Leadership Gold - John C. Maxwell

Leadership Gold - John C. Maxwell

Discover how to cultivate your relationships for success in leadership. Check out all the tips from one of the world's leading experts on the subject.

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"Whoever gets to the top alone has done something wrong along the way". You will find out here that this is one of the main teachings of John Maxwell, because becoming a leader is not just about winning. "Leadership Gold" gives you all the tools to be the leader that your company is needing!

One of the greatest qualities of leaders is the ability to cultivate relationships. Therefore, as a leader, it is indispensable that you are a person that connects people, because as Maxwell says, they are the connectors that move the world.

Moreover, a leader must motivate, make right decisions, listen, among others qualities. Definitely it isn't easy to do. But John facilitates all these leaders obligations in separate chapters, which makes the comprehension much better!

Stop wasting your time and stay with us in this summary to find out the best quotes from John Maxwell!

About the book "Leadership Gold"

"Leadership Gold", released in 2014, was written by John Maxwell. This book joins the experiences from the author, over the years, based on trial and error, about what it means to be a leader.

This book is considered one of John Maxwell's greatest hits and bestsellers. In this version (2015), the book has 269 pages and 26 chapters - each chapter is considered by the author as a "golden nugget". The author explains what it means to be a great leader and how you can become one.

About the author John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell was born in 1947 in the United States. He is a specialist in leadership (subject on which hosts lectures), and he is founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company. He has sold more than 20 million books, among them we can quote:

Don't forget to search his name in your website to see all the works we have from him!

In addition, Maxwell has already provided his teachings to renowned government leaders and executives.

To whom is this book indicated?

The lessons learned here are essential for those who wish to become a successful leader.

You will find John's passionate belief in the value of leadership, facilitating his development toward it. It will change your view on what it is a leader. There are basic and exemplary practices that every good leader performs and thereby achieves success.

Definitely it is an essential read for individuals that want to become great leaders and in consequence of that, improve the company's productivity.

Main ideas of the book "Leadership Gold"

  • Strong relationships are critical to your success;
  • Demonstrate appreciation, sensitivity, consistency, security and humor in your escalation to success;
  • Expect more from yourself than other people expect from you;
  • Learn to accept criticism. However, understand that sometimes others criticize your position and not your attitudes;
  • We are eternal learners. Develop your skills and help others develop theirs.

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[Book Summary] Leadership Gold - John C. Maxwell

Overview: Whoever gets to the top alone has done something wrong along the way

Some people find that as they walk the path of leadership, loneliness is a burden to bear. Unfortunately, they are wrong, because loneliness is a consequence of selfishness and not leadership.

Good leaders accompany their team to the top, are close to their companions, so they can know their desires and share their achievements.

Overview: The hardest person to lead is always you

As we gain experience and wisdom, we let foolish aside. And for our constant evolution, we must use that wisdom and begin to focus on ourselves.

Not in the sense of nurturing egocentrism, but in order to attain mastery of self-knowledge, of our strengths and weaknesses.

To become true leaders we need to develop self-awareness. It will highlight the habits and behaviors that lead us to overcome obstacles.

Overview: It is in decisive moments that your leadership defines itself

At critical times is when our true nature is revealed. According to the author, it is the choices we make at those times that define our leadership.

When well taken, a decisive moment can solidify the relationship of the team. On the other hand, when poorly exploited, a crucial opportunity can wipe out the credibility of a leader, and without credibility there is no leadership.

Overview: Nothing like a kick in the ass to know you're ahead

All leaders are criticized regardless of profession. They must know how to deal with them positively, that is, to use them for their growth. However, as a leader you must know how to differentiate a constructive from a destructive one.

Overview: Never work a day in your life

You will only find your potential following your passion. Passion keeps leaders moving forward, even when other people have given up.

Do what you love and let that feeling be part of your job. In difficult times, passion will be essential to empower people, it will be the basis for not giving up.

Overview: The best leaders are those who know how to listen

Listeners know what is happening because they are attentive. They learn better than others because they absorb of various places.

In addition, good listeners have the ability to better see the strengths and weaknesses of other people. This ability is the key to forming good leaders and better people.

Overview: Get in the area and do not get out of it

Find out where you're good and keep doing it. Then you will be prepared to make your contribution, in the best way possible, in the lives of the people who are around you.

Overview: A leader's first responsibility is to describe reality

Leaders know how to balance their dreams with reality. Optimism is not enough to make things happen.

They pay attention to the weaknesses of the organization, so they know the possible obstacles that may arise. According to Andy Stanley:

"Facing the current reality is often unpleasant, but it is necessary."

Overview: To evaluate the performance of a leader, observe their subordinates

One of the characteristics of leaders is affect people who follow them, making the best or worse. It is there that successful leaders gain prominence, so they contribute positively to the people who observe them.

So by looking at the subordinates you will know what kind of person is the leader.

Overview: Do not send ducks to an eagle school

People are different regarding their natural abilities. Some will have greater potential for the activity you want to target them and you should know who those people are.

Thus, according to John Maxwell:

"Leadership is about putting people in the right place to succeed."

Overview: Keep Focus on Priorities

You will run out before you become an expert at all, do not waste your time. The important thing is to know what is indispensable for you, that is, prioritize the activities that generate the most return.

According to the author:

"If you do that, you're limiting your potential as a leader."

Overview: The biggest mistake is not asking where you are wrong

Inevitably, you will fail. However, it is natural for a human being to fail, but a leader does not make the same mistake twice.

When you fail, collect insights from your failures, look for reasons that led you to make the mistake, then accept them as the price for progress.

As Joyce Brothers said:

"A person interested in success must learn to see failure as a healthy and unavoidable part of the process of ascension."

Overview: Do not manage your time, manage your life

Time is the same for everyone, 24 hours a day. However, the return received by this time is different between people.

To become a successful person, understand that time is the most valuable product in the world. Analyze continuously how you are spending your time and look for ways to be more efficient.

Overview: Continue learning to continue leading

Do you have a personal growth plan? Well, people do not grow automatically. For John Maxwell:

"To grow you need to take the initiative. If you do not have a personal growth plan, do not expect to grow."

Overview: Establish relationships, do not just be ambitious

Leadership based on ambition or position will not last. The best foundation for leadership is the leader's relationships with individuals. Maxwell says that leadership is a matter of relationship as of hierarchical position.

Overview: Influence it's not given, lends it

"Leadership Gold" states that leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less. The extent that you are growing in leadership, hence you will gain more influence.

At that moment, people will be able to approach you by borrowing your influence. Be careful when lending it, make sure that person is qualified to receive it.

Overview: Whoever begins the journey with you, rarely ends it together

The people most attached to you today will not necessarily be with you forever. Do not try to deny the reality of change and do not try to keep track of relationships.

John Maxwell says:

"The right person for the team at the beginning of the journey will not necessarily be the right person along the way. Not always they will have the ability to accompany you. Some people simply do not have the potential to grow along with the vision and the team."

Overview: You will know the answer only if you ask

Inexperienced leaders end up making mistakes that could be avoided if they just consulted a more experienced mentor. There is a Chinese proverb that states:

"The one who asks is foolish for 5 minutes. Who does not ask will be foolish for the rest of the life."

On the other hand, the author makes it clear that just asking is not enough to get the right answers.

"When you know the right questions and direct them to the right people, you get the right answers."

Overview: People will sum up your life in one sentence, set it right now

One day we will all leave this life. What do you want to leave for the next generations?

Ask yourself: "What will be my legacy?" John Maxwell leaves one advice:

"The sum of what you live each day becomes your legacy. Add every action taken over the years and you will see your legacy beginning to take shape."

According to David Elton Trueblood:

"We have at least taken the initial step in discovering the meaning of life when planting leafy trees under whose shadows we are absolutely certain that we will never sit down."

What do other authors say about it?

Ed Catmull, author of the book "Creativity, Inc", advises: always give people more preference than ideas, because creative people create good ideas, but good ideas can be destroyed by bad teams.

The author of "Traction", Gino Wickman explores how successful entrepreneurs have an attractive and well-defined vision for their business. In addition, they know how to communicate this message to employees. From this, a guideline is created to be followed by everyone within the organization.

Finally, in "Life Changing Secrets", Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy and Dale Carnegie says that there are several lessons about success, which is linked, according to the work, to a personal plan that must be executed using the powers of the human subconscious.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Well, you certainly noticed that there are many teachings shared by John Maxwell. Still, you must be thinking about how you will apply them all in your life. We have some tips for you.

At the end of each chapter the author presents the section "practical application". In this section he gives tips on how to put the teaching of the chapter into practice.

After the "practical application" comes the "mentor moment" section. This section prepares you to mentor other leaders, that is, show you how to train other leaders.

The author makes it clear that leadership is not developed overnight. It takes commitment. Never stop learning. So, much more than just read all the lessons given here, start apply each one in your company.

Remember to be surrounded of people who cares to you, be motivated in this stage of transition is crucial for success in your leadership development.

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