Content Inc. - Joe Pulizzi

Content Inc. - Joe Pulizzi

Learn the Content Inc. Model to develop materials focused on content marketing, audience building, and achieving success for your own company.

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What do you do to print your content? Have you used your brand strengthening strategies in a creative way or do you still persist in the traditional model?

Thinking about this and beyond, Joe Pulizzi elaborated in his book "Content Inc." a new model of content marketing. We will already say that it is totally out of the box and that it is far from the old patterns of content production that no longer work!

With this, you will learn in this summary the six distinct steps to the Content Inc. model that is the result of the author's work with hundreds of companies and dozens of interviews.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then continue reading this summary and learn more details about this high-value journey!

The book "Content Inc."

"Content Inc.” presents a step-by-step on how to start the journey within content marketing. Joe Pulizzi also teaches quality content creation strategies to apply in the growth stages of the company.

Through 404 pages divided into 8 parts and 24 chapters, the author writes in a didactic way. He introduces cases, insights, and interesting information both for beginners and for those who already have knowledge in the subject.

In addition, at the end of each chapter are presented references used, which facilitates the reader to search and deepen in the specific subject desired.

Who is Joe Pulizzi?

Joe Pulizzi is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcast producer, founder of several start-ups, including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing business media company in 2014.

He won the Content Council's 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award. His book, "Epic Content Marketing" was named one of the Five Must-Read Business Books of the Year by Fortune magazine.

In addition, he has participated as a speaker at events such as Fortune Magazine's Leadership Conference, SXSW, NAMM, and at companies Disney, Cisco Systems, Oracle Eloqua, DuPont, SAP, HP, and Dell.

Why Read "Content Inc."?

Reading the book "Content Inc." is indicated because Joe Pulizzi presents a workable content marketing model that divides the process of startups into six steps.

This is also why this work is intended for professionals such as content producers, marketers, influencers, SEO analysts, advertisers, and pure startup entrepreneurs, startups within a large organization, and stagnant business entrepreneurs.

However, if you are a person who wants to put your creativity to use when it comes to creating creative and innovative content, this summary is for you!

What are the main points of "Content Inc."

  • Most start-ups begin their journey just like any other company, but fail because the formula needs to change.
  • It is critical to identify the problems that are holding you back and move forward;
  • Content production is a process that can stimulate creativity, but without necessarily creating something new. The key words for success are: identify; adjust and produce;
  • "Sometimes the best revenue opportunities are unexpected. It is important not to get so tied to your main source of revenue generation that you miss a better opportunity";
  • "You don't have to be active on all social channels. In the beginning, pick the best two or three (where your audience is present) and put resources behind them";
  • "A solid mission includes who the specific audience is, what content we will deliver to this audience, and what the outcome is for the audience."

What is Content Inc. Model?

The Content Inc. Model is a content marketing strategy developed by Joe Pulizzi that has six distinct stages with the goal of achieving business success.

With these stages of the Content Inc. Model, the startup or company increases its results, gaining leads and its own success. In this sense, according to Joe Pulizzi, it is necessary to apply the steps and have patience in order to get a return in organic growth.

What are the six stages of the Content Inc. Model?

The six stages of the Content Inc. Model are: sweet spot, content fit, base building, audience content, diversification, and monetization.

Stage 1: Sweet Spot

The goal of this stage is the discovery of the content area that the business model will be based on. Thus, an "sweet spot" needs to be identified to attract an audience over time.

According to Joe Pulizzi:

"The sweet spot is the intersection between a knowledge or skill set (something the entrepreneur or company is competent at) and an area of passion (something the entrepreneur or company feels is of great value to him or her personally or to society at large)."

Stage 2: Content Adjustment

The book "S.A. Content" shows that after identifying the sweet spot, it is time for content adjustment. In this step, the entrepreneur must determine the differentiation factor or "adjustment" (focus), to find an area of little or no competition.

This will increase the likelihood of growth in the industry.

Joe Pulizzi cautions in the case of too much content and too many experts focusing on the desired venture. In this case, he says, you need to find a gap in content about the topic.

Telling a different story about the business model makes it take shape. It is the addition of the "fit" to the sweet spot that makes all the difference.

Stage 3: Building the base

After finding the sweet spot and the fit, it is necessary to choose a platform and build a content base. Joe Pulizzi compares this base much like building a house.

According to the author of "Content Inc.", before "looking at all the options for paint, fixtures, and floor covering, we need to plan and install the foundation".

In other words, this means generating rich content consistently through a "main channel," such as a blog, podcast, or even a YouTube channel, for example.

Stage 4: Audience content

Past the stages of choosing the platform and building the content base, comes the stage of increasing the audience and converting the "occasional readers" into permanent subscribers.

In this step one must use social media as the main distribution tools and optimize the search engines. The job is to increase traffic to have more opportunities to gain an audience.

Thus, it is worth remembering that the web traffic identifier should not be used in isolation, without a goal.

Therefore, according to Joe Pulizzi, knowledge in this area is fundamental, because there are many indicators to analyze the success of the content, but the main one is the number of subscribers. The author of "S.A. Content" also emphasizes that it is "almost impossible to monetize and grow your audience" without first having a reader as a customer.

Stage 5: Diversification

Once the model has developed a strong, loyal, and growing audience, it's time to diversify, starting with the fundamental content stream. To do this, Joe Pulizzi analogizes the model as an octopus and explains that each content channel is one of eight tentacles.

He further elaborates with the metaphor that it is essential to know how many of these tentacles manage to engage readers, keeping them close to the business and coming back looking for what is offered.

Stage 6: Monetization

Now the big moment has arrived! This is the time when the model must monetize according to the platform.

To be in this stage your sweet spot has already been identified, there has been the "tweaking" or focus to find an area of content with no competition, select the platform and build a base, attract subscribers and launch content on additional platforms.

At this stage, the entrepreneur already has consolidated subscriber information at hand (qualitative and quantitative) so that a multitude of opportunities to generate revenue arise. These opportunities can be, for example, consulting, software, and events.

The key is to follow the six steps as described above and be patient enough to make the model work.

Other books about Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Pamela Wilson provides in her book "Master Content Marketing" simple and effective marketing steps to achieve maximum return for your business.

Joe Pulizzi suggests reading Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich", as tips and tools are presented to help you achieve the long-dreamed success.

Finally, the book "Obrigado pelo Marketing" by Vitor Peçanha teaches you how to become a great content marketer and how to convince people to thank you for your work.

How can I apply the content of "Content Inc."?

  • Write down your goals and review them constantly;
  • Write and tell compelling stories about your business model;
  • Experiment with the many ways to make money from your content asset;
  • "Treat your social channels as important as any other communication channel."
  • "Analyze all available channels to see how you can get your content in front of the right people;
  • Take advantage of tools like Google Trends and Google Alert to find out what should be tweaked in your content;
  • Focus on your audience.

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