Getting Started in Consulting - Alan Weiss

Getting Started in Consulting - Alan Weiss

Learn here the best business techniques, keeping in mind how to carry out sales strategies and prospect customers, through effective, profitable and targeted consultancy.

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Do you know the importance of consulting in the life of a company? It is in charge of a specialized dialogue in order to solve problems, and that is what the author Alan Weiss explains in the book "Getting Started in Consulting".

Often, what hinders the growth of an organization is the lack of identification of potential customers and a targeted pre and post-sale follow-up.

Are you curious? So, continue reading this PocketBook and learn the main consulting strategies that will increase your productivity and help you retain the greatest knowledge in the least amount of time!

The book "Getting Started in Consulting"

The book "Getting Started in Consulting" was published in 2009 and presents tips that range from targeting goals to the appropriate plans to attract investments and achieve significant results for successful consultants.

Who is Alan Weiss?

Alan Weiss is a businessman, speaker and writer specializing in consulting and sales. In addition, he is president of Walter V. Clarke Associates, a behavioral mentoring company, and has published more than 60 books that have already been translated into twelve languages, among them, "The Consulting Bible".

Who should read this book?

"Getting Started in Consulting" is indicated for beginning consultants and leaders who want to give a boost to the business and understand how the process of recruiting customers, developing sales and directed mentoring takes place.

What can I learn from the book "Getting Started in Consulting"?

  • Fiscal responsibility is the key to a consulting career;
  • Adopting a communication philosophy is the key to success;
  • The financial advisor must establish a banking relationship with the client;
  • The distance of value is the concept that explains the difference between what the customer wants and what you indicate that he needs;
  • Technology is an excellent method for leveraging business;
  • Stipulating the outcome of the project and establishing responsibilities are excellent parameters that can be used during the consultancy;
  • The consistent conversation between you and the customer should be focused on results and not on fees;
  • Proactivity is a fundamental skill in a successful consultant.

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The perfect choices

Many people fail in their business. Among the reasons that result in this consequence, consultancy is the main choice to remove this chaos.

First of all, the successful consultant must believe in his ability to help others.

A consultant must be aware of some characteristics that are considered prerequisites for a professional to be successful and stand out in the market. Among them, we can mention:

  • Humor;
  • Influence;
  • Confidence;
  • Intellect;
  • Ability to listen.

According to author Alan Weiss in his book "Getting Started in Consulting", his ability to organize is one of the attributes and a characteristic that directly influences his performance.

If you are a beginner consultant or want to improve your working methods, be aware of the environment chosen to carry out your duties.

The space chosen will depend on your need and how the logistics of meeting with customers will be.

There are people who configure the residence as a working environment. This is not an impediment. As long as the proportion of the place and the people that make up the residence are analyzed.

Keep in mind that your work must be separated from domestic chores, so that in fact the choice of the environment gives credibility to customers.

A shared space can be an opportunity to start a career. However, like any other place, it has its pros and cons.

The benefits can be cited taking into account savings and expense sharing.

On the other hand, there is not much privacy and, most of the time, as the space is used in emergencies or for a few meetings, work materials cannot always be left on site.

The important thing is that you are always attentive to the industry you want to work in, so that you actually acquire the materials necessary to perform a good activity and improve your productivity. Among them, we can mention:

  • Portable computer;
  • Digital cameras and scanners, especially if your area is focused on graphic design and the like;
  • An efficient recorder, preferably to help organize your projects;
  • A cell phone, if possible, separate from that of personal use;

You need to understand that a consultant also needs consulting. Seek professional help regarding legal and financial guidance.

Learning how to act in legal situations is essential to starting a successful business. In this choice process, be aware of the best way to hire, as this team will be assisting you in making decisions and needs to be able to support, through some choices.

The author Alan Weiss indicates in his book "Getting Started in Consulting" some criteria for correct recruitment:

Give preference to professionals who seek understanding about the market in which you operate and, mainly dialogue, want to understand your goals and be able to help you in the best decisions.

Upping the business

Consulting, like any successful business, needs the use of marketing.

Understand that there is no search for service if there is no understanding of the need in question. There is a fine line between wanting and needing.

This is what author Alan Weiss calls distance of value. And it's up to you, the consultant, to solve this puzzle and establish solutions in front of the consumer.

For that, you need to be chosen. Alan explains in his book "Getting Started in Consulting" that the consultant needs demonstrative work material which he calls "Kit Press".

Be aware of how your information is organized. Be concerned with showing results and how much previous customers have improved or solved any pending issues through your consultancy.

In this folder, it is important for you to talk a little about yourself. Remember that it is not a resume, because you are not looking for a job, you are looking for a client. So, don't be afraid to have a dose of humor in your words.

References must be visible in this demonstration. Credibility, to be achieved, needs to show the level of satisfaction of previous customers for their service.

We know that when a client seeks help from a consultant, there is a primary need for recruiting clients.

White Papers

This is one of the marketing tools most used by beginners. These are documents that should have two to six pages with information about the area in which you work.

This information should include questions and answers that are of interest to your client. This content ranges from the right approach to the best way to recruit a team of employees.

Understand that this is an effective method and, above all, an excellent way to demonstrate your work and a sample of your experience as a professional.

As explained by author Alan Weiss in his book "Getting Started in Consulting", it is important that your consultancy has a trademark. A logo, a phrase, a website are important techniques to stand out from the competition.


Social media, publications with their own texts and interviews are a gateway to your business.

The space can be given up by newspapers, magazines, television media and even expanded into cyberspace. The latter, can be done through partnerships and will be very welcome, especially if this opportunity comes from influential people on the internet.

Well, technology is an excellent way to increase your sales considerably. If possible, use and recombine the types of technology. Understand that we are in the post-modern era and we need to adapt to the moment.

The book "Getting Started in Consulting" presents some suggestions for conscientious use that are sure to leverage your business quickly and consistently. They are:

  • Use conscious technology. This includes using services that will really make a difference for your business;
  • Do not be a slave to this environment. Slavery causes blindness and limits us from seeing new possibilities;
  • Organize the viewing time of emails;
  • Keep time zones visible. Especially if you have customers from other places in the world;
  • Personalize your website and establish the digital on your page. According to author Alan Weiss, putting your identity on the internet indicates professionalism and adds even more credibility;
  • Providing free downloadable material is an excellent way to reach more people and show a little more of your work.

The secret of sales

The most sensible way to achieve greater sales is to build relationships. The author Alan Weiss explains, in his book "Getting Started in Consulting", 5 fundamental principles for the acquisition of businesses and the recruitment of clients. They are:

  1. Think about creating a link before thinking about sales;
  2. Relationships need to be built with the right people;
  3. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes is an excellent tip on how to make a successful sale;
  4. Be interested in showing the business results and not the sales methodology;
  5. For a better engagement between you and your client, establish values in advance.

The true buyer will be available to talk about business problems and able to solve them. He identifies the problem or, when he does not, he has in mind that the professional help of the consultant can help in the visibility of the problem.

But the willingness and haste to remedy the difficulty is the main characteristic of that person who really wants to make a deal with you.

For the client to really choose his services, pay attention to the way his proposal is presented.

The skills of writing a clear and concise proposal are part of the life of a successful consultant.

Proposals must explain the results, deadlines, responsibilities, methodologies, all available options, applicable guarantees and the value of the project.

Understand that the more information is passed, the greater the chances of the agreement being closed.

Agreement Denied

First, never take anything personally!

This is the importance of emotional intelligence. Not letting down is a necessary attitude in this process. Especially because receiving 'no' are part of the journey to achieve success.

The book "Getting Started in Consulting" mentions 6 steps you can take to transform this destination. That is, change from current rejection to a future sale. They are:

  1. Never go away in anger;
  2. Ask why you weren't chosen. Do this cordially. Perhaps, at that point, you can change your buyer's mind or simply discover your points of error;
  3. Make yourself available for a new project. Offer your contact, your card;
  4. Keep in touch with the buyer. Submit something that refers to your work and the business for which he works. Give preference to news;
  5. Take time for a new contact. Ask if the material sent was useful for him;
  6. If possible, schedule a new meeting.

Probably, following these instructions, the chances are good that you will establish a new sale.

Understanding rates

It is important that you charge for fees and not for specific days or because you think one customer can pay more than the other.

Author Alan Weiss in his book "Getting Started in Consulting" advises you to be honest.

But at the same time, be aware of what will be charged. Its value must be proportional to the work performed.

It is not smart to discuss fees with customers. This is an unprofessional attitude. Study about your work, about the competition, establish values and explain to your client about the importance of your consultancy.

The key to changing the mindset is this understanding of the need for the service provided.

That is the reason why your arguments are solidified and guide you to the best choice of the potential customer.

Continued success

For author Alan Weiss, a successful consultant needs to want success to be permanent.

Maximizing retirement investments is an excellent growth target. Smart planning and investment should be part of your business strategy.

Consultancy mentoring, lectures, meetings for the general public are excellent ways to dissipate your knowledge and a great source of income.

As success arrives, you can choose customers and projects to work for. Give preference to those that make you happier and can bring more benefits to your personal and professional life, especially agreements with existing clients.

The benefits of building a successful career are the benefits it provides. Over time, travel will become routine in your life. Plan them. This planning must be part of your life since the beginning of your career and it is a great motivational field.

A job well done will make you well known. However, do not promote yourself.

Recognition has to come from other people. For that, the book "Getting Started in Consulting" offers some attitudes that can be taken for this purpose. Among them, we can mention:

  • Active presence on the internet;
  • Publication of articles;
  • Disseminate references and testimonials about the work you do;
  • Care about the people who are part of your team of consultants and value the service provided;
  • Make your mark and work so that your name is recognized and invited to the biggest and best lectures that this world has ever known;
  • Keep yourself motivated and updated on the market in which you operate.

Despite all these tips, understand that the successful consultant values balance in life.

The organization of time, the preparation of the professional, but especially the time with the family and the separate time for personal and emotional care.

Understand that the more successful you are, the more opportunities you will have to report on your personal growth. Be a motivator of people.

It is important to mention that there is no problem in changing areas or changing professions. It is much better to be a consultant and recognize success as far as it was possible to work than to remain unwilling and emotional to do so.

Be useful. At the height of your career, help those at the beginning of it. Be the necessary support for those who need it.

Provide resources for those who don't.

The author Alan Weiss also emphasizes the importance of offering free consultations, tips for success, correcting possible mistakes and learning that before being a successful professional it is necessary to be a successful person.

We trust you and hope for your victory!

More books about consulting

In "Developing the Leader Within You 2.0", author John Maxwell addresses the importance of the leader demonstrating that he cares about his team and developing leaders among them.

In addition, he works with the idea that 80% of his efforts must be channeled into 20% of his most important priorities in order to achieve his goals.

The book "Million Dollar Consulting" is a real practical guide for those who want to improve their consulting techniques.

On it, the author Alan Weiss explains that in order to be a good consultant, it is necessary to treat every interaction with a client as a personal "moment of truth", in which one should always think about selling ahead and not just immediately.

Finally, in "The Founder's Mentality", authors Chris Zook and James Allen teach how a business leader must behave so that he can get out of a crisis without harm to himself, his company and his employees.

Okay, but how can I use this tips?

  • Successful consultants are organized. Build your agenda and set your priorities;
  • To succeed in the profession, eliminate distraction. Make schedules;
  • Have equipment that matches your workplace. Values your credibility;
  • A logo indicates professionalism. Print your organization's fingerprint, create your identity;
  • Create your presentation media. According to the book "Getting Started in Consulting", meeting people is easy, not convincing customers;
  • Create a personalized website. Enjoy the internet as a passport to your success. Pay attention to technologies;
  • Quality outweighs quantity. Relationship with many people is good, but getting leads is even better.

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