Geração de Valor 3 - Flávio Augusto

Geração de Valor 3 - Flávio Augusto

If you don't change, your future remains the same! Learn useful business lessons from someone who started from scratch and is now a successful entrepreneur.

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"Have you ever thought that from elementary school to university, you and I were trained to be employed?"

We follow our lives in this model that does not encourage entrepreneurship. Those who have the courage to be an entrepreneur are often called crazy. Check out in this summary of "Geração de Valor 3" the motivation to take risks and to be an entrepreneur.

Flávio Augusto says he never thought of being an entrepreneur.

"The circumstances of life led me to some opportunities and I did not hesitate. What if I had hesitated? I would certainly not be here writing to you."

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who succeed are rare, but how many people are under developing their potential?

If you think you can develop more of your potential and if you want to leave the conventional and change the game, this book has what is fundamental to get you out from inertia!

About the book "Geração de Valor 3"

"Geração de Valor 3: É Só o Começo", released in 2017, written by Flávio Augusto da Silva. It is a book that seeks to free the entrepreneur that lives inside you.

This book, the third and last of the "Value Generation" series, is a reference among the entrepreneurship books.

The book is light, dynamic, and has illustrations that strengthen the ideas shared by the author.

About the author Flávio Augusto

Flávio Augusto da Silva, a Brazilian born in 1972 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He is an entrepreneur and writer, founder of Wise Up, owner of Orlando City Soccer Club, and president of T-BDH Capital.

Flávio spent most of his childhood and adolescence studying at a public school in his neighborhood. When he turned 19, he started working in the commercial department of an English school. Four years later Flávio founded Wise Up.

In 2013, the company was bought by Abril Educação, for R$ 877 million. In that same year, he bought the Orlando City Soccer Club, and currently, the team is among the ten most valuable in America.

To whom is this book indicated?

Once they asked Flávio what image he carries in his memory about his adolescence. Among the various possible ones, he described only one:

"Since I left home before six o'clock in the morning, still dark, I had the habit, in the bus, standing and tight in the midst of dozens of people, watching the photograph of my life through the reflection in the mirror: a teenager going to school, kneaded inside a bus, with a backpack full of books, standing for two hours."

But, according to Flávio, there is a reason for him to keep this memory alive:

"If I forget who I am and where I came from... immediately I lose the authority to tell you that you are also capable of changing your life".

If you want to change your life through entrepreneurship, this book is for you.

Main ideas of the book "Geração de Valor 3"

Here are the main ideas that Flávio Augusto presents in the book:

  • Data explain that small and medium-sized companies generate more jobs in the country;
  • Have the courage to face the possibility of making mistakes and, if it happens, be humble to acknowledge the mistake and not waste time with justifications;
  • Have the initiative to go out in search of your dreams and do not depend on state measures;
  • Do not sell the product, but rather sell the "why" of the product and its benefits;
  • Escape the system and take control of your life.

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[Book Summary] Geração de Valor 3 - Flávio Augusto

Overview: "Who is the largest employer in Brazil?"

You may think that the government has the management that most generates jobs for the country. Or are the multinationals? Although not the most obvious to think, micro and small business are responsible for most of the job generation in Brazil.

According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 2016, 50.1% of the country's active workers were employed by companies with between one and five employees.

Flávio says that if a small part of the population started to undertake, this would generate a large number of jobs, Brazil's economy would grow, causing the state to collect more taxes. Brazil needs more entrepreneurs.

Overview: "What if I fail?"

Failing is part of our lives, that is, it is completely natural, mainly of those who seek to improve themselves.

According to Augusto,

"The risk of making mistakes must be faced with an open chest and with an upright head. When making mistakes, you must have the humility to acknowledge an error and not waste time giving justifications."

As Anthony Robbins says in his book "Unlimited Power":

"There is no failure in life! Every step you take, even when you fall, is an unique opportunity to learn and grow."

Overview: The NEET generation

According to the BIGE survey, in 2015, approximately 25% of young people aged 15-29, wore NEETs (an acronym for not in education, employment, or training). This is worrying since a quarter of the young Brazilians have no expectations of the future.

Augusto says that public policies aimed at young people have failed, in addition, schools have lost the ability to engage.

"It's been a while since our young people are being ruined. They are ripping from them the will, the hunger, the ambition, their individual dreams, as well as their most particular aspirations which, in fact, are irreplaceable, however beautiful, poetic and utopian the cause."

Flávio Augusto says that the worst thing is that the tendency of the NEET generation is only to increase since the effort and the dedication were left aside and the meritocracy lost space. "Why put the effort into this?"

In the book "Geração de Valor 3", the solution is

"The free initiative of individuals seeking to realize their own dreams, whether through the academic field, entrepreneurship, sports or art."

Don't expect recipes for success!

Overview: Do not just sell the product

"Often it is not enough to sell the product, but rather the purpose for someone to buy your product."

"Geração de Valor 3" presents the example that, do not sell healthy food, sell health. Do not sell vocational courses, sell employability. Do not sell games, sell leisure.

According to Flávio Augusto,

"Do not simply sell the product, but the why of the product and all the benefits of it in the life of the customer".

Overview: "The key of the cage"

According to Flávio, the key to getting out of the "system" and achieving your freedom is to develop a winning mind.

"Building a winning mentality means being determined to build your projects in any setting. It is not to depend on the goodwill of politicians, nor to be hostage to external factors."

Take control of your life. This speech may seem illusory, even foolish but the Flávio Augusto makes it clear for all of us in "Geração de Valor 3" that if you think in this manner, do not worry, as several people will cease to be just one more in the crowd and you will remain trapped in the "system."

"I always write thinking about the possibility that some crazy person has the necessary initiative for change."

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Mindset", the author Carol S. Dweck says that the world is divided between people who are open to learning and that are not. And that trait affects everything in life, from your worldview to your interpersonal relationships.

Now, if you want to know how to open a venture, the bestseller "Sonho Grande" shows how to transform the level of an organization according to the visions of the richest entrepreneurs in Brazil.

In contrast, we have "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck", by author Mark Manson, who gives us genuine insights and expresses himself in a way that leads us to reflect on habits we sometimes have when we care too much with the wrong things.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Start by devoting to answering this question yourself:

  • What depresses you the most: the exhaustion of growth or stagnation?
  • What depresses you the most: a day of hard work or selective processes?
  • What depresses you the most: a project that went wrong or the uncertainty of the future?

Life is made up of innumerable obstacles. According to the Flávio Augusto,

"Stop deluding yourself thinking that life will be tranquility. Stability does not exist, and calmness is a sign of stagnation because it leads nowhere and causes us many frustrations."

If you seek to develop, your life will be agitated, filled with stresses, failures, and changes. So let yourself be depressed for the right reasons.

"Even with all the technique, experience, and capital, any project will never go out of print if there is no courage. As long as you take courage, the lack of technique and capital can be solved. However, nothing solves the decision that someone has taken to keep close to cowardice."

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