No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline - Brian Tracy

No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline - Brian Tracy

Learn here the essential tips to organize your life and be successful through an effective method of self-discipline, willpower and overcoming.

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We often fail to achieve our goals due to a lack of self-control and organization. In this summary of the book "No Excuses!", by Brian Tracy, the secret to overcome limits, cross barriers and reach the highest degree of success is shown.

We know that the goals were made to be achieved, but for that we need to give up some bad habits that makes it impossible for us to achieve the success.

It is all about self-discipline. Once you learned and applied this technique in your life, things starts changing naturally. Brian brings a set of skills and good habits to get you out from procrastination!

Got interested to change your life through a new lifestyle? Come with us and learn how to apply the no excuses approach to every aspect of your life!

The book "No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline"

The book had its first publication in 2010 and presents tips to avoid procrastination, program your brain for action and fight for the realization of what you have always dreamed of.

The 21 chapters in this book provide tips and tricks to get accomplishments in a simpler way of personal development.

Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian Tracy is a writer, speaker and president of Brian Tracy International.

He specializes in topics related to leadership, productivity, performance and motivation.

He has published more than seventy successful books translated into many languages and reaching millions of people around the world.

Why should I read it?

This book is recommended for ambitious people interested in changing their lives. It is totally suitable for people who want to learn from the source of self-empowerment and satisfy their hunger for success.

What are the key points of the book "No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline"?

  • The absence of self-discipline is responsible for failure;
  • Success is predictable;
  • Integrity is an indispensable element for victory;
  • Character psychology is divided into: self-concept, self-image and self-esteem;
  • The common denominator of all people is the desire to be happy;
  • Writing your goals increases the likelihood of success;
  • Achieving mastery requires commitment to excellence;
  • Optimism is the most important quality to achieve success;
  • Good leadership is developed over time;
  • Sales skills are learned;
  • Self-discipline and health go side-by-side;
  • Successful people cannot live from the past;

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[Book Summary] No Excuses! - Brian Tracy

The beauty of self-discipline

Self-discipline is essential for anyone who wants to succeed. The desire to grow cannot act on its own. You need to be an expert in the things you set out to do. For that, study.

Being always attuned, seeking lectures, participating in workshops and learning from the source of successful people is motivational and directly influences personal and professional performance.

Building self-discipline takes time. At this moment when you are available to learn and are looking for stories of successful people, remember that ethics and values are important points for the growth of an individual.

The book "No Excuses!" quotes that the main virtue of the character is the truth and this is about the necessary integrity for the transformation of an individual as a whole.

Sincerity must be part of your words and, above all, of your lifestyle, that is, it must be part of your personality.

The work details that character psychology is responsible for three parts of his personality:

1. Self-concept

Self-concept can be explained as the set of its values, ideals, objectives. It is the gathering of qualities that you admire in people and want to add to yourself.

2. Self-image

Self-image is the way you see yourself and what you think in each situation. It is important that you understand that it has great relevance in your performance because it reveals self-confidence and, consequently, the increase in income.

3. Self-esteem

Self-esteem is your emotional side, and it is revealed through the consistency of the reflection of the self-image. When you develop self-love, self-respect, happiness and fulfillment follow.

If you want to achieve your goals, work on the idea that you are solely responsible for your success and for that, you must have maturity. Understanding that making mistakes is part of the journey is one of the main points to achieve the top.

Maturity is about freedom and our emotions are part of that. Freeing ourselves from the past, from frustrations and negative feelings is an effective way of building self-determination.

Write about your goals

Using this technique, the chance of your goals being executed increases considerably. This can be explained by the fact that writing is considered a psychoneuromotor activity. As such, it influences choices, thinking and execution.

To do so, making a clear, objective and measurable list is the secret. Do not forget to also set deadlines for the fulfillment of actions. Otherwise, writing will be in vain and it will become increasingly difficult for the subconscious mind to act on your behalf.

In order for you to actually perform these actions in the professional field, it is essential that you understand that the skills are learned, thus being the result of the knowledge acquired throughout your life.

How it works in practice

Regarding your professional side, understand that nothing is so important as earning a good reputation.

A good reputation brings credibility and prominence. Understand that if you want to be a good leader and put determination as one of your characteristics, you need to set an example. Be true to yourself and avoid procrastinating.

Brian Tracy explains that if you want to accelerate your success, follow the "Forty Plus Formula". This is a method to increase performance and works by counting hours of work beyond forty hours a week.

Doing beyond what you are meant to accomplish indicates your willingness and advantage to be ahead.

To be a determined leader, you need to be based on seven principles that will be responsible for the smooth running of the organization. They are:

  1. Clarity;
  2. Competence;
  3. Commitment;
  4. Dialogue;
  5. Creativity;
  6. Learning;
  7. Consistency.

We know that performing good leadership is difficult, especially if your organization finds itself in chaos.

The first business action related to discipline is the ability to beat the competition. This act requires a high degree of organization and administration.

Your company's goal is to please the customer. This awareness will generate the fuel you need for victory. Whoever wants to please someone, is creative, innovative, courageous and strong. If your measure of success is your customer satisfaction, you have unlocked the secret to business success.

Financial issues are also at stake in this summary of the book "No Excuses!". Brian Tracy explains that money problems are not justified by low wages, but by the lack of control and self-discipline.

Saving in a consumer world

We need to disconnect happiness from the idea of spending and link the idea of savings.

If you have a problem with that, Brian Tracy says that the "Formula of 1%" is the beginning of everything. Saving 1% monthly is an encouraging practice. Increase the amount of the deposit little by little and, in this way, you teach your brain how to save money and this will happen more and more easily and naturally.

Another tip is to manage your time, manage your functions and set a deadline for each of the activities.

But what if nothing goes right?

When things don't go as planned, we feel frustrated. Understand that it is okay to feel like that, as long as the suffering is not extended beyond what is necessary, because if so, in addition to wasting energy it will be a waste of time.

An effective action is to focus on the present and think about how to solve that situation in the shortest time you can. Taking the time to study the problem, understand the causes and list the solutions are some steps for those who are really interested in solving a problem.

The fruits of self-discipline

It is important that you establish happiness as a measure of success and it is connected with the Law of Control. "No Excuses!" explains that happiness predominates in the result of decisions: when they are good reflect the feeling of being in charge. It's like a cycle.

Brian Tracy indicates five ingredients that trigger happiness:

  1. Health;
  2. Happy relationship;
  3. Significant work;
  4. Financial independence;
  5. Recognize yourself.

The last one has great relevance, since it is responsible for identifying the difficulties, problems and errors that directly influence the realization of happiness.

Often, your failure does not come directly from your activities in your work environment. Occasionally, health problems, relationships, children, friendship, can also be factors that directly influence success and professional performance.

Self-discipline also means life balance.

One way to exercise self-discipline is to invest in physical exercise.

Brian Tracy defends the idea that the exercise performed in the morning keeps the person active and motivated throughout the day. This can be explained by the effective action on the cerebral cortex that reflects the change in the individual's behavior throughout the day.

A happy relationship also requires self-discipline to be exercised. Self-control and honesty are characteristics that must be used in any link.

Understand that the disciplined person has peace of mind within them. For things to work out in the "outside world", the "inside world" needs to be running at full throttle.

Well, if you really want to achieve balance, learn to exercise forgiveness. The act of forgiving will free you from guilt, anger and the constant need to project a frustration that is yours. Stay tuned to these tips and achieve the self-discipline you've always dreamed of.

Books about personal development

In "Principles: Life and Work", Ray Dalio shows that dream, reality and determination will make you achieve a successful life by making the principles of life and work go side-by-side, with an open mind.

According to Mel Robbins, in "The 5 Second Rule", courage is not only necessary for great acts. We often need it on a daily basis for basic functions.

In "Out of The Maze" Spencer Johnson explains how to become a winner by overcoming the mazes that prevent you from reaching bigger goals, understanding your mistakes and what led you to them.

So, how can I be more productive?

  • Develop the ability to write your projects;
  • Solve problems is like a math exercise, it requires practice and repetition;
  • Identifying the problems of yourself is smart and effective;
  • Discipline yourself in all areas of your life. Performance in the workplace requires good health and optimum energy;
  • Being an expert in your area requires determination and commitment. Don't study to be good, study to be the best;
  • Relationships require feeling, but also discipline. Seek to know the other and understand that they are not an extension of you. Respecting the individuality of others is not education, it is an obligation;
  • Watch the success stories and have a role model to follow so that later on you can also be a role model;
  • Develop a sense of urgency. Speed is often synonymous of wisdom.

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