Mindset - Pablo Paucar

Mindset - Pablo Paucar

Learn how to improve and strengthen your entrepreneurial thinking for financial success in this summary.

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Have you ever thought about changing your reality? Change jobs and make more money? Discover, with Pablo Paucar's book "Mindset", how to change your mind to achieve success.

Changes in your ways of thinking improve self-esteem and make you believe more in yourself! Therefore, Pablo Paucar will present principles that will help you on this journey.

From his own experience, the author intends to help new entrepreneurs to avoid common mistakes and achieve their goals more quickly and sustainably.

Ready to have a successful mindset?

About the book "Mindset"

In the book "Mentalidade: Blinde a sua mente para encher o seu bolso", "Mindset: Shielding your mind to fill your pocket" in free English translation, Pablo Paucar gives us some principles and tips to strengthen the mind and make it similar to that of a successful entrepreneur.

The 224-page book has 10 chapters with many examples and activities to help you better understand your goals and how to put them into practice. It was written based on Pablo's audios available on his site that have helped hundreds of people!

About the author Pablo Paucar

Pablo Paucar is someone who, since adolescence, studied what makes people succeed, so that he could apply it in his own life. His mission today is to teach others everything he has learned.

He works as a mentor for business and personal development. Also, he produces content about entrepreneurship. His training and tips can be found in the format of videos, audios, texts on his blog, lectures, and books.

To whom is this book indicated?

This content is perfect for all entrepreneurs, especially beginners, who want to train their mind and behavior toward their goals.

Also, the book "Mindset" is recommended for workers who are interested in being the best at their workplace, attracting success and recognition.

Main ideas of the book "Mindset"

Some of Pablo Paucar's key insights are:

  • Your mindset can be shaped in a positive way for you to succeed;
  • You may recognize that you want to change, but you need to take action;
  • When starting a business, study everything you can about it;
  • Read a lot, seek lectures, and mirror those who are successful in the field;
  • Set goals precisely. Know what you want and think about it!

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[Book Summary] Mindset - Pablo Paucar

Overview: The 40 years trap

Sometimes studying, having multiple degrees and a steady job is not enough to achieve our dreams. So, what to do? The first teaching of the book "Mindset" is that, for something to change, you need to act. Have attitude!

  • When looking at our mistakes, we should learn from them and not be sorry for them;
  • To achieve the goals, it is essential to work with seriousness, discipline, and commitment;
  • Learn all about your business and then distribute tasks and train your team.

Overview: Your mindset comes preformatted

Our brain is like a virgin computer HD. Knowledge is acquired throughout our trajectory, starting with our parents. Adults should not forget to remain open to new knowledge!

Entrepreneurship is not only opening a business, but also a way of acting. Be proactive, seek new solutions in your own job, and take risks to improve processes, recomends the author Pablo Paucar.

One must always be attuned to the present, learning from other people's experiences. After all, you never know when something will fall out of favor or become popular.

Fear and doubt generate negativity and pessimism

To be able to see and seize opportunities in times of crisis, it is necessary to abandon fear and seek success.

Sometimes the country is broken and people are getting rich. Sometimes the country is thriving and people are breaking. In other words, our mental model counts as much or even more than external situations.

  • External results come from successful internal processes;
  • All the information we capture has positive or negative vibrations. So take care of your vibrations;
  • Repeat, reaffirm, and mentalize what you want to achieve.

Overview: Your mental balance is unregulated

In the book "Mindset", the author Pablo Paucar discusses the balance of positive and negative information. We must be aware of which ones help us grow.

Adults tend to avoid new things and then accept or reject what appears according to precepts they always had. To put yourself in the role of apprentice, it is necessary to model your mental balance for new teachings and actions.

  • If there are people who have already been successful in the area you want, be with them and get to know more about them;
  • Work your mental state so that you choose how to act in times of stress, irritation, and low energy;
  • Choose the people with whom you will relate according to the energies you seek;
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem.

Overview: Clarity gives power

It is important that you know how to answer the following questions:

  • "What do I really want?";
  • "What can't I take anymore?".

As the author Pablo Paucar says, these questions will give you more guidance and security to pursue your goals.

Changing the course of the game

  • It's not enough to want something, you need to crave it;
  • Make long-term plans to achieve your goals.
  • Remember: be persistent! No one can bring you or your focus down;
  • Research the opportunity you want to embrace;
  • Change takes time, be patient and understand your process.

Not Knowing + Learning + Doing = Success!

Overview: Success is not a fluke

Wealth and happiness don't happen by chance. They require projects and purpose, as well as time, discipline, focus, and persistence.

The author Pablo Paucar reinforces in the book "Mindset" that it is necessary to leave the comfort zone.

Do you work every day from 8 am to 6 pm, come home, watch TV, spend little time with family and friends? Do you feel dissatisfied? Why haven't you tried to change yet?

Little things make a difference. People who pay attention to details are more likely to get rich. Therefore, there may be coworkers performing the same duties but earning more money.

A thousand pieces of the puzzle of your life

Either way, you are going to be somewhere in ten years. So, it is important to plan it!

Life needs a meaning, a purpose. You need to know what you want to conquer in order to get out and fight for it.

What is your effort for? At the least? Or do you want to earn more?

Set your goals. Only then planning will make sense.

The danger of bad influences

Be careful not to listen to those who doubt your ability and say negative things. Protect your thoughts from the envy you will encounter along the way.

The author Pablo Paucar reinforces the importance of trusting yourself and believing that the best is yet to come.

Overview: Goals define your destiny

The importance of having goals

Writing your goals and following them is a powerful tool.

In the book "Mindset", Pablo Paucar instructs to put together a "Dream Board". In it, you should paste images that represent the things you want to achieve, dividing by their deadlines (one year, five, ten...).

Charting your path

  • Know your current reality, including your economic level and your behaviors;
  • There is a similar thinking model among successful people. To grow economically, you must also pursue it;
  • The change must be internal, aimed at creating new values, new habits, new beliefs;
  • Changes can be achieved through your vocabulary, mental model, and posture.

What does success mean to you?

Define it and you will better identify your goals. You have to decide to succeed. Don't be afraid, the important thing is to act, to fight. See yourself as capable of achieving better results.

Time is life. Take care and value each day that is available to you.

Overview: Just making money doesn't make you rich

It's important to give yourself 100% to the work you do to make better things come to you. The keys that open all doors are gratitude and service.

You need to find ways to earn more money from your work and, consequently, your own earnings increase.

Serving is the greatest source of wealth. But why is a waiter, who serves so many people a day, not rich? Because he is serving his boss!

And what is serving, after all?

The author Pablo Paucar explains that it is meeting the needs and solving problems of consumers, leaders, and bosses. There are trends in the market that end professions. However, there are also those who create professions. Work on developing your entrepreneurial thinking, paying attention to details.

  • The way you sell your service is important. Ask yourself: "How do I advertise my work?";
  • Spend less than you earn, even if it means living at a lower level;
  • Protect your assets and learn about investments.

Overview: Our society needs leaders

Leaders are those who guide us, tell us what to do. They are safe and able to see beyond for a group to achieve goals, have vision. Have you ever imagined yourself as the leader you can be?

As a leader, you must inspire and motivate those who follow you. You should also be able to focus more on progress than on problem solving, so as not to freeze.

The author Pablo Paucar mentions that there are several types of leadership. The one that brings the most results comes through charisma. Features such as honesty, security, firmness, benevolence, and creativity are key parts.

Overview: Constancy

  • Always do what it takes to improve;
  • Be careful. Think about tomorrow and the problems that can arise;
  • Have confidence and patience;
  • Work with excellence, always doing the best you can.

Following the steps presented in the book "Mindset" and having discipline, you will notice changes in your life and have achievements aligned with your purpose.

Overview: How to identify human needs

In this part of "Mindset", Pablo Paucar shares with us a little more of his history and talks about the needs we have according to Maslow's pyramid. For Pablo, the change of mindset is essential to achieve a more comfortable life.

There is a purpose tripod for satisfaction and it involves: loving what you do, using your natural talents to execute what you produce, and helping others.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Awaken the Giant Within", Tony Robbins explains that maintaining a commitment to your decisions can be challenging, but the more you try, the easier it gets. So, when you fail to try to evoke a change in your life, don't feel discouraged.

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors Bob Chapman, Raj Sisodia explore how true leaders must continually study to grow and develop those around them, so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

Finally, in "Focus", Daniel Goleman teaches how to focus on your goals, directing your attention correctly to improve your learning and performance.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Be selective about what you watch and read;
  • Start the day calmly, organize your schedule;
  • Watch your thoughts. When negative, change the focus.
  • The force for change lies in the habits you acquire, not just in motivation;
  • You can practice decision-making by acting more quickly in your daily life, when choosing what to eat or wear, for example;
  • Take courses, seminars, and training to develop the skills needed for your business;
  • Believe that you are capable of making changes.

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