High-Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard

High-Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard

Do you want to increase the feeling of satisfaction when carrying out day-to-day activities? Learn all the habits that can make you extraordinary by being happier.

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Some people have successes in every area, even beyond average, what makes others wonder how they do it.

These extraordinary men and women do everything they want, yet they remain less stressed than ordinary people through healthy living and positive relationships.

And if, as the people studied in this book, you want to achieve excellence by delivering incredible results, stay with us and find out how to achieve and keep your success at ever-increasing rates.

About the book "High-Performance Habits"

Published in 2018, the book presents a different perspective than we already know about high performers.

This work shows you how to achieve high performance and also presents the most common habits of those who have topped and declined, making you understand that a winner is not the one who keeps his victories, but the one who can achieve ever-increasing growth rates, reaching new goals.

About the author Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is one of the most influential personal development coaches in the world, having worked with many people, from CEOs to everyday people who wanted to succeed by changing their habits.

He teaches that people learn quickly what they must do to increase success, but the problem is maintaining it. In this way, Brendon presents the steps to make a success routine, showing you how to achieve high performance.

To whom is this book indicated?

For all those who seek to improve their results in all areas of life, who want to increase their sense of satisfaction as they pursue their desired activities and goals. For those who, even having high performance, feel lonely.

Main ideas of the book "High-Performance Habits"

  • Learn the necessary practices to achieve high performance;
  • Clarity is the most accurate way to achieve your goals;
  • Happiness is achieved by higher levels of energy;
  • It is possible to balance personal and professional life;
  • Courage is persisting even in fear;
  • Feeling lonely is the first step to falling.

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[Book Summary] High Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard

Overview: Clarity

In this first part of the book, Brendon Burchard begins by showing us that many people considered winners may be unhappy because they are not sure what they really want for their lives.

Thus, the tendency to keep striving without having a concrete personal goal is the first step to collapse, as there is no satisfaction for the things we do, we just try to keep them without any progress.

So, to get out of this snowball, the first habit suggested by the author is to have clarity. The clarity to understand who you are, your strengths and longings, something that needs self-knowledge.

Knowing exactly what you want and where you want to go is essential to building your skills, outlining what skills you need to develop to succeed and how you to improve them.

Overview: Energy

According to the book "High-Performance Habits" having high levels of energy will make you more likely to be happy and achieve what you crave.

To do this, the first practice suggested is to release tension by watching all the transitions you make during your day, from taking the kids to school to going to work, to the gym, and back home again.

All of this gives you a tension that can be released through two minutes a day repeating the word "Release" with your eyes closed, focusing on relieving the stress.

Then, for the second practice of this step, you need to think about what feelings you want as you perform your first activity so that it will bring you joy.

Thus, achieving joy requires emanating a positive emotion from everyone around you. This becomes possible as we create a new routine in our day, such as exercising, increasing health.

Overview: Need

Brendon Burchard highlights that once you have achieved joy, it is time to prioritize what is most important through the level of performance that each person expects from you.

To do this, you need to understand what gets you out of your best performance, not letting it interfere in your goals, clearly knowing the purpose behind each of them.

Thus, the author also points out that being around positive people increases the desire to achieve the goals, so you should bring them closer.

So, if you don't have many positive people on your side, Brendon teaches you how to build everything you need, as follows:

  • Make an incredibly positive friend;
  • Do volunteer work that gives you a spirit of bondage;
  • Play sports often;
  • Always have people guiding you;
  • Strive to deserve it.

Overview: Balance

The book "High-Performance Habits" begins a debate on the concept of balance between personal and professional life.

So the biggest mistake people make is believing that balancing time with family. friends and time at work is impossible.

The mistake is to think that you should have the same number of hours for both because the right is to take control of the evolution of hours we are spending with each area of life.

The key is to find out what your prolific quality (RQP) results are, which results in you need to prioritize and devote them to make them work.

So you have to figure out what your relevant RQP is, from increasing time with children to getting things done in less time, everything can be classified as an RQP as you strive to do it.

After that, you should outline five steps to achieve this goal, making a schedule for it to be possible, and analyzing the skills you would like to improve so that your goal can be accomplished faster.

Overview: Influence

To reach his goal even faster, Brendon Burchard points out that it is necessary to make use of influence.

To do so, he teaches that in the midst of so many requests you make to others, you should offer them something, thank them more.

So, for people to be very susceptible to being influenced by you, the first step is to teach them to think about themselves, maintaining an effective dialogue by getting them to think from another angle.

The second step is to encourage everyone around you to grow by thinking about the contribution they already make to others and what they could intimately improve to achieve greater success.

Linked to this, the third step is to set an example by thinking about how you could improve, being honest with others and yourself about what needs to be evolved.

Overview: Courage

The book "High-Performance Habit" shows that courage is not to stop being afraid but to persist even if it haunts you.

For this, the author challenges us to perform three practices:

  1. value your struggle;
  2. share your ambitions and principles;
  3. as well as finding someone worth fighting for.

The first practice should make you reflect on what struggles you have been facing and what lesson you could draw from them.

The second is about telling people about your dreams, asking them for help in making them come true.

Finally, the third, as the name implies, is thinking about others, what you could do to protect your loved ones.

When done, these three tasks will make you a more open person, less susceptible to negative thoughts as you increase your level of courage.

Overview: Solitaire at the top

Here the author's remarks about what the most successful practitioners did to decline.

There are three causes for this collapse, stemming from negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are slowly killing people: superiority, dissatisfaction, and neglect.

In turn, high-performing professionals have a unique view of superiority as they fall into the trap of considering themselves above others. That way, being honest with yourself, always evaluating if what you think about yourself is really true, will bring you a better feeling: that of humility.

The second step of unhappiness is dissatisfaction, the behavior of punishing oneself for any imperfections. To do this, Brendon teaches you to exercise the understanding that even if things don't go as you wish, you should enjoy them.

Finally, the third point is neglect, that is, doing too many things that can get out of reach, a constant juggling of activities that, when they fall, cause a wave of dissatisfaction. To prevent this from becoming routine, the author suggests that you learn to say no by evaluating what is really important to your life.

Overview: One Important Thing

To get out of unhappiness, three practices are presented to boost your confidence, as studies suggest that the more confident you are, the more likely you are to not be exhausted in your work.

So, to build your confidence, the first practice is to stipulate ways to feel more confident based on your skills, how they could improve.

Second, you must evaluate who you want to become, looking at what you should and should not keep doing to reach your goal.

Finally, the third and last practice is a connection: thinking about why you are becoming closer to people and what to do to make it increasingly possible.

What do other authors say about it?

Just as Brendon Burchard introduced how changing habits can make you achieve high performance, James Clear will teach you how to make them atomic by enhancing positives and destroying negatives, in the book "Atomic Habits", a guide to changing your behavior.

In Paulo Vieira's book, "The Power of Action", you will find that you are solely responsible for your behavior, so it is important to focus on how to modify the process, that is, the system used to achieve what you want by using the four laws of behavior change.

In "The Power of Habit", Charles Duhigg shows you that your habits are directly linked to your achievements, and you learn to be more efficient in understanding the three stages by which habits are built.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Seek self-knowledge to meet your goals;
  • Release tension as soon as you arrive in a stressful environment;
  • Make positive friends who encourage you to be better;
  • Divide your time between personal and professional life;
  • Have more influence in teaching people to think about themselves;
  • Persist even in fear;
  • Do not let negative thoughts take over your mind;
  • Have confidence in yourself.

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