Inside the Magic Kingdom - Tom Connellan

Inside the Magic Kingdom - Tom Connellan

Discover the secrets behind this famous entertainment company in a simple, clear and objective way!

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Have you ever wondered why the desire to visit Disney is shared by so many children? In this Summary of the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom" you'll discover the secrets of this organization.

Well, besides a well-structured workforce and behind all the success, there are many other variables that are helpful for the growth of any organization.

Want to know more? This summary will explain to you these concepts as well as how to put valuable tips into practice throughout your professional walk.

About the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom"

The book "Inside the Magic Kingdom" was written by Tom Connellan and launched in 1997 by Bard Productions.

The work contains 176 pages and is divided into 14 chapters that will lead you to understand how Disney became the world's largest amusement company and what its strategies are.

The content presented promises to be a step-by-step to success teaching how to reach the highest level through tips ranging from employee recruitment to the right momentum to reach customers.

About the author Tom Conellan

Thomas K. Connellan, was a professor at Michigan Business School and a director of some management companies, including being quoted in well-known newspapers such as US News, World Report and The New York Times.

In addition, he is the founder of a healthcare services company where he serves 300 hospitals.

Tom is currently a renowned speaker in the areas of customer service, management and commitment to work. He has lectured to mega-companies such as: Anhueser Busch, AT&T, CBS, Ford, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Shell Oil and Sony.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book's content is ideal for business owners and managers who need to boost their business and don't know how to do it, making the book a vital handbook for their growth in the marketplace.

Main ideas of the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom"

  • Studying competition is an effective way of planning;
  • The customer's opinion is the success threshold;
  • Make your company culturally attencious;
  • Motivation breaks down barriers;
  • The way you recruit employees says a lot about your company;
  • The enthusiasm is contagious;
  • Cordiality is a transformative tool;
  • Customer attention is the main marketing strategy;
  • Satisfied customers are a sign of competent staff, and competent staff leads to satisfied customers;
  • Analyze the details because they make all the difference.

Now, let's see the keys to the rise in the business world!

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[Book Summary] Inside the Magic Kingdom - Tom Connellan

Overview: Building customer loyalty

The author Tom Connellan begins saying that for a business to function well, a company must be concerned with customer retention. But this has been a very common question in companies: "How to attract loyal customers?"

He also says that leaving a good impression is a fundamental attitude. More than that: the customer needs to feel dear every time they have contact with the company.

Disney is a specialist in it. Throughout the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom", it is emphasized how much customer satisfaction is taken into account, starting with treatment and calling people by their name. This way, the customer feels valued, unique and special.

This close relationship is necessary in all areas of the company, even those where there is no direct contact with the customer. That is, it is not just the marketing industry that has this responsibility.

However, in order to do this, all employees must be engaged with the company so thecustomer satisfaction is the main goal to be achieved.

Overview: Be thorough

Worrying about the details is the same as worrying about the quality of the services offered. The author demonstrates how important it is for this feature to be part of the company's culture, because paying attention to details is worrying about the company's reputation.

In addition, Tom Connellan points out that more important than investing in the commercial sector is investing in the well-being of your consumer. After all, the customer is a living marketing of your business.

Regardless of what branch your business is, the concern should not only be in the details of the product offered, but also in the operation of each sector and the structure of the company.

Sometimes the product is good, but what keeps it from winning the market may be a deficit in any of these areas.

Visible and invisible details

It's important to understand that not all details are visible, but that doesn't mean they are less important.

For example, if there is a problem recruiting new clients, it may be an operational problem, on the telephone lines or approach method.

It is not a visible detail to the outside, but to that leader committed to the company. Therefore, for the invisible details to be apparent to your eyes, you need to engage with the organization.

Understand that being attentive to detail is essential when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer permanence.

Overview: Value Your Team

Profitability is strictly related to job satisfaction. We know that the feeling of being respected and valued is priceless, right?

A motivated group strives to do the job most efficiently. Tom highlights this importance throughout the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom" and exemplifies many attitudes of Disney managers' recognition of employees. This is why it is so successful.

He explains that the human being works very well through reinforcements, which are called positive feedbacks. They are characterized as compliments, acknowledgments or rewards intended for someone.

Remembering that for more employee commitment, the feedback needs to be immediate.

That is, your employee not only needs economic income but also needs to be given a psychological investment. This allows you to develop their skills in an extraordinary way.

Overview: The Importance of Tearing Down Walls

A recurring mistake is the overvaluation of some employees over others. This stimulates a sense of competitiveness and develops bad feelings within the employee. Feelings such as helplessness, sadness, or superiority in the overvalued.

The author points out how extremely relevant the appreciation of all employees by the director of the company is.

Therefore, it is necessary to tear down walls. This process has to do with the extermination of vertical thinking, which is characterized by the selfish idea of functionality on the part of the employee.

The member of an organization that follows this principle is only acquainted with his own activities. He also cannot see the company in a collective way.

Awareness is needed that the company is everyone's responsibility.

As such, it is interesting that creative ideas, or opinions aimed to improve the workplace, come from everyone. This is an important sign that the team is interconnected for the common good.

Overview: Does your employee have your company profile?

What are the prerequisites to be able to work in your business? Good employee recruitment goes beyond the well-known curriculum assessment.

Tom Connellan explains that the employer needs to see in the candidate a passion for the business. And it has nothing to do with competence or various experiences in the curriculum.

The individual who has a consistent profile will be interested in contributing to the company spontaneously, not just for financial reasons, but above all for the fact that there is admiration behind it.

There is a will. And, as a result, there will be an enthusiasm that will impact the company's bottom line, customer reach and profitability.

Get out of the obvious

As said, choosing new employees requires a lot of attention from contractors.

And how to do it effectively?

According to the author, it is relevant to make a real questionnaire. It is interesting for the recruitment to not be something plastered and extremely technical. But you can also stroll in the field of emotions, creating situations in which the hired future can report.

Invest in your employees

In the course of the work "Inside the Magic Kingdom", Tom explains how interesting it is to see professional development among team members, starting with the manager.

This leads us to understand that business obstacles overcome sectors of the economy. Here lies the needy of employee capacitation.

The company must be fully committed to working for its growth.

Many managers, however, have a backward thinking about this. They think that investing in one's professional advancement is preparing that person for the competitor. If you think so, get it out of your mind right now!

A worker who is valued, committed, well-chosen and well-prepared has no reason to leave the organization. Quite the contrary, the individual inserted in constant training, courses, specializations will feel even more engaged in the cause and able to take the company even further. It is a cycle.

Overview: Have Fun

Those who relate fun with irresponsibility are completely wrong.

The author points out that the absence of fun is one of the main causes of professional disability.

For a good connection between individual and job, it is essential that the environment is pleasurable.

According to the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom", this is all about the company's culture that is pre-established by the founders. It incorporates:

It doesn't mean that employees cannot give their opinion on a possible change. But it is essential that the first step comes from you, the employer.

Tom Connellan advises to motivate your team and understand once and for all that fun and seriousness are not divergent. Actually, they do the opposite, making the business stronger and successful.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Everybody Matters", the authors explore how true leaders must study continually to develop themselves those around them, so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

Heidi K. Gardner's book, "Smart Collaboration", highlights the importance of cultivating smart collaboration with your employees. Thus, is made a team of great professionals aligned in order to expand their horizons, innovate, work together and win customer loyalty.

Finally, in the book by Flávio Augusto, "Value Generation", he shows how instead of just working for capital, it's important to create value for customers. Generating value in other people's will, in return, create value for you.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

After talking a lot about the strategies used by Disney, let's recap the main points so you can apply them in your routine, they are:

  • Analyze your customers. Learn how to watch them for more information about your product satisfaction;
  • Dedicate yourself to quality. Create an enthusiastic group. Study your business so that there is problem-solving efficiency;
  • Redirect employee hiring mode. Create less standardized questions;
  • Encourage the growth of your employees. Loyal customers are the result of a competent team;
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere. Remember that employees have in you a model to follow. Build a healthy and pleasurable space;
  • Have team conversation practices. Eliminate the walls and take vertical thinking out of your business;
  • Recognize victories and celebrate achievements;
  • Observe in detail, be attentive to your business.

Did you like this summary of the book "Inside the Magic Kingdom"?

Are you feeling motivated to change the direction of your company and achieve the highest levels of success? So don't waste time!

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