Férias sem Fim - Bruno Picinini

Férias sem Fim - Bruno Picinini

Discover how you can achieve your financial freedom by working with what you like, wherever you want, with complete freedom of time and schedules.

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Have you ever stopped to think about what you want for your life in the next years? If you feel you are tied to a routine you don't like, with no growth prospect and low financial gain, you have to change. This is exactly what "Endless Vacation" is about! Bruno Picinini will show you the techniques to increase your incomes.

In this summary, you will learn how to build a passive income that can guarantee your financial freedom, time and place in a simple way. The author gives some strategies that will change your behavior.

He shows that is possible to live like a millionaire if you do the right actions for it. It is all about planning and organize your life! By this way you will have more time to enjoy life, doing your own schedules.

Got interested to live like a millionaire? Stay with us in this summary and discover how!

About the book "Férias sem Fim"

"Férias sem Fim", "Endless Vacation" in a free translation to English, written by Bruno Picinini, was published in 2017. This book has 224 pages that teaches how you can build a life with complete financial freedom, time and place.

Objectively, the author demonstrates how to generate an income that can make you enjoy life more and work less. It also reveals the most promising business to achieve financial stability and enjoy a rich experience routinely.

About the author Bruno Picinini

Bruno Picinini is an entrepreneur and writer. He became well known when he founded the Digital Entrepreneur project. Today, this author is one of Brazil's leading specialists in lifestyle business. Bruno also offers the Freedom 360 training, working in the formation of digital entrepreneurs throughout Brazil.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you want to adopt a more independent lifestyle, create a profitable business with low risks and achieve financial freedom, this book is for you! It also shows how to enjoy more life through a better organization and planning, which is crucial things for freedom today.

Main ideas of the book "Férias sem Fim"

  • The point is not to be a millionaire, but to live as one. This means having financial freedom of time and place;
  • The safety and comfort of a steady job are great illusions. At all times, we are subject to dismissal, company bankruptcy and other situations that make this security collapse;
  • The real rich are not the ones that has millions. Truly rich are those who have the freedom to work anywhere, take as many vacation days as they want, work with what they like and make their own schedules;
  • One of the main rules of financial freedom is to generate a good passive income, able to maintain your lifestyle;
  • The big secret to freedom and lifestyle is to create a 100% online lifestyle business;
  • By adopting simple day-to-day strategies, you can work less and earn more.

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[Book Summary] Férias sem Fim - Bruno Picinini

Overview: You Can Live Like a Millionaire

Most people's dream is to become a millionaire.

According to Bruno Picinini, in reality, what we all want is to live like millionaires. And what does that mean? It's not about having 1 or more millions in the account. Living like a millionaire is simply having freedom.

This freedom encompasses money, time and place. This means that to live like a millionaire you have to earn more than you spend, gain freedom of time, and work where you want.

The illusion of security

The author states that the life of a signed employee leaves us tied up. We work for 11 months many times on an activity we don't like and, with luck, we can only enjoy 1 month of vacation. This is all for years as we await retirement.

Fixed employment is far from offering comfort and security. At any time, the company may suffer from an economic crisis and go bankrupt, we may be fired or we have a problem that prevents us from working formally. In other words, the safety and comfort we think we have with a fixed job is pure illusion.

Overview: What Real Rich Know that Most Don't Know

The real rich are people who work from anywhere, take as many vacation days as they want, work with what they like and according to their own schedules. For the author, even though these people are not millionaires, they certainly live as one.

Keep in mind that living like a millionaire doesn't mean living in a mansion and having a Ferrari in the garage. The point is to build a lifestyle that allows us to live with the same freedom that some millionaires enjoy.

The 5 Rules of the rich for Financial Freedom

The rich know that they have achieved financial freedom, at a time when their lives include the following rules:

  1. Passive income must be higher than living costs;
  2. Don't get caught in just one corner of the world. You can live anywhere you want;
  3. Invite and work with people who are interesting and willing to meet;
  4. Work with motivating projects that allow constant development;
  5. Work where you want and own your own schedules.

Experiences worth more than luxury

The great goal of the truly rich is to be free. As long as this doesn't exclude the desire for certain goods and services, possessions for them are in the background.

To understand this, try to think what is most precious: having time to walk with your child or drive an imported car? Live in luxury homes with various expenses or know several countries? True rich people value experience far more than possessions.

Overview: The Big Secret

To understand the author's "secret" to generate such income in short time, you must remember the concept of passive income. This type of income is one that, once established, continues to generate income without you having to work. The internet is one of the leading sources of income worldwide - including passive income.

The demand for content and products is so great that online businesses are generating billions of dollars every year. One of the reasons for such growth is that over the internet it is possible to sell on a large scale. Another advantage is that such deals are mostly 100% online.

The Best Passive Income on the Internet

Although there are many alternatives to generate passive income over the internet, Bruno Picinini states that the best one is to create a lifestyle business. These are small online businesses with very low risk. They are able to finance your lifestyle without having to work many hours a day.

This type of activity lets you work from home or anywhere in the world. In addition, by having greater financial, time, and geographic freedom, you can set your times.

How to Create a Lifestyle Business

The author teaches that creating a Lifestyle Business involves considering 4 fundamentals:

  1. Market: This refers to the audience you want to serve. To define the most favorable market you need to consider two factors: what you like to do (and do well) and the potential demand for the product you intend to offer;
  2. Marketing: It is helping people find solutions they are already looking for specific problems. Your product should be this solution;
  3. Merchandise: This is specifically your product. Note that info products are educational products. They provide specific information on a certain subject. Some examples of information products are: e-books, audio courses, video courses;
  4. Media: Refers to the place where you will sell your products. Example: blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon. Defining the best media requires knowing your audience well.

Overview: How to Double Results by Working Less

The author teaches that small daily actions make all the difference to increase your productivity. The first is to be clear about priorities. This makes all the difference in defining which goals and objectives you want to achieve.

Often our goals and objectives aren't achieved because we move away from what is a priority. So, in addition to define where we want to go, we must focus on priorities daily.

Some simple suggestions offered by the author are:

  • Look at your email daily;
  • Reply to emails all at once;
  • Turn off phone notifications;
  • Keep your phone quiet most of the day.

Work less and earn more

Bruno Picinini says that the big secret to work less and earn more is to reduce two hours of your daily journey. Before thinking this is crazy, the author explains why he advises it. When we have less time to perform tasks, we tend to focus more on working hours.

Automatically, you will be able to complete your activities in less time so you will work fewer hours. This free time will make you rest better and do what you want. With a rested mind, the quality of your focus during working hours is better. It makes you produce more.

To understand this dynamic, it must be clear that productivity is not determined by the number of hours worked, but by the results generated.

Overview: Putting your plan into action

The book "Endless Vacation" teaches that the first step to have a passive income is to create a lifestyle business capable of generating an income equal to or higher than what you currently earn. Regardless of whether you have a stable job or work as a freelance worker.

By earning this income through an online business, you will immediately have greater freedom of time and money. Plus, you can work with what you like and where you want.

Before making this transition, the author suggests that you make a sufficient financial reserve to live for 6 months with no income. This reserve offers greater security and avoids the pressure to generate immediate financial results.

The "Perfect Average Day"

Bruno Picinini mentions that "Perfect Average Day" refers to how you want your routine to be. We need to remember that, however special they may be, they are fewer. The focus is to build a routine according to your lifestyle. This is how you will feel on vacation every day.

This part teaches details of how to define the "Perfect Middle Day" according to your life purposes and goals. For this reason, this choice is very personal.

The author emphasizes that building our freedom requires working the mind. This means not cheat our goals and believe that is possible to build the life we desire. Breaking limiting beliefs and watching people who are already achieving great results are ways to get more motivated.

What do other authors say about it?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", says the first step in the enrichment journey should be to analyze your current financial state. You must set realistic financial goals that are appropriate for your lifetime.

In "Smart Investments", Gustavo Cerbasi says you should first invest in something that gives you pleasure. Don't try to go against nature. Be careful that you are no longer one of the investors who make the wrong decisions in the wake of market emotions and the euphoria of news stories.

Finally, the author Dr. Joseph Murphy, in the book "How to Attract Money", reports that motivation is the fuel for wealth. It is through it that you will feel excited to continue, even if everything seems difficult. For this, you must always mentor your project, be positive and believe that it has already worked.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Once you understand the author's teachings, you can now apply these practical tips:

  • Focus on the experiences you want to liv e, not on acquired assets. An interesting lifestyle is much more linked to experiences than possessions;
  • Read book s of passive income as well as stories of people who have achieved financial freedom;
  • Seek specific information, books, and courses that teach you how to create a successful business lifestyle;
  • Build a financial reserve before leaving your formal job or activity as a self-employed person;
  • Set your priorities every day and focus on them;
  • Work on your mind to break limiting beliefs and build the confidence to realize your dreams.

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