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Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas - Noara Pozzer

Discover how to create quality relationships and results for your team, through the experience of this specialist in social communication.

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These days, for anyone who dreams of developing your business, it is necessary to pay attention to some sectors, such as marketing and sales. Without them, it is quite impossible that the team's results grow. Besides, another matter that is often overlooked in a company is reception.

Noara Pozzer, speaker and consultant, gathered all her practical experience in this book. She argues that a trained reception team considerably increases the company's revenue. Allied to this, good sales practices and emphatic digital marketing strategies are essential.

"Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas", a work totally focused on practice, aims to educate managers to the path of better training and performance of their team. With an easy and instructive language, it is mostly divided into topics, which facilitates reading.

In this summary, you will learn effective tips and steps so you can prepare your team and make the sales of your establishment take off.

Good reading!

About the book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas"

The book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas", written by Noara Pozzer, was published on May 15, 2020 by Editora Madamu. It contains 220 pages and it's divided into 3 big sections about customer service, marketing and sales, respectively.

This work is a compilation of learnings and practical tips from the author's experience, who has extensive experience in the fields of social communication, people management and training. Each chapter can be read separately, without affecting the range of the book and can be used as a guide for consultancies.

About the author Noara Pozzer

Noara Pozzer has a degree in Physical Education, a postgraduate degree in Administration and Sports Marketing and an MBA in Marketing and Business Strategy & International Marketing at the University of La Verne in California.

With over 10 years working in social communication and leading high-performance teams, she was the creator of the so-called "VIP Service Method", which focuses on reception, sales and marketing.

Currently, Pozzer works as Head of Marketing and Sales at Vertical Digital and has an extensive experience as a consultant and speaker in the business world.

To whom this book is indicated?

The book "Insights sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas" discusses themes related to customer service, marketing strategies, sales techniques and team management.

Therefore, it is suitable for professionals in the field of social communication, businessmen and managers who are seeking to improve the training and performance of their sales or marketing team.

Main ideas of the book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas"

  • All phases, from pre-sale, negotiation and even post-sale, are fundamental to build a successful company.
  • Quality reception, especially in the after-sales service, creates loyal customers.
  • Reception is one of the most important phases of contact with the client, as it is the step that will make the first impression.
  • It is important to invest in digital marketing, not only due to it being an accessible strategy but because today everything revolves around the internet.
  • Inbound Marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that currently benefit the most.
  • Marketing people must be in tune with the rest of the company's sectors.
  • It is essential that the manager maintains transparent communication with his team.
  • A good sales body is composed of different profiles and masters the most diverse techniques.
  • Always customize for your client, whether in sales or reception. People like to feel special and important.
  • The organization is the first step towards success, so coordinate from your desk to your team's routine.

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The importance of online channels for your customer

One of the biggest measures of success in a sale is that carried out, spontaneously, by satisfied clients. Pozzer argues that any company needs to provide at least one service center online for its customers because today everything is related to the internet.

Thus, it is essential that the team monitors and takes care of its reputation on social networks, interacting with followers and positioning itself regarding positive or negative feedback, because even the smallest mistakes can destroy a brand, as a result of the accelerated dissemination of information in the virtual world.

For this, the author presents 4 practical tips on how to provide a good online service:

  1. Kindness: as most of the services are made by message, always choose your words carefully and guide your team to be kind and considerate.
  2. Serenity: be calm and placid, especially when it comes to user complaints.
  3. Agility: never keep a consumer waiting, your collaborators need to be active and rapid to respond to messages or calls.
  4. Clarity: be transparent in your procedures and always elucidate to the client any guidance or recommendation.

Team's education: the key to success

The team's education is the first step so that the company can gain prominence amid competition. This is because the more the employees are professionally trained and specialized, the more the customers tend to be satisfied with the reception.

The author endorses: to have highly efficient employees, it is important to invest in training related to areas such as customer service, management, sales and marketing. These courses are the basis to synthesize a good relationship with the client.

"It is through the reception that customers will be able to differentiate a high standard business from a low-quality one."

In addition, team education is favorable for the team itself, as it helps with the growth and retention of good professionals and creates the opportunity for the exploration of new talents within the company.

5 reception tips that can increase your results

Inefficient service makes the customer feel dissatisfied with the assistance and wanting to leave the company at the first opportunity. Therefore, the first contact is extremely important for building the relationship with the client, as well as for maintaining it.

Here, we present 5 practical tips on how to build a personalized and successful reception. They are:

  1. Attention to customer service: being respectful, kind and supportive ensures a higher probability of closing the sale and avoids unnecessary arguments with the customer.
  2. Friendly reception: something simple that makes a huge difference. This customizes the relationship and makes the user feel that he is talking to a competent and experienced person.
  3. Clarity in the transmission of information: this guarantees the high standard of the brand. The attendant must always try to be honest, asking if something is not clear and if there is a case of not knowing any answer, inform the consumer and get it quickly.
  4. Keep calm: especially when a buyer gets irritated, maintaining the team's serenity in times of stress reinforces the reputation for quality of service.
  5. Focus on agility: clients want quick and accurate information and the team needs to supply these demands. It is also worth investing in messaging automation software.

VIP Service Method: why have a high standard service?

The VIP Service, developed by Noara Pozzer, has this name because the client wants to be treated as someone significant, like a VIP person. The chances of someone making the decision to be the customer of a company, after an exemplary reception, are enormous.

The VIP Service Method evaluates a number of criteria. Therefore, for a brand to be considered of a high standard, it requires to have a level of excellence in the following aspects:

  • Ability to assist well.
  • Use of technology to speed up service.
  • Variety of quality products and services.
  • Proper infrastructure.
  • Excellent management of activities.
  • Staff prepared to offer a high-standard reception.
  • Consistent processes.
  • Reliable selection and recruitment of people.

This way, enable a specialized team to offer a high standard of service, provides a series of advantages for your company, including:

  • Highlight among the competition: investing in good support will bring a great advantage in the market.
  • Conquer more customers: offering VIP service attracts more people to your company and favors old clients.
  • Prevents the display of conflicts: reception, as the first contact, must also be the most attentive. When the user feels that he is being welcomed, he avoids unnecessary hostilities.
  • Improves the relationship: when there is a personalized VIP service, the team gets to know their consumer better, which makes the creation of effective strategies much easier.

Overview: Marketing

6 reasons to start using Inbound Marketing right away

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that consists of sending a series of informative content to the customer, through infographics, e-mails or videos, and has the purpose of making the customer willingly interested in the product or service offered.

It is the best alternative to the traditional incisive sales approach, which we know so much. Nowadays, Inbound Marketing is a trend, because thanks to the internet people are spontaneously seeking information, without the need for a more strict strategy.

That's why Noara Pozzer brings 6 essential reasons to use the exceptional practice of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Positioning in Google results: through the strategy of SEO.
  2. Use of sponsored links: can be done on social networks or within the Google page.
  3. Facebook profile: as it is one of the most complete social networks in the world, it is essential that companies have presence on this site.
  4. Instagram profile: it's an excellent way to publish more informal and visual content.
  5. Content disclosure: can be done through blogs, social networks and Youtube.
  6. Use of email marketing: it is the most powerful tool for the dissemination of relevant content, such as inbound marketing.

Many metrics must be taken into account when planning online strategies, such as ROI (Return Over Investment), feedback on social networks, conversion of email leads, etc. Therefore, explains Pozzer, these platforms are even more assertive than traditional offline media.

Why don't your social media posts work?

There are several reasons why this may be occurring. Nowadays, there are many social networks available, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, among others. Each of them demands a different language and we must pay attention to this.

A topic that needs to be considered when we discuss social networks is about the constancy of posts. At least weekly they must occur, and therefore, it is essential to have a planning schedule of the sites so that the marketing team doesn't get disoriented.

We also know that visual identity counts a lot for the company's social media profile, as it needs to be attractive to the target audience. Thus, maintaining a beautiful pattern of colors and a well-designed page greatly improves the performance of the brand's profiles.

Another point of extreme importance, perhaps what should be given more attention when planning posts for social networks, is the creation of engagement. Posts with questions that lead the Internet user to want to interact with the company need to be prioritized.

Finally, it's crucial to keep in mind that posts on the company's social networks cannot be made only with the intention of selling, as this itself makes the page tedious and unattractive. As a result, seek to diversify the information in the content of the posts!

Overview: Sales

What your sales team should know but you don't have the courage to say it!

For a team to be successful, it needs to be constantly motivated. Consequently, many leaders, in turn, avoid talking about important issues, concerned that the reaction will be the opposite for the team.

In any case, these guidelines need to be discussed and Noara Pozzer points out that, fortunately, there are strategies to communicate with the sales team in an assertive manner, without jeopardizing the manager's role. They are:

1. Goals are continual

Goals are a constant for the company. They must be reminded continuously and not just at the end of the month. Many managers find it difficult to request them, for fear that they are causing unnecessary pressure on their employees.

A good practice is to mention the company's goals in weekly meetings, collectively, without individually "pointing the finger" at anyone. Thus, in addition to promoting unity and collaboration within his team, the leader still remembers each member of their contributions.

2. Metrics are part of the business

As important as goals, metrics are part of the routine tasks of the group. The manager's role is to familiarize his members with all metrics. Therefore, it is essential to always bring them to team meetings, taking as long as needed to explain them.

3. It is fundamental to act with autonomy

Managers are a reference within the team, but in no way the team can depend exclusively on them. It is necessary that the leader promotes the autonomy of his collaborators, because without self-managing people, task control becomes far more inflexible and authoritarian.

4. Communication must be blunt and transparent

Whenever there is a disagreement, either between team members or between manager and employee, it must be communicated and resolved in a transparent manner. One of the worst practices inside a company is the dissemination of "gossip" or conversation "behind people's back".

Therefore, such acts must be eradicated from the corporate environment. To this end, the leader must show himself to be a very accessible person, and always pay attention to the pace of his team.

5. Getting to know the competition is part of the sales strategy

It is extremely necessary to get to know who your competitors are in the market. Customers will often mention other establishments and the sales collaborators need to be observant, especially, to recognize what differentiates your company from others in the same industry.

Comprehend who the competition is, however, doesn't mean despise or be unethical, nor to practice plagiarism.

The more you embrace these 10 steps, the more you will be able to sell!

Currently, argues Pozzer, there are thousands of people who crave to start their own business, but do not understand how to do it. However, regardless of the field of the entrepreneur, there is one sector that deserves their utmost attention: sales.

In this chapter, the author presents 10 tips for increasing the number of sales:

  1. Know your product well: this not only avoids unpleasant situations, but increases the confidence of the seller.
  2. Conquer your client: be available to them on the most diverse platforms and seek to answer their questions in the best way.
  3. Facilitate the contact between client and company: if the consumer does not find the contact of your company, they will go after another. Therefore, always make your phone or contact clearly visible on websites.
  4. Motivate your employees more and more: the more motivated they are, the more productive they will be.
  5. Notice when to say "no": this topic is especially valid for customers who ask for absurd discounts or abuse the negotiation.
  6. Understand how to deal with criticism: always take user complaints into account, because this helps your business to evolve.
  7. Keep the organization: of both the work environment and the tasks to be performed daily.
  8. Do not disturb your customers: know the limits of your reception as a salesperson.
  9. Do it differently: try to be creative when promoting your product or service.
  10. Always maintain your business in order: set aside 30 or 40 minutes of your day to organize files, stocks, etc.

These steps indicate that we don't always need to create fancy strategies to sell more. Often, increasing revenue means paying attention to details, such as, for example, separate greater attention to after-sales customer service, which is able to provide the loyalty of the client.

What do other authors say about it?

In "The Sales Bible", the online sales speaker and consultant Jeffrey Gitomer gathers his own insights into this work, which is considered by many to be one of the essential books that every salesperson should read.

Seth Godin, in "This is Marketing" explains that marketing goes far beyond advertising, and for that it is necessary to have a broad and deep understanding of the specializations and strategies within the field.

The book is dedicated to the internet world, focusing on digital marketing. The author argues that this area is specialized in seeking constant improvement, creating culture and making positive changes.

Finally, "Be Our Guest" tells us about the service practices that Disney performs with its clients, and that simply leaves them in love with the brand. Published by Disney Institute itself, it is an unmissable read for those who work with reception and service.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

The book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas" has immediate applicability in the routine of a team that works with those fields. So, let's review some concepts that managers need to take into account for having a high performance standard:

  • Goals need to be reminded collectively, not individually.
  • Always be transparent with your team.
  • Invest in online marketing, especially inbound marketing.
  • Be careful and pay special attention to customer service.
  • The first impression is the one that matters most, so educate a good reception team.
  • Never pressure the client, negotiations need to be flexible.
  • Carefully plan your social media strategies and save a time in your day to interact with followers.
  • Never leave a comment or negative feedback open: customers will always evaluate the company's swiftness and ability to solve problems.
  • Widely invest in training for your team, periodically.

Did you like this summary of the book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas"?

The book "Insights Sobre Atendimento, Marketing e Vendas", by Noara Pozzer, is an excellent practical guide, with essential tips for managers and salespeople. We hope that this summary has provided you good insights.

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