Leapfrog - Nathalie Molina Niño

Leapfrog - Nathalie Molina Niño

Although the modern world is evolving, minorities, still receive less investment. Learn to overcome this prejudice by getting the most out of your projects!

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Is the whole world having opportunities, but you? Calm down, this is not things from your head. Minorities, historically, have fewer investments than rich white men.

Women, especially black women, see themselves outside a closed circle of business investment, exponential growth, and lucrative business, all because of their X chromosome or skin color.

But the author in this book "Leapfrog" will show you that you can turn it around: create, find funding, scale and take advantage of the life your business gives you.

Keep reading and check how is works!

About the book "Leapfrog"

"Leapfrog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs", was released in 2018 by Tarcher Perigee Publishing House in the USA.

In its 256 pages, the book shows us what to do to fight against historical data that do not lie: business success is linked to being rich, white and male.

About the author Nathalie Molina Niño

Nathalie Molina Niño is an investor, founder, and CEO of Brava Investments and co-founder of Entrepreneurs@Athena.

She says that women suffer from the lack of money more than the male population, which has made her enter the business and invest in scalable businesses that generate high financial returns for women.

To whom is this book indicated?

If you are a woman, entrepreneur, and especially want to know how to create and leverage the results of a company, this book is for you.

It's also indicated for men who want to learn from women much of what the business world has to teach.

Main ideas of the book "Leapfrog"

  • You must take advantage of your current situation to get where you want, always with a lot of creativity;
  • Find something you want to punch, and lose your nights of sleep by your client;
  • Learn to enter the world of crowdfunding, which accepts women the most;
  • Growing up is essential! But grow according to what you can offer.

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[Book Summary] Leapfrog - Nathalie Molina Niño

Overview: "Prepare..."

First, the book explains the concept of leapfrog. As a verb, it means getting around or being smarter than something that gets in your way, as an entrepreneur.

Already as a noun, it is any hack used to perform leapfrog. That means, a smart and ethical way to get out of a problem.

According to Nathalie Molina If you are a woman and are not scaling your business, or haven't even opened one, you probably have one or all of these problems:

  1. You don't have enough capital to do it alone or ways to acquire it easily;
  2. You have no investors in groups of friends or family that can do something cheaper for you;
  3. You didn't go to college encouraging networking and communication.

And of course, if you want to become an entrepreneur, Nathalie Molina Niño gives you the right hacks to get you ready for the business of your dreams!

Tip 1) You don't have to be like Mark Zuckerberg to have your own business. You need the vision, ambition, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, communication, and other characteristics to do things your way;

Tip 2) Turn that anger into energy, and never, NEVER let sadness paralyze you;

Tip 3) Take a daily vacation. Stop 5 minutes, take a deep breath, talk to people you like, eat something healthy (or that chocolate on hard days) and enjoy coming back with more energy, will and creativity;

Tip 4) Say no to everything that goes against what you believe and to things that can harm people or the planet;

Tip 5) One more thing: If you're not telling your ideas to everyone, you're on the wrong trac! And don't make the famous excuses:

  • "What if I don't do it?" - At least people will know that you have ideas and ambition;
  • "I don't want to give ideas to other people." - People with ideas are everywhere, the difference is the people who execute them;
  • "I'll wait for the idea to be fully formed." - Every idea is in the making, and if you think like that, you'll never be ready.

Tip 6) You need good people with good ideas and a desire to dive into your journey. You are doing something unique and cannot want less than the best by your side.

Tip 7) Use your current work so that you honestly gain influence, empowerment or even clients for your business.

Tip 8) Create the knowledge opportunities you need;

Tip 9) Many women are unaware of government plans to include women and other minorities in job openings or interviews. Scour the internet and make the most of it!;

Tip 10) The best thing you can do is to think: What will happen to me if I succeed? Since it is very common for us to spend everything we earn.

Overview: "To point..."

Tip 11) The author then asks you to make a list of 10 things you want to hit and see which one you have the ability to solve with a business;

Tip 12) If you are not the best-known person in the world, find someone who has some close circle of friends with the same interests and pain you want to heal;

Tip 13) You don't have to know how to program to create a profitable business using technology;

Tip 14) Do not miss your nights' sleep because of your competitors. Do it for your consumers, because all your feedback comes from them;

Tip 15) Know that franchising is a great way to start a business, especially for you to gain experience and perhaps open a franchisor yourself;

Tip 16) Fill every void of innovation and revenue opportunity you deserve;

Tip 17) Use that market share where there is less competition. Competing with fewer competitors increases your chance of winning;

Tip 18) First you will work hard, only then you can enjoy your life as your income grows;

Tip 19) The book "Leapfrog" says that this rule is really important: if you want to succeed in your business, never sacrifice your values for industry norms. You know what is right and what is doubtful, do it in your most ethical way.

Overview: "Go..."

Tip 20) Find a person who will show you that you are capable of more. This will make you want to be that version of yourself, and growthing and evolving is only one part of the achievement;

Tip 21) Go to smaller markets where any growth is seen by your customers, making you even more visibility;

Tip 22) In Nathalie's vision the most powerful thing about having things done in self-interest is having things done in mutual interest. This way you should go and find people to make a community that works for all;

Tip 23) Learn how to use the technologies that "young people" are using. They can be your competitors as well as your customers;

Tip 24) Ask the question "What do you need?". In the end, you are meeting the wishes of your customers and other stakeholders;

Tip 25) If you know someone famous in your circle, whether you're a successful entrepreneur or even the actor you like, don't show that you're at their service;

Tip 26) Don't be afraid to get out of the perfect communication bubble of women. Be you, speak assertively, research, be smart and demonstrate it with every word you speak;

Tip 27) If you want to be serious, show the receipts. This means people take who talks about exact numbers, money spent and revenue earned more seriously. Do not talk about abstract things;

Tip 28) You may have heard about mirroring body language. If used right, it can be mesmerizing, and your powers of persuasion will be greatly enhanced;

Tip 29) Make your brand sexy, always present and make it clear what is at the game for your partners;

Overview: "Finance..."

Tip 30) Make your money pay off. Get exchanges, free stuff, and as many discounts as you can. Starting a business is expensive;

Tip 31) Raise your product's prices now. You deserve to be paid for the great product you deliver, the quality your customers serve;

Tip 32) Stop asking for money from friends and family. Ask investors;

Tip 33) Don't let venture capital eat up a part of your business;

Tip 34) Debts can make you do the leapfrog, and let's face it: you need money, so you have even more money in a while;

Tip 35) Crowdfunding - multiple forms of financing, often from individuals - is one of the places where women get more money than men. Enjoy it!;

Tip 36) Gain traction for your business with your customers. Let the mouth marketing and organic sales do their work;

Tip 37) Show your communication skills to your investors, create storytelling so precious that everyone will want to fund you;

Tip 38) Finding angel investors is becoming easier for minorities. Take advantage of it. Enter the platforms, find the best way to find your guardian angel;

Tip 39) Search! Find out which companies were previously selected by that investor;

Tip 40) You should ask a question in this step: "How can I grow?" Or your variation: "How can my business grow?" There are several ways, check out in the next Overview.

Overview: "Grow up!"

Tip 41) Grow according to your own time;

Tip 42) With your values well-defined, you can use them to be your marketing strategy. But don't just use it to create a market. Create a movement;

Tip 43) Corporations are scared to death to annoy people. Do not be like them, annoy those who you have to, only this way you can grow;

Tip 44) Planning magazines and programs are now available on the internet for anyone who wants to see. Take your leaps and get into this planning;

Tip 45) Put your products in the hands of niche influencers, they have more influence on your followers than random bloggers;

Tip 46) It is ideal that you hire a specialized company or at least hire people in a specialized way;

Tip 47) You can grow overnight. Find another growing business and follow your values and join it!;

Tip 48) When expanding to other locations, find partners who know the customs and make that new "local" your audience;

Tip 49) Make big corporations not just your customers, but your partners as well! There is nothing like their authority to make you grow up fast;

Tip 50) Do not think that only NGOs can change the world. You and your business can too. According to the author's predictions, most businesses will be social in a few years.

What do other authors say about it?

Author Leigh Gallagher book's "The Airbnb Story" reports that her team's growth process was slow because the founders decided to build their core values before hiring new contributors.

The book "Let's Have a Coffee?", from Luciana Medeiros tells the story of the businesswoman Maria Luisa, who brought the Starbucks franchise to Brazil. In the work, she advises, do not hurry; You have to take it one step at a time to avoid running over in the process.

Finally, "Different", Youngme Moon, is a book that talks about innovating in the marketplace. The author reports the mistake made by companies that wanted to level with the competitors. This process of competition makes companies actually achieve a general market average, causing "competitive herd".

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

Women suffer in silence, according to the author in one of her interviews, especially in the business world where men take care.

As this happens this way, don't forget to make alliances with men or women who can give you the security to move on and reach your goals.

Also, remind your strength and that what brought you here is not what will get you anywhere.

Follow the book's tips according to your business level and needs, this will make you go far, woman!

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