Desbloqueie o Poder da sua Mente - Michael Arruda

Desbloqueie o Poder da sua Mente - Michael Arruda

Learn how to turn your mind into a powerful ally capable of making dreams that you have long cultivated only in thought come true.

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Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to make the changes you want? What is the reason for your sadness, insecurity, and frustration at work or in your personal life? In this summary of the book "Unlock the Power of your Mind", you will know the answers!

The author Michael Arruda will clear up many doubts and teach you how to master your mind to achieve a light, joyful, and fulfilling life.

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About the book "Desbloqueie o Poder da Sua Mente"

The book "Desbloqueie o Poder da Sua Mente", "Unlock the Power of Your Mind" in free translation, was written by Michael Arruda and published on May 30, 2018.

With 192 pages, the work explains how our mind can act against or favor our dreams and goals.

Simply put, Michael Arruda demonstrates why it is so difficult to change habits, develop our potential, and believe that we are capable of great deeds.

He also points out practical solutions to overcome our fears and have a fulling and happy life.

About the author Michael Arruda

Michael Arruda is president of OMNI Brasil, one of the most renowned institutes in hypnosis in the world. The extensive knowledge about the business environment led the author to achieve excellent results at the head of the institution, which generated great repercussions for the work developed.

Michael Arruda is the creator of advanced hypnosis techniques and also provides courses, training, and lectures for people who want to know how the human mind works.

To whom is this book indicated?

The teachings of the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind" can help people who want to achieve their dreams and goals but for some reason feel unmotivated, insecure, or even depressed.

Main ideas of the book "Desbloqueie o Poder da Sua Mente"

The author Michael Arruda will show the main factors that must be considered to overcome dissatisfaction, frustration, and insecurity. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Most of our failures have their origins in the negative beliefs of our subconscious. As much as people strive to change, the mind itself becomes an enemy;
  • We break free from mental prisons when we get in touch with our subconscious and open ourselves up to transform our negative schedules;
  • As much as the conscious mind is logical and rational, it is always subject to the action of the subconscious;
  • Knowing the rules about how the mind works is the first step in transforming negative beliefs and having more motivation in everyday life.
  • The causes of suffering are in the subconscious mind. Besides recognizing them, we need to treat these emotional wounds through forgiveness and focus on our inner strength;
  • In addition to hypnotherapy, small actions in everyday life can make our minds positive and open to new and fruitful learnings.

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[Book Summary] Desbloqueie o Poder da Sua Mente - Michael Arruda

Overview: Big reasons are hidden

Michael Arruda mentions how your mind can turn into a ruthless enemy and discusses what to do to change this situation.

The power of the subconscious

Most of our failures come from misconceptions recorded in our subconscious. This negative information, often hidden, blocks our potentials. That is, the mind itself works against the achievement of dreams, goals, and objectives that we set.

According to the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind", accessing the subconscious is the most assertive way to heal deep wounds, change habits, and conquer our greatest yearnings in life and career.

The mental prison

Have you ever felt unable to take control of your life? Do you have the feeling that your destiny is not in your hands? Are your strengths never enough to finish what you start?

For the author, this sense of "dead end" is triggered by distorted perceptions of our subconscious.

As much as we tend to blame people or external situations, the only solution is to find the root of our feelings, Michael Arruda affirms.

Freedom is possible

The author teaches that only 5% of our mind is conscious. The remaining 95% are out of conscious access.

To protect us, our subconscious mind creates strategies that often prevent us from achieving the results we desire. This boycott process consists of the mental arrest.

However, as it is shown it the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind", freedom is obtained from the moment we access our subconscious and open ourselves to change our negative programming.

Overview: Who really rules

In this part of "Unlock the Power of Your Mind", Michael explains why it is not the conscious mind that controls our decisions.

Endless resources

Each human being is a survival machine with infinite resources acting together.

It is no coincidence that science proves astonishing connections between the mind and the body. This shows that our mental structure is far beyond what we think we control.

Because our mind works all the time with numerous resources, the environmental factor also directly affects our emotions and interferes (positively or negatively) with our sense of well-being.

We are not so rational

As much as the conscious mind is logical, analytical, and rational, it only "thinks" that controls us. The author Michael Arruda reveals that our conscious mind contains a "piece" called the critical factor.

It is an undercover agent in the name of the subconscious mind. The critical factor acts as a gatekeeper, responsible for filtering all messages that should reach the subconscious.

The critical factor receives and analyzes these messages, checking whether they are in accordance with subconscious schedules or not. If they agree, it lets them go, reinforcing what was already in the subconscious. If they disagree, it rejects them.

The subconscious

You have certainly noticed how difficult it is to create a new habit or get rid of an addiction. The reason is the subconscious. It decides how we should grow, feel, and act. It stores our deepest beliefs and emotions.

As Michael Arruda explains in the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind", the subconscious has the power to undermine even a simple project. However, it is equally powerful to make you greater than you ever dreamed of.

Overview: The 7 Rules of the Mind

The author Michael Arruda presents the 7 rules of mind that should be considered as the source of the changes we want for life.

The beginning of change

To make the mind work for us, the first step is to get to know it. As we have seen, our conscious mind receives all the information already processed by the subconscious.

We need to know that we cannot change society, people, and external events. However, we can positively influence our minds. This is where our greatest power lies, Arruda affirms in the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind".

The 7 Rules of the Mind

  1. Every thought causes a physical reaction. Be aware of your body's reactions to certain thoughts;
  2. What is expected tends to happen. You need to strengthen the belief that you can do what you want;
  3. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with the mind itself. Do not argue, judge, or disparage people with opinions or beliefs other than yours. Reason hardly overcomes emotion;
  4. Once a concept has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it will remain until it is replaced by another. Value the truths that will help you win;
  5. Each accepted suggestion creates less opposition to the next suggestions. Gradually start building in your mind what you want for your life;
  6. An emotionally induced physical symptom tends to cause an organic change. Pay attention to the emotions you have been cultivating;
  7. When dealing with the subconscious, the greater the conscious effort, the lower the subconscious response. Understand what needs to change, but don't become neurotic or push yourself too hard.

Overview: Profound changes

In this part of the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind", the author mentions 4 steps to change behavioral patterns and explains the role of hypnotherapy.

Nourishment for the mind

Hypnosis is when a suggestion bypasses the critical factor of the conscious mind and is accepted by the subconscious mind.

As the author Michael Arruda says, we all tend to believe more easily in the statements of people in positions of authority (parents, teachers, doctors, boss, etc.).

This is exactly why negative messages from people with some authority tend to take longer in our minds.

We constantly need to ask ourselves: what has been feeding our minds? What messages are taking too long in our minds? Questioning them is the first step towards major changes.

4 steps to change behavioral patterns

Michael Arruda states in the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind" that we only need two things to begin our transformation: belief and motivation. Belief is what we believe to some extent. Motivation is the reason for the action.

The four steps to change behavioral patterns are listed below:

  1. Find your real motivation. Visualize the positive results of the change you desire. And focus on them;
  2. Plan the change. Consider all factors that will work against and in favor of your change process. Learn how to handle unforeseen issues and stay focused on your goal;
  3. Keep the effort and focus on earnings (however small). Be proud of each achievement;
  4. Celebrate achievements. Set short periods to meet goals and celebrate your results. The ideal is to work with periods of one week.

Forgive to start over

Hypnotherapists help people discover the events or emotions that are causing the negative programming. Throughout this process of transformation, forgiveness is considered one of the most powerful internal resources.

Michael Arruda emphasizes that forgiving others doesn't mean resuming contact with a particular person, much less agreeing with what they have done or said.

Forgiving means breaking free from the harm done to you and letting the negative feeling go away.

Also, the author teaches a specific technique to favor our ability to forgive. This technique consists of writing a letter granting forgiveness to those who hurt us.

Overview: Practical actions

This part of the book "Unlock the Power of Your Mind" is about the process of reframing experiences. Also, it brings practical actions for the mind to work in your favor.

New meanings

Assigning new meanings to our negative programming involves looking at certain experiences with different eyes. The reward of this process of forgiving and accepting yourself is to be free from the guilt within.

The author Michael Arruda points out that hypnotherapy goes straight to the point. Because this technique solves old dilemmas, it is possible to adopt new ways of feeling and acting from it.

Practical actions

In addition to hypnotherapy sessions, it is possible to seek our transformation through practical actions. They favor the recording of positive beliefs in our subconscious, helping all areas.

Some of these actions are: to distance yourself completely from people who do not believe in your potential, to draw attention away from your current pain and focus on your inner strength, to seek content that is aligned with the reality you want (books, films, inspiring stories, etc.).

Always remember that you must control the direction of your attention. From the moment the focus is established, the subconscious follows. This is how you will change.

What do other authors say about it?

Ryder Carroll, author of the book "The Bullet Journal Method", highlights the importance of creating a way to put order in this chaos of thought. One of the best ways to do this is through writing.

Tony Robbins, in the book "Unlimited Power", shows us that the way we deal with the situations around us, emotions, body language and even the way we speak, strongly influence the search for our goals.

Finally, the author Kevin Kruse, in "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management", emphasizes the importance of taking care of your own health to be successful in life. He says that most entrepreneurs adopt a morning routine to reenergize themselves physically and mentally.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

It's time to practice the teachings of Michael Arruda:

  • Try to pay more attention to your thoughts, especially those that come up in your mind more often. They usually reveal patterns of the subconscious;
  • When a negative thought occurs, immediately try to replace it with a positive one, always keeping in mind that you can accomplish what you want;
  • Stay away from people who don't believe in your potential or complain too much;
  • Make a list of people you need to forgive. Intimately, exercise forgiveness, letting the negative feeling go;
  • Exercise self-forgiveness as a way to become free from guilt and feelings of failure. Embrace your emotions and give them a positive meaning;
  • Seek knowledge about the functioning and power of the mind. This information can be obtained through books, movies, and courses.

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