Dogfight - Fred Vogelstein

Dogfight - Fred Vogelstein

Are your employees not delivering the expected result? Isn't it your problem? In this summary, you will learn how to motivate them in the right way, increasing your profits!

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How far would you go for a project? Do you know the meaning of commitment, organization and teamwork? Learn this concepts and how apply them in your company here, in this summary of "Dogfight", by Fred Vogelstein.

Do you consider and value the opinions of your employees? Are you an employee aware of what is happening in the company where you work?

A healthy relationship between employer and employee is critical to the company's good performance. And that's what we'll talk about in this summary. Addressing all the important topics to achieve this good relationship.

Got interested to know more about? Stay with us in this summary!

About the book "Dogfight"

"Dogfight" was released in 2014 by Fred Vogelstein. The book is made up of 240 pages and 10 engaging chapters that will get you into the world of entrepreneurship.

In addition, the work also invites you to explore the scope of innovation and cultivate a good relationship with your employees.

About the author Fred Vogelstein

Fred Vogelstein holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Pomona College. He had his works featured in well-known newspapers and magazines as The Wall Street, Newsday, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Fortune, and U. S News.

He was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award, which is responsible for recognizing the best in Business and Finance Journalism.

He also wrote about epilepsy, a family drama in which he influenced the development of a drug called Epidiolex.

He is currently a contributing editor for Wired magazine in San Francisco, United States.

To whom is this book indicated?

Reading is recommended for all business owners who wish to reflect on their attitudes towards their employees. In addition, it will be of great help to those seeking to innovate and expand their business, learning from the mistakes and successes of the owners of the largest multinationals ever known.

The book is also suitable for Business and Marketing students, individual micro entrepreneurs, and those who crave knowledge and "higher flights".

Main ideas of the book "Dogfight"

Throughout the book, the author draws attention to some extremely important topics for the smooth running of a business. Among them, we can mention:

  • Motivation in a work environment;
  • The importance of teamwork;
  • The need to be ahead of the market;
  • How disciplined thinking is critical to growing a business;
  • Mismanagement of our emotions can affect our work performance;
  • The secret of a winning business;
  • Optimism and creativity as an outlet for a crisis.

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[Book Summary] Dogfight - Fred Vogelstein

Overview: Motivation

Motivation can be explained as an expectation we have about something or someone. The motivated person feels excited and able to go further.

Do you know why? Motivation generates interest and, consequently, a willingness to move on with a project, for example.

Motivation and a friendly work environment go hand in hand. According to the examples cited by the author Fred Vogelstein, the discouragement caused by an excessive workload hinders the good running of the company.

Want to know more about what demotivates your employees?

  • Unhealthy environments;
  • Stressful routines;
  • Improper charges;
  • Hard tone and dictator.

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation like this? By the way, if this question is part of your reality, you understand perfectly what we are talking about.

The lack of encouragement from the employer is also extremely problematic when it comes to good corporate governance.

Because, when we are recognized through our work, we are even more motivated to overcome boundaries or any professional obstacles!

Overview: The importance of teamwork

The book "Dogfight" states that working collectively for a purpose yields much faster and more satisfying results. According to the author, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a visionary and a born leader.

But his temperamental behavior often prevented the company from taking rapid steps toward success. Do you know why?

  • Steve Jobs didn't take responsibility for his own mistakes and always blamed someone else when things didn't go well with the company;
  • High competitiveness with Google and the Android operating system made him create a highly destructive environment for himself and his employees;
  • He wasn't the best person to accept opinions contrary to his;
  • Feeling of subordination in the workplace.

Fred Vogelstein explains all the above topics and completes that Jobs's obsession with secrecy was exaggerated. Often, this extreme attachment to discretion prevented the flow of important information even among project owners. Something quite harmful!

Overview: The need to be ahead of the market

So being ahead of the market doesn't just mean a commitment to services, set delivery times and goals achieved.

Thus, the author explains, through several examples throughout the book, that being ahead requires you to be better than the competition. It's not enough to be equivalent to it, you must go further.

To be in advantage, you need to create things that others don't have, right? And that brings us to one word: innovation!

But beware: you need to innovate responsibly for your customers and employees. You need to understand that consumers are the key to your growth. That is, assessing the market is critical!

The versatility of your products and their functionality will also make all the difference. Satisfy your customers, make them happy. Beyond that: leave them in need of your products.

Overview: How disciplined thinking is critical to growing a business

Discipline is essential for all areas of our life. Discipline has to do with focus, determination, but above all, the organization of ideas.

It's no use being motivated, committed, versatile and innovative if you don't have organized thinking.

Establishing directions is critical. Bringing the team together is essential. Listening to your employees is excellent! And planning brings all these aspects together concisely.

The organization is not only important for future plans, successes, and benefits but also essential for thinking about mistakes made. Thinking about the past?

Only museums live from the past. The idea here is to reflect on your past actions to avoid the same mistakes made and improve your future results.

Having disciplined thinking also makes you chart potential obstacles for future projects.

And one thing is certain: preventive measures are less costly and faster than corrective measures.

Don't think this is pessimism. This is a smart administration!

Overview: Emotional management is important

Controlling emotions can be tricky, right? But believe me, this is one of the cards up your sleeve for a successful career.

Most of the time, we are constantly concerned about things beyond our work environment, such as our health, family and friends, that is because, obviously, we live in society.

However, we must govern our emotions and not be governed by them. To this end, the author Fred Vogelstein addresses several situations in which emotional mismanagement almost led companies to bankruptcy.

Being on the edge all the time prevents us from being rational in the workplace. And yes, emotional mismanagement directly affects our ability to be consistent in decision making.

Overview: The secret of a winning business

For you to achieve the formula of success, you need some prior knowledge. The author reveals in the book "Battle of the Titans" some mistakes made in business life. Among them, we can mention:

  • Lack of focus;
  • Lack of consensus among those in charge of the service;
  • Underestimation of the power of marketing;
  • The constant divergence between company employees.

It's essential that engagement is constantly present within the company as it even influences the quality of the end product.

Another tip: invest in those who work with you! Investing time, money and attention are crucial actions to be successful in business.

Overview: Optimism and creativity as an outlet for a crisis

Optimism linked to creativity are the gears of success. Think about it: What is the function of the gear for you?

Gear is an important figure in mechanical transmission. It's what generates motion and determines the speed of the process.

So, similarly, creativity is what drives the gear to create new designs. Conscious optimism and constant encouragement give gas to the design to make the gear spin faster.

Positivity is also a surefire tool for success. An innovative, irreverent, shrewd, visionary, and savvy mind will move you further and reach the level of success you long desire.

What do other authors say about it?

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia explore how true leaders must continually study to develop those around them, by this way they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

Talking about emotions, Daniel Goleman in "Emotional Intelligence" makes it clear that IQ contributes only 20% to your success in life. The rest is the result of emotional intelligence, which includes factors such as the ability to motivate oneself, persistence, impulse control, mood regulation, empathy and hope.

Heidi K. Gardner's "Smart Collaboration" book underscores the importance of cultivating smart collaboration with your employees. Thus, there is a team of great professionals aligned to expand their horizons, innovate, work as a team and win customer loyalty.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

After all these issues are covered, we can think about how to practice this in our lives. To make it even clearer, here are some ways you can do this:

  • Plan and manage: these are necessary steps for a company's success;
  • Manage your emotions so you can see where your mistakes are;
  • Take care of your health: exhaustive routines only wear out and don't add to the performance of the results;
  • Value your employees;
  • Think about where you want and can go with a project and know when to give up a bad idea;
  • Attention to consumers of your product, they will surely give you important clues to its success;
  • Be creative: originality is the soul of a business;
  • Be a visionary;
  • Perform a Quality Test on products to save correction costs.

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