Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem - Gustavo Cerbasi

Are you in peace with what the future may bring? If so, you may be considered a rare exception. But if you aren't, start a financial plan right away.

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How do people get rich? Is it a matter of inheritance, intelligence or postgraduate diploma? In fact, these are some possibilities, but this is not the case with most.

Amazingly, hard work, the right standard of living, and the habit of disciplined economies are the main way to get rich.

Cerbasi simplifies topics such as retirement, investments, and business. He shows that everyone can achieve a secure and peaceful future, but it takes organization and knowledge.

The first step is to uncover your financial profile. Then it will be simple to apply the new skills to your true needs.

Keep in mind that: 

the path to wealth depends much more on the decisions people make in their daily lives than on the assets they may accumulate. Review your financial planning and make the money work for you”.


About the book “Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem


"Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem" (2016), “Money: The Secrets from the Ones Who Have It” in free translation, written by Gustavo Cerbasi, shows how to achieve and maintain your financial independence.

The work has 160 pages that are divided into 7 chapters.


About the author Gustavo Cerbasi


Gustavo Cerbasi holds specializations in finance from New York University's Stern School of Business and the Institute of Management Foundation (FIA).

The author is the largest reference in financial intelligence in Brazil. Consultant, speaker, and author of 15 books, selling over 2 million copies. Cerbasi has lectured to over 3 million people and was elected by Época Magazine as one of the 100 most influential Brazilians.


To whom is this book indicated?


Money: The Secrets from the Ones Who Have It” is meant for people who have become convinced that they have the ability to change their future through their own efforts. Did you make many mistakes? Lost a lot of money? Spent years of salary not knowing how to earn wealth?

By applying Gustavo Cerbasi’s tips you will be ready to reach financial success.


Main ideas of the book “Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem


Here are some insights from the author:


  • Know your financial profile;
  • Eliminate bad habits;
  • Don't disregard small amounts of money;
  • You waste more money than you think;
  • The five beliefs that keep you from building your wealth;
  • Rich are those who do not spend more than they receive;
  • The seven commandments of the good investor.


Download the "Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem" Book Summary in PDF for free 


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[Book Summary] Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem - Gustavo Cerbasi


Overview: “What is your financial profile?”


Well, first of all, you need to define what your financial profile is. Cerbasi’s lists the following:


  • You are very careless about money and probably have financial problems often. If some habits don't change, you may have serious difficulties in the future”;
  • “You are aware of the importance of paying close attention to financial planning and probably don't usually have such problems. But you still need to improve some of your habits for this awareness to turn into long-term wealth”;
  • “You are on the right track to have a financially secure and stable future. If you don't have a clearly defined financial independence plan yet, you will have no difficulty implementing it”.


There is no point in committing to getting rich if there is no change in attitude. Define where you want to go or what standard of living you want to have. Change bad habits. Only then will you be ready to grow financially.


Overview: “Never Despise Small Values”


You have already noticed that a $ 100 bill in your wallet lasts longer than five $ 20 bills, for example. This is because we have no doubt about buying some futility.

Now, if we have to use a $ 100 bill to buy such futility, the choice is harder to make. On the other hand, the situation gets worse when the grades go down. Imagine the case of coins, which are totally despised by many Brazilians.

"It's just one more dollar ...", but in the end, it turns out to be hundreds of dollars.

Search your mind for a situation where you have regretted spending money as recently as possible. You can prove two important things.

First, you'll notice how routine you are when you lose money. And second, that some situations where you lost money went unnoticed. Reflect on them.


Overview: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step”


To create your wealth, you need to be focused on your goal. And for that, it's necessary to eliminate some beliefs that are limiting your financial development.

According to Cerbasi:

 “There are at least five beliefs to be eliminated to make your fortune”:


  • Belief # 1 - Not Urgency: “This isn't important. It's not urgent. It isn't essential. Other things are more important”. Start your plan today. It's urgent. Your future is urgent;
  • Belief # 2 - The Past: “I lost everything. I swear I'll never do that again”. Consider this loss of financial learning. Explore this experience to the fullest, preventing it from happening again;
  • Belief # 3 - Identity: "I lose money on everything I do". Don't believe in luck. Believe that you can make a lot of money. Plant information in your head and reap right decisions;
  • Belief # 4 - Fear of loss: “I can't stand the risk of investing”. There are several very low-risk investments, some examples are savings and government bonds. Start with these and gradually increase;
  • Belief # 5 - The Resources: “I don't have enough money to get started. I have no time". All money is considerable, to begin with. With only $ 50, it's possible to start an application in savings, stocks or private pension. As for time, we all have it, but we need to manage it better.


Overview: “There is no formula for wealth”


Rich is the one who receives more than he consumes; poor is the one whose expense is greater than the revenue”, La Bruyére.


There are several ways to reach wealth. Several objective and realistic path alternatives, eliminating illicit forms. Another option is to take the risky path, which is a way to get rich faster, however, you may lose everything even faster.

It doesn't matter which way you want to go. Keep in mind that there is no enrichment formula, but all alternatives start from the need to have funds to invest.

According to Cerbasi:

“The key to financial success is your ability to invest part of what you earn today. By achieving this you will be able to put into practice a formula which, if applied objectively and responsibly, cannot go wrong”.


1- Don't spend more than you receive and invest the difference well;

2 - Reinvest your profits to make compound earnings until you reach the invested capital that generates the annual income you want in life.


Doing so will come the day when you will never have to work in your life again, if you do, it will be of your own free will.


Overview: “The Seven Commandments of the Good Investor”


It's very important that you stay aware of each item below as they will help you in your future. Cerbasi describes them this way:


1 - “Never ignore the effects of inflation on both the interest on your investments and the value of your periodic investments”;

2 - “Overcome your consumer drives, don't make commitments outside your plan”;

3 - “Include in your welfare expenses a monthly investment in a health plan or, if you are still young, a fund dedicated solely to paying for your health care expenses”;

4 - Make your children aware of the importance of financial planning;

5 - Continuously seek new information about your investments and new investments (the financial market changes with incredible speed);

6 - Be conservative in your projections. Don't count on promotions, bonuses and salary increases. Don't count on luck;

7 - Adjust your standard of living to accommodate your investments, but nevertheless spend a lot of time and expense for fun, personal care, and leisure. There is no point in making plans to reach more than 100 years if you are unwilling to live them.


What other authors say about it?


Tony Robbins, in “Unshakeable”, shows you what you can do to make sure you can buy a home and enjoy a comfortable retirement. Even though these concerns seem far away, it's smart to start saving and investing as soon as possible.

Now, "The Intelligent Investor" is a classic business book, hailed as "by far the best investment book ever written" by one of the richest guys in the world, Warren Buffett. The author, Benjamin Graham, explains how to invest in stocks and the characteristics of an investor who knows how to play the stock market.

Learn with one of the greatest authors of all time, Napoleon Hill, how to convince people of your ideas and convictions to become a great negotiator. You can check out the details in the summary of the book “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion”.


Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?


Many people don't believe in the power of cutting spendings, or even "How do I spend less than I earn if I earn so little?". In that case, you should remember that the most important things in life cost nothing.

What is the value of talking to your friends? How much does your child's hug cost to you? How much does a hug from the person we love cost?

Spend more time with yourself and your family. Be sure not to live only tomorrow, but make your plans and stick to them.

Finally, there is Chinese teaching that deals with the relationship we should have with money:




“It can buy a house, but not a home.

It can buy a bed, but not sleep.

It can buy a watch, but not time.

It can buy a book, but not knowledge.

It can buy a title, but not respect.

It can buy a doctor, but not health.

It can buy blood, but not life.

It can buy sex, but not love.


Happiness is formed on a daily basis, every moment. Money only gives us ways to enjoy what we like. Be sure to enjoy it. Be happy.


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Book "Dinheiro: Os Segredos de Quem Tem"

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