Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas - Ricardo Ventura

Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas - Ricardo Ventura

The art of communication can turn everyone into a great salespeople. Find out how to become an expert in persuasion and spread your ideas more easily!

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In the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas", Ricardo Ventura shows how a good and clear communication can change your life, making the acquisition of your goals easier through the persuasion.

Communication is a device that has been developed by human beings for thousands of years, but we still encounter many challenges when it comes to mastering communication and speaking techniques. That is why we have a lot of studies in this area, discovering everyday new skills and triggers to improve our resourcefulness.

Throughout this Pocket Book, we will understand the main rules, tips, and strategies for speaking well and persuading crowds.

So, do you want to know what it takes to become a master of the speaking art? You came to the right place! Follow us in this magnific reading!

About the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas"

The book consists of 301 pages, explaining everything you need to know to manipulate and persuade thousands of people. In a free English translation, the name of the book is "How to Manipulate and Persuade Thousands of People".

Divided into 20 chapters, the book presents techniques for developing your speech, body language, persuasion and presentation skills, developing you as a professional and communicator.

About the author Ricardo Ventura

Ricardo Ventura was always interested to sell, persuade, negotiate and entertain. Therefore, he always sought opportunities to develop in these matters.

Graduated in Business Administration and postgraduate in Psychology, Ricardo inherited his father's shop and once realized that he needed to train his sales team.

This first training was the fuse for him to start empower people and give lectures in the sales and persuasion area. Then, he slowly sold his store and today he dedicates himself fully to giving lectures to politicians, TV presenters, CEOs, among others.

He already participated in a TEDx in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, giving some communication advices and explaining the importance of this tool.

To whom is this book indicated?

This book is suitable to whom wants to communicate better, regardless of the occasion. Whether in a meeting, job interview, work presentation, or personal life, such as meetings with friends and communication with family, you have to speak well.

With the lessons learned here, you will be able to interact much better on all situations. Not only in professional occasions, we always need to be prepared to persuade others in order to achieve our goals!

Main ideas of the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas"

  • An Extreme Speaker is a master of communication;
  • Mastering the techniques of oratory, you can speak well anywhere, for any audience;
  • Your body language is a very important ally in your presentation;
  • Learn all the mental triggers to persuade people.

Are you interested in knowing more? So let's start this reading!

Download the "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] How to Manipulate & Persuade Thousands of People - Ricardo Ventura

Overview: Be an Extreme Speaker

The purpose of the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas" is to show how you can develop yourself as a communicator and to present your ideas clearly, enabling you to persuade crowds. As the author Ricardo Ventura says, by putting these tips into practice, you will become a great speaker, an Extreme Speaker.

The book defines an Extreme Speaker as the person who knows how to communicate well in all areas, going through a casual friend talk until a job interview or speech, for example.

An Extreme Speaker needs to be able to speak well everywhere.

And don't think that talking well is a gift that comes from the cradle. Speaking well is a skill and, like all other skills, it can be developed through a lot of training.

Oratory Techniques

Oratory is considered an art. The art of knowing how to communicate with the public in a clear and well-structured manner.

And to master this art, the first step is to overcome fear and shyness. Often, we bring from our childhood the fear of speaking in public which can be disturbing when it is necessary to speak in public.

But as we have already said, to be great in oratory, just practice and train your communication skills, because with content and trust you will be able to persuade thousands of people.

Before you begin, develop your upright and confident posture, prepare your arguing power, and divide your presentation into 3 steps:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Body;
  3. Conclusion.

In the introduction, you will identify yourself to the audience and create the first impression, which is crucial to conquering people and guiding them in the course of your speech. So always respect the audience and prepare your speech, adapting yourself when necessary.

During the body, where you will be presenting your main idea, developments and complementary thoughts, always keep a clear language so everyone understands your point of view. Give examples to substantiate your idea, and asks questions to the public, interacting with them, creating bonds, and drawing attention.

Finally, we have the conclusion phase, where you must end the speech with a golden key. To do this, prepare a closing for the subject and present a catchphrase to be marked in the viewers' mind. And finally, thank everyone for their attention.

These are some techniques presented in the book that, when put into practice, will help you to take the first step towards the mastery of the oratory art.

Overview: Beginning to Manipulate and Persuade

At this point of the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas", we are introduced into the analysis of the tools that allow you to persuade people by using words. Let us better understand the weapons of persuasion presented by the author Ricardo Ventura.

Neuro linguistic Programming

In the 1970s, two scholars began trying to understand the human brain and its forms of expression, studying how therapists were so good at identifying signals that our body had. Thus, they modeled the verbal and non-verbal language of these therapists and formed patterns that they could replicate.

In 1974, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was born, which, as the author defines in a free translation:

"It is a set of models and principles that describe the relationship between mind and language and how this relationship can be organized to affect mind, body or behavior."

NLP is considered a tool that unites several areas of study, from psychology to linguistics. It aims to improve human interaction by stimulating the use of the 5 senses and understanding our mental models and how our thoughts and emotions impact our actions and the results we want to achieve.

With this technique, you can work to control your anxiety, improve your performance in the presentations and develop your skills to make your life better.

Mental Triggers of Persuasion

Mental triggers could be quickly defined as the "autopilot" of our mind. They record our experiences and decisions, allowing when similar situations are repeated, they can make those decisions automatically.

For example, you don't think about walking, blinking and breathing. These things happen automatically, because our brain has recorded these commands.

In the area of persuasion it is no different. Ricardo Ventura states that it is possible to use mental triggers that will allow your audience to buy your product. Several brands use these triggers to use the purchase, offering freebies and discounts on their products.

From now on, we will look at some of these mental triggers and how they can be used in persuasion art.

  • Authority: you must have authority to people trust and respect you, knowing that you are master in the subject. You need to show that you have experience and gaining confidence;
  • Urgency: this trigger stimulates buyers through the urgency to buy the product, that is, in case the customer does not buy the product as soon as possible, he can lose some benefit;
  • Common Enemy: turn your client into your ally in the fight against a common enemy. You will help him solve the problem. This generates empathy and brings the customer closer to the brand;
  • Scarcity: the trigger of scarcity is very effective, because we tend to value what is scarce, so using this tactic allows greater chances of success in persuasion;
  • Relationship Pain x Pleasure: first of all, try to know your audience, know their pains and desires and focus on them, understanding that people prefer to take away suffering before having satisfaction. Thus, the first step should be to present the solution to the problems;
  • Anticipation: create an expectation around your product, so that customers are waiting anxiously for it and can even divulge your brand;
  • Simplicity: Apple is an example of simplicity. Its handsets have a simpler operating system that makes their use much easier. With the trigger of simplicity, the shortest path may be the most effective;
  • Paradox of Choice: When many options are offered, consumers tend to be in doubt about which option to choose, which makes buying difficult. Work with few options during the sale.

Overview: The Body Speaks

This section of the book "Como Manipular e Persuadir Milhares de Pessoas", it is explained that communication is not just talking. The posture and movement of the body is also fundamental. That is why they say that "the body speaks".

Mastering body language is very important for not only getting your message across, but to understand others too. Comprehending how body expression manifests itself, we can detect joy, sadness, anger and even lies.

In the process of using the body to communicate and to make a good impression, the author Ricardo Ventura presents some tips that you should always be aware of:

  • Always make eye contact. Look at the audience you are addressing;
  • Do not stand rigid, pay attention to your posture, position and leave your arms loose, showing dynamism;
  • Know the moment to use the emotions, to show that you are happy, sad or nervous according to the subject addressed;
  • Do not be in a hurry to talk. Speak slowly and in a way that everyone can clearly understand;
  • Train! Practice presentation tactics at home so when it's necessary, you are ready to speak in public.

What do other authors say about it?

There are 2 books that we can relate directly to the one we are studying now: Influence and Pre-suasion, both from Robert Cialdini.

In "Influence", Robert Cialdini introduces the "mental shortcuts" to persuade people. These shortcuts are mental triggers presented by Ricardo Ventura, where we can use as an example authority and scarcity.

In "Pre-suasion", the same author complements his studies on the art of influencing people, saying that you must capture and channel people's attention. And as we saw in this Pocket Book, conquering the public is very important to the success of your presentation.

Analyzing the perception of another author in the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie talks about praise as a way of influencing: one of the strongest characteristics of human behavior is the desire to be valued by others; we all like to get compliments and hear that we are doing a good job.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Now that we have understood this fantastic theory explained by the author, we have to apply it in our daily lives. So, here we present some topics, by this way you can start your journey to be a great communicator:

  • First of all: do not be afraid and overcome shyness!
  • Study the techniques. See all the tips so that you can implement them at the time of your presentation;
  • Try to implement the mental triggers when speaking to get used to it.
  • Pay attention to your body expression, because your body speaks, and it must be your ally;
  • Train! Train! Train! Practice is the key for you to absorb all the techniques and apply them whenever necessary.

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Are you ready to apply all these advices and skills in order to persuade the public and become a good speaker?

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