O Poder da Criatividade - Breno Luiz

O Poder da Criatividade - Breno Luiz

Do you want to become a creative person and develop completely innovative ideas? Discover all the secrets to develop creativity in just 5 days and a half!

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Many people's dream is to be a creative person, one of those who can transform small ideas into big solutions. You can become one of those revolutionary minds, and this is possible in small training sessions in just 5 and a half days with this summary of the book "O Poder da Criatividade"!

With an objective text, Breno Luiz presents us with the fundamental steps to develop and enhance creativity in a simple way.

Want to find out how? Follow us in this summary and check out the main tips from the author for you to boost the creativity of your mind in less than 1 week!

About the book "O Poder da Criatividade"

"O Poder da Criatividade: Seja criativo em 5 dias e meio" was published in 2019 by author Breno Luiz. With objective and simple writing, the author introduces us to the secrets behind a creative mind, as well as practical exercises that can enhance our creativity.

The book has 109 pages divided into short chapters, all of which are structured to give 5 and a half days of separate reading - exactly as long as the author indicates as necessary to become creative.

About the author Breno Luiz

Breno Luiz is a Brazilian author, entrepreneur, and podcaster who develops innovative content about creativity and result entrepreneurship.

Her work "O Poder da Criatividade" has already become one of the most sought after in the Creativity and Self Help niche on Amazon.

To whom is this book indicated?

Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to develop innovative solutions or creative ideas will greatly benefit from this book.

Students and people dealing directly with the creative market will also find important tips on how to combat creative blocking and further enhance creativity.

Main ideas of the book "O Poder da Criatividade"

The main points of the book, summarized in a few short sentences, are these:

  • Creativity is not a gift but a skill that can be developed;
  • Even the simplest exercises can help unlock the potential of our creativity. Be aware of the details of the world;
  • Being creative is, first of all, proposing to do different things;
  • Problems can be a breeding ground for innovative ideas;
  • Creative blocking is easier to tackle than it looks.

The book is divided into 5 short chapters, each representing 1 project day to be creative in 5 and a half days. Want to become a revolutionary mind right now? Let's go to the summary!

Download the "O Poder da Criatividade" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] O Poder da Criatividade - Breno Luiz

Overview: Introduction

Do you think you are a creative person? If the answer is no, the author casts a truth: creativity is in the human DNA. We are all creative.

In this book, Breno Luiz proposes that creativity is far from a gift, and you can exercise it and become a creative person in 5 days. Check out the next topics!

Overview: Day 1 – Creativity

It is hard to know what exactly creativity is. You may be able to identify someone creative, or even the results of creativity, but defining it in one concept is a challenge.

However, the first step in developing this skill is to better understand what it is.

And if you need a simple definition, we can say that creativity is a way of thinking that goes completely out of traditional ways and uses different methods, according to the author.

This means that to be creative you have to be ready to do exactly what no one imagined or wanted to do.

The author also explains other key points about creativity:

  • It is a skill that can be developed just like any other. Training is allied in this process;
  • Go beyond just imagining something new: put it into practice. After all, it is no use having the most brilliant idea in the world if it has not been transformed into something real. The result of creativity must always be an action.

Creativity is about a thinking pattern

According to "O Poder da Criatividade", any cognitive process is the result of all the connections that different areas of our brain form when faced with a challenge. This, even when we are talking about creativity.

Neuroscientists claim that creativity is the result of connections involving at least 3 major processes, including:

  • Concentration on an activity;
  • The act of imagining and creating new scenarios based on the information you have;
  • And the activation of the brain's boss network, which helps you rescue old information that you learned a long time ago and that you only remember that it exists when you get back in touch.

In other words, being creative depends not only on being willing to think "out of the box", but also on observing what you have around you, focusing on the creative process, and applying the most varied knowledge you have about the world.

The steps to start exercising your creativity

To start, Breno Luiz suggests some exercises:

Take time to come up with creative ideas

The author's suggestion is that you set aside time in your week (it may be 1 or 2 hours on a Saturday, for example) to work on personal projects that involve creativity.

Do exercises with timer

Propose exercises in which you have 15 minutes to develop a draft or initial idea. It doesn't have to be anything very complex, the important thing is to come up with a different idea and develop it later.

Become an idea machine

Another tip already suggested by other creativity experts, and highlighted by the author, is that you propose the challenge of having 10 different ideas every day.

It sounds crazy, but this is a great exercise, especially for the imagination. Ideas don't have to be exactly applicable, and many of them will be discarded by you.

Get out of the comfort zone

Connecting with the world is critical to nurturing creativity. And it won't happen if you stay in your comfort zone, always doing the same things.

On days when you feel especially lost and clueless, a tip is to leave the office and take a walk in the park, for example. Explore new scenarios, new situations; And better: put this as a priority in your routine.

Overview: Day 2 - What you need to be creative

At the beginning of this chapter of the book "O Poder da Criatividade", the author tells a story that presents the essence of creativity. Being creative, contrary to what many imagine, is far from creating innovative ideas from scratch.

Most of the time, creativity is tied to your context, the activities you perform, and how you view the world. This brings us to the element presented by the author as the first big step to creativity. Check out!

What feeds creativity: the problems

Since we have no choices and constantly have to deal with problems, many of them without immediate or easy solutions, it is best to learn how to make them a rich source for creative ideas.

Dealing with them the right way may be the secret that sets you apart as a professional from so many others in the same market.

Get the most out

Trying to deal with a problem with your eyes closed is the worst strategy anyone could use, and that keeps creative ideas from reaching you.

According to the author Breno Luiz, seeking enough information is your weapon of war against problems.

It's worth seeking as much as you can on Google searches and even with the experience of others who have been through the same problem.

Rate your resources

Use all the skills you have, or any other resource, to your advantage in problem-solving. And look for proactive solutions, but also get help from family and friends if they can help.

Map what needs to happen

Create strategies to deal with the problem, and know exactly what needs to be done to start solving it. Propose goals and deadlines.

Start fixing the problem as soon as possible

Once you've outlined your strategy, don't wait for the "perfect time" to start acting. The sooner you start putting your plans into action, the better.

Stop procrastinating

While it is irresistible to escape from problems, especially those that are large and complicated, do not give in to procrastination.

Be ready for the sacrifices

Problems are, in fact, a rich source for innovative ideas. However, you may need to make some sacrifices (of time, energy, effort...) to make the idea a reality.

Be ready for these sacrifices because the end result is almost always worth it.


But don't think that among the sacrifices we have cited is an exactly social life and friendships. In fact, your work will be even better if you are willing to get help from others. Do not be ashamed to ask for support.

Keep Calm

Getting carried away by the problem and falling into despair is common. But stress and despair are cruel killers of creativity, and they need to be contained by you if you want to start producing creatively.

Overview: Day 3 - The Secrets to Further Enhancing Your Creativity

We have already seen that problems are crucial to nurturing creativity. But there are other elements that can also help make you more creative.

Feed your self-confidence

According to the author, having a good idea and planning to apply it is not always enough if you are not a confident person. Self-confidence guarantees you calmness and the certainty that you will be able to complete every step of your plans.

If you are not a very confident person, starting to develop it from now on is possible and the best option.

Check out some of the author's advice for developing your self-confidence today.

Dress up better

Self-confidence is often also related to your self-image. Do not arrange yourself according to what you feel, but according to what you think is your best version.

This does not mean wearing expensive clothes but changing the way you look at yourself.

Change (gradually) the way you look

Self-confidence depends on a good self-image. And changing it is not overnight, but you can invest in changing little thoughts about yourself gradually.

Think and act positively

Thinking things will go wrong is the first step to actually making a bad mistake. Instead of thinking, "This won't really work," think, "What if it really works?" The possibilities are many and you will only see it happen if you try.

Similarly, put your body into action. Instead of thinking you can't do something, just go there and try it.

Expand your knowledge

Without practical and theoretical knowledge, even the greatest self-confidence is empty. Do not confuse self-confidence with arrogance. Accept that you do not know everything and that there is always something to learn in your area, and maintain a constant process of empowerment.

Use your memory to generate creative ideas

But it's no usefull to read about a thousand things if you don't have a good memory. Therefore, the author suggests that you develop your curiosity, but also take care of your mind this way:

  1. Eat less sugar;
  2. Do meditation;
  3. Sleep well every night;
  4. Do periodic physical exercises;
  5. Sunbathe and keep vitamin D level stable;
  6. Avoid constant and excessive alcohol consumption.

Overview: Day 4 - Dealing with the Creative Block

Breno Luiz suggests a series of actions that can help you get started facing the creative block now.

Five steps to overcoming the creative block

  1. Stop focusing on the problem. Rest, go for a walk or even watch something you enjoy.
  2. Face fear, pain or any other negative emotions related to your creative process.
  3. Pay attention to your work process. If you feel unproductive, perhaps the fault lies in the habits and routine you built at work.
  4. When working, completely forget about personal problems. Set aside time from your routine to deal exclusively with these issues.
  5. Stop making more commitments than you can meet. Tight deadlines increase tension, which diminishes creativity.

Overview: Day 5 - Boosting Creativity

Another important step may be to apply techniques that help significantly leverage your power to create new things.

How to leverage your creativity

  1. Propose hypothetical exercises. For example, what would you do if you had $ 100, 000 to spend in a single day?
  2. Get off the route (and routine) from time to time;
  3. Know different things;
  4. Makeup stories;
  5. Buy trinkets and different objects;
  6. Develop the habit of talking with your own mind;
  7. Have creative hobbies.

What do other authors say about it?

The author Austin Kleon, in "Steal Like an Artist" tells how you can do something authentic based on the ideas of those who inspire you. You can stimulate your creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with people who support and add to your creative process.

In "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", author Peter Ferdinand Drucker defends the theory that creativity and innovation are not acts of genius, but a study, search and planning that requires discipline to follow systematic steps. He believes that to innovate requires discipline to apply the right techniques.

Finally, Ed Catmull, author of the book "Creativity Inc." advises: Always give more preference to people than ideas, because creative people create good ideas, but good ideas can be destroyed by bad teams.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Don't postpone your transformation into someone more creative. Start exercising that skill of yours today;
  • Avoid thinking that creativity is a gift or something you do not have;
  • Change your view of the world and even use small situations to create ideas and things;
  • Put the best ideas into action, not just in the imagination;
  • Seek help for your projects when needed;
  • Face the creative block with intelligence.

"Wait a second! But isn't it five and a half days?" Well, Chris Leão, the book's preface writer, says: "The author gathers tips for you in five and a half days to develop a creativity routine. Why 5 and a half days? How about using creativity to find out?"

Did you like this summary of the book "O Poder da Criatividade"?

Are you ready to become a revolutionary-minded person with innovative ideas today? If you liked it, leave your comment and take a look at the complete work!

Book 'O Poder da Criatividade'.