Fator de Enriquecimento - Paulo Vieira

Fator de Enriquecimento - Paulo Vieira

Learn here the secrets to achieve prosperity, not only financially, but in all scenarios. This summary is definitely a guidebook to success!

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Regardless if you have a lot of money or if you live with the minimum, one thing is certain: money is a crucial part of our lives, knowing how to deal with it is essential for happiness. Paulo Vieira gives in his book "Enrichment Factor" the guidelines to have a prosperous life.

Today, there are many executives with excellent results and failed personal lives. At the same time, there are other people with low wages and a much higher quality of life, especially alongside the family.

This book brings much more than a simple formula for monetary wealth, but wealth with true prosperity and abundance. Paulo also explains the importance of develop a solid mindset, taking care of your emotional intelligence at the same time you are willing wealthiness.

Got interest to know the teachings that has changed his life? Stay with us in this summary!

About the book "Fator de Enriquecimento"

Published in 2016 by Paulo Vieira, the book "Enrichment Factor", in a free English translation, tells what is real wealth, which combines the three human dimensions: the identity, capacity and merit.

Paulo changed his life drastically. He lived for 13 years in failure, even living in other people's houses as a favor. A year after all the internal changes and application of his methods, he came to conquer a very happy life, with an apartment, health, imported cars, and many other investments.

And now, the author aims to make you learn to carry out the process of possessing an awesome life, using money as a means and not an end.

For this, he brings a very practical content, with questionnaires, exercises and examples, all focused on reprogramming your beliefs and your mentality in order to enrich yourself. All of this content is spread over 10 chapters on its 256 pages.

About the author Paulo Vieira

Paulo Vieira is a writer, and he is considered one of the largest and most experienced coaches in Brazil, with more than 10 thousand hours in sessions. Besides, he is the creator of the Integral Systemic Coaching methodology and president of Febracis.

As an academic background, Paulo holds a Ph. D. in management and a master's degree in coaching, both from Florida Christian University (FCU), where he teaches.

He is also the best-selling author of many other books, such as:

To whom is this book indicated?

The book has great content for those who seeks the teachings of financial education, from basic principles to deeper subjects that ensure a complete overview.

It goes far beyond financial matters. If you want to look at life differently, making life abundant and happy, and money as a consequence, this is the ideal book for you.

Main ideas of the book "Fator de Enriquecimento"

The main lessons we can separate from the book are presented below in the following structure:

  • Enrichment factor;
  • 5 conduits of wealth;
  • Enrichment exercise;
  • Beliefs;
  • The 6 pitfalls of wealth.

Download the "Fator de Enriquecimento" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Enrichment Factor - Paulo Vieira

Overview: Enrichment Factor

What is it to be rich? Paulo Vieira defines as:

"Being rich is not a monetary condition, but a state of mind and lifestyle of abundance within our own terms and context."

In order to have true wealth it takes a combination of three human dimensions represented by a pyramid:

  • To be, is at the base of the pyramid and represents your definition, your identity;
  • To do, represents the capacity, that is, in what you are capable of doing;
  • To have, which is at the top of the pyramid represented by merit.

From the beginning, the author presents the enrichment formula, such as:

EF = R x S x RI

  • R = The total monthly revenue (to the sum of all the financial inflows you have);
  • S = The saved percentage to invest (only what you save to multiply your wealth);
  • RI = Return on made investments.

To get good results in this formula, the author suggests that you should make more money, that is, increase your income.

In the book, Paulo Vieira shows one of the ways to accomplish this, with the concept of "expertise": an expert is a person who solves problems that others cannot, so the more unique in your profession, the more value you will get.

Paulo also brings some reflections to develop the maximum expertise in your professional journey.

Overview: 5 Wealth Pipelines

Check out the top 5 conduits to reach wealthiness.

1. Want to be rich

This is the first step to get rich. According to the author, many people confuse in wanting to be rich, with showing to others that you possess wealth icons. They are different things.

To become rich, it is necessary to sacrifice yourself in some things, after all, success is only built by people who are able to postpone an immediate will for a much greater will later.

2. Feeling Rich

Feeling rich is critical to the process. Paulo says that feelings of wealth attract and produce rich environments and situations, just as good feelings bring good things.

When we have feelings of happiness, we tend to look to the future and seek solutions to problems. When we are sad the attitude is totally inverse.

In this way, it can be concluded that the feeling is responsible for our behaviors.

3. To be thankful

The author judges as one of the most important principles. And for gratitude be aligned with wealth, it must be communicated and expressed through words, deeds, and actions.

The feeling of gratitude makes us much happier and thoughtful about possibilities rather than limitations. Be grateful for everything, even for the bad things that happen, recognize the lessons learned.

4. Self-responsibility

Do you know what successful people have in common? The feeling that they alone are responsible for their outcome.

Do not complain about the lack of opportunities, or about the partner for incompetence. You are responsible for this, don't expect the opportunity to appear and choose a better partner next time. Create your life in a growing and sustainable way.

5. Social contagion

The main tip of the author is that you create a network that looks like you and your goals, so you create groups that support and tend to face challenges and results together.

Paulo defines the three rules for social contagion:

  1. We become equal to our social network and our network becomes equal to us;
  2. Our friends affect us and we affect them;
  3. Friends of my friends influences me.

Overview: Enrichment Exercise

Just as a runner trains his legs with the right exercises, we can and should exercise our financial behaviors, giving us new habits and beliefs.

The author listed a sequence of 6 behaviors, which if correctly practiced will bring changes in your financial life.

1. Pay yourself first

The main idea that the author brings in this topic is that when you receive your salary, you separate a small amount of 5% and take it home in cash.

The central goal is for you to be intimate with money, to handle it correctly and treat it as an acquaintance.

People who don't have intimacy, don't know how to manage it in the right way. They spend fast, lose, donate everything and do bad business.

2. Donate

The author considers as one of the most important behaviors, transforming your scarcity mentality, to an abundant mindset, in which you and others can have.

He suggests that the ideal amount of the donation is 10% of everything you earn. Remember that the qualities of thinking of a truly rich person are abundant and hearty.

3. Pay all bills

When it comes to paying the bills, Paulo Vieira wants to express three things: pay all bills, pay them on time and pay them with a certain ease and especially with leftovers. Also, it is suggested that you commit a maximum of 60% of your income for these payments.

According to him, the benefits promoted by this situation enhance the individual's self-image, prosperity, and confidence. There is nothing better than standing high and be proud of who you are, knowing that you won't be charged.

4. Invest in being rich

Invest better, with more profitability and security is a long way and requires patience. One tip of the author is to get information and advice from the most experienced, to mitigate the risks.

The minimum percentage to start investing is 10% of your income. Don't confuse investment with savings.

5. Save for the dreams

According to the author, for a full and happy life, we have basic needs, such as feeding, protecting, and also secondary needs such as traveling, socializing, having fun and rejoicing.

One tip from the book "Enrichment Factor" is that at this stage you must separate 10% of your income to save and apply in your future dreams. After all, you worth good things.

6. Abound: spend, invest or donate

After completing all five steps, there is still money left for you.

In this step, the author asks to look at all possibilities and choose freely what to do with the leftover money, that is, 5% of your income is free.

Overview: Beliefs

According to Paulo Vieira, belief is:

"All mental programming obtained as learning and that determine our behaviors".

It determines our success or financial failure.

The first point highlighted is that as much as you have all the knowledge about finance, it will only evolve as far as your beliefs allow. Alone, the rational hemisphere can not succeed, because we will always collide with our beliefs.

So, only study about finances will not make you rich. Develop your beliefs.

The last point presented in this chapter by the author is that the human being has a network of beliefs, such as prosperity, personal success, wealth and the most important is that of whom you really are and what you are capable of.

This network directly interferes with your financial life, and to achieve enrichment it is necessary to analyze each of these beliefs and eliminate their negative components.

Overview: The 6 Traps of Wealth

You must be aware of some pitfalls that may hinder you from leveraging your wealth.

Save money for hard days

If you have the belief that in your life you will have difficult days, that belief is self-fulfilling.

If you hadn't kept the money, that day wouldn't have come. Again, every self-suggestion produces a reality. Therefore, practice good beliefs.

Get rich by the wrong feeling

Don't become rich because of the anger of the past, self-assertion or even the frustrations of living in poverty. It will even bring you a hard journey of enrichment, but it won't make you happy.

When you seek wealth for the right feelings, you realize the desired dream and the results are always beneficial, after all, you did what you always liked and were always happy.

Confuse physical person with legal entity

Don't confuse the company cashier with your wallet, the company's cash doesn't belong to you. The money belongs to your employees, suppliers, and the government.

The tip the author makes is for you to be a good manager, hire an organizational consultant, and see the process of professionalization of your company.

To think that there is not so much to learn

The enrichment formula has 3 variables, and you have to master those variables. So take time to learn tread the path of knowledge and demystify all doubts and mistakes.

Stop in the middle of the enrichment journey

Paulo Vieira says that the journey of enrichment is made of peaks and valleys. Be prepared and don't to stop in the middle of the journey. Remember that not giving up is what will make you a millionaire.

Build a success mindset, be able to see adversity and move on, doing what has to be done.

Run behind your tail

According to the book "Enrichment Factor", as people earn more, they also spend more without worrying about making investments.

Do you know the secrets of the rich people? As they earn more, they spend more on assets!

What do other authors say about it?

Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" reports that a common trait among successful respondents is that they can make decisions quickly, and are confident of that decision.

For Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", the journey to the enrichment should start as soon as possible, and it is the assessment of your finances, create personal goals and quest for the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals.

Finally, according to Tony Robbins in his book "Unshakeable", many people make money but don't feel better with it. Some of the richest people in the world live in constant fear of losing everything. They feel dissatisfied when they wake up in the morning. Is it wealth? To be happy with wealth, you need to take care of your emotions.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Now, with all the tips the book has brought to you, it is possible that in the next few years will be the best in your life, after all, you are prepared to follow the path of enrichment.

To end this summary in a good way, we have separated some important lessons given in the book:

  • Believe in yourself;
  • Manage your money, splitting it according to your incomes and bills;
  • Build a positive mindset, we never grow alone, recognize who helped you in this path;
  • Take care of your emotions, emotional intelligence is the base for everything.

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