Hackeando Tudo - Raiam Santos

Hackeando Tudo - Raiam Santos

Learn in this summary, habits that will better your life in all aspects and hack your way in to success!

Starting a process of self-improvement is a difficult task and, especially if you don't know where to start and don't have the time, can become even more difficult.

The path of habit it's a good way to guarantee your rise in life, that been said, check out these pro-tips that successful people do, presented by the author Raiam Santos in his book "Hackeando Tudo".

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About the book "Hackeando Tudo"

The book "Hackeando Tudo", released in 2015, written by author Raiam Santos is a guide of habits that help the reader achieve personal improvement and promises to change today's generation.

Simple and direct, this publication brings habits to improve in various aspects of your life, being section in "Productivity", "Body", "Mind", "People", "Finances" and "Knowledge".

About the author Raiam Santos

Raiam Santos is a writer, entrepreneur, and digital influencer with a degree in Economy, International Sciences and Bachelor of Arts from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Formerly a football player in the NCAA and commentator on the sport. Is an author of many best-sellers such as "Illegal Immigrant" and "Hackeando Tudo", and currently is a public speaker and CEO of Kobe Editora.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you are young and are looking for habits that you can apply in your life that can improve from your health to finance, this publication "Hackeando Tudo" was made for you!

Main ideas of the book "Hackeando Tudo"

  • Simple habits and routines can change your life;
  • Successful people achieve success through routine and perseverance;
  • Focus on people around you and don't be superficial;
  • Quantify your progress and police yourself;
  • Save and invest, make the money work for you.

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[Book Summary] Hackeando Tudo - Raiam Santos

Overview: Productivity

Throughout history in various fields, successful people achieved through habits, discipline, and self-control.

With that, author Raiam Santos raises in his book, "Hackeando Tudo", various habits, or how he establishes, "hacks", that he and other successful people apply every day and that you too can apply, starting through the i ncrease in Productivity:

Hack 1) Use less social network- focus on yourself and what you should be doing;

Hack 2) Uninstall all social network from your cellphone, do not fall into temptation;

Hack 3) Block the social networks when you have something to do, focusing on what's to do now;

Hack 4) Disable push-notifications in your phone, it can distract you;

Hack 5) Leave your WhatsApp groups, though it may seem sad do not worry, who truly likes you will continue to talk to you;

Hack 6) Use a done-list instead of a to-do list, you'll feel more motivated to conclude it;

Hack 7) Complete something daily, plan less execute more;

Hack 8) Work using timers, it will help you to control time;

Hack 9) Monitor the time you spend in every activity, this will give you more control in what you do;

Hack 10) Measure your progress daily;

Hack 11) Create rewards for your routine, the reward helps to memorize the habit and to make it permanent;

Hack 12) Have a production buddy, both of you will motivate each other to improve and have more ideas;

Hack 13) Have a break of one hour for lunch, rest your mind and focus on eating;

Hack 14) Do not do multitasking, focalize 100% in one thing;

Hack 15) Apply the Pareto Principle, if 80% of the results came from 20% of the efforts, focus in this 20% and improve your productivity;

Hack 16) Stop watching TV, 67% of all millionaires have stopped it, why not do the same?

Hack 17) Exercise the Law of Parkinson, create a factor of urgency in what you do, your productivity will explode;

Hack 18) Start by the most difficult task, this hack promises to facilitate your work and increase your productivity;

Hack 19) Organize your table before doing something, "a clean table equals a clean mind";

Hack 20) Listen to music, this habit increases productivity, but preferably nothing with vocals to be distracted by what is said;

Hack 21) Take nootropics, they can improve your concentration, attention to detail, creativity, and mental capability! But remember to consult a professional doctor in doubt;

Hack 22) Dress to impress, be it at home or everywhere, and mostly, for yourself;

Hack 23) Apply the "rule of 2", if something takes less than 2 minutes to be done, do it;

Hack 24) Make the bed after you wake up, this increases your productivity.

Overview: Body

Hack 25) Drink 6 glasses of water a day, your health and satiety will increase with this practice;

Hack 26) Drink water with lemon as soon as you get out of bed, you will have more energy in the morning, but don't forget to take it on fasting;

Hack 27) Take a multivitamin, it increases satiety, helping to lose weight;

Hack 28) Go for 15 minutes in the sun, as it helps to produce vitamin D, improving the skin, immune system, and bones;

Hack 29) Count how many calories you consume, you will have better control of your food, realizing those mini-habits to be able to change them;

Hack 30) Eat slowly, enjoy the act of eating;

Hack 31) Create a daily workout, this helps to establish a routine in the exercises;

Hack 32) Sleep well to produce leptin, preventing you from overeating;

Hack 33) Wake up at the same time every day, establishing a timed routine is the best advice to follow your plans;

Hack 34) Wake up early, you will be producing while others have not yet woken up, preferably use a clock away from your bed to force you to get up;

Hack 35) Get on the scale every day, it's good to quantify your progress;

Hack 36) Jump rope, it is a good alternative to cheap and super efficient exercise;

Hack 37) Play a team sport in a regularly scheduled way;

Hack 38) Walking 5 km a day listening to audiobooks is a great way to lose weight and gain knowledge;

Hack 39) Park the car far from your destination, this habit will force you to walk, doing an exercise in the meantime;

Hack 40) Supplement your diet with Omega 3, it is healthy, increases your metabolism, and helps you burn fat;

Hack 41) Take a cold shower, this habit helps your immunity and blood circulation;

Hack 42) Do a morning stretch, this is a good method to increase your energy and flexibility;

Hack 43) Eat mint leaves, it improves your breath and helps prevent cancer and even control some types of allergies;

Hack 44) Brush your tongue, in addition to helping you breathe it also fights bacteria.

Overview: Mind

Hack 45) Write a gratitude journal, doing this will make you a happier person for not focusing on the problems;

Hack 46) Create a motivational mantra, this is a tip from Tony Robbins that can change your mindset and fill you with power;

Hack 47) Meditate, this excellent practice allows you to reset your mindset and make you relax;

Hack 48) Take a two-minute break between activities, it will increase your focus, doing absolutely nothing.

Hack 49) Exert the law of five minutes, if something bad happened, just dedicate five minutes to mourn it, do not dwell on what happened;

Hack 50) Say thank you to yourself, this allows you to understand what you are doing and how what you do is important;

Hack 51) Write your goals, maintaining this habit makes you focus on your goals and see it as the only thing that really matters;

Hack 52) Write down your ideas, this is a great way to visualize them and get an idea of how to create them;

Hack 53) Make your playlist of happiness, whenever you need that motivation on a daily basis, listen to it;

Hack 54) Get in touch with nature, this is an opportunity to disconnect from your problems and even listen to some audiobooks;

Hack 55) Have fun, releasing yourself is a good opportunity to assess yourself, as author Raiam Santos says: "If you want to find out what really makes a difference in your life, have fun to free your mind";

Hack 56) Write a diary, this is a great practice to stimulate your creativity and writing;

Hack 57) Make your album of happiness, put photos of places, people, objects, and everything that is fundamental to your life;

Hack 58) Listen to motivational speeches, this will give you an opportunity to imagine yourself and fill you with energy and motivation.

Overview: People

Hack 59) Say the name of the person you just met 3 times, it makes it easier for you to remember them;

Hack 60) Connect two people who have something in common, promote networking between people;

Hack 61) Thank someone, even if it is something small, this is a great opportunity to exercise gratitude and reconnect with good memories;

Hack 62) Help a person a day, simple yet extremely rewarding, build solidarity in yourself;

Hack 63) Send a message to those you love and communicate your love;

Hack 64) Talk to strangers on the street, with this you will be able to lose your fear of talking to crowds and maybe getting new friends;

Hack 65) Scheduled a lunch with someone, it is an opportunity to get to know the person more and to be less superficial;

Hack 66) Hang out with brilliant people, if everyone has the same motivation they will be able to grow together;

Hack 67) Praise someone, be positive and positivity will come back to you!

Hack 68) Make a connection a day, even if it is through social networks is a great way to expand your networking;

Hack 69) Turn off your phone as soon as you sit down with someone, give them the attention they deserve, and they will also pay you back;

Hack 70) Let the other person finish the sentence, nothing ruder to interrupt when the other is speaking;

Hack 71) Exchange ideas with your mentor, you will be able to learn from the path he has taken and to perfect your journey.

Overview: Finances

Hack 72) Wait before you buy, if 48 hours pass and you still want to buy that, buy it, otherwise not;

Hack 73) Invest more and consume less, let the money work for you;

Hack 74) Save 10% of what you earn, this will help you save for an emergency or invest;

Hack 75) Invest in yourself, take courses, buy and read books, all this will add to your life;

Hack 76) Read personal finance articles, especially if you didn't have a financial education when you were younger, this will help you a lot to save and invest;

Hack 77) Keep your coins in a piggy bank and have the satisfaction of collecting coins and finding lots of money;

Hack 78) Record your expenses;

Hack 79) Replace the credit and debit card with cash;

Hack 80) Carry two wallets, one for everyday expenses like shopping at the supermarket, and the other with your credit card, this will reduce your compulsive purchases;

Hack 81) Take your own bag to the supermarket, avoid buying more than necessary, in addition to helping the environment;

Hack 82) Cook at home, in addition to avoiding expenses this can help your health and be a good hobby;

Hack 83) Research before you buy, buy it cheaper, and avoid unnecessary purchases;

Hack 84) Work on your side project, this is a good opportunity to work on something you like and to be an entrepreneur.

Overview: Knowledge

Hack 85) Read a book to acquire new knowledge and mentoring that you would not have access to otherwise;

Hack 86) Follow the world news, it is good to stay informed;

Hack 87) Learn a new word a day, either in a foreign language or in English, your self-confidence is sure to increase;

Hack 88) Read a Wikipedia article a day, expand your knowledge and discover more of the world;

Hack 89) Get out of your comfort zone, exercise your will to grow, and challenge yourself;

Hack 90) Take a break to draw, it helps to develop your creativity and concentration;

Hack 91) Listen to audiobooks, especially when you are doing something else, it is a way to acquire knowledge in a practical and fast way;

Hack 92) Take courses, never stop learning, regardless of which area you belong to.

What do other authors say about it?

The concept of the habit can change your life, identifying the suggestion, routine and reward can change your habits, is deeply discussed in "The Power of Habit", by the author Charles Duhigg.

The book "The 80/20 Principle", by Richard Koch, deals with the concept of the Pareto Principle, which is based on focusing on the 20% of the efforts that are responsible for 80% of the results of what is done.

Finally, the work "The Total Money Makeover", written by author Dave Ramsey, is a good alternative to continue the search for financial stability and to be able to improve your investment journey.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

For today's generation, the path to success must be treated with purpose, dedication, and persistence. Getting out of mediocrity and being able to move forward requires changes in habits, just as the successful ones did before us.

Follow these hacks and change your habits, adapting to your reality, and gradually adopting them to achieve the path of improvement.

Did you like this summary of the book "Hackeando Tudo"?

We hope you enjoyed our summary and are able to apply the hacks that Raiam Santos uses. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us!

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