Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - Napoleon Hill

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - Napoleon Hill

Learn from famous author Napoleon Hill how to train your mind for success!

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Have you ever wondered what successful entrepreneurs have in common?

Which actions did they take to acquire the fortune that they now have? If you are curious to learn what steps you have to take, Napoleon Hill will teach you through this book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”!

This work teaches you step by step what to do to be a successful person! And the best part of this? The change that you need is simpler than you think, the change will start inside you!

Do you want to know more about this change? Stay here with us in this summary and we will tell you everything about this new mindset!

The book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”

The book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” shows that life gives us all a talisman, and on one side of this talisman we have the letters PMA engraved (Positive Mental Attitude) and on the other side we have NMA (Negative Mental Attitude).

The work is divided into five parts. From the first part we start to understand what “Positive Mental Attitude” actually is. In the course of the other parts we will learn how to apply it into our lives to achieve physical and mental health, happiness, wealth and any other goal that we have in mind!

The method used in this work really works and we can see it through the countless stories about real people that achieved success by using PMA. Throughout the 392 pages, you will learn exactly what to do in order to explore the powers of your mind and how to make them work for you.

Who was Napoleon Hill?

Although he was born poor, Napoleon is known for becoming a man of such great success that he was even a counselor to two American presidents: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

He was born in Virginia, United States, in 1883. Napoleon Hill is a famous author in the area of personal achievement. His journey of success began after he interviewed Andrew Carnegie, who at the time was the richest man in the world.

Over the next 20 years, he interviewed more than five thousand successful people and he was able to apply his acquired knowledge to his personal life. He died in 1970 as an important figure in the United States’ history.

Why should I read “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”?

The content of this work has a compilation of stories of great successful entrepreneurs, so this book is indicated to you that aim to become an entrepreneur capable of marking history and to revolutionize the market.

It is also indicated for those who are needing guidance to change their attitude and thoughts in order to become successful professionals and to develop themselves in their area through a change of mindset.

What can I learn from “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”?

  • You can achieve what you want if you establish it as a goal to be reached.  Set a deadline, define ways to achieve what you want! 
  • The important thing is to not give up, success comes for those that keep trying and Positive Mental Attitude can teach you how to never give up;
  • To become the best in any area, practicing is essential. Never stop practicing;
  • When you have a goal, your job becomes easier, because it is the way to get you there;
  • Problems can become seeds that, if planted with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), can become achievers;
  • One of the greatest powers that a person possesses comes from their mind.

Did you like these ideas? Stay here and we’ll tell you a little more about it.

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[Book Summary] Success Trough a Positive Mental Attitude - Napoleon Hill

Where does the road to achievement begin?

To begin with, Napoleon Hill tells us that we need to know who is the most important person in the world. Can you imagine who this person is? The Positive Mental Attitude will help you to acknowledge that this person is you.

In life we all receive an invisible talisman and this talisman comes with the initials PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and NMA (Negative Mental Attitude) engraved. That talisman is your mind. And guess what, the author claims that we can learn how to use MPA in the same way that we learn other skills.

We are taught, through the examples of people that the author has interviewed, that we need to stop doubting ourselves, because this is something that someone with NMA does. We need to understand that problems, if viewed from an PMA perspective, can bow before us.

Settling a goal so we can have a starting point is essential to define the goals with MPA and thus change our world for the better. In our journey towards success it is important that we have accurate thinking, we should be specific and clear to avoid misunderstandings. A misunderstood word can cause an argument.

Napoleon is assertive when he says:

“When you are faced with a problem that involves a misunderstanding with other persons, you must first start with yourself.”

Training our mind

We can train our mind to activate the PMA side of our talisman by using techniques of autosuggestion and self-suggestion. But how can we do that?

A method that the author teaches us is to repeat positive affirmations such as “Day by day in every respect I am getting better and better!”. Self-affirmations repeated frequently and with emotion can affect our subconscious by starting an attitude change!

Did you face a problem and you believe that you failed? Do you know what great thinkers have in common? They write down their ideas and they don’t give up. Use the most important and simple tool ever created in your favor: pen and paper!

The author tells us about the importance of writing down our ideas, perhaps the solution you need for your problem will appear at an unexpected moment. You don’t want to be unprepared when it happens, do you?

Five “mental bombshells” for attacking success

In everyone’s life, at any time, problems can arise. Do you have a problem? That’s good! Every time you deal with a problem and use PMA to solve it, you can become a better and more successful person.

There is no case of successful people in history that did not arise from solving a problem!

People with NMA tend to look at problems in a way that the possibilities of success that can emerge from the problem are not seen.

Are you mentally short-sighted and can’t see the possibilities that are far from you? Or are you a mentally farsighted person who ignores the possibilities that are right in front of you?

Seeing is a skill that can be learned if well trained. When you are not able to understand something, look closer! Ask yourself questions and go over things that intrigue you. Asking questions can richly reward you.

Start to act now!

Do you feel like you don’t have what it takes to start to act as soon as possible to achieve success? Napoleon Hill teaches you to overcome procrastination and inertia and the secret to do it is simpler than you think!

There is a self-starter that forces you to act. The self-starter is a self-motivator… DO IT NOW! This self-starter will flash from your subconscious to your conscious mind, when it happens, DO IT!

After all the tips that the author gave us above, do you feel unmotivated to begin your journey? Know that motivation is what leads to action.

You must be asking yourself, but how do I motivate myself? Napoleon Hill tells us that in order to motivate yourself, you have to try to understand which principles motivate others and to motivate others we have to understand the principles that motivate us.

Is it clear now? If it’s not, the author explains it a little better.

We can motivate others when we have faith in them. When you have faith in someone, you motivate them. Your faith is able to get out of the belief area and become an action because the possibility of achieving success was assumed.

You become successful or you fail because you are motivated or not. Motivate others through suggestion and faith and motivate yourself through self-suggestion.

Your key to the citadel of wealth 

Do you think it is possible that there is a shortcut to wealth? The author not only tells us that it exists, but also shows us how to find it!

The shortcut to wealth is to think with PMA! Throughout the reading, we will learn how the power of a positive mental attitude can help us reach the citadel of wealth faster.

If you want to become rich, the first step to attract wealth is to think! Think, meditate, reflect on your goals and how to achieve them. Hereinafter, you have to set your goal and there is a correct way to do it:

  1. Write down your goal;
  2. Give yourself a deadline;
  3. Set high standards;
  4. Aim high.

The Positive Mental Attitude will keep you motivated to continue trying to achieve your goal even if things get difficult, the Negative Mental Attitude will make you give up in the face of obstacles.

To begin your journey in search of achieving your goal you need money, what should you do if you don’t have it? The author teaches us that honest people can use OPM for that!

You don’t know what OPM is? OPM is Other People’s Money. An honest person with a good character has a good reputation and that’s enough for people to trust you and give you credit. Whenever you use OPM, refund the person all the money invested with a compensation or favorable profit.

Another important feature in your journey to success is to feel satisfied with your job. Being satisfied is a mental attitude.

You will feel more satisfied with your job if you work with something that you are apt for or you naturally enjoy doing. If your job doesn’t make you feel satisfied, if it is boring, monotonous, there is no problem!

Try to see your work as a way to achieve your goals. See beyond the routine. If you use your work to achieve your goal, this work may bring you the satisfaction that you seek!

To finish this third part of the book, the author stresses that doing what is good for others is a way to attract blessing in your life. But keep in mind that the real good deed must be kept secret.

“Anything in life worth having was worth working for!”

Therefore, when someone tells you that something can’t be done, you should develop a Magnificent Obsession and make your wish come true. When people tell you that something can not be done, through work, find a way to do it.

Get ready to succeed!

Napoleon Hill comes to a very important point about PMA. Positive Mental Attitude demands a good level of energy. When we are tired, exhausted, our feelings and emotions tend to become negative.

We need to train and force our body and mind until the limit so we can get the necessary energy that PMA requires. And to be able to reach our limit, we need to sleep and eat well.

Remember: health is one of the most precious things that we have. Many people would like to exchange their wealth for good health. So, do not let uncertainties about your health undermine your PMA. Safety and health come first.

The author yet reminds us that positive thoughts are capable of changing the way we feel. What affects our mind also affects our body.

As well as we can attract wealth and improve our health, we can also achieve happiness. To become happy, we need to be understanding with other people.

Not everyone thinks and feels the same as you. When you understand that others are different, you will find it easier to develop PMA in yourself. Make an effort to make your relatives and people around you happy, that way your home and social life will become happier and more successful.

On the journey to develop a Positive Mental Attitude we can get face to face with guilt. The feeling of guilt is good, it means that you know how to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Guilt can teach us to be more considerate of others and this consideration is a quality that we must learn and develop.

Although the feeling of guilt being a good sign about our character, we must always make amends and improve our actions.

Action, please! 

Napoleon Hill presents to us a questionnaire called “Success Quotient Analysis” that will help you to analyze whether you will be capable of assimilating and practicing the principles found in this book. If your score is high, great, you are ready! If your score is not so high, you only need to apply the PMA and retake it in the future.

The questionnaire can be found in chapter 20 of this book.

Remember that your mind is powerful and you can and should use it as an advantage. It is formed by your conscious and subconscious. When both of them are accordant, you are capable of controlling all the known and unknown powers.

Finally, the author talks about the importance of finding examples that can become inspirations. Look for inspirational quotes in books, biographies of successful people in the same working field as you.

Read these works as if a friend were talking directly to you. Know what you are looking for and be brave to experience the principles that have been taught.

Books on mindset change

The book The miracle morning, written by Hal Elrod, helps you to find ways to change your mind so you can become more motivated, focused and less grumpy in order to make you enjoy your day better.

The book Desbloqueie o poder da sua mente, by Michael Arruda, also presents how our mind can be used for or against our goals.

To finish, the book The things you can only see when you slow down, written by Haemin Sunim, will help you deal with the anxieties that come from the modern world and it will teach you how to slow down so you can find strength and joy.

How can I apply the ideas from “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”?

  • It is important to always set your goals, aim high, set a date and don’t give up until you reach your goal;
  • See your work as a means to achieve what you want,so it will become less boring and monotonous;
  • Be always clear to avoid misunderstandings, if this happens, start by reflecting on yourself and not on the other;
  • Use self-suggestion and self-persuasion. Repeat to yourself everyday an automotivator;
  • Always have a pen and paper! You don’t want to miss an opportunity to write down a great idea on the moment that it comes up;
  • Use your problems and your guilt as levers to your success and to become a better person;
  • Train your mind to get out of inertia by using the self-starter “Do it now”;
  • Motivate others to learn how to motivate yourself;
  • Do good deeds, but don’t tell people about it;
  • Take care of your body, sleeping and eating well are essentials to keep your mind healthy;
  • Read about people in your field that achieved success. Use them as examples to be followed. 

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Success through a positive mental attitude - Napoleon Hill