O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade - Paulo Vieira

O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade - Paulo Vieira

Learn how to use the tool that can transform your life and give you control of it.

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The book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade" teaches you how to take control of your life with a powerful tool, created by author Paulo Vieira, to get you out of the vicious cycle that prevents you from being responsible for your mistakes and thus taking action to improve over there.

You probably know people or even those who are always complaining about everything, saying that they fall prey to events and blame the world and others.

Now suppose you are captain of a ship. You can do two things: take command of the boat, change routes and weather storms; or you may complain about the tides and let circumstances rule the boat, making it almost impossible to reach your destination.

Know that our life can be understood perfectly like the navigation of a boat, the destination being its goals and the boat represented by its way of life.

If you want to arrive at your destination and make the journey a pleasant one, continue reading this PocketBook and discover the benefits of self-responsibility!

About the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade"

The book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade", "The Power of Self-Responsibility" in free translation, by author Paulo Vieira, aims to make you discover your current state and learn to use emotional intelligence reconciled with self-responsibility.

Divided into 9 chapters, the content presented is a practical guide that enables you to take responsibility day to day through the 6 laws presented.

About the author Paulo Vieira

Paulo Vieira is a writer and is considered one of the greatest and most experienced coaches in Brazil, with more than 10 thousand hours in sessions. In addition, he is the creator of the Integral Systemic Coaching (CIS) methodology and president of Febracis.

As an academic background, Paulo holds a PhD in management and a master's degree in coaching, both from Florida Cristian University (FCU), where he teaches.

The coach is also the best-selling author of the books:

To whom is this book indicated?

The content of the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade" is ideal for you who want to:

  • Get greater commitment to your results;
  • Put your goals into practice, leaving aside all the justifications and excuses;
  • Learn tools and concepts that truly transform attitudes and break cycles of dissatisfaction;
  • Have control over your life, your business, and your finances.

Main ideas of the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade"

  • Understand your current state to plot the best trajectory;
  • Traps happen along the way, the main one being the comfort zone;
  • You are solely responsible for your actions, behaviors, and words;
  • Error is an indispensable step in the learning process;
  • The complaint doesn't get you anywhere;
  • When you justify a mistake, you are making a mistake again;
  • The best way to achieve self-responsibility is through daily use of the 6 laws;
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem.

Download the "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade - Paulo Vieira

Overview: Self-Awareness

The first step in developing your self-responsibility is to understand your current state.

Thus, the author Paulo Vieira accomplishes this through moments of reflection during reading, through proposed questions and questionnaires, creating an intense self-analysis.

It is based on two fundamental points: where your life is currently and the awakening to an abundant life. The main questions are:

  • Who are you? (Beliefs, feelings, thoughts, behaviors);
  • What have you been doing? (Work, study, family);
  • What do you have in the material context? (Residence, car, financial reserve, property).

From this, the author makes it clear that you must understand that the difference between the results you have from which you want to achieve is represented exactly by the reflection of what you do and should have done.

In order for you to reach this satisfying, desired state, Paulo states that he has only one way, and necessarily he must go through awareness, self-responsibility, a positive vision of the future, and the use of the right tools.

But that's not just what you should focus on. Also, be aware of the pitfalls that can occur on this journey, so you should be aware of them. The top four presented in the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade" are arrogance and prepotency; vanity; shortcuts; and comfort zone.

Paulo says that the first step to free them is to recognize them and create positive actions, because at least each one of us is caught in these traps, in which the main one is the comfort zone, characterized as:

"Comfort zone is the combination of several paralyzing lies with the expiration date."

Overview: Self-Responsibility

At the beginning of this part of the book "O Poder da AutoResponsabilidad", Paulo Vieira already makes it clear that you are responsible for the life you have been leading.

So, whether things have gone well or not, you are responsible for your actions, behaviors and words.

Likewise, if you want to see a change, you must take responsibility for it.

As the author explains, to deal with the mistakes made, it is necessary to analyze the reasons that led to the obstacles and act correctly. Don't blame yourself, but be responsible!

The author also shares several phrases of motivation and reflection, such as:

"People of great achievement, after a defeat, don't blame the circumstances, other people, or fate, they take responsibility for the results and wonder: What should I do differently so that the results will be better next time?"

In this sentence, we can observe a great characteristic of successful people, do you know what they have in common? The feeling that only they are responsible for their results.

So do not complain about the lack of opportunities or if your partner is incompetent. You are responsible for this, do not wait for the opportunity to appear and choose a better partner next time. Create your life in a growing and sustainable way.

Overview: The 6 Laws of Self-Responsibility

To help you achieve your responsibility, the author Paulo Vieira presents the 6 laws, and suggests that you apply them on a daily basis:

1. If you're going to criticize people... shut up!

According to the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade", there is no such constructive criticism. If you really want to help someone, you can shut up or come up with a suggestion or idea, so your focus has to be the solution, not the problem. This makes the actions more productive.

2. If you complain about the circumstances... give suggestions!

Complaining can be understood when you want to take your focus off the wrong things and put them on others as if you have no ability to act.

You must focus your strength and power on the solution. Do you know one of the main characteristics of the victors? They focus on opportunities and seek truth in facts and data, not feelings.

3. If you are looking for culprits... look for the solution!

For the author Paulo Vieira, as long as you do not extinguish justifications, nothing will change. You have to look for solutions and allies for continuous learning.

For example, if your business is not doing well, you should not blame the market or government, but look for a way out, such as delivering value to your customer and becoming a better professional.

4. If you're going to be a victim... make yourself a winner!

When you play the victim, attention and affection are turned to you. But know that you are doing it wrong because when you do it, you are showing everyone that your life is in decline.

Paulo Vieira explains that you should draw attention to your winning form. This will create a long period of attention and affection.

5. If you justify your mistakes... learn from them!

Mistakes are part of any learning. Therefore, you have to ingest the thoughts of "accomplished and self-responsible people, because they believe that all the bad things that happen to them are not mistakes, much fewer failures, they are effects, they are results".

6. If judging people, judge only their attitudes and behaviors!

We can't spend energy and strength to judge people, they don't deserve this wasted time. You have to be responsible only for judging actions and attitudes, and preferably yours.

What do other authors say about it?

According to Caio Carneiro, author of the book "Be Legendary!", success is 99% made of failure. Furthermore, if you consider failure as the opposite of success, you will not build anything productive, since every failure is just a step on the ladder of your success.

Brené Brown, in "Dare to Lead", says that a leader must take responsibility for recognizing the potential of people and their ideas and encouraging them to develop that potential. He knows that the true power is that shared with all.

Finally, in "Awaken the Giant Within", Tony Robbins explains that staying committed to your decisions can be challenging, but the harder you try, the easier it gets. In addition, there are also major life-changing lessons that, according to the author, depend only on the initial decision to change.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

So that you can implement self-responsibility in your daily life in a practical way, we will present you two final insights:

  1. Once you understand the 6 laws, you should print them out and stick them in the places you go to most easily and easily. It can be in the bathroom mirror, on the computer screen and can even be visible so that other people are impacted;
  2. Understand that it is totally unproductive to want to change others by making them live up to their expectations, which can become disastrous. After all, if you can't change yourself, why would you change others? Therefore, change yourself and your way of thinking and acting, because that will be all different.

Also, as we said above, the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade" has a multitude of exercises presented. So we decided to share one of these exercises:

"Write an extraordinary vision of your future. Describe the life you always wanted, no limits to dream! What would you like to do, be, have? What are the boldest dreams? (Do not use filters, write without criticism and limiting)."

Next, it's time to compare that to your current life. Be aware that this can only be changed by you and it is only you who create the opportunities. So take action and break with the past, so that you have enough time to grow the new fruits.

In addition, you have the main tools and methods that Paulo Vieira proposes, and all the resources you need within yourself to thrive and be happy, so don't blame everything for the things that happen to you, be increasingly responsible for your results and look for the best!

According to the author, these valuable teachings have been able to change thousands of people and the next victim is you.

Finally, remember that the only person who does not make mistakes is the one who does nothing and therefore has no results.

Did you like this summary of the book "O Poder da Autorresponsabilidade"?

We hope you enjoyed our summary and are able to transform your life by following the advice of author Paulo Vieira. Leave your opinion in the comments, your feedback is very important to us!

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