E-Squared - Pam Grout

E-Squared - Pam Grout

Have you ever considered using your thinking, intentions, and emotions to change reality? Learn how to use your body and mind to get everything you want.

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Forget all preconceived notions you have about the universe and yourself as you open the book "E-Squared". Whether you are the most religious in the family or the most skeptical and incredulous, you are sure to be challenged to open your mind and experience a hidden power that is accessible to anyone.

Best of all: all validated by science.

Have you ever wondered why everything goes wrong exactly when you expect everything to go wrong? And are there always welcome coincidences when your mood is cheerful and satisfied? None of this is the result of chance.

Your thoughts have a strong influence on reality, people, and objects that surround you.

Although it may seem cheap self-help, the arguments are quite convincing. Experienced reporter and writer Pam Grout dig through the latest in quantum physics research to support her theory:

"We are made of pure energy and our intentions, attitudes, and thoughts have powers we never even imagined."

To learn more, follow the summary reading and stay tuned for suggested practices.

About the book "E-Squared"

"E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality" dialogues with the bestseller "The Secret Concerning the Power of Thoughts to Materialize Desires and Intentions".

The difference is that Pam Grout's work proposes a practical way for the reader to finally realize the influence of the mind on his life.

"E-Squared" lists nine exercises - one per chapter - so that the reader learns to dialogue with what she calls the Field of Potentials, an invisible force whose presence extends throughout the universe. Thus, it's possible to have a life of happiness, satisfaction, and abundance.

About the author Pam Grout

Pam Grout is a journalist and writer. She has written 19 books on various topics, such as creativity, wealth, the arts, and willpower. She is also the author of plays and a television series.

Throughout her career, she has written for several publications, including People Magazine, The Huffington Post and CNN, as well as running a travel blog of her own. She has already given a talk at an independent TED event about the value of creativity to ordinary people.

To whom is this book indicated?

Professionals in any field can benefit from reading the book as it dialogues with common difficulties and problems in all cultures. Knowing how to use forces beyond the reach of comprehension can be crucial for more harmonious coexistence in society and for the achievement of individual goals.

Main ideas of the book "E-Squared"

The highlights of the book are:

  • Our reality is shaped by our own thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, but we don't understand these forces because they're not visible;
  • Much of our thinking, acting, and reacting to the world is formed before our own consciousness;
  • There is a force that exceeds the laws of physics which the author calls the Field of Potentialities;
  • This Field reflects our intentions and thoughts so that we get back what our energy field reverberates;
  • All people, beings, and objects are connected to the Potentiality Field, but because we don't know how to use it, we cannot obtain everything it offers;
  • Mass is stationary energy; therefore, our body, like any object or substance, is made of energy;
  • Energies that vibrate at similar frequencies attract each other; the energies that a person emanates are reciprocated by the field of potentialities;
  • When you form an intention, it's automatically created, from an abstraction to a real thing;
  • Everyone can shape the context and reality in which they live if they can properly enjoy the Potentiality Field.

In the following summary, we will detail each of the nine experiences proposed by the author so that you can live a full life and take action on the power that your body and mind hold.

Download the "E-Squared" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] E-Squared - Pam Grout

Overview: First Experience - The "Everywhere Guy" Principle

According to the author, there is a force in the universe made of energy that is available to us called the Potentiality Field. It can be used the same way we use electricity in our appliances. And that just depends on our proactivity.

Throughout history, this force has been designated as God. However, the narrative around it would have been created, according to the author, by men of self-interest. The God most people believe in is a product of human creation.

Moreover, each culture or even each individual has a particular notion of this God, ascribing to it human characteristics that actually mirror our own ideas and concepts.

The Potentiality Field, represented by the idea of God, is available to anyone who knows how to use it. This field is also characterized by omnipresence, that is, it can be "accessed" from anywhere.

The first experience the author indicates is to make a request to the Field (or "God") - which doesn't have to be very specific but can be observed - and give a 48-hour deadline to receive this unexpected gift. During the period, it's necessary to completely abandon skepticism and allow oneself to believe.

It's important to note and record how you feel about ordering, the author suggests: if you feel nervous, impatient, think you are selfish or think the request is inappropriate. The way you feel is itself a signal whose vibration reaches the Field and interferes with the response.

Pam Grout recommends the following process for the experiment:

  1. Choose the time to start;
  2. Note the day and time it began;
  3. "Ask" the Field to allow you to sense its presence.

From there, just wait and observe. If nothing happens, you can discard the hypothesis and start the process again, as the author explains.

In the end, Pam Grout proposes a report model that includes: theory, question, hypothesis, deadline, date and time of the beginning of the experiment, approach and observations. The best way to get used to the experience, she says, is by using the scientific method.

Overview: Second Experience - The Dream Car Principle

For Pam, thoughts and emotions determine what happens in people's lives. What occupies your mind is drawn to your reality, being it a feeling or a material good. If we think hard about a car we want, we will suddenly begin to see it in traffic.

However, says the author, throughout our learning and growth process, we are conditioned to believe in scarcity, limits, what we should not do, and what we should fear. Without being aware, we transmit the same to the next generations.

In Grout's view, the consequence is that we tend to modify new information to fit our beliefs without even realizing that we do. With this, we become skeptical of the possibility of having a material good we desire.

For this experience, the author suggests that the reader begin actively searching for things with a certain intention in mind, such as finding green cars, for 24 hours. During the other 24 hours of the experiment, use the same method with a different intention - like blue butterflies.

At the end of the experiment, a report similar to the previous chapter is proposed by the author, with one difference: she asks the reader to record the number of objects of the two intentions observed during the experiment.

Overview: Third Experiment - The Albert Einstein Principle

According to Pam Grout, quantum physics says that our own body is a huge source of energy. Any matter in the world is actually energy waiting to be released. And energy is nothing more than particles vibrating at a rate a little slower than the speed of light, says the author.

So we all have an energy field that varies according to our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. That is, we have more or less consciously altered this field. We draw from the Possibility Field all energy that vibrates at the same frequency and wavelength.

Therefore, the author states, it's no exaggeration to say that a person draws to himself exactly what is the object of his focus. Anyone who thinks that something bad is always lurking to happen will, in fact, attract an unwanted event.

Those who feel satisfaction and optimism tend to attract energies that vibrate at the same frequency.

In the experiment report, she proposes the use of two straight wire rods positioned parallel to the body. Depending on the emotions and their intensity, the wands will point to different positions. It's a way of proving that each person has their own energy field.

Overview: Fourth Experience - The Abracadabra Principle

If a person is able to formulate a clear idea about something, he can achieve it, Pam Grout believes. It's only necessary to maintain focus and movement without giving up or returning to the previous state.

According to the author, everything we think we want most, in fact, is just a step in reaching who we really are. There are always higher steps. Even though our initial goals may seem unattainable, they are small.

Praying for the best and hoping for the worst is one of our mistakes, Grout explains. There is a disparity between our expressed thoughts and our intentions that confuses focus and interferes with our results when we ask the Potential Field for something.

Every intention launched is sent back to the issuer to the same extent, as predicted by Isaac Newton's third law of motion.

For the author, opposing intentions thrown at the same time cause confusion and doubt. An internal conflict sets in that causes turbulence in the Potentiality Field, which response not only to our conscious calls but also to our unconscious intentions and thoughts.

Some of the most common enemies of our petitions include:

  • The habit;
  • Advertising;
  • What other people think;
  • What you think.

There is a paradox, says the author: when we look for answers, we tend to believe that it isn't within reach. The desperate search for a miracle or something we don't have puts in doubt what we want. This duality gives off mixed energies and compromises responses.

According to the author, our intentions should be like a laser beam, have the same wavelength to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Distractions and questions about purpose create duality when we need unity.

This experience doesn't require physical work, only brain training to focus attention on a particular goal.

The purpose of the current experiment is, unlike the first, to be as accurate as possible about what you want. When you focus your attention on something, that something expands. In the report, write down your intention, as well as the theory, the question, the hypothesis, the time required, and the approach.

Overview: Fifth Experience - The Counseling Column Principle

According to "E-Squared", when we are connected with the Potentiality Field, we have precise and unlimited guidance. But we often choose, deliberately or not, to ignore it.

Orientation is not a supernatural phenomenon, although it resembles an inner voice. It's a tool for everyone, Grout says.

In the experiment, the author proposes that the reader ask a specific and concrete question and expect a similar answer within 48 hours. Just launch the intention and set the time, the Field will take care of the rest.

As in the other chapters, all experiences should be reported, including the question asked and the approach.

Overview: Sixth Experience - The Superhero Principle

According to Grout, our focus, when well targeted, is capable of changing the arrangement of atoms and modifying their behavioral patterns so that matter is altered. But how is it possible to do this?

"E-Squared" reports an experiment conducted with one of the most common forms of matter, water. During the experiment, liquid water samples were subjected to songs, words and even prayers from monks. Then the samples were frozen and observed.

It was observed that the samples that received kinder words presented a more harmonic arrangement of atoms with clear crystals. But the atoms of samples subjected to negative terms clustered and formed faulty crystals that left dark holes.

But how can this possibly be used in everyday life? Can only superhumans be able to alter matter only with the power of focus and thought?

The author makes it clear that no. To do this, she proposes an exercise: by focusing your attention on bean seeds, they will germinate faster. That's because your focus, by itself, influences the matter.

In the same way, we can use attention to improve our self-image, focusing on aspects that please us in our body, and also for good health, according to the author. Be sure to report all this to track the results.

Overview: Seventh Experience - The Weight Management Principle

Your thoughts also affect the food that provides energy for your body. Losing weight or getting fat, therefore, are linked to what you say and think.

Experiments show, according to the author, that a simple yogurt reacts to a person's emotions and intentions. The thoughts you have can not only change your health and metabolism, but also what you eat and everything around you, such as plants and animals.

This is why many diets don't have the desired effect on some people, while they work well on others. The author cites reports of people who lost 50 pounds in a month with breathing exercises alone.

Eating should always be positive and full of good meanings. For many people, food is just a need for survival, sometimes guilty.

The experience proposed by the author suggests three steps:

  1. Stop having bad thoughts about your body. For 72 hours, the reader must suspend all negative thought and intention regarding food and his body;
  2. Send positive feelings to the food before eating it; if it's your belief, pray before you eat;
  3. During the meal, focus on feelings such as joy, love, and peace. In 72 hours, check your weight again.

Overview: Eighth Experience - The 101 Dalmatian Principle

All the people in the world are connected in a single network of intelligence and energy. Distant objects can influence each other's behaviors directly, regardless of a chain of events.

Every particle in the universe is in instant communication with every other particle, even if this distance is several light-years away.

In everyday life, this means that the way we think about other people influences their energy. It's possible to improve the lives of others just by wishing for happiness and love.

Similarly, our thoughts about other people are capable of changing ourselves. When we criticize, judge or think badly about someone, we are hit.

The experiment in this chapter is to send someone a message using the idea of nonlocality. This can be done wherever the reader is since what connects us is ubiquitous.

Pam Grout proposes four steps to be taken over 48 hours:

  1. Choose a person, preferably someone you know;
  2. Choose the type of action or response you expect from your message;
  3. Focus your attention on the person in question;
  4. Live the experience and believe the message you are sending.

Overview: Ninth Experiment - The Principle of Bread and Fish Multiplication

We focus on the accumulation of goods and wealth because we strongly believe in scarcity. We always think that there is not enough for everyone, and it's necessary to fight to conquer. Following this view, all the wealth we obtain will not be enough.

The author states that the universe is rich, abundant and generous. Using the right focus, nothing will be lacking in our lives, even if we have few possessions.

Grout suggests, as an experience, that the reader seeks to see kindness and beauty in everything. Although we live with wars and inequality, the human being has kindness and courtesy as a rule. The exercise is to list all the little kindnesses of other people over 48 hours.

What other authors say about it?

In the book "The Little Book of Ikigai", author Ken Mogi tells that the word ikigai is of Japanese origin and means, in free translation, "reason for living". He says everyone has an Ikigai, you just need to find it, and defines the 5 pillars for it.

Speaking professionally, in the book "Winning", Jack Welch discusses that we should always strive for quality in our working lives. If you're not satisfied with your job, find a job that provides enthusiasm for your career, it's very important that you don't settle and leave the comfort zone.

Finally, Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" teaches us that thought is a magnet: it attracts what it emits. You can attract the best in the world to your life. To do so, your feelings should serve as a boost for your well-being. Love, the author says, is the greatest of these feelings.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Practice each experiment in 48-hour cycles or as directed in each chapter;
  • When practicing the experiments, observe the results carefully. Then make a brief report. Thus your brain will become conditioned to function in a more focused and rational manner;
  • Place a request to the Potential Field. It doesn't have to be very specific, but it must be observable. Wait for the result within 48 hours;
  • Search for objects with a certain intention in mind for 24 hours. For the next 24 hours, form another intention about a different item and record how many times you saw each one;
  • Position two wire rods parallel to your body, focus and revisit emotions that have marked your life. Painful emotions will make the wands converge; Pleasant emotions will cause them to point in opposite directions. It is a way of proving the materiality of the energy field that each person has;
  • Make a new request to the Field, this time as accurately as possible, and wait for the result within 48 hours. Don't forget to register;
  • Ask for guidance through a specific question to the Potential Field and wait for a response within 48 hours;
  • Focus your attention on bean seeds and notice that your thinking influences the matter. The same focus can be used on one's body, for example, for the desired change, whether weight loss or strengthening;
  • Over 72 hours, stop any bad thoughts about your body, bless your food before eating, and make every meal a joyful, loving experience. In the end, re-check your weight;
  • For 48 hours, think of a person you know, focus your attention on them, and send a "message" from which you can get some kind of action or word in response without them knowing it;
  • Begin to see goodness and beauty in everything and record every kind gesture someone has made to you.

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