Crie Seu Mercado no Mundo Digital - Bruno de Oliveira

Crie Seu Mercado no Mundo Digital - Bruno de Oliveira

Check out how to turn your dream into an e-commerce and make your online business a well-known, scalable and profitable company.

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Have you tried selling online and failed? Are you afraid of this market? It is common that many people don't know what to do to create a digital market and where they must focus to succeed in companies of this type. Bruno de Oliveira teaches all of this in the book "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World".

In this summary, we will present some of the author's tips for starting your business in the digital world from scratch and surpassing your monthly expectations in sales. Also, how to avoid the common mistakes that can ruin your path to success!

Doesn't matter if you are starting or just want to increase your incomes, the Brazil's leading e-commerce specialis t brings in this book the perfect formula to achieve your goals in this type of commerce.

Got interested to know more about? Stay with us in this summary!

About the book "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World"

With a simple and easy-to-read narrative, the author communicates directly with his audience throughout the book. The idea is to show how to build a business differently, creating their own market and solving real customer needs.

The book consists of 205 pages divided into 14 chapters, the author's tips are straightforward and his method for achieving success in an e-commerce is unraveled step by step.

The teachings passed in "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World" are inspired by content developed by the author himself in "E-commerce na Prática", a company that teaches ordinary people how to undertake online.

About the author Bruno de Oliveira

Bruno de Oliveira always dreamed of entrepreneurship and never had any other profession. He started in the online business world when he was 16, when he realized that he could make money selling computer parts over the internet.

Addicted to his work, Bruno today invests in several online businesses and founded the company "E-commerce na Prática", in order to help people in this often-arduous journey that is to open a business on the internet.

In 2017, he was elected by popular vote as the Best E-commerce Professional in Brazil and, with over 18 years of experience in physical and digital commerce, he is considered a great specialist in e-commerce in the country.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World" is suitable for anyone who aims to build their business and living on e-commerce or already has a physical or digital commerce and feels that they need to leverage their sales and be closer to their public.

If you have ever tried to sell online and failed or if you have never tried to be afraid of this market, this book is perfect for you.

At the end of the reading you will have all the tools to build a solid, sustainable and growing business on the internet.

Main ideas of the book "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World"

  • E-commerce is a business strategy focused on selling products and services over the internet, regardless of specific platforms and tools;
  • The digital market has the potential to grow 100% in the coming years and there are few times when we are faced with such an opportunity;
  • No virtual store receives visits if it does not have a continuous work of digital marketing that brings people to it;
  • Every product can be sold online. If it's an innovation, it's up to you to understand how to sell it that way;
  • You do not need to face the big e-commerce stores as a threat, but you can even use them as allies;
  • The best way to achieve a sustainable sales rate on the internet is to have an audience, people engaged with the brand, with the content it produces and, consequently, with its products;
  • One of the main points for the success of your business is to know your ideal customer, called a persona, and the market in which you operate;
  • To increase your conversion, you need to understand your customer's purchase journey, from the moment they present a need to the moment of purchase itself.

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[Book Summary] Create Your Own Market on the Digital World - Bruno de Oliveira

Overview: Main mistakes made by those who start an e-commerce

Bruno states that there are usually 2 types of people who look for him when it comes to e-commerce: those who have tried to sell online and failed and those who have never tried, most of the time because they are afraid of this market.

The first group probably took an interest in the digital world for its growth and ease of entry. However, almost everyone forgot to pay attention to the most important thing in this case: marketing.

The second group, on the other hand, believed in myths about e-commerce, such as that the market is already saturated or that the public of its product does not buy over the internet.

Throughout the book "Create Your own Market on the Digital World", Bruno de Oliveira shows that all these myths are completely unfounded.

In order to better understand what kind of attitudes should be avoided when setting up a digital business, we have listed here what Bruno believes to be the biggest mistakes of anyone who tries to start an e-commerce and ends up failing:

  • Believing that creating an e-commerce only involves setting up an online store: creating the sales platform for your product is only a small part of all the effort that must be done;
  • Focus exclusively on products sold by the company: your focus should be on your audience and the solutions they need to find. Only then you will understand how your products can be useful to customers and, thus, what will be your strategy for selling them;
  • Not paying attention to the promotion of the store: the only way to make your business known is to focus on promoting it. Do not outsource your marketing at the beginning of the company, seek to learn how to work it and give maximum attention.

Overview: Principles of market creation and step by step method

Making his teachings more practical and applicable, Bruno presents in the book "Create Your Market on the Digital World", a method that should be applied to all types of online commerce. This method involves 5 principles:

  1. Market: it is your audience, those people who will always be following the content disclosed by the brand, engaging with the ideas and causes of the brand and, eventually, consuming its products;
  2. Relevant Content: content that is relevant and adds value to your audience, bringing them topics on topics that are interesting and that are in the context of the business, and may induce some purchase;
  3. Traffic: flow of people accessing your platforms, be it your store itself or any of your online communication channels;
  4. Conversion: it is the percentage of visits (traffic) that effectively become sales;
  5. Retention: consists of turning buyers into customers, who return to the store to consume products frequently.

To apply each of these principles in his business, Bruno created a method that simplifies its implementation and makes it very intuitive. This method has 5 steps that are interdependent to work (one must not be performed without the other, nor in a different order).

The steps of this method are:

  • Planning;
  • Structure;
  • Market creation;
  • Management;
  • Optimization.

In the next overviews, each of these steps will be covered in more detail that will help you understand how to implement them in your company's reality.

Overview: Step One - Planning

It is important to keep in mind that each step of the method presented by Bruno depends on the previous one in order to exist. Start with the foundation and pay special attention to each step, especially planning, which is the most important step in the business.

In planning, we really understand our needs, based on discovering the needs of our customers.

You should start by drawing a map of your e-commerce, where you will be able to unravel each of the main points of your business. Simpler and more objective than a traditional business model, the author suggests the use of the Canvas tool, whose model can be downloaded from the e-commerce website in practice.

Each Canvas module corresponds to a part of the planning and its filling must start at the top, followed by the side pillars and, finally, the tools that will complement your business.

The quadrants to be filled in Canvas are:

  • Offer / Values: it is the basis of your business, your value proposition. The culture of your company and its main objective;
  • Persona / Attendance: definition of the persona of your business and how it buys. Summarize the needs of future customers;
  • Pains / Solutions: what are the problems of your persona that your product proposes to solve. Identify the best solutions for your potential customers;
  • Products: definition of the products with which your business will work. Fill Canvas with your e-commerce products based on the solutions your customers are in need of;
  • Suppliers: the secret of a good sale is in a good purchase. Define your suppliers here and remember not to get stuck in just one, diversify your card, to feel more secure;
  • Structure: list all the structural needs that your business may need (platforms, certificates, systems, professionals, etc.);
  • Payment: define which payment methods you will accept;
  • Logistics: think about how your products will be shipped to customers. Start using the Post Office and map out plans for regional alternatives, such as couriers;
  • Sales channels: list all sales channels that may have potential for your products (online store, marketplaces, telesales, etc.) and then define the best ones for your business and fill in Canvas;
  • Traffic sources: identify the habits of your customers on the internet (the persona will help with this) and list the traffic sources that will be most relevant to your e-commerce;
  • Partners: to make your planning work, you will need good partnerships. Search partners for your type of business.

Overview: Second and Third Steps - Structure and Market Creation

The author strongly defends the idea that all e-commerce should start with a simple and objective structure, which will be validated and, over time, can be adapted and improved.

According to Bruno de Oliveira, it is not worth investing in something that has not been validated and will not make a significant difference to the beginning of your business.

A validated business is the one that makes sales in a constant, sustainable and growing way.

To set up a basic work structure, only 4 points must be analyzed:

  • EIN: ensure that you are starting your business legally;
  • Name / Brand: check if someone already uses the brand or name you intend to use;
  • Audience channels: create professional pages on the main social networks and on marketplaces, if applicable;
  • Means of payment: define how your customers will be able to pay you simply and securely.

In relation to market creation, Bruno stresses the main need to fully understand the persona of your business, that is, your ideal client. For that, he presents another very useful tool: the empathy map.

The empathy map consists of 6 questions that must be answered according to the life of your ideal client.

It can be filled out according to your perceptions, but the ideal is to validate it with some type of research. This research can be carried out based on questionnaires made with some customers that your business already has or close people who may become potential customers.

Knowing your market better, you will be able to create relevant content that may attract public interest, and thus create your market.

Overview: Fourth and Fifth Steps - Professionalize and Scale Your Business

When your business is already validated, with constant traffic and a loyal audience, it's time to focus on growing your business, and it can only be achieved through strong and well-structured management.

The first step is to understand the right time to hire an employee and outsource some services. With the company's growth, in a short time you will not be able to handle everything alone. Focus on good hires and a good management system to retain them.

Always create and record processes, so that over time you and your team understand how to repeat things that worked very well and avoid those that have not yielded good results in the past. Good knowledge management saves time and money.

Finally, the book "Create Your Own Market on the Digital World" explains to keep in mind that it is extremely common to fail and even break in your first business, don't be shaken and don't stop working on what you believe.

What do other authors say about it?

The book "Dotcom Secrets" is a work that reveals the secrets of digital marketing. Russell Brunson shows the importance of creating an attractive character. This concept involves finding ways to divide your story, between elements, identity and narratives, making people follow you because they find a personal connection.

The Brazilian Anderson Höfelmann, author of the book "Selling Online: The Secrets of Selling Like Hotcakes", provides tips to boost your digital business. One is to avoid long and complex URLs and make smart headlines. In this way, you will be contributing to the ranking of your website on the search platforms.

Daniel H. Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind", says that, thanks to the fusion of wealth, technology and increased connection of people through phones and the internet, the world is transitioning to a new era that goes beyond knowledge. It takes creativity, empathy and emotion.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Invest in knowledge and learn how to apply marketing in your business, as this is a crucial part and should not be outsourced;
  • Create relevant content about products and services that are related to your sales focus, and keep your audience engaged, in order to be able to sell to them;
  • Specialize more and more in internet traffic generation and management strategies. But understand that the traffic generated needs to be relevant to your business;
  • Constantly send targeted offers to your customers. Think about the customer's next step based on their last purchase and use this to present more accurate offers;
  • Make sure it is easy for the customer to contact you, but implement only the channels that you and your team can handle;
  • Buy regularly from your main competitors, to understand what the shopping experience is like there and ensure better service.

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