Mude ou Morra - Renato Mendes, Roni Cunha Bueno

Mude ou Morra - Renato Mendes, Roni Cunha Bueno

Change the way you add value to the customer and learn once and for all what you should know to grow your business and your career in the New Economy.

Have you noticed that many billionaire businesses are in decline? This was all due to the great digital transformation!

Today, there is a new business model, and those who dominate the market are companies like Airbnb, Paypal, Uber, and many others, of which we had not heard anything for five years.

Everything is changing! Mainly changing the way you add value and relate to the customer.

Faced with this scenario, according to authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno, you have two options: Change or Die!

So, come with us and let us delve deeper into this New Economy, figuring out how to change your mindset and your business so you don't die along the way!

About the book "Mude ou Morra"

The book "Mude ou Morra", "Change or Die" in a free translation to English, was published in 2018 by the authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno. Their main goal is to assist you in the transition from the old to the New Economy.

They think this is the ideal time to undertake and for organizations to adapt to the new requirements they require. After all, those who do not adapt to this New Economy will achieve failure.

The content of the work is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Understand the concept and how the New Economy works;
  2. How to undertake it; and finally;
  3. The management of an organization in this New Economy.

About the authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno

Renato Mendes is a partner at Organica, a business accelerator, postgraduate professor at Insper and PUC-RS, and has extensive experience in Marketing and Communication.

Roni Cunha Bueno is the CEO and founder of Organica, he is recognized for having a broad vision, ahead of time, and was considered as one of the 10 most innovative professionals in Brazil.

In addition to both being partners in Organica, they had experienced at Netshoes, which they held responsible for making the company the success it is today.

To whom is this book indicated?

The content of the book "Change or Die" is ideal for you, new entrepreneur, or you who are already in the market and want to:

  • Leverage the results of an organization;
  • Tailor your business to digital transformation and the New Economy;
  • Have an active and effective working life.

Besides that, if you want to take advantage of tomorrow's huge opportunities to thrive and innovate, this book is for you!

Main ideas of the book "Mude ou Morra"

  • The current moment is marked by the speed in time;
  • Engage and bring the customer to the beginning of the process;
  • The new will usually put conservative attitudes on failure;
  • Error is part of the knowledge and growth process;
  • Focus is what differentiates who achieved and who did not achieve the goal;
  • Your decisions are based on feelings of pain or pleasure;
  • Start with projects that bring rapid gains, are easy to accomplish and have the potential for growth;
  • Test your product with the customer and create your business plan;
  • Deliver with quality, quickly and in cycles;
  • The important thing about an idea is not where it came from, but its foundation.

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[Book Summary] Mude ou Morra - Renato Mendes, Roni Cunha Bueno

Overview: The New Economy

The current moment in which we live can be considered one of the fastest in recent times, due to the infinite information and speed in the processes.

To be aware, did you know that accumulated human knowledge doubles from year to year? Yeah, this and a lot of other information is presented at the beginning of the book "Change or Die".

In addition to this information, the authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno present "The 7 Principles of Exponential Evolution". These principles are intended to help you understand the thinking and operation of this new system and to support you create new strategies. The principles are:

1. Customer Culture

Stop insisting on guessing what the customer wants, bring it to the beginning of the process, and involve it in all modifications and releases of the project.

But don't be satisfied just listening to the customer, he gives you just a few necessary insights. Take the challenge to innovate and bring something, sometimes, that is not said by him.

2. Yes, it is possible

You are solely responsible for believing that it is possible, if you do not believe anyone else will. Convey positivity and be a true dream seller.

3. The new always comes

You cannot stop the clock, the new will always appear. And the new, in most cases, will put conservative attitudes on failure.

4. Let's make a mistake

Within the growth process, there is a step called "error".

According to the authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno, all knowledge is due to one experience, and there is no experience without error.

The important thing is not to give up in front of them, because with each mistake you become stronger, and this current mistake may be what will make a total competitive difference tomorrow.

5. Ownership

Successful companies have employees who know they are building something bigger than themselves. With this, they work and commit more.

Today, large companies place a high value on this. So, bringing people like this to your team will make you positively surprised, because they always go beyond.

6. Live well in discomfort

If you are usually accommodated, you may soon change, otherwise, failure is already certain in the New Economy.

Building a balanced life is synonymous with happiness, according to the book "Change or Die". To do this, understand your options, however uncomfortable and complicated it may be.

Making these commitments will give you more inspiration and motivation.

7. Focus and obsession

The authors define focus as a step that differentiates those who have reached from those who have not achieved a goal.

Finally, Roni and Renato present in the book "Change or Die", the last points of this New Economy: they say that many intend to move towards these new challenges, but have fears; they generally do not want to put jobs, titles and high salaries in the game in exchange for executing the idea.

Overview: Undertaking in the New Economy

Opportunity Size

The authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno report that most organizations, or their reinventions, arise because of difficulties, or a daily need of their own founders.

For you to live by action, know that your decisions are based on two sensations: the pains everyone wants to avoid and the pleasures everyone wants to feel.

But why are we talking about this? Well, your customer is the center of attention, and you should answer the two questions very well, which is "what pain does my product or service solve?" and "what pleasure do they generate?".

Where to start?

To know where to start, the first necessary step is to understand the reality. To do this, you must choose projects that bring quick gains, are easy to accomplish, and have growth potential.

According to the book "Change or Die", these 3 fundamentals must be analyzed before starting any venture.

Customer Test

Now that you have defined your product, it is time for testing and continuous improvement.

Thus, it is necessary to map potential customers and arrange a personal interview with each one of them, to present their idea and gather feedback.

The authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno explain that it only takes a few minutes and you already have new requirements to suit your process.

Business model

In order for your business to stop being an idea and become a real business, it is suggested that we use the Business Model Canvas. Thus, it is possible for you to lay out your business plan visually.

Done is better than perfect

You've gone through the steps of picking your idea, testing and knowing more about what the customer wants. Now it's time to execute it!

In this part of the book "Change or Die", Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno say that their idea needs to be put on display as soon as possible and that it is useful from the start.

Thus, comes the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP): it can add value to the customer from the start and quickly, and along the way you will discover new increments with the consumer.

In addition, the authors listed some guidelines for success in MVP:

  • Start as soon as possible, escape the excuses of lack of resources;
  • Its evolution happens in small cycles;
  • Small achievements motivate you, so put your team and idea in play soon;
  • Define your potential customers and gain them as your idea evolves;
  • Each step should add value to the customer.

Overview: Management in the New Economy

Walk in blocks

If there is a common feature among New Economy companies, it is the ability to deliver with quality and speed.

This is very difficult to accomplish, so it is very important to have a great alignment of everyone involved in the project.

To ensure this alignment and a good strategy in this New Economy, OKRs and KPIs can be used. The authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno explain in detail and in an exemplary way how they work, and how to establish each of these models to achieve the goals.

Horizontal management

Do you know that boss who concentrates all the power in his hands and is the decision-maker according to his will? Yeah, let him know that this will change soon!

In the New Economy, management has to be changed, and hierarchical patterns and organization charts extinguished. The work has to be focused on rationality in decision making and based on data.

According to the book "Change or Die", the best idea doesn't have to be on the board, it could be on a trainee or a beginner. That is, no matter where it came from, but its background.

WOW culture!

Making your customer experience positive is a rule, so we have to focus on this step. But why delight customers?

First, what will help you grow greatly is to have clients who propagate your idea in the famous word-of-mouth.

Second, is that if you deliver a good experience to your customer, your financial result comes in the same installment.

Also, know that better than having satisfied customers is having surprised customers!

What do other authors say about it?

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia explore how true leaders must continually study to develop and develop those around them so that they can also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

In addition, employees should be encouraged to innovate and try new things even if they fail. This makes them realize that managers have full confidence in their potential and their work. In the book, this practice is called "responsible freedom".

In "Disrupt You!", Jay Samit says that innovative ideas have the power to transform the world and disrupt the system. For you to unleash a disruptive profile, you need to plan your goals and be susceptible to both internal and external changes.

Finally, in their research, the authors of the book "Built to Last", Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, found that most visionary companies did not start with a revolutionary idea that made them successful early on. In fact, they had a slow start and eventually overpowered their markets.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

With the end of the analysis, one thing became obvious: successful companies are those that have the ability to learn quickly.

We believe that during the presentation of content you were provoked to put your ideas to work, and this is the best way.

Be aware that the best time to undertake is now, and if you stand there and do not promote change, you will be swallowed up by others.

Did you like this summary of the book "Mude ou Morra"?

We hope you enjoyed our summary and are able to apply the teachings of authors Renato Mendes and Roni Cunha Bueno to your business. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us!

In addition, to learn more about the content, purchase the book by clicking on the image below:

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