's not simple to choose who will be observed, what research techniques to use, how to draw useful inferences from the information collected, or when to start the synthesis process that begins to point us to a solution."

In this way, observation depends on quality, not quantity.

Another important point is that the buying habits of the people who live in the center of your market deserve to be highlighted because they will tell you if an idea is valid on a large scale.

However, in order to develop something new we need to focus on the edges of the market, because that is where there are consumers who live differently, think differently and consume differently.

Overview: The power of stories in Design Thinking

Our passion for stories begins early, and they are, at least in part, responsible for how we understand ideas and concepts. So it comes as no surprise to say that narrating them also plays an important role in Design Thinking.

Design Thinkers use stories to make a product closer to customers as if there was a relationship between them.

To make a good story, a Design Thinker must consider the source of the product and how the customer will make use of it. It's noteworthy that the story must involve the customer at all stages, even early in the product's life.

The author Tim Brown explains in his book, "Change By Design", that the most important stories are the ones customers can write. By actively being part of a product story, customers are more likely to use it.

The humanitarian organization "The American Red Cross" emphasizes the importance of donating blood. So, by inviting people to share their stories and motivations, it has shown that a blood transfusion can save a life.

What do other authors say about it?

In "Inside Steve's Brain", the author Leander Kahney shows us how the changes took place at Apple and how it became one of the largest companies in the world.

Steve was able to spread his passion to his employees by contributing their best version with the idea of revolutionizing the world and building something great from product creation.

We also have author Ashlee Vance's "Elon Musk", which deals with the importance of thinking big, not worrying if the idea is crazy, because, after all, Musk proved that any madness can be practiced.

Musk's empire is made up of three major companies: Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. These companies have great individual successes. Musk has always had big plans and great ideas. Best of all, he put these ideas into practice through revolutionary products.

Finally, Ed Catmull, author of the book "Creativity, Inc.", advises: always give more preference to people than to ideas, because creative people create good ideas, but good ideas can be destroyed by bad teams.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Creating innovations that transform the world requires starting with the right Design Thinking - one that focuses on fluidity, brings people together and preserves their focus on the real applications and implications of an idea.

To help you become more flexible when troubleshooting, ask yourself: Why? For example, "Why is the sky blue? Why don't birds fall off branches when they sleep?".

According to the author Tim Brown, these questions should be asked once a day. In addition, you may even find inspiration for creating other products and services.

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