Gestão Fácil - Oséias Gomes

Gestão Fácil - Oséias Gomes

Make your company grow exponentially, even facing pressure from the business world, through smart strategies developed by the manager Oséias Gomes.

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The famous businessman Oséias Gomes, who opens a new franchise every 72 hours, demystifies in his book, "Easy Management", some paradigms of the business world, ensuring that you can manage your company anywhere, make it grow and still enjoy your nights better.

The author's main purpose is to help entrepreneurs make less mistakes when it comes to entrepreneurship. Thus, he emphasizes the importance of implementing innovation in the business, organizing the business structure and cultivating the organization's culture.

Are you curious? Then continue reading this PocketBook and discover the main management strategies developed by Oséias!

About the book "Gestão Fácil"

"Gestão Fácil", by businessman Oséias Gomes, became a bestseller at Amazon's pre-sale.

It is built on the author's 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and will help you generate facilitations and make your company grow exponentially, through a easy-to-read, content-rich book.

About the author Oséias Gomes

Oséias Gomes graduated in Business Administration. He is an entrepreneur, manager, and business consultant, as well as founder and CEO of Odonto Excellence Franchising, the largest dental franchise in Brazil.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you want to start a business, or are already a manager and want to make your company grow in a quick and easy way, this book can be your guide.

Main ideas of the book "Gestão Fácil"

To begin with, how about some insights that we'll cover throughout the summary? Here they are:

  • The company's greatest asset is the corporate culture that is developed in the workplace. This culture is acquired through habit;
  • People are the greatest value within a company;
  • The culture of responsibility is to find the employee who was responsible not only for the mistakes in the company, but also for his or her correct attitudes;
  • Understanding the behavior of clients is fundamental to ensure the improvement and efficiency of the organization;
  • Every idea has 10% destructive potential. However, it is possible to ask for help to control this 10% in order to get the other 90%;
  • An overly organized environment means it's not growing. So it's acceptable to have a little disorganization in a company;
  • The startups' cycle is short because they value and focus on developing a new product/service and not on company's structuring;
  • A good idea is born from a dream, which becomes a project and must be realized.

Download the "Gestão Fácil" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Easy Management - Oséias Gomes

Overview: Genius management model

Oséias Gomes begins the book "Gestão Fácil" by discussing the fact that people believe that, in order to be a manager of a successful business, you must abdicate quality of life, have few hours of sleep and/or leisure, making this responsibility become a burden.

The author points out that:

"Only a relaxed mind has the capacity to produce brilliant ideas and can solve problems, in addition to creating real business opportunities".

However, to follow this path, it' s necessary to get rid of some vanities. Like that "I, and only I, know what I am doing" or that "this company does not progress without me", isolating you from the reality of the business and the people who work in it and becoming an obstacle to innovation, which can lead to error and failure.

Besides, it is necessary to get rid of some stereotypes that prevent a business from progressing, they are:

  • The stereotype of the irrational search for security: For Oséias "Security in an environment that does not stop developing is an illusion";
  • The stereotype of the winning team: The author says that companies that use "don't change the winning team" are lazy enough to change. It is necessary to deconstruct this stereotype since companies must change to adapt to the market;
  • The stereotype of the boss who only listens to what he wants: Gomes points out that one must create "a system that makes communication safe for those who point out failures and that ensures that the information reaches the right people".

Overview: The 6 steps of easy management

In this part of the book "Gestão Fácil", Oséias Gomes provides a method to develop the six steps to "easy business management":

Good Idea

The author points out that it is better to have a good idea to start the business than to have a good capital, since you can find someone who can invest in it.

In a market of constant changes, with too much consumption, having a good idea is a survival strategy, and, for the author, it "is born from the observation of people's habits and what they need to be made easier"; it "is born where there was difficulty before".


It is people who have the ability to develop a new idea and consume the products/services that companies have created. Therefore, it is essential to know how to deal with people in the workplace, to have them connected with what you want to implement in order to achieve the company's objectives.

In addition, you should invest in your employees: make them develop personally and professionally; value them in order to recognize the importance of each one in the contribution of your business; keep them always engaged. Because if that doesn't happen, they will leave faster.

"You always need to be prepared to have losses with human beings, because the time has gone when workers felt proud to spend their entire lives in a single company. Now, people are dynamic in search of new opportunities, and this spirit of freedom makes turnover frequent in companies. But it is this spirit that makes people the greatest value of the company: the ability they have to keep up with changes in the market, the context and the needs of the business".


After having a good idea and people connected to your company, it is essential to have an efficient management. For Oséias, management is defined as the clarification of what is going to be done, where to do it and how to do it, within an organization.

Determining the main focus of the company, that is, what will be produced, sold or the service that will be offered by it.

With this, the management must be able to analyze the processes, the environment, the quality, the control, the equality and the responsibility within an organization.


With efficient management, the next step is to create strategies to generate market and grow quickly and dynamically. Some of these strategies, addressed by Oséias Gomes, are:

  • "Create the desire of desire" - Launch a product/service that awakens the customer's need for purchase. Create a new market niche;
  • "Knowing how to insert the strategy at the right time" - Oséias points out that more important than having a good strategy, is to put it into practice at the moment when there are great opportunities, in the long term, with a focus on the right audience and that is a real trend in the market where you want to reach;
  • "Know what are the needs and expectations of your consumers" - What is generating dissatisfaction among your customers? What pleases them the most? These questions are fundamental for you to be able to understand the profile of your customers and make changes in order to generate the best possible experience for them.


After ensuring the other pillars, it is essential to invest in the structure of your business. The first step, for the author Oséias Gomes, is to think about the physical structure of your business.

Having a favorable workplace is fundamental to ensure the well-being of employees. As this, in addition to improving their quality of life, creates an environment that is favorable for the creativity in the business.

The book "Gestão Fácil" emphasizes the need to create a "design thinking" in the work environment to create solutions in order to keep employees in the business.


Innovation is the last step to creating an easy business management, since the other five steps must be guaranteed for the innovation to be effective.

For your business to be relevant, generate value for the market and have a competitive differential, it is necessary to innovate.

Oséias states that you can think about innovation within your business using CSB Technology:

  • Coupled Technology: you insert new functionalities into your product or service;
  • Services Technology: facilitate the interaction between your client and what your company offers;
  • Boost Technology: increase the contact between your client and your business, in an exponential way.

"To innovate is to bring into existence the things that do not exist as if they already existed. It is necessary to leave negativism behind and understand that tradition is important, but when it loses its meaning with the present and the future it is necessary to make room for the new".

What do other authors say about it?

In "The Effective Executive", Peter F. Drucker explains that executives can be brilliant, imaginative and informed, and still be inefficient. Effective executives are systematic. They work hard in the right areas and their results define them. They are professionals of knowledge who help the company to achieve its goals.

In the book "Geração de Valor", "Generation of Value" in free translation, Flávio Augusto provides tips for those who want to open their own business. The author shows his vision of entrepreneurship and the world, in addition, gives tips for you to stand out in the crowd.

Finally, the book "The Blue Ocean Strategy" brings a new concept in strategy for obtaining prominence in the market. This innovation is based on exploring market opportunities in which there are still no competitors, opportunities called by the author of "blue oceans". In this way, there is a distance from the opponents and a differentiated form of growth.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

You can generate connections between all levels and create the geniality of the business through the teachings of Oséias Gomes exposed here. Apply the six steps developed by the author to make your business a business that grows exponentially.

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Gestão fácil: Multiplique seus negócios com uma estratégia para gerar facilidades e operar de maneira ágil em todas as pontas da sua empresa. (Portuguese Edition) by [Gomes, Oséias]