DNA Milionário - Elainne Ourives

DNA Milionário - Elainne Ourives

Learn how to tap into the universal energy of wealth and transform your life into an endless source of joy, success and prosperity in any area!

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Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for some people to thrive? What is the reason for scarcity, debt and that sense of constant failure? In addition, to answer these questions, the author Elainne Ourives explains on her book "Millionaire DNA" how to achieve everything you desire by accessing the universal laws of prosperity.

In this summary, you will get the answer for these questions and learn how to have thoughts, feelings and actions that can generate emotional and financial wealth. Leaving back the hard financial situation.

Got interested to change your life through this wonderful book? Stay with us in this summary!

About the book "Millionaire DNA"

"Millionaire DNA," by Elainne Ourives, was published in 2019. This book features 252 pages that discuss how our ability to thrive is related to the energy vibration we generate.

Simply put, the author explains why our thoughts, feelings and actions are so crucial to have a more abundant and happy life. She also teaches simple techniques for daily practice. Through them you can raise your vibration and achieve amazing results.

About the author Elainne Ourives

Elainne Ourives is a quantum psychotherapist, writer and speaker, recognized for her important work in the field of quantum activism, mental reprogramming and quantum vibrational medicine.

The author founded the Hertz Academy and Mundo Hertz Quantum, offering various pieces of training and lectures for people who crave an abundant life in any area (financial, relationships, career, etc.).

To whom is this book indicated?

It is suitable for individuals who are struggling financially and wants to find the definitive way out of a prosperous and fulfilling life.

If you want to change your life and reach success with some simple daily actions and techniques that Elainne teaches here, this book if for you!

Main ideas of the book "Millionaire DNA"

  • The ability to thrive is deeply linked to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our energetic vibration depends on these three elements;
  • The universe returns exactly what we shows through our vibration;
  • Positive thoughts, feelings and actions are associated with gratitude, love, joy, harmony and so on. Negativity is linked to guilt, resentment, fear, sadness, shame, insecurity, hatred, envy, self-sabotage, etc;
  • To attract desired prosperity it is necessary to replace limiting beliefs with positive ones. If you wish to be rich, your thoughts and actions must be consistent with that purpose;
  • In addition to cultivating high thoughts and feelings, we need to use the power that emanates from positive words to make them work for us;
  • Using simple techniques such as visualization is essential to naturally attract the wealth and prosperity we desire.

Download the "Millionaire DNA" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Millionaire DNA - Elainne Ourives

Overview: Why does your prosperity seem distant?

Quantum physics shows that the sum of our emotions, thoughts and actions forms around each person a magnetic field, also known as a vibrating field. The energy of this vibrational field is measured in Hertz (unit of frequency). This means that what we think, feel and do generate energy.

In the book "Millionaire DNA", Elainne Ourives says that at all times, this vibratory energy generated by us is sent to the universe. In response, it gives us exactly the same frequency of energy we emit. It works like an echo.

You have certainly heard about the law of return, right? This is precisely what the author explains. Everything we emit returns to us.

How does this vibration affect your life?

Knowing that you and everyone has an electromagnetic field makes it easy to see that we are energy and that we are immersed in an ocean of energy. When we generate positive energy through high feelings, thoughts and actions, our vibration becomes positive.

In return, we get this positivity back in the form of well-being and countless favorable situations in life. However, when we generate a negative vibration, our lives can become chaos in many areas.

Overview: Universal wealth

The universe vibrates at a high frequency. We need to keep in mind that universal energy is synonymous with movement, dynamism and fluidity. That is, the higher (positive) energy is, the lighter, faster and more dynamic it will be.

The lower (negative) energies are dense and slow. This means that when we vibrate negatively, we cannot connect with the universal energy, which is pure dynamism.

What are the negative energies?

As we mentioned, the energy generated in our vibratory field comes from our thoughts, feelings and actions. When negative events are present in our lives, such as lack of money and conflicting relationships, it is a sign that we need to pay attention to what is going on inside us.

Negative energies come from thoughts and feelings linked to guilt, resentment, fear, sadness, shame, insecurity, hatred, procrastination, envy, self-sabotage, etc. All of them work against you, against your dreams.

And the high energies?

High energies, as we have seen, put us in connection with the universe. They manifest the very divine essence within us. These highly positive energies are generated from thoughts and feelings of love, gratitude, joy and harmony, for example.

Overview: How to attract what you want?

Now that you know that our inner attitude defines the scope of our purposes, to avoid the interference of negative thoughts and emotions, we must identify and eliminate them. Only then will you have a prosperous life. And how to do it?

The author Elainne Ourives teaches that we need to overcome these saboteur feelings. The first step is to align thought with desire and action. If you want to be rich, your thoughts and actions must be consistent with that purpose.

For example, there is no point in wanting to be rich if your constant thinking is something like: "making money is hard" or "money is sinful".

If you want to be prosperous and abundant, you need to feel, believe and act in that direction.

Identifying Patterns

Identifying negative patterns requires learning to observe your beliefs and behaviors. For example, fear or victimization behavior may cause us to stay in our comfort zone for a long time. If you want to develop your career or start a business, you have to abandon victimization beliefs.

The power of the word

In addition to cultivating high feelings, we must use the power that emanates from positive words. In the book "Millionaire DNA" it is taught that, daily, preferably several times a day, we say positive words such as: "I am the Creator's son", "I deserve only good and magnificent things in my life" and "I am loved".

Positive words, constantly spoken, break the negative and limiting beliefs that hinder our progress, our prosperity.

Overview: Live as if your dream were already a reality

According to the author, by thinking, feeling and acting as if your dream were already real, you attract and manifest this reality in your life. If your dream is to grow, you now need to think, feel and act like a prosperous person.

By sending this vibration into the universe, it will return multiplied prosperity to your life.

Prosperous feelings

To bring prosperity into your life your thoughts and feelings need to be in the frequency energy of abundance and prosperity. Elainne Ourives reveals that to reach this frequency we need to cultivate gratitude, appreciation, love, recognition and detachment.

When we thank, appreciate and acknowledge everything we already have, we are sending the message that we are already prosperous. In response to this vibration, the universe returns us abundance and wealth.

When we cultivate and vibrate love (for ourselves and others), we will attract that energy. When we let go (emotionally or materially), we open ourselves to the flow of prosperity.

Overview: What can you do on a daily basis?

Take care of your mind

Like the body, our mind requires daily care. To begin with, one must learn to silence the mind, even if that silence is a few minutes during the day. One of the most effective ways to generate this mental rest is to use meditation techniques.

Learning to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts is another way to take care of the mind in everyday life. One way to do this is simply to "let go" of these negative lines of mind and detach from them. Soon after, just start repeating positive phrases.

The power of visualization

In the book is stated that you need to live as if your dream was already fulfilled. To achieve this, the author teaches a simple technique: visualization.

As you visualize what you want with conviction, in the smallest detail, as if it were real, it's as if you recorded an image in the Universe.

In addition to this recorded image manifesting in your life, visualization also makes you already feel prosperous and abundant. By visualizing, you come to feel and act upon this frame of mind.

For example, before building a house, the architect has a project in mind. He constantly visualizes the finished house in its smallest detail. With our life is the same. Before our desires materialize, we must constantly visualize them and in every detail.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Value Generation", Flávio Augusto says that victorious thoughts are more likely to generate positive results. Whereas trivial thoughts yield only trivial results. For example, instead of asking, "Where can I learn to think victoriously?" Ask yourself, "With whom can I learn?" Flavio says, "You can only learn to have a winning mindset with the winners."

Paulo Vieira, author of the book "Enrichment Factor", says that the journey of enrichment is made of peaks and valleys. So be prepared and willing not to stop midway. Remember that a commitment not to give up is what will make you a millionaire.

Finally, for "Think and Grow Rich" author Napoleon Hill, the first step to becoming rich is to have a strong desire to be rich. It may sound simple, isn't it? But this desire has to be a real "blood in the eye" and have a good deal of persistence.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Observe your thoughts, feelings and actions. Measure if they favor or prevent your prosperity;
  • Get into the habit of meditating daily. This favors the elimination of limiting beliefs and stimulates the generation of new ideas;
  • In daily life, seek to cultivate positive feelings, especially gratitude, love and joy;
  • Every day, whether mentally or verbally, pronounces positive, optimistic and encouraging words;
  • Live from now on as if your dreams were already a reality. If you want to be prosperous, think, feel and act like a prosperous person;
  • Apply the visualization technique and build in your mind, in full detail, what you want to accomplish.

Did you like this summary of the book "Millionaire DNA"?

Which of those lessons will you apply in your daily life? Remember that for even better results, you need to have this book as a practical guide that should be consulted constantly.

Leave your feedback in the comments, so we can always offer the best content! In addition, the full edition is available for purchase by clicking in the image below:

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