Book Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson

Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson

Who has never heard of online marketing? But knowing the tools that make a company grow in the virtual world goes far beyond that. Come with us to learn more!

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The internet is full of incredible tools to contribute to the expansion and growth of various types of businesses. But to succeed, you need to know what these tools are, and reading the summary of the book “Dotcom Secrets” will show you all!

The author Russell Brunson will teach you a secret formula to attract clients and make your company presence online shine!

Embark on this journey and see important concepts to draw your strategy, after all, in an ever-changing world, you can’t waste time and need to keep updated.

So, let’s go?

The book “Dotcom Secrets”

With a preface by strategic consultant Dan Kennedy and endorsed by the famous writer and speaker Tony Robbins, the book “Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online” promises to teach secrets about the world of digital marketing in just under 200 pages.

It was written by Russell Brunson and published in 2015, by Morgan James Publishing, becoming a USA Today bestseller.

Who is Russell Brunson?

While in college, Russell Brunson achieved his first success in the field of online marketing. From then on, he became one of the big names in marketing. A year after graduating from college, he had made his first million dollars.

Currently, he is what is called a “serial entrepreneur”, in addition to co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels, aimed at helping other entrepreneurs to advertise their business in the market.

Why should I read “Dotcom Secrets”?

The book “Dotcom Secrets” is recommended for business owners who want and need to learn how to use the virtual environment for the growth of their company, based on the right strategies, and for professionals who work or want to enter the digital marketing area.

What can I learn from “Dotcom Secrets”?

Here are the best strategies presented by the author Russell Brunson for you to develop digital marketing skills and knowledge to lead an organization today:

  • The importance of having a target audience: trying to sell to everyone can become a tiring and frustrating task;
  • Know and define your dream client to know how to attract them, where to find them and how to serve them;
  • There is a whole journey of strategies and tools to follow to reach the dream customer, who has a good chance of buying your cutting-edge products or services;
  • A business cannot offer just a single cutting-edge service or product, it needs a wider range of offerings to survive;
  • You need to turn all types of traffic, that is, potential customers, into traffic you control;
  • The bait that attracts potential customers is a key part of digital marketing strategies;
  • The attractive character created as a tool for promoting your business should virtually be someone whom people can relate to: who has a story, has flaws, and has no neutral opinions on difficult topics;
  • Understand how the five elements that are part of any successful online campaign work: demographics, offer, landing page (the page people enter after clicking on the ad), source of traffic, and ad copy.

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[Book Summary] Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson

What is the secret formula?

The author Russell Brunson starts the book “Dotcom Secrets” describing a secret formula to help your business succeed. It consists of four questions:

1. Who is the customer of your dreams?

  • Spend time reflecting on who you really want as your customer;
  • Define what your dream client’s passions, goals, dreams, and desires are;
  • Create a kind of avatar: a male and a female profile with the characteristics of the client of your dreams.

2. Where can they be found?

  • Where does your customer spend their time on the internet?
  • Which groups are they part of? Which newsletters do they subscribe to? What blogs do they read?
  • What are their interests?

3. What bait will be used to attract them?

  • It is the definition of the ideal tool to attract the dream client;
  • It could be a physical book, a video or audio product, for example;
  • The goal is for this tool to be something the ideal customer would pay attention to and desire.

4. What results will you give them?

  • It is not the products or services you want to sell to the customer;
  • These are literally the results you can achieve for your client;
  • It is the best way you can serve them;
  • Imagine that the client can pay any amount to receive the desired result;
  • So, ponder: What could you do to help ensure your customer success? Where would you take them? What does this place look like?

Value ladder

As explained in the book “Dotcom Secrets”, the value ladder is a step-by-step process, where the person who wants to sell something guides the customer during the sales process.

Therefore, it helps you decide which products and services you need to add so that your dream customers move from the bait to the services.

The process involves steps such as:

  • Creating a bait as a free product or service to attract your dream customer;
  • Provide value to the customer through the delivery of that product or service free of charge;
  • Identify another customer’s need and offer a product or service, this time at a cost, to address this issue.

What does a value ladder look like?

To better understand the value ladder concept, we need to visualize a ladder.

The first step is the free product or service that is offered as bait and on the last step is the cutting-edge product or service, the most valuable item/service for sale.

Once the customer is conquered by the bait, they are offered paid products/services that will provide more value as they progress to the top.

One example of value ladder mentioned by the author Russell Brunson is his chiropractor friend, that works as follows:

  • On the first step, the client is attracted by the massage bait;
  • From then on, the client starts to make more consultations, paying for them;
  • At the top of the ladder are welfare services, which is considered the most valuable business service to be sold to the customer.

The sales funnel

Introducing the sales funnel, the author emphasizes the difference between trying to convince someone to buy the most expensive offer right away and following a sales process that provides value to customers as they require, making money and being profitable while identifying dream clients who can afford your highest offer.

Frontend, middle, and backend

People enter the funnel as potential customers and they need to be converted into repeat customers by selling them the frontend, middle, and backend of the funnel.

According to the book “Dotcom Secrets”, the structures that must be present in a sales funnel are:

  • Cloud: it is located above the funnel and represents all potential customers;
  • Bait: the tool to draw the attention of potential customers towards the top or frontend offer;
  • Frontend: this is the first product or service offered on the value ladder;
  • Middle: it is the next product or service offered on the value ladder, which needs to provide more value to the customer and, consequently, will have a higher cost than the previous one;
  • Backend: the cutting-edge services or products offered by the company, which will lead to the company’s dream clients.

Phases of building a sales funnel

  • Phase 1: analyze the mentality of the traffic that arrives at your site and make an individualized approach;
  • Phase 2: build a bridge to prepare the audience before they reach your landing page, like videos, articles, ads, among others;
  • Phase 3: gather all traffic to separate stakeholders. This is done by offering something valuable in exchange for contact details;
  • Phase 4: this phase should occur immediately after phase 3. As soon as someone fills in their name and email and clicks submit, it should fall on a page that offers something to buy. Something of value that will hook buyers;
  • Phase 5: identify hyperactive buyers, those who have some kind of latent desire or need and are going to buy more than one item at a time, advises the author Russell Brunson;
  • Phase 6: give the customer some time to evaluate what they have already purchased and realize the value of what you have given them;
  • Phase 7: change the sales environment to encourage the purchase of cutting-edge services or products.

What are the types of Traffic Marketing?

Potential customers in the sales funnel are also referred to as traffic. There are different categories of traffic and knowing them is important to drive each type to the right offer.

So, check out this summary of the traffic secrets shared by the author Russell Brunson:

The traffic you have

  • Composed of your email list, your followers, readers, customers, among others;
  • It is your own distribution channel, where you can sell things to people repeatedly without spending with new marketing campaigns, generating more profit.

The traffic you control

  • Traffic that, although you don’t have it, you can tell where it should go;
  • This includes paid traffic such as ads in emails, pay-per-click ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and more, banner ads, native advertisements, affiliates, and joint ventures.

The traffic you don’t control

  • It is traffic that simply appears, one that you cannot control as it comes or where it goes;
  • Someone can make a mention of your product or service on Facebook, people can search for it on Google and end up on your website or blog, for example;
  • In summary, it can come from social networks, SEO, blogs, interviews, and others.

Golden Traffic Marketing Tip

In the book “Dotcom Secrets”, the author Russell Brunson highlights the importance of converting both the traffic you control and do not into subscribers and buyers (traffic you own) as quickly as possible. After all, the bigger your list of contacts, the more money you make.

What is an attractive character?

This part of the book “Dotcom Secrets” is about the creation of a character, composed of elements, identity, and narratives, that will communicate in the virtual world with potential customers, attracting them to you, which can translate into sales.

Russell Brunson explains that this concept involves finding ways to share your story, making it engaging, and getting people to follow you and find a personal connection.

The elements of the attractive character are detailed below:


  • You share your story because you want people to see where you came from, with the objective that they create a connection and start to follow you;
  • Your story can act as a hook to “capture” them;
  • A story must be associated with the product or service sold.

Speak through parables

  • That is, short and easy-to-remember stories that illustrate a relevant issue;
  • It must be something that happened in the life of your attractive character;
  • It is important to have the ability to use routine events to inspire others.

Share your flaws

  • While it is difficult to share our flaws, it is very important because this is where people will see you as real and identify with you, as it is said in the book “Dotcom Secrets”;
  • Isn’t it too boring to hear about a perfect person? This is precisely because you cannot identify with it – no one is perfect after all!

Explore the power of popularity

  • This involves evading the temptation to be neutral to avoid offending someone and to try to please everyone, which becomes boring;
  • Attractive characters polarize: they share opinions on difficult subjects and stands firm on them, positioning themselves in favor of what they believe;
  • This divides the audience into three categories: those who agree, those who disagree, and those who remain neutral;
  • The author Russell Brunson argues that this polarization will generate die-hard fans who will follow what you say, share your message and buy your products or services.

The identity of the attractive character

  • Leader: someone who has a history similar to that of the people in your audience and has reached where they want to go, acting as a guide;
  • Adventurer: curious, they don’t have all the answers yet, but follow a journey of discovery, collecting treasures that they share with the public; 
  • Reporter: they don’t have yet a way to share with the public, but armed with this desire, go in search of answers;
  • Reluctant Hero: humble, they don’t want to show off, but know relevant information to the point of circumventing their own shyness to share it with others.

Books about selling and online marketing

In Selling to Big Companies, the author Jill Konrath clarifies that being focused is crucial. Don’t try to sell to everyone. Since you must become an expert in your customers’ business, define your market carefully. Eliminate some opportunities so that you can do a better job with those that remain.

Jeff Walker, in the book Launch, presents a guide on how to sell products on the internet, considering all the challenges and difficulties of doing effective digital marketing.

Finally, in the book The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer advises: listen well to your customers. Therefore, the author gives a great tip: “Shut up!”. Let the clients decide, don’t force their response, as that will make them uncomfortable.

How can I apply the ideas from “Dotcom Secrets”?

Are you ready to grow in the digital world? Here are some tips for putting the teachings of Russell Brunson into practice:

  • Take time to answer the secret formula questions;
  • Build your value ladder;
  • Build your sales funnel;
  • Transform the traffic you control and the traffic you don’t control into traffic you own;
  • Create and work on your attractive character.

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We hope that you will be able to apply the concepts seen here in your business and that you will be successful!

If you want to know more about the concepts and tips shared by the author Russell Brunson, get the full book by clicking on the image below:

Book Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson