Master Content Marketing - Pamela Wilson

Master Content Marketing - Pamela Wilson

Learn here, with simple and effective steps, how to use marketing totally to your advantage, achieving maximum return for your business!

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Your life would certainly be very different without the internet, or it already was, depending on your age. The author Pamela Wilson says in her book, "Master Content Marketing", that with the advent of the internet, something like a seismic shock has happened.

Customers have gained power during the purchase process, and instead of waiting for an ad to draw their attention, they can seek answers themselves. They arm themselves with information, so they can make an informed purchase choice.

Those who wish to market a product or service, convey the information searched for in the form of readable and friendly content.

In this summary, we will talk about how to create Content Marketing, how to bait instead of throwing a spear, that is, seducing the consumer.

Old marketing can be understood by the image of throwing a spear into a school of fish in the hope of hitting one. You spend a lot of energy and don't see much results.

Content Marketing is like offering a delicious and nutritious bait and inviting the fish to swim your way. You attract them to your space. Some will stay and be part of your brand's consumer group.

The author believes it is much more effective and even pleasurable to create useful content, than to produce a flood of not so effective ads.

Want to know more and learn about practical content strategy and marketing? Then continue with us on this reading!

The book "Master Content Marketing"

The book has 223 pages divided into four parts. It is a study tool and also a guide that indicates which steps to take when it comes to advertising. It clearly shows us how marketing can be more efficient than ever, as well as seductive and accurate.

Author Pamela Wilson says that we need to explore how to be more efficient creators, showing us that our creativity must become part of a daily routine, as well as brushing teeth and showering.

According to Beth Hayden, content marketing strategist:

"Master Content Marketing is an instruction manual that you will want to have at your fingertips every time you create new content. Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, this system makes marketing content fully manageable."

Who is Pamela Wilson?

Pamela Wilson started her career in the visual part of marketing - she has awards for graphic designer and marketing consultancy.

In 2010, she founded the BIG Brand System, in which she uses content marketing to increase the audience of online business owners.

In addition, with the BIG Brand System, Pamela helps people create online businesses based on their acquired knowledge.

The author has accumulated more than thirty years of career, helping several entrepreneurs to increase their profits with targeted and effective marketing messages.

Pamela Wilson is also the author of two more successful books on marketing and business.

To whom is this book indicated?

"Master Content Marketing" is indicated for those who work in advertising and marketing, as well as students in the field and interested in expanding their business, creating a new product or increasing their company's profit.

What are the main ideas of the book "Master Content Marketing"?

  • The new marketing offers people a better experience than what they have before consuming the product;
  • Creations should not be part of a tedious and procrastination process, but should be part of the breeder's routine;
  • Content Creation is both a physical and a mental task, it is important to plan these two aspects;
  • First of all, the consumer needs to know if you sell the product or the service he wants;
  • It is extremely important to have a cohesive menu of information on your website;
  • You need to present a brief history of your business in a way that is simple and clear to understand;
  • An important feature of content management systems is to add categories to the content you create;
  • The organization of the website item layout needs to be planned intelligently to attract the customer;
  • The title of your content must be attractive;
  • Keeping the reader hooked from start to finish in their creation is the key to recognizing your website;
  • Subtitles and summary are very important for your content.

Download the "Master Content Marketing" Book Summary in PDF for free

Do you have no time to read now? Then download the free PDF and read wherever and whenever you want:

[Book Summary] Master Content Marketing - Pamela Wilson

From old to new

In the past, advertising was done through vehicles such as the newspaper, papers taped around the city, leaflets, coupons and radio waves. Marketing was pushed toward you, whether you liked it or not, everywhere.

You did not ask to receive promotional brochures in your mailbox. The same was true of radio advertising. Advertising was synonymous with annoyance, invasion.

With the advent of the internet, it has become more subtle and has enabled information sharing never seen before. In addition, people's habits have changed and marketing has become much more intelligent and even fun.

The new marketing explores people's desires and proposes a better experience than they have before consuming the product.

According to the author Pamela Wilson in her book "Master Content Marketing", creations should not be part of a tedious and procrastination process, but should be part of the creator's routine.

Just like taking a shower, it should be almost automatic, not requiring much mental effort, being simple, easy and efficient. This seems like a heroic skill, but it's not that difficult, according to Pamela Wilson.

Content Creation, which is how the author puts this new form of marketing, is both a physical and a mental task, and it is important to plan these two aspects.

Once your physical work environment is prepared and ready, you will be able to create content in the same way that you brush your teeth: you will have what you need on hand, then just start!

Right planning is the key to everything

Author Pamela Wilson teaches us that consumers need to know if you sell the product or service they want. When people browse your website, they usually already have many questions in mind, but the main one is always "what will I find here for myself?".

"People generally don't surf the web with altruistic goals in mind, they are looking for something for them to buy."

When they enter a website, they want to know if you have what they hope to acquire. That is why it is very important to have a cohesive menu of information on your website, just as a restaurant menu must have a cohesive menu of foods.

Remember that you need to present a brief history of your business in a way that is simple and clear to understand. Do you want your website visitor to answer "what am I going to find here for me?" clearly and quickly, and this can be done by having a well-defined visual organization on your site.

Pamela Wilson highlights in her book "Master Content Marketing" that:

"A cohesive story is an easier story to remember and share."

Doing this takes time and involves planning ahead, but the effort is worth it. Planning will help keep your site on track and ensure that you tell a consistent story over time.

An important feature of content management systems is to add categories to the content you create. That's because categories help your customers find related information on your site.

One of the smartest things you can do - even if your site is already established - is to set up clear categories in which you can adjust your content at any time.

Pamela recommends us not to submit more than eight to ten total categories for a website. Most content marketing systems also offer tags, which need not be as limited as categories, and must be more specific.

This entire organization of the website's item layout needs to be carefully and intelligently planned to attract the customer.

7 steps to successful content

Content marketing works best when each of the elements below are present and well written. It is necessary that each topic be polished in the best way!

Attractive title

You want your content to be seen, right? So, spend a lot of your time working on writing a headline that really engages people.

As explained by the author Pamela Wilson in her book "Master Content Marketing", this "initial call" should attract the public and be instigating, so, possibly, that person will return to your site to contemplate news and review old content that she found interesting.

The first sentence

It is very important that the visitor to your website is "hooked" by the first part presented in your layout. He must feel bound, not forcedly, to its content. Keeping you hooked from start to finish is the key to recognizing your site.

The introduction

You may not have realized that any and all content has an introductory section. The content, according to the author Pamela Wilson, must have an introduction that serves as a transmitter for the main content section.

This is the first part of your online page where you are asking the reader to commit to the reading you have produced. The reader saw the title and clicked it, read his first sentence, and now the important thing is to make sure he keeps reading.

The subtitles

If you are not used to using subtitles, it is time to put into practice the use of this very useful tool in the construction of content.

According to the book "Master Content Marketing", subtitles are an important way to make your online content easily digested by the reader, in addition to enabling a better and unlimited division of sections within the site.

The main copy

What would be the main copy? It's all the rest! It consists of everything beyond the sections and content already cited. It is the heart of your virtual content, it should be subject to a lot of attention and commitment, so that the visitor is attracted by the arguments presented.

The summary

All good posts have a summary. At some point at the end of the presentation of the content you need to close the topic you are covering and take readers to the final element of the content.

The call to action

Marketing content serves a business purpose. It helps your website to be found and attracts prosperity to your business.

The author Pamela Wilson says that going to the action of writing and seeing what will happen is much more effective than not acting and just imagining or procrastinating the creation.

More books about digital marketing

Tom Chatfield, author of "How to Thrive in the Digital Age", says that, today, content on the internet becomes relevant no longer because of the endorsement of an expert on the subject, but because of the popularity it achieves among the public.

This approach leaves room for the mass of consumers to be subject to manipulation. This could even produce the imposition of lies and rumors about the truth.

On the importance of the internet for marketing, Seth Godin, author of the book "This Is Marketing", explains that the internet has changed the rules of the game. It is the most massive means of communication that has ever been created, as it connects billions of people.

"Dotcom Secrets" is a work that reveals the secrets of digital marketing. Russell Brunson reveals the importance of creating an attractive character.

This concept involves finding ways to divide your story, between elements, identity and narratives, making it engaging and making people follow you because they find a personal connection.

How to create better content?

Now that you are familiar with the concepts in the book "Master Content Marketing", how about recapping a few things?

  • The creation of content should not be a tedious and procrastination process, but should be part of the creator's routine;
  • Your website needs to make it clear to the customer if he has what he wants;
  • The organization of the content needs to be very accessible and simple;
  • The layout of items on the website needs to be planned intelligently;
  • Separation by categories helps visitors to find what you offer better;
  • The visitor must feel entertained throughout the content, from the title, introduction, main content and etc;
  • The first step is always the most difficult, but it is essential to prioritize the action, rather than keeping ideas locked in mind.

Did you like this summary of the book "Master Content Marketing"?

We hope you enjoyed our summary and are able to apply the marketing strategies developed by author Pamela Wilson. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us.

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