Book Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras – Silvina Ana Ramal

Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras - Silvina Ana Ramal

Discover the commitments that make a difference in an executive's career and help yourself to be a successful businesswoman!

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Have you ever felt incapable? Have you put your happiness, dreams, and achievements in someone else's hands?

The book “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras”, written by Silvina Ramal, will teach you the 7 commitments every executive or entrepreneur should make to herself in order to become master of her own destiny.

A successful woman knows herself deeply, values her qualities, trusts and work without diminishing them. Then, the first step to this achievement is to understand your potential and value to the job market.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading because this book summary will explain everything!

The book “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras”

“Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras” (2019), “Women Who are Leaders and Entrepreneurs” in a free translation, was written by the executive and entrepreneur Silvina Ana Ramal. It features a series of the author's real stories and learnings about the corporate world.

The book is divided into 7 main chapters and a bonus, it presents situations experienced by women in the labor market and addresses common behaviors and structures of today's society that do not favor the insertion of women in the labor market, especially in leadership positions.

By presenting exercises and practical ways to develop and improve, Silvina creates with the reader seven commitments that will help you to be a more confident woman and, thus, able to achieve professional success.

Who is Silvina Ana Ramal?

Master in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, in Brazil, and Postgraduate in International Trade from UFRJ, Silvina Ramal calls herself an entrepreneurial woman.

She is a founding partner of the company ID Projetos Educacionais, which has in its client’s list some of the largest companies in Brazil, government agencies and foundations.

Author of more than 11 books and speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, career, and management. Silvina is dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and experiences she has lived and witnessed over the years in the business world.

Why should I read “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras”?

This book is intended for the general female audience, especially those women who work or desire to act as leaders in the corporate world.

The book is intended to empower women by encouraging them to assume who they are, trust their potential and understand how to succeed in their careers as entrepreneurs or executives.

What can I learn from “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras”?

  • How female talent was made invisible and discarded throughout history;
  • What forms of self-sabotage many women use out of habit and how to get around them;
  • How much women should be aware of their rights and potentialities;
  • Having an entrepreneurial attitude is to demonstrate the ability to perform;
  • Risk is something to be managed and not avoided;
  • The higher your professional ambitions, the farther from the trivial and conventional you need to go;
  • Practical tips on how to develop skills for successful professionals.

In this summary, we will present the 7 commitments that every woman should make to obtain personal and professional success that can also be used by anyone.

Let's start?

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[Book Summary] Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras - Silvina Ana Ramal

Commitment 1 – Recognize Your Value

Most women feel insecure when facing a promotion or opportunity of great responsibility and recognition. On the contrary, it is common for a man in similar situations to feel only grateful and with positive expectations.

To understand the causes of this common situation, Silvina Ramalr states that we must look at the structures in which our society was built. From childhood every woman sees the feminine being diminished in the family and in environments in which she lives.

Many girls grow up believing they are not fit enough to face certain challenges. These beliefs often end up being reflected in career choices.

It is normal for women to feel insecure and inferior because they have so much trauma.

For both professional and personal success, you need to recognize your value and move forward in the face of a challenge, even when you feel insecure.

At the end of the chapter, the author proposes to the reader to list things that she does safely and from which she always gets a positive result.

Commitment 2 – Never Decline yourself

Do you consider yourself worthy of a prize for any achievement or talent?

Silvana provides several examples of how women sabotage their own achievements, and they can be from not accepting compliments to attributing all your great deeds to luck.

A woman with self-love and high self-esteem is generally not well regarded by society. It is imposed that the perfect woman standard is one that serves, supports and protects everyone around.

This way, feeling fraudulent in achieving a great achievement is a typically female reaction. So, it is necessary to break with this pattern.

In the exercises of this chapter, the reader is encouraged, with practical activities, to take responsibility for her achievements and conquests.

Commitment 3 – Be your primary source of happiness and fulfillment

Most of the time, it is expected that women place their chances of happiness and future on a man and a family.

But why can't you be the person responsible for making your own dreams come true? Why don't your biggest ambitions prioritize the most important person in your life: yourself?

Society makes women believe that their personal achievements aren’t worthy, as incredible as they can be, because truly happiness can be only conquered with a man by their side.

The book “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras” points out that apart from the harm this kind of belief brings to women, it makes no sense to put such a heavy responsibility on someone else's back. No one should be responsible for anyone's happiness.

Then, take the lead in your own life and provide for yourself the pleasures you have placed under the responsibility of others.

Commitment 4 – Find out what you really like

Women often tend to focus too much on making others happy and doing things that don't really make them happy.

The author says that to put yourself as a priority and feel truly happy, the first step is self-awareness. Understanding what really gives you pleasure, brings you joy and peace.

Learning to please and love yourself is essential in the pursuit of independence. It is a prime characteristic of every successful person.

To practice, this chapter tip is to do programs on your own and create rituals that bring you happiness.

Commitment 5 – You're Not Perfect

Managing dissatisfaction among the various sectors of life that is necessary to keep in balance daily is not an easy task. People suffer for not reaching the degree of perfection imagined and seek an exemplary result in each activity performed.

Although this type of charge affects both genders to some extent, for women are still added charges such as home, family, and children. They feel not enough all the time by failing to pay attention to any of these dimensions of life.

Silvina perfectly points out that if you want to reconcile your professional career and life as a wife and mother, it is necessary to try to understand that you can do both very well. Very well does not mean perfect. And, of course, nothing is perfect. According to the author, you don't have to be perfect.

As a tip, try to cut down functions that do not necessarily require your attention and seek to delegate activities and enlist help when needed.

Commitment 6 – Look for Mentors

Who do you ask for when you have questions or need advice?

The book “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras” advises that having someone to rely on and guide you through difficult issues is not about demonstrating vulnerability. It is something that helps you in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

To choose and captivate a mentor, the author gives some tips:

  • Try to show your ability and value before asking questions;
  • Plan questions before actual contact;
  • Learn to listen actively;
  • Don't be shy about approaching experienced people;
  • Do not be afraid of listening to “no”;
  • Build network;
  • Be available.

Commitment 7 – Be Yourself, Assume Your Femininity

It is common for many women to feel forced to play roles, embodying characters that do not correspond to who they really are.

Be it a hard and serious facade, seductive or principled: none of these people reflect professionalism and end up becoming forced, damaging themselves and closing doors of opportunities that could be amazing.

In this chapter, Silvina Ramal talks about authenticity, spontaneity, and femininity. She stresses how the world needs a real feminine charisma.

To do this, the author says that you have to be spontaneous and understand that you need to be yourself for your own sake and everyone around you.

Bonus – Competencies for Successful Professionals

In a bonus chapter, the author summarizes characteristics she considers essential to every professional of any kind:

  • Develop locus of internal control;
  • Detect opportunities;
  • Have a good relationship with the risk;
  • Commit to quality and excellence;
  • Have a commitment to the watch;
  • Learn to learn;
  • Work in a planned manner;
  • Deal with numbers and money;
  • Maintain an active relationship network;
  • Be a person of action.

Books about leadership and entrepreneurship

Brené Brown, in Dare to Lead, says that a leader must take responsibility for recognizing the potential of people and their ideas, encouraging them to develop the potential. Knowing that the true power is the one shared with all.

The renowned Reshma Saujani, in her book Brave, Not Perfect, reports that men were taught to become brave, while women were taught to become perfect. In contrast, once you learn to be brave enough to stop worrying about pleasing everyone and putting yourself first, that's when you become the empowered author of your own life.

Finally, in the book Aprenda Liderança com La Casa de Papel, Angela Miguel gives 8 tips for self-leadership, analyzing the series that showed the plan to steal the Royal Mint of Spain, which are based on planning and self-control.

How can I apply the ideas from “Mulheres Líderes e Empreendedoras”?

The road to success is not easy, especially for women. But with the tips presented this process can get a little simpler. So, let’s remember them:

  • Look for self-knowledge, understand what your potentials are and what makes you truly happy;
  • Do not diminish your achievements, accept compliments and acknowledge yourself when you achieve something memorable;
  • Do not place your dreams and happiness on the back of others, be the protagonist of your own life and be responsible for realizing your dreams and wishes;
  • Know your limit and do not cover yourself above it. Understand that it is okay to not be perfect;
  • Ask for help and count on people who are qualified and willing to collaborate with your success.
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Your potential is much greater when you embrace who you really are.

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