How to Attract Money - Joseph Murphy

How to Attract Money - Joseph Murphy

Who doesn't want to attract money, right? Unravel all the mysteries and secrets of prosperity and learn how to build a strong, solidified and balanced mind.

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What does prosperity mean to you? Do you have plans to get rich?

Often, we fail to achieve our goals and our target of wealth through indecision, fear, or insecurity.

In the book "How to Attract Money", Joseph Murphy tells us how to have a strong mind and what to do to make money run after you. Believe, this is possible.

Cheered up? Come with us.

About the book "How to Attract Money"

"How to Attract Money" was written by Joseph Murphy in 1955. The book features tips on the power of the mind and what to do to tackle the wealth marathon process and get there faster.

About the author Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy was a writer, researcher, and pharmacist who has written over 30 books focusing on the power of the mind as the key to lasting enrichment, among them the famous "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind".

He studied subjects such as religion, philosophy, law, and chemistry. Being a pharmacist and later was a professor at the Institute of Religious Sciences in Los Angeles. Later getting a Ph. D. in psychology and dying in 1981 in the United States

To whom is this book indicated?

"How to Attract Money" is for you who want to get rich, change your life, and learn how to use mind power to solve their problems.

Main ideas of the book "How to Attract Money"

  • You deserve to be happy;
  • Money is not a problem, it is a solution;
  • Prayer is an aid to enrichment;
  • Away from everything that drives you away from the target is an effective principle;
  • Power in the mind is the main path to wealth;
  • Wealth is a state of consciousness;
  • The realization of your dreams can be compared with the transformation of water into wine;
  • Filtering negative thoughts and opinions is a good tip for those who want to have a consolidated wealth.

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[Book Summary] How to Attract Money - Joseph Murphy

Overview: Myth: "Money is the source of all humanity's evil"

This statement stems from some beliefs that support the idea that getting rich is wrong.

Some religions bear the title of poverty as a symbol of wisdom, kindness, and faith. Joseph Murphy in "How to Attract Money" makes it clear that if you want to get rich you need to get away from this kind of doctrine.

When we are grounded in such a teaching, no matter how much we filter the things that do not match our way of life, the basis that supports that teaching is part of us and becomes a participant in our consciousness

If we are in a place or accompanied by people who do not believe that getting rich is a blessing, this mistaken view of money will start to be part of our lives.

There are people who blame themselves for being wealthy, business owners or owners of some great heritage. And the main reason is that they cannot reconcile their wealth with the faith they believe.

Murphy explains that wealth is a state of consciousness. Realize that you deserve to prosper, to be happy, and to acquire everything you ever wanted.

First, you have to start with the desire to have money and then things will start to happen as a result of your actions.

It is what he calls internal and external action. Internal action can be understood as a training of the conscious mind. The training needs to be with favorable ideas, with positive words and thoughts that will consolidate for the purpose of getting rich.

After all this desire for prosperity flows, with your mind already consolidated, your thoughts, your body, and your emotions will work together for the sake of realization with direct actions. This is what he calls external actions.

Use them to your advantage.

Overview: Blind yourself from Negative Words

When we are working on a project, we often share it with someone. That is where the danger lies. By the time we share our dreams, it has a good chance of not being realized. Murphy explains why.

Understand that the realization of a dream requires focus, motivation, and determination. If we unite all these characteristics, we also know how much we need to commit our energy to make our goal come true.

When we expose our life and plans and find no sincere support in our decision-making, we lose energy for two reasons:

  1. Because we feel the need to explain that it may come true;
  2. Because we receive negative words filled with unhappiness and frustration.

"How to Attract Money" explains that negative words are most often spoken by people who have failed or been disappointed in their lives. This is a danger.

The moment we receive this negative energy, our mental capacity to seek wealth, our spiritual strength, and our desire for victory become smaller and smaller. As has been said, wealth is a feeling.

And every feeling to flourish and strengthen within us must water and look for methods to keep it more solid, like a plant, forming a strong mindset. The author makes it clear that you can stay stronger through prayer.

Prayer not only allows us to connect with faith and spirituality but, above all, fulfills the role of "writing" in the mind the longings and desires. Our words are like stamps in the mind as we pray, allowing for a greater fixation on our consciousness and a greater possibility of fulfillment than we actually want.

But what to do when negative people have the ability to steal not only our peace of mind but at the same time blind our business and future vision?

Understand how to get rid of this problem by believing in your dreams.

Overview: Belief in your dream

Do not have this phrase as only a cliché. This is as real as the water you drink. Understand that what makes our desires come true is our hope that they really can be fulfilled.

This hope can also be called motivation. But what is the role of motivation in our lives? Motivation is the fuel for wealth. It is through it that you will feel excited to continue, even if everything seems difficult.

Motivation is not simply a will. Motivation generates action. A continuous action. Once you understand that wealth is a blessing and that negative words keep you from achieving that blessing, you will understand that there is a need to stay motivated.

We know how difficult the obstacles to the realization of our dreams are. And we always tend to give up, demotivate, and procrastinate our main actions, precisely those that lead to the desired focus.

But what to do?

Joseph Murphy explains three key steps so that we can be more confident and closer to our goals.

  1. Mentalize the project: Don't start anything without first internalizing what you want. Joseph explains that idealizing dreams greatly increases the chance of dreams. This is not only because it increases motivation, but also because while we are metalizing we are paving the way for the realization of the project.
  2. Mentalize positive words: When we fill our minds with positive words, we can capture the energy from good thinking and bring our goals into the subconscious mind. The work calls the subconscious mind the heart. That is, when we channel good energy and bring our projects to the level of good emotions, our internal actions work harder and drive external actions more easily.
  3. Mentalize that it already worked: Positive thoughts generate effective actions. Your brain will work to make those thoughts come true. This method is totally useful when it comes to dispelling the fear and insecurity that insist on knocking on the door of those who have some dream to conquer. Think about it.

Overview: Water in wine

"How to Attract Money" alludes to a biblical passage in which Jesus turns water into wine.

See that you can also do this with your projects. In what way? Changing the way you see your problems.

We know that there are few stones in our path, obstacles, problems, and adversities. But what we really need to do is understand the beneficial side of this situation.

Murphy goes to say that when we have a project and it does not materialize, it is a sign that we must change our strategy. We have to stop thinking that making a mistake is a bad thing that gets in the way. Error is strictly related to our personal and professional self-growth. We need to think that our failures are a path to emotional empowerment.

Emotional intelligence is a relevant factor for those who want to get rich. Knowing how to deal with emotions, frustrations, anxieties, desires and longings and, above all, understanding that there is time for everything.

Mistakes teach us to respect the steps, when we are excited about something, we often act on impulse. We do not project what we want by the yearning to put things into practice, it doesn't work that way.

Our goals need direction, they need planning, and studying the possibilities of actions is ideal. And maintaining balance when the error happens is critical.

The book "How to Attract Money" explains that our failures act directly in demonstrating new possibilities.

It is a fact how frustrating it is to come across a failed project. But understanding that our vision that will be broadened after this event, opens the door to new possibilities and successful strategies.

This is the water in wine.

Joseph Murphy says it clear what he means: to turn water into wine is to change your mind to the point that problems are a way to a solution and the fulfillment of your dreams.

It is to understand that the desire for wealth can be fulfilled with motivation, willpower, and mind power.

It is attracting money, turning invisible ideas into realizable dreams.

What do other authors say about it?

For Brian Tracy, author of the book "Psychology of Selling", successful people improve their inner dialogue with upbeat and confident phrases. For example, if you repeat the phrase "I like myself" throughout the day, your self-esteem will surely increase.

In the book "Focus", Daniel Goleman argues that practice only brings you closer to perfection if done intelligently, that is, if the person practicing is using this time to make adjustments and improvements. How much attention you pay during practice is crucial.

And for author Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book "Antifragile", we should be exposed to failure to achieve success, he goes to argue that we should look at people that don't commit mistakes has people that are not truly improving, only through success and error that we are able to truly improve.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

We can apply these teachings in a number of ways, such as:

  • Change the way you see the world. If your desire is to get rich, run away from religions that argue that money is a curse. Money is a blessing. Money is a solution;
  • Detach from everything that hinders your success. Get away from negative words, but especially from negative people;
  • Reject the fear that insists on overwhelming you. Protect your emotions, invest in the rational mind, but especially in emotional intelligence;
  • Use prayer as a passport to success. Internalize your desires and learn that talking to God is much bigger than you think and much better than you think;
  • Change your needs. Focus on your state of opulence;
  • Have constructive thinking and reap responsive actions;
  • Don't be skeptical of your dreams. Motivation is important, but faith is fundamental.

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