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O Catador de Sonhos - Geraldo Rufino

How many times have you felt discouraged or dejected by adversity? Get to know Geraldo Rufino's trajectory and learn powerful entrepreneurial lessons.

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How many times have you been downhearted or downcast from adversity? And how many times have you not even tried to turn the tables?

Geraldo Rufino proves that it is possible to turn the tables, even if you are not the favorite. He went around and transformed his story. He was a picker of cans and became a businessman who makes more than $ 50 million per year.

Now it's time for him to show you how to start or start again, teaching all about your strategies, allied with courage and determination.

Are you curious and want to know all about it?

So, let's go!

About the book "O Catador de Sonhos"

Published in 2015, the book "O Catador de Sonhos" aims to share the success history of Geraldo Rufino, reporting from his poor childhood and his work of picking cans to his career as president of a millionaire company.

The content presented by Rufino brings great lessons about optimism, overcoming and determination so that you can achieve success. In addition, he recounts his learning and explains how he overcame and grew stronger in each of his six bankruptcies.

About the author Geraldo Rufino

Geraldo Rufino was born in 1958 and has an inspiring career. He was once a coal bagger, a can picker, set up several businesses, and went bankrupt 6 times.

He is the founder of JR Diese l, considered Latin America's largest vehicle recycling and dismantling company. In addition, he works as a speaker, entrepreneur and is also the author of the book "The Power of Positivity".

Because it is an autobiographical work, all the details about the author will be presented during the summary.

To whom is this book indicated?

The content is right for you who want to:

  • Get advice to start your business or for you who are already entrepreneurs;
  • Know the inspiring biographies of successful people;
  • Raise your optimism and hope, believing that everything will work out;
  • Change your mindset by turning it to success.

Main ideas of the book "O Catador de Sonhos"

This summary is divided between the entrepreneurial lessons and values that guide Geraldo Rufino's life. In addition, it deals with how he faces his daily journey and challenges.

We will soon point out that the main points of the book are:

  • The crisis is just an excuse to don't act;
  • During great difficulties amazing things are created;
  • Opportunities arise from problems;
  • The external scenario is the same for everyone, so we must change the mindset;
  • Starting over is the most important phrase;
  • Ideas and business develop over time;
  • There is no success without failure;
  • Good thoughts attract good events.

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[Book Summary] O Catador de Sonhos - Geraldo Rufino

Overview: The trajectory of Geraldo Rufino

The first steps

Geraldo Rufino was born in a small town of Minas Gerais but moved with his family to an aunt's house in São Paulo at the age of four. This was due to frost that burned the entire coffee plantation of his family.

As soon as he arrived in Sao Paulo, he heard that this was a bad time and the country was in crisis. But Rufino was still a child and did not know the real meaning of it, which caused him to abolish that word from his vocabulary.

At that time he faced the death of his mother. As a result, he had to start working in coal mines to help his father to pay the bills. That's why he started working on the dump, too.

At this time comes Rufino's first big entrepreneurial idea. To gain productivity and make it easier to collect what he found there, he began making wheelbarrows. The idea worked so well that on weekends he rented them to other boys.

So he and his brother started hiding the money on a vacant lot, but then came to their first break: the land was cleared and they lost all the savings made.

Then came his second break: Geraldo went to help his father to pay some bar bills. This caused the bar he had opened with his brother to fail.

The next step found was to work in a formal contract as an office boy. At age 13, he worked 12 hours a day, had a great commitment, dedication and a relentless pursuit of development in order to start his own business.

He always had in mind what he wanted from each endeavor, and he also knew that persistence and work would be the way for him to achieve what he wanted.

Start of JR Diesel

All the money saved from their savings and their work has been invested in the area of transportation.

Things were growing, managed to create a fleet that already reached five trucks, until the moment an accident occurred and ended up destroying the all trucks.

So, after breaking again, what would be the solution?

Rufino and his brother were not shaken, they came up with the idea of a breakdown with these trucks, which could be a lucrative opportunity since selling the parts separately could be much more profitable than selling them together in a finished vehicle.

So started the famous JR Diesel, but Rufino had a flea behind his ear!

He believed that this cutting business was a dirty place with old parts. Faced with this scenario, he sought solutions to change this aspect from the customer's point of view.

There was no doubt that the industry needed improvement. In this way, Rufino chose to prioritize the quality, cleanliness, and organization of the work environment. All this combined with innovations in the sector.

With that, the results began to appear fast, but the brothers decided to end the society. This meant that Rufino had to reorganize in order to grow the company again.

In addition, one of its major contracts was foreign, and the breach of that agreement caused JR Diesel to break again. But Rufino had great credibility and managed to make good deals to make the payments.

After breaking six times, he saw only opportunities and made JR Diesel one of the largest companies in the world in its industry.

Overview: Entrepreneurial Teachings

Throughout the content presented, Rufino presents many lessons he learned from his entrepreneurial career and highlights how important it is to:

  • Climb one step at a time to achieve entrepreneurial success;
  • Create value and help others without expecting anything in return;
  • Make success for you and someone else;
  • Having family and good people by your side and growing with you, because growing alone is not worth it;
  • Develop methods and strategies for your team to dream their dreams.


Everyone has problems, right? But what is the difference between those who succeed and those who remain in trouble?

For Rufino, this is the way you see the problem. Problems can be understood as the best way to create opportunities, do different, do better, and learn much more.

Keep in mind that those who reach the top have a history of trial and error. Know that the best way for you to meet these challenges is through enthusiasm and belief in your dreams. For this, you must be in love with what you do.


Have you ever wondered if Geraldo Rufino hadn't failed? He probably wouldn't be in the position he is in today.

Failure is normal and if it happens or something goes wrong, you are responsible.

The first point to facing failure is to take the mistakes and bring that responsibility to you. Know that this is smaller than you and you can control it.

For Rufino, you should not be overwhelmed by the idea of "crisis". He states that money doesn't end in the crisis, it just changes places.

Therefore, you should pay attention to how people spend their money in a crisis. If necessary change your sector and go in search of it. Also, keep in mind two things:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone: Rufino suggests that you study and understand your competitors, see what they do best, copy and innovate.
  2. Your goal is to improve every day: never settle down and don't believe your business is doing well, as there are always points for improvement. In addition, it is important that you focus on innovation studies in your industry and others that can influence them. Rufino had set himself the goal of earning R$ 1 more every day.


Rufino's legacy is that you must make your personal trademark. To do this, you must be sincere and ethical about everything that involves your business, especially when things are not going well. You have to honor your commitments!

Show those who believed in you that you are willing to start over, explain that you have learned from the event, and will work hard to run after what happened and get over it.

What do other authors say about it?

In the book "Felicidade Dá Lucro", Márcio Fernandes makes it clear that there is no separation between personal and professional life, because we are the same person, unique and integrated, inside and outside of work.

In "Awakening Your Inner Giant", Tony Robbins explains that staying committed to your decisions can be challenging, but the harder you try, the easier it gets. So when you fail to evoke a change in your life, don't be discouraged. Instead, think about what you can learn from failure.

Finally, in the book "Winning", Jack Welch states that we must always strive for quality in our working lives. If you are not satisfied with your job, find a job that provides enthusiasm for your career. It is very important that you do not settle and get out of your comfort zone.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

You can see that Rufino's story is really surprising and inspiring. In addition to all the insights presented above, we have gathered the best practices and the points that should be considered in your daily life, check it out!

  • Start by taking advantage of small opportunities;
  • Admit responsibility for your achievements and failures;
  • Exclude pessimism from your feelings, belief and create opportunities;
  • Stop complaining and take action on what bothers you;
  • Mistakes and failures are the impulses to evolve and become stronger.
  • Do not be discouraged, try as many times as necessary;
  • Look for something that is beneficial and happy for you and someone else.
  • Live and be happy today and now, tomorrow is far away;
  • Thank you for everything that happens to you.

No matter where you are from or where you currently are, know that it is possible to pick up on your dreams and now you have learned best practices and the path you have come to success.

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