Nasce um Empreendedor - Bob Wollheim, Dony De Nuccio

Nasce um Empreendedor - Bob Wollheim, Dony De Nuccio

Learn the main stages, challenges and obstacles when undertaking in Brazil, and discover in a clear and direct way how to achieve the success in your business!

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How to start you own business? How to prepare for the emotional and financial roller coaster you must go through? What are the pitfalls to avoid? These are some of the questions that Bob Wollheim and Dony de Nuccio guides inside the book "An Entrepreneur is Born".

The book proposes to be not just a do-it-yourself handbook, but a source of insight and reflection on the decision you are making. Tips, arguments, and testimonials from successful entrepreneurs are exposed to let you know a little more about the path you will take.

So, whether you are determined to start your business, or need more information on the subject to decide, get ready to find out how an entrepreneur is born.

About the book "An Entrepreneur is Born"

Published in 2016 by Portfolio-Penguin, a division of Publisher Schwarcz S. A., the book "Born an Entrepreneur" brings tips, insights and even information aimed at adding value to the reader's entrepreneurial DNA.

This work has 177 pages distributed in 11 chapters and has light and relaxed reading, bringing provocations and reflections for those who want to start a business on their own.

Authors Bob Wollheim and Dony De Nuccio provide answers to several questions pertaining to this subject and bring together the largest and most influential entrepreneurs in the country to provide us unmissable tips and testimonials.

About the authors Bob Wollheim, Dony De Nuccio

Bob Wollheim has over twenty years of experience in the digital market. Founded the youPIX platform and is currently head of a digital at ABC Group. He is the author of the book "Undertake is not a joke!", Current account commentator, Endeavor volunteer and one of the leaders of the entrepreneurship universe in Brazil.

He graduated in business administration from FGV-SP.

Dony De Nuccio was an anchor, economic commentator, and reporter for several news programs. He worked for five years in the financial market.

He Graduated in Economics from Mackenzie, with extension at Brown University, USA, and also graduated in Journalism at USP. Nowadays holds a master in Economics and Finance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

To whom is this book indicated?

The content presented by the authors will delight those who dream of starting and achieving success in their own business. Three out of four Brazilians would like to start their own business.

So if you're one of those, whose dream of starting your own business makes your eyes shine, great, this book and consequently this pocketbook is for you!

Main ideas of the book "An Entrepreneur is Born"

  • Undertaking is not easy and not a joke;
  • Everyone can develop the entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Choose something that interests you and provides a real opportunity;
  • The "big balcony" is valid, but may not be the only chance;
  • Not being on the Internet means losing customers;
  • Investing in resources and partnerships helps this journey;
  • Undertaking is usually optimistic but it is important to have a dose of pessimism.
  • Planning is key!

Are you ready to take the first step to turn your dream into a successful business? Then come with me!

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[Book Summary] An Entrepreneur is Born - Bob Wollheim, Dony De Nuccio

Overview: "Some important data"

Undertaking is the dream of many people. Regardless of which branch you have chosen it is very likely that you have already thought of running your own business. According to surveys, 76% of Brazilians prefer to have a business to be employed and you who are reading this pocketbook probably fall into this group.

Numerous studies on the degree of difficulty in doing business show Brazil in a weak position in international comparisons. The commitment for those who wish to undertake here must be redoubled. In the country, the opening process is slow (101 days), expensive (3.7% of income/capital) and bureaucratic (11 documents are required).

But that should not discourage you! After all, every great entrepreneur has gone through this and the current scenario is much more favorable than 20 years ago.

Some motivating factors for an entrepreneurial to initiative in the country:

  • Class C represents more than half of the country, representing large numbers of potential customers;
  • Inflation is under control;
  • the volume of credit;
  • Robustness of the financial system;
  • economic stability;
  • Small business support entities.

Overview: "An entrepreneur is born"

Being entrepreneurial is a state of mind, a way of life. It is a mistake to think that is just to have an idea, a presentation, having an initiative or a desire for money. Were you born to start your own business?

The authors' conclusion based on expert opinion is that undertaking is like a virus. We may have fallen asleep in our body for years and so one day awaken it or not.

It is important to say that your way will probably be unique, but some ways to wake up this "virus" are cited:

  • Any major difficulties, such as losing a job or experiencing financial difficulties;
  • Someone who inspires him, giving rise to the desire to follow similar steps;
  • Some bad experience in a job;

If you are still in doubt about being a real entrepreneur, talk a lot. Search entrepreneurs and ask all kinds of questions, learn more about the career. Know that an entrepreneur's life is like a roller coaster of emotions and expectations, reflect on whether you handle it well and want it for yourself.

One of the most important things about entrepreneurship is making decisions. For this, it is extremely common sense to talk periodically with some experienced people who are out of the situation. They are the mentors. Choose wise people for this, who wish you well, but not from your family.

Overview: "First steps, decision, and doubts"

The first attitude after making the decision to undertake should be think about the reasons why you want to do this. Dou you want to be your own boss? Do you want to change the world? Do you want to do it in your way? Do you want more freedom? It is crucial to know these facts to not go blind in this adventure.

Now you need to define an area. For this, the key is to match what you naturally like to do with the real opportunity that the segment provides. Whether in an existing branch or in the disruption of a new branch, study so that chance always works in your favor.

Use a funnel of ideas, first based on your experience and then based on the market.

When you have a good idea try to kill it. Finding ways to destroy it as an idea prevents you from dying in the marketplace, which could do you more harm. Only proceed if your idea survives this process.

Behind success stories, it is common to identify a brilliant execution. Remember, an idea alone does not thrive in business. So always look for the ratio of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Overview: "The main myths about entrepreneurship"

Now, to increase your chance of success, you must remove from your head some limiting beliefs and boundaries.

The first is to have a "big balcony" to succeed. This is important, but it may not be your only chance, as it is likely that it will never happen. Turn the idea, genius or not, into a promising business through exquisite execution.

Also, know that you don't have to keep your idea as a secret. If it is good, it will not be easily copied and its execution will take it to another level. No one has worked alone, and in this way, it is certain that you will need help.

Now you have to get the idea out that the successful entrepreneur has a soft life or easy money. Even considering the scenario in which your business works, it is only after many years of sweat, effort, dedication and tireless work that you can win this good life.

Overview: "A company is born"

We will now address the birth of the company itself, and for this, there are some decisions to be made.

What name gives your company? Define a strategy for your brand. As you make this decision, think about what personality you want the company to have, what its target audience is, what its purpose is, and how it wants to be perceived.

Now that the name is defined, the trademark must be registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property. The process takes time, should be started as soon as possible so as not to be missed when the company begins to expand. Here you can think of a good logo that conveys the desired visual identity.

The bureaucracy in the country is big, so be quick to hire an accountant. He will take care of the entire opening process, including obtaining a CNPJ.

Then define your business location strategically. What is your customer profile? What is the location profile of your business? What is the area of influence and market? These are questions that must be asked to define and evaluate the point.

Overview: "Internet: an opportunity that worth to be highlighted"

In the company creation process, it is important to check if the domain with the company name is available. The impact of the internet on the growth of a company today is extremely positive. Register the domain and a corporate email.

The company is open, the domain and email are registered, the company is connected, right? Wrong! It is not enough to have website, e-commerce or email. It is necessary to "think digitally". For this, it is best to learn in practice.

Your website should aim at the ease and visual comfort of the customer. For this, use some rules:

  • A clear message of what you sell;
  • Clean, beautiful and straightforward look;
  • Easy-to-find ways to buy and contact;
  • Remember, less is more: be straightforward and tell them where you came from;
  • Have a mobile version, more and more people use smartphones.

Also, remember that nowadays social networks are an excellent source of disclosure.

Overview: "Planning: Business Plan and Business Model Canvas"

An unplanned business is a capital mistake of amateur entrepreneurs. Setting goals, targets and steps to achieve them is a procedure that tends to put a company many steps ahead of its competitors.

It is a good habit for this planning to be done via a business plan. This plan is a document that describes the objective of the venture and the steps to achieve the goals.

The business plan can become a tool with too much information. Which usually makes the new entrepreneur lose track of the whole. With that in mind, the "business model canvas" was born.

It is nothing more than a template that helps the entrepreneur to "design" his own business and define several important aspects.

Overview: "Formats: bootstrap, lean, incubator, accelerator, societies, franchises"

To help you along, we will now cover some important tools, resources, and partners:

  • Bootstrap: This term is based on the attitude of touching the lives of the company in the race, without capital and without participating in an incubator or accelerator;
  • The lean startup: The English concept means "lean startup". According to him it is always better to remain economically contained;
  • Incubator: Consists of a "company factory". They are protected environments that aim at the development of incubated companies.
  • Accelerator: Profit-seeking entities accelerate business by preparing them for capital contributions and growth.
  • Companies: Division of earnings, but also of costs and responsibilities with partners. It must be a decision made with great care.
  • Franchises: A model in which a business owner gives franchisees the right to exploit their brand, infrastructure, and know-how in exchange for royalties.

Overview: "Capital: How to finance your business"

Are you full of ideas but with not so much money? Discover now the main ways to finance your business.

The first and most common form used in small businesses is the use of equity. Money that the entrepreneur has in applications that do not come from the sale of property or real estate.

The following form arises exactly from there. It consists of the sale of a property and real estate to finance the business. It is more complex because it involves decisions that affect and impact much more on the entrepreneur's personal life.

Another way is loans, which can come from various types of sources. Banks, family, and acquaintances are the most common. There are also financings, which are basically loans, but with some exclusive privileges and incentives for business financing.

Within the possibilities, we also have, among others, the use of the company's own revenue, when it starts to appear, is the so-called reinvestment of resources.

Overview: "Investors: The Types and How to Get Their Interest"

The authors prepared a list containing some of the types of stock market investors. They are:

  • Friends & Family: family and friends who invest early in the business;
  • Angel investors: individuals who invest little capital at the beginning of the business;
  • Seed investors: persons or companies who invest with or immediately after angel investors;
  • Venture capital: funds that invest when the company begins to set up;
  • Private equity: Large investment companies invest when the company has already reached a certain size and proven its business model.

To earn investments for your business, you will go through the stage of presentation of the idea. For a good presentation, you have to have a good project, make a well-structured, simple and straightforward presentation, be short and convincing, and think big, boldly but keeping your feet on the ground.

Overview: "Execution is everything, now it's up to you"

A lot of people get stuck on having a good idea or a big balcony, but it's important to remember that a company rarely works out just because of it. It takes a lot of persistence, resilience and constant reinvention ability.

This may have been the starting point in your learning to walk the path of entrepreneurship. Know that running a business is a constant lesson and this knowledge deepens and renews every obstacle overcome or not. I hope you feel more prepared to start your adventure in the world of entrepreneurship.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "The Complete Guide for Undertaking" the 53 authors who wrote it state that the goal of entrepreneurship should not be just financial gain.

While generating revenue is very important, doing what you enjoy will motivate, inspire, help you get the most out of your business.

In the work "Entrepreneurship" by author José Dornelas, he makes a statement about new ideas, for him, no matter if they are unique, what really matters is how a person uses them and knows how to develop them.

Regarding the startup's foundation, Peter Thiel, in his work "Zero to One", said that "an startup with problems in its foundation cannot be fixed". One of the biggest difficulties is choosing your partner. This decision is so important that the author compares it to a marriage.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Dream big but be prepared for lean times;
  • The first impression insists on disappearing. Make it positive!
  • Choose your team and partners with dedication;
  • Have your customers as partners;
  • Never neglect cash flow even before it starts;
  • Be an inspiring and disciplined leader;
  • Ask for sincere external feedback and be open to listening to them;
  • Going for an online presence, at least with a great site;
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities;
  • Balance your personal and professional life;
  • Remember that failing is part of the process and learning;
  • Get ready to work a lot harder than you thought;

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