O Poder da Positividade - Geraldo Rufino

O Poder da Positividade - Geraldo Rufino

Review your values ​​and have a life full of optimism and happiness.

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Today we live in a world so chaotic and pessimistic that it is difficult to cultivate characteristics like positivity and happiness, isn't it?

But you should know that it's still possible!

The author Geraldo Rufino is a proof of this and shows it in his work, "The Power of Positive Thinking", which promises to present ways of changing reality and having a full life.

Are you curious? So continue reading our PocketBook and we will give you a way!

About the book "O Poder da Positividade"

Published in 2018, the book "O Poder da Positividade", "The Power of Positive Thinking" in a free translation to English, aims to review and uphold our values and principles in order to get the secret to staying positive and seeing life transformed through attitude.

The work is based on 7 principles to transform your life and your mind. These principles are part of Geraldo Rufino's life, after all, positivity is a feature present in his story.

When these principles are well cultivated, you are able to face any obstacle and succeed in all areas.

About the author Geraldo Rufino

Geraldo Rufino was born in 1958 and has an inspiring trajectory. He has made a living with services like bagging coal, collecting cans and being an office boy. He set up several deals and went bankrupt more than 6 times.

He is the founder of JR Diesel, considered the largest company in Latin America in vehicle recycling and dismantling.

In addition, today he is a speaker, entrepreneur and also author of the book "O Catador de Sonhos".

To whom is this book indicated?

"The Power of Positive Thinking" is ideal for those who want to remain hopeful, optimistic and confident, even in the face of obstacles and setbacks that come their way.

Main ideas of the book "O Poder da Positividade"

This summary is divided between the values that guide the life of Geraldo Rufino and explains how he faces his daily journey and his challenges:

  • Stop paying attention to others and realize the incredible gifts you have;
  • Your values and purposes should show the solution to the problems;
  • You are the one who creates the bad problems and feelings you are experiencing;
  • Try to help people and do not expect any kind of reciprocity;
  • Be grateful to have the power to help;
  • You have the power to produce everything you want;
  • "Most of the time, failures are actually dropouts".

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[Book Summary] O Poder da Positividade - Geraldo Rufino

Overview: Family

For Geraldo Rufino in his book "The Power of Positive Thinking", the family is the basis of everything and has a value that he believes to be very important: the company.

The author lost his mother when he was 8 years old, but he is convinced that he was shielded by values that he learned until he was seven with his "coach".

Living with the people who are important in your life strengthens you and helps you to become a better person, perfecting and expanding your skills enough so that you face the daily challenges.

Overview: Humility

In this chapter of the book "The Power of Positive Thinking", author Geraldo Rufino invites us to return to the past and become children, because they abstain from interests and ulterior motives.

He explains that we must go beyond the appearance of people and reach their essence, because being humble is recognizing that no one is better than anyone, it is believing in the generosity of others and being surrounded by friends.

Overview: Positivity

Positivity has a great synergy, that is, if you transmit good things, you will receive good things in return. Then, it's time for you to become optimistic and confident.

In addition, the author Geraldo Rufino affirms in his work "The Power of Positive Thinking" that kindness generates kindness. In this way, it will transform the environments you frequent and you will be contributing to a better world.

Overview: Passion

In this part of the book "The Power of Positive Thinking", the author Geraldo Rufino states two catchy phrases that deserve to be shared with you:

"Passion will change the kind of leader you are, and that will be contagious. When you are moved by passion, it is normal to stand out."

"Do you think something is missing in your life? Maybe it's just a matter of reconnecting with your passion for yourself, for everything you do."

Many people consider that millionaires are the most valuable people in the world. Rufino says he met several of these millionaires without passion, and the only thing they had was a huge void.

The work intends to show us that the most valuable goods are in our soul, values such as gratitude, humility, health, spirituality and others. These aspects are responsible for nourishing and nurturing not just us, but also others.

When you abstain from the values quoted, it is as if you decide to be unhappy and follow your journey meaninglessly. That is, without passion, you don't have the strength to overcome challenges and negativity.

Overview: Do not Judge

According to the author Geraldo Rufino, when you don't judge a person, you are prevented from being judged as well.

When you become the best person you can, you will make people around you do the same.

"There is no right and wrong, good and bad. What is reasonable for one is sometimes abhorrent to the other."

So why do we judge people by some attitude or by not doing what we think is ideal? We are all different, in spiritual, physical, and many other aspects, and we have to respect that!

Overview: Practicing Good

Rufino explains in his book "The Power of Positive Thinking" that we must do good spontaneously, that is, without looking at whom and without expecting anything in return.

In addition, he says that there is nothing more rewarding than transmitting kindness and caring for people, as this brings us a sense of vitality and renewal.

Overview: Being Happy

Many people believe that the key to happiness is wealth. But it's a mistake because material comfort can never repair a broken heart.

In view of this, the author Geraldo Rufino offers in his book "The Power of Positive Thinking" the following tips:

  • Never let material possessions outshine your being;
  • Never let the power of setbacks break through your happiness;
  • Never leave the key to your joy to the feelings of success or failure.

You must be annoyingly happy! Start in the morning, singing in the shower, giving good morning to everyone, whistling, hugging your friends and giving good energy. After all, you are in the world to be happy alongside people.

What do other authors say about it?

For the author of "The Psychology of Selling", Brian Tracy, successful people improve their inner dialogue with optimistic and confident phrases. For example, if you repeat the phrase "I like myself" throughout the day, your self-esteem will certainly increase.

In the book "Felicidade dá Lucro", Márcio Fernandes makes clear that:

"There is no separation between personal and professional life, because we are the same person, unique and integrated, inside and outside of work."

So when we become more effective leaders, we become better friends, parents, partners, children, neighbors, customers, citizens... and vice versa.

Finally, in the book "Think and Grow Rich", according to author Napoleon Hill, all his thoughts are sourced in his subconscious. Fill your subconscious with positive ideas and thoughts that your desires have already been reached, otherwise you will find negative ideas to fill the void.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

For author Geraldo Rufino, everything you create in the world is based on your values and purposes.

Just look in the mirror and see that you are alive. This is enough to believe that everything will work out.

Then the time has come! Stop wasting your time with actions that do not add value to your walk and be happy!

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