Financial Freedom - Grant Sabatier

Financial Freedom - Grant Sabatier

Learn the methods to achieve the financial freedom, with the evidence and examples from the life of those who really achieved that freedom starting with little.

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Without money, living with your parents, unemployed, and not knowing where to go. Or, looking for a job, and simply trying to find your way in the world. Grant Sabatier was in this scenario in 2010 and brings his experience in his book "Financial Freedom"

From the thoughts and struggles mentioned above, to the transformation and total change in your life trajectory. Grant's path from $ 2.26 to more than $ 1.25 million was not easy. And you can be sure, it will not be easy for you either.

However, the framework defined by Grant in this book can make this journey easier. An actionable project based on firsthand experience.

Do you want to know more about this trajectory? This book is a guide that will help you walk the path to financial freedom.

About the book "Financial Freedom"

The book "Financial Freedom", released in 2019, was written by Grant Sabatier.

This book tells how Sabatier managed, over 5 years, to leave $ 2.65 and accumulate $ 1.25 million and still become a specialist in finance. It will give you the first steps to achieving financial freedom. In this version (2019), the book is composed by 352 pages and 14 chapters.

About the author Grant Sabatier

At age 22, Grant Sabatier held a job in the call center market. The salary was enough to cover his expenses and save a little at the end of the month. However, he did not spare a penny. "I chose not to think about it and live my life," says Sabatier.

After losing his job, he returned to live in his parents house. At age 24, Adam checked his bank account and found he had only $ 2.26 in balance. From that moment on, he decided that he would change his mind and begin to raise money.

To achieve more than one source of income, Grant decided to invest his efforts in the area of digital marketing. He created a goal for himself that, at the age of 30 (five years later), would achieve financial independence, that is, he would become a millionaire.

And he did it. Grant Sabatier added $ 1.25 million and founded the website Millennial Money. How did he do it? It's simple, he answers that question in his book "Financial Freedom."

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Financial Freedom" from Grant Sabatier is a complete guide to creating an abundant financial life. It is also a motivational tool for living a rich life, according to your own terms.

If you want to master your money and take up the challenge of achieving financial freedom, or even want to learn more about the way there, this book is great for you.

Main ideas of the book "Financial Freedom"

Download the "Financial Freedom" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Financial Freedom - Grant Sabatier

Overview: "Time is more valuable than money"

According to Grant Sabatier in his book "Financial Freedom":

"The purpose of this book is to help you retire as early as possible. When I say retire, I do not mean that you will never work again, except that you will have enough money so that you never have to work again. This is complete financial freedom, the ability to do what you want with your time."

As our time is limited, we should seek, tirelessly, to take control of our time and money. How to spend it, where to spend it, why spend it and understand how we really want to test it.

How long have you been trading? To get an idea, an American citizen works on average 70, 000 to 80, 000 hours throughout their lives without regard to travel time and activities taken home.

Everyone's time is finite. Start analyzing the time and money relationship each moment you make a decision.

Overview: "What is your number?"

"How much money do you spend? How much money do you need for the rest of your life? How much money should you save on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis?"

Well, personal finance is personal. So, there are no lifestyles alike, each person carries a specific scenario of finances. Find out what financial freedom is for you so you can find out what is your number.

To help you with this, use the tools available on the website Financial Freedom. Grant reinforces that it is very important to know your numbers, but that are probably smaller than you think.

Overview: "Where are you now?"

"Knowing where you are is essential."

To get anywhere, you need to know where you're starting. So, it is critical to know if you are starting now or you are already halfway there.

"How much money are you making per hour? What is your equity?" "What is your cost of living?" These questions that Grant wants you to know the answer to. For this, you need to use the website Financial Freedom.

Overview: "How to Build Wealth"

Now that we know where we are and where we want to go, the next step is figuring out how to get there. The "variables" that will help us are three:

  • Income: build multiple ways of income, that is, get more than one source of income. Entrepreneurship is a good option;
  • Savings: How does your savings rate impact your number? Grant provides one more tool to help you find out on the website Financial Freedom.
  • Expenses: How do you manage your expenses? Are all your expenses really essential?

The ideas that Grant expounds in this part of the book give us the understanding and the knowledge to see how these three "variables" interact with each other.

Maximizing each of them is the way to creating wealth at the fastest possible rate.

Overview: "Is it worth it?"

How much is this pair of shoes worth? What impact does this purchase on credit card really mean in your financial journey? Is that pair of shoes worth "x" of my time?

It's not the money price that really matters, "It 's the amount of time you need to work to pay for it." Time is a finite resource.

Incidentally, it's okay to buy items that bring value to your life. The problem is purchases that do not add up to anything and therefore cost you precious time to acquire them.

Calculating how much your work hour is worth will change your whole perspective on how you spend your money. The tip is: reevaluate the way you spend your money.

Grant Sabatier also shows 11 questions to ask before buying something:

  • "How happy this purchase will make me?"
  • "How much money I have to pay for it"?
  • "How many hours of my life I'm arranging to pay that?"
  • "Can I afford this?"
  • "Why prices are compared in terms of percentage?"
  • "Can I get for less?"
  • "How much am I spending for the service?"
  • "How much it would cost me every year or for the rest of my life?"
  • "What is the cost per use of this item?"
  • "How much will this money cost in the future?"
  • "How much time (freedom) is this costing me in the future?"

Overview: "Hacking Your 9-5"

Well, the expression "nine to five" refers to normal working hours in many English-speaking countries. That is, the person comes in at 9: 00 am and leaves at 05: 00 pm.

Your highest income is likely to come from your job. It is probably also the place where you spend the most time and energy of your day.

The next step is to increase your income. Then you will need to get an increase in your work. According to Grant, adopting "4 simple steps" can help.

  1. "Find out your market value", meaning what other companies are willing to pay for someone to their skills and experience;
  2. "Find out how valuable you are to your business", that is, how much income you generate for the company and how much the company would spend to replace you;
  3. "Determine how much to ask and the right time to ask";
  4. "Ask".

Another key point addressed by Grant Sabatier in his book "Financial Freedom" is that you enjoy your work to develop your skills and your networking. Keep doing this at all stages of your life and in the long run. Diversify and increase your skills and your networking.

Overview: "Living a richer life"

Grant Sabatier says in "Financial Freedom" that:

"Financial independence is freedom to do what you want. You can have this. Making a lot of money quickly is possible. Having more time is possible. Living life on your own terms is possible. You have a unique opportunity that many do not have. You really can have all the money you need."

All the graphs, case studies, strategies and figures boil down to that, it's all about living a rich life. However, the path for each of us will be different, some easier and some more difficult, but the path is clearer now.

What do other authors say about it?

Tony Robbins, in his book "Unshakeable", advises on mutual fund investments, index funds and retirement plans, but in addition to the usual menu, he also reports basic and intuitive principles for achieving financial peace.

Another book that also explores the subject is the "The 4-hour workweek". Tim Ferriss says that instead of working hard for the rest of your days in an office, waiting for retirement, start enjoying life today, from a change of mindset.

To conclude, the author Dr. Joseph Murphy, in the work "How to Attract Money", reports that motivation is the fuel for wealth. It is through it that you will feel excited to continue, even if everything seems difficult. For that, you must always mentalize your project, be positive and believe that it has already worked.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

"What skills and experiences do you have? Which of these skills can you scale and actually generate income? What you enjoy doing? Can you make money from it? How far can you get?"

Take 30 minutes and think about what kind of business might work best for you.

Maybe you and I will not be able to go from $ 2.26 to over $ 1.25 million in five years. Okay, that's not the central theme or the story Grant is trying to convey.

The mindset, strategies and proven path, shared on Financial Freedom, is an opportunity that we can all adopt.

Although the road is different for each of us, the ability to live a rich life is something that everyone can follow on their own terms.

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