Eu Vou Te Ensinar a Ser Rico - Ben Zruel

Eu Vou Te Ensinar a Ser Rico - Ben Zruel

Are you after the long-awaited financial freedom? So, stop working for the money and learn, with this summary, to let go of your limiting beliefs!

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Do you like where you are? Do you really like what you do, what you have? If not, why are you still in it? Why do you need it? Ben Zruel will open your mind to get answers in his book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich".

Your life does not have to be a perpetual service for money, quite the contrary, whoever said that money is the evil of society is wrong, it can help us get what we want.

But he does not do this job alone, you need to be prepared to change your life, change your mindset, and walk a path that may seem difficult, but it will certainly be rewarding.

Follow us in this PocketBook and learn how to achieve the long-awaited financial freedom!

About the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich"

The book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" was released in 2016 by Publisher "Gente". Author Ben Zruel talks about how you can achieve your financial freedom by changing your mindset.

With interesting insights and practical tips, the book talks about finance, debt, motivation and inspiration.

About the author Ben Zruel

Ben Zruel is an Israeli and, in 1999, moved to Brazil without knowing a word in Portuguese. Today, he is one of the greatest speakers on administration and financial freedom.

He is a successful businessman in the country and provides specialized consulting services.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" is suitable for all those who wish to achieve the long-awaited financial freedom and learn what conventional finance books do not teach.

Main ideas of the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich"

  • We have two forces that move our lives: inspiration and despair;
  • "Who wants, find solutions; who does not want, make excuses";
  • "Money will always follow the size of your mind";
  • "Financial freedom occurs when the gains on your assets are greater than the expenses on your standard of living";
  • "Either you take action and change, or life will change for you. Nothing is in vain";
  • "To get out of the hole, first you have to stop digging";
  • "Between money and knowledge, always choose knowledge";
  • "The feeling of pity lasts for a few minutes. The pride of yourself lasts forever!"

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[Book Summary] I'll Teach You How to Become Rich - Ben Zruel

Overview: Have you ever lost sleep thinking about money?

Ben Zruel begins the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" by addressing the situation of millions of Brazilians who are in debt. Whether by borrowing, or by illusions with the "consumerism typical of capitalist societies", which makes them spend more than they need (and more than they have).

This chapter goes through several motivational messages, where Ben motivates the reader to encourage himself to get out of debt. He says that most people act more with desperation rather than inspiration. And this is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing.

To become rich, you must not give up. Never! Ben tells when he came to Brazil, and reached a very low financial condition, even eating "shakes and bread with butter" for several days, because it was the cheapest food to fill his belly.

After so many experiences and persistence, he ends this chapter by stating that the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" has the purpose of changing your life. So, grab your dreams and follow the next overviews.

Overview: The first thing you need to know about Money

For you to handle money well, you must first deal with your mind well.

Ben Zruel says in the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" that "money will always go with the size of your mind". If you grew up in an environment where money was a source of debate or if you believe that mental stability comes with financial stability, you probably see money as an enemy.

It is necessary to correct your mental programming.

How to do this? The author recommends that you leave your limiting beliefs and open yourself to the new philosophy of life through reading, audios and seminars, and successful people around you.

"Money doesn't change anyone. It just amplifies what we already are."

Overview: Or you take action or life takes for you

What is the difference between the three classes: low, medium and high? Money, right? Wrong; is the mindset! See this:

  • The lower class seeks survival. Its planning is daily;
  • The middle class, where most people are, seeks comfort and status. These people plan monthly;
  • The upper class, on the other hand, seeks freedom! Its planning is long term.

Ben Zruel says that the first rule of financial freedom "is to live with a lower way of living than is allowed for what you earn!" When you earn more than you spend, that's when that freedom you want to seek, occurs.

Overview: You need to know what's going on

If you are reading this summary of the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" it is because you probably want to change your standard of living. For know that no matter how much you earn, you will only have your freedom if you have the money in your hands; and not you in the hands of money!

Those who control finances well can build their own financial freedom. Meanwhile, people who spend without thinking, spend their entire lives being slaves of the money.

Stop to reflect, write down all your expenses on a paper. See what is necessary and what is not, understand why there is no money left at the end of the month. You need to have control of your money!

Overview: The rules that nobody told you about Money

  • Never ask bank employees for guidance: A very common mistake among people in debt, but it is a very wrong attitude;
  • For all or nothing: Ben says that "either you pay all your debt in full or you don't write off a single penny!" Paying partially opens the door to abusive interest;
  • "A single loan will always remain in a single loan": Do not try to write off an old loan by taking a new loan or renegotiating, this will only increase the value of the debt;
  • Have emotional control: Do not create new problems in your head due to your financial problems. Don't beat yourself up and don't get discouraged.

Overview: Achieve financial freedom

In this chapter of the book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich", it is time to put together everything you have learned so far and act to have the longed-for financial freedom!

Ben Zruel addresses several practical tips in this part of the book. The first is that you must invest in yourself. Search for knowledge and take care of your body.

"Why build our financial freedom if we are trapped in a sick body?"

Manage your time; time is not just money (that you can recover), time is life. Plan yourself.

It is recommended that you do not use a credit card if you are not yet in control of your finances. But if you still prefer to have one, have only ONE! And don't forget: it's all or nothing! Track your daily expenses and pay the full amount of the invoice.

Collect money. Your financial freedom starts when you can accumulate money. You can speed up the process by investing in real estate, as the author recommends.

You can change everything - no matter how big the debt

Now that you already know the "rules of the game", the necessary mindset and what you should avoid in order not to dig a hole deeper than where you are, it will not be difficult to win your financial freedom!

Be persistent. Starting over may cause some fear (and even a desire to give up), but it is necessary. You can do anything.

The author says: "persisting despite everything allows us to earn the right to triumph." Be proud of yourself, be a winner!

Overview: Freedom to live without having to work is not an impossible dream

The book "I'll Teach You How To Become Rich" ends with Ben proposing that you visualize your dream and make a choice between two options:

  1. The first is that you continue your life as you are. Same job, same house, same everything;
  2. The second is that you continue to work in the same place, but you may change. You will have to make some essential decisions, however painful. You may have to deprive yourself of a few moments now to have the dream home, the life you dreamed of afterwards.

So, what do you choose? Stay in the comfort zone, with great risks of living depressed, win the life you've always dreamed of? It's up to you!

What do other authors say about it?

For Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller "Rich dad, poor dad", a journey to enrichment must begin as soon as possible possible, and it is in the evaluation of your finances, creation of personal goals and search for the necessary knowledge to reach your goals.

Finally, the author Dr. Joseph Murphy, in the book "How to Attract Money", reports that motivation is the fuel for wealth.

It is through it that you will feel excited to continue, even if everything seems difficult. For that, you must always mentalize your project, be positive and believe that it has already worked.

Finally, for the author of "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill, the first step in becoming rich is to have a strong desire to be rich. It may seem simple, right? But that desire has to be a real "blood in the eyes" and have a good dose of persistence.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Do not work for the money, plan your expenses;
  • Change your mindset. It is not for the money; it's for freedom!;
  • Let go of all limiting beliefs that make you think that money is your enemy;
  • Do not partially pay your bills. Either pay everything, or pay nothing;
  • Work on your emotional control;
  • Get out of your comfort zone and pursue your financial freedom!

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