Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo - Geronimo Theml

Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo - Geronimo Theml

Find out with this summary how to organize your routine to be successful in all aspects of your life.

Are you full of tasks, but can't get results from any of them? The absolute truth that not everyone knows is addressed by Geronimo Theml in "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo": being busy doesn't mean being productive.

We waste a lot of time with activities that don't add value or being concerned with tasks that we still have to do. Anxiety and idleness go hand in hand against productivity. They are not good for our life, nor for our work.

Learn, in this summary, how to achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals with balance.

Are you ready to optimize your day and achieve productivity?

About the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo"

The book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo" was written by Geronimo Theml and released by Editora Gente, in 2016.

It features tips on attitudes that will help you live a less worrying life in performing your daily tasks.

Do you know those thoughts that come and get you out of your production focus? Do you know that feeling of never having time for anything, because you're always doing everything? Geronimo teaches you how to circumvent the things that keep you from accomplishing your real goals.

About the author Geronimo Theml

Geronimo Theml is the creator of the Academia da Produtividade and Programa Profissão Coach, a project in which he gives the opportunity for several coaches to qualify for professional success.

Theml was once a Union lawyer and left his old career to dedicate himself to his passion: entrepreneurship. Currently, he also gives lectures on mindset, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

To whom is this book indicated?

The book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo" is for people who have trouble focusing on activities, or feel too busy and out of time. Also, it is highly recommended for those who feel lost or far from their goals and want to integrate success and happiness.

Main ideas of the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo"

  • We must be willing to make things happen every day.
  • Being busy doesn't mean being productive;
  • Taking tasks from work home goes against the balance of your life;
  • We should let go of thoughts that prevent us from achieving what we desire;
  • It doesn't matter how fast you are going, but where you are going;
  • Caring for the four pillars of productivity drives the balance and organization of your routine;
  • Learn how to prioritize your tasks to organize your daily production schedule.

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[Book Summary] Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo - Geronimo Theml

Overview: The New Year fable and the everyday monster

We usually put all our expectations into the coming year. We are more excited to do them, with the feeling that we are finally going to kick things off in life, says Geronimo Theml in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo".

In fact, we keep some resolutions, but others are postponed. Thus resulting in the arrival of a new year, but the same old promises still persist.

The question is: why don't we channel this energy that we centralize at the time of a new chronological era into an era that we can define ourselves?

We should have that feeling of "tipping point" every day. At any moment, we could be willing to reach our goals, instead of waiting for the next 365 days to resolve for us.

Overview: The theory of the new car and the moment "Do you see that it won't work?"

Many people seek happiness in material things. We place our faith in possessions that the wheels of our lives will begin to turn. The author Geronimo Theml shows that this is not enough to satisfy the lack of enthusiasm in certain aspects of our lives.

It doesn't matter if you have a new car, a new generation mobile phone, or the most profitable job if you have no passion for what you do.

Geronimo Theml shares that Robert Kiyosaki, with his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", changed his view of the world and aroused in him the will to be an entrepreneur.

It was there that Geronimo saw the meaning of his existence. His job as a lawyer consumed him, his days were very busy and he was unable to organize himself to be productive.

Although the completion of some tasks provided a small accomplishment, he found himself increasingly displaced from his true will.

Why couldn't he reach his "tipping point"?

In the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo", the author elucidates two reasons that may explain the fact that people are powerless about personal fulfillment:

  1. Failing to do what is important to prioritize less important tasks;
  2. Having a very busy routine, which makes the day "not fit in 24 hours".

But how, then, can we achieve "level A" productivity? Keep reading the overviews to know more!

Overview: If it were easy, everyone would do it

In this chapter of the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo", the author Geronimo Theml brings a personal case of how he achieved the maximum level of productivity. Here are some lessons that he shares:

  • After several trials and errors, it is common to think that a new attempt will end in a new error;
  • At such times, we should not give in to self-sabotage. In another way, we must make sense of things in our life;
  • Replace the thought "Do you see that it won't work?" with "Everything is alright because if it were easy, everyone would do it.";
  • Productivity is linked between the effort you make and the results you get, not just the amount of results you get.

Overview: The lie before the truths

The author Geronimo Theml advises not to take home tasks from your work, or take your personal problems to work.

Otherwise, you will come to work with stress due to personal matters, or you will come home with a pile of things to do.

You need to ensure the balance between the different aspects of your life, including making the most of all the parts that make up your routine.

Overview: Productivity levels

If you want to know if you are being productive or not, check out the levels of productivity brought by the author Geronimo Theml in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo".

The chronic procrastinator (level D or E)

They are those people who are always putting off tasks that are really important to them.

Level E migrates from task to task and ends up doing nothing. Meanwhile, level D is that person who even gets to do some things, but they don't generate any personal or professional results.

The stone trawler (level C)

People of this type are known for generating results, but never having time.

They already have that routine with applied productivity techniques and believe to follow them well. Because they are getting achievements, they are convinced that they don't need to improve.

The author Geronimo Theml claims that what is actually happening is that the effort applied to get the achievements are so great that it often doesn't pay.

They abdicate their social life and health to perform functions that could have been performed more easily, if they tried to improve continuously. The result of this is bitterness in regrets and hides in excuses, to justify themselves.

The upper crust of productivity (level B or A)

They are people balanced in their tasks. They feel fulfilled both personally and professionally. Moreover, they are those who see their results and don't stagnate; they seek to conquer even more.

According to the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo", what differs from level B to level A is productivity, that is, the relationship between the outcome and the effort to achieve it.

Geronimo Theml exemplifies level A as that individual who always listens "Wow, how can you have such a good life? How do you get everything you want?"

Level A people have four solidly built pillars, which are:

  • Effective clarity;
  • Intelligent Productivity Method;
  • Winning mentality;
  • Mental and physical energies.

Overview: The eight truths about productivity

1. Being busy doesn't mean being productive

You need to make a schedule. The author Geronimo Theml suggests setting three to six alarms on your mobile phone.

Every time the alarm goes off, ask yourself if you are being productive or busy. If you are not, you will realize it in time to correct this behavior.

2. Tasks will never end

When we achieve a goal, we will seek to achieve greater goals, keeping it a habit. This is part of continuous improvement.

You can ask yourself: "Why can't I just stop after achieving something?".

Even if you are stagnant, you will have tasks to do. The difference is that you won't be doing anything productive.

3. If you don't have a schedule, you end up becoming the schedule of others

Get rid of the idea that you must be 100% accessible to others. Answering an email, answering a call right away makes you lose focus on what you were doing previously.

For this, the author Geronimo Theml presents a sequence of practical actions in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo":

  1. Disable notifications from your mobile phone;
  2. Define a time when you will be in charge of answering these pending issues;
  3. Create an emergency channel for those who know that you won't respond immediately to messages.

4. More important than speed is the direction

If we base ourselves on how much remains to reach our goal, it is very likely that we will be in despair, or think that we are still very far away.

The author Geronimo Theml recommends that you don't focus on what is missing, but on how far you have gone. You can write down in a piece of paper or say out loud all the points you have already advanced toward your goal.

5. The biggest energy thief is thinking about something when you can't do it

The charge usually arrives at the unwanted hours. The author Geronimo Theml calls this phenomenon "I have to" syndrome to report the event that you should avoid from now on.

Know that this is not healthy for your mind! Anxiety is stirred up, the mind is dispersed and we stop taking advantage of the now to pay attention to something unfeasible to be accomplished at that moment.

As it is recommended in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo", you should start using a deposit to keep your chores. A diary, a notebook, a notepad, as long as it's simple and gets you started now!

6. Don't treat exception as a rule

Many people tend to base their routines on unpredictable activities. The consequence of this is idle and disorganized days.

Geronimo Theml suggests creating an exception shift, that is, set aside a time in your day when you won't deal with commitments.

The idea is that if something unexpected happens, you will already have time to fit an exception. But don't make appointments on the exception shift!

7. Happiness is not a finish line. It is the way itself

We must stop seeing happiness as the goal of life. Many people, when they think of happiness, usually imagine the moment when they have the dream house, the dream job, and when they are successful.

In fact, we must value the things we have and what we are today. Happiness goes with those who are grateful for life. Don't live in the future or in the past. Enjoy the things that are present in your life, because, as the author reinforces in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo", everything is happening now.

8. If it were easy, everyone would do it

Failing to do something because it is difficult is not the right attitude. The idea is that you stop seeing things as obstacles or reasons to be depressed. Such a perception only inhibits us from accomplishing great deeds.

The author Geronimo Theml shares his life experience with the lesson of reframing things, even for something we see as good. The goal is to make events more and more favorable to our life.

You must take each challenge as an opportunity for growth. The world is constantly evolving, just like us.

Overview: The four pillars of productivity

Knowledge alone doesn't make you productive. Learn more about the four pillars of productivity mentioned by the author Geronimo Theml.

Effective clarity

Think of your goals as a puzzle. To find the right piece you must have a few things in mind. How to view the image of your puzzle piece?

  • The image must be aligned with your principles, mission, and life purpose;
  • It must meet the following "essential elements of happiness": personal, professional, and financial achievements, and balance;
  • You must view this image in a specific and concrete way;
  • You must have a set deadline to complete this puzzle.

The Intelligent Productivity Method

The application of this method consists of treating productivity from macro (your visualized image) to micro (daily tasks). See more details presented in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo":

  • Weekly cycle: Set aside 15 minutes of your week to balance the different roles in your life on the "Productivity A sheet":
  1. Equilibrium role: more priority functions of attention;
  2. Proactive role: concrete functions that bring you closer to your goal;
  3. Miscellaneous roles: they don't fit the roles defined above, but they also need to be performed (treatment of habits, for example);
  • Each of these roles represents a quadrant of the "Productivity A sheet", with the Equilibrium role being the most important;
  • In the daily scenario, define the focus of the day and five activities extracted from the items in the weekly cycle;
  • Avoid distractions that can get you out of the main direction;
  • At the end of your day, grade it and reflect on what you learned during the day;
  • Highlight three events that happened on your day that you are grateful for;
  • It is also at the end of your day that you should complete this sheet, and never at the beginning of the following day.


After setting up your "Productivity A sheet", it's time to set up your production schedule.

  • Dispose all your daily tasks to the calendar, in no order of priority.
  • Gather these tasks into similarity blocks.
  • Distribute such defined blocks by shift (morning, afternoon, and evening) during the week.

Winning Mindset

Along the way, you will go through many challenges. In many instances, a part of you may want to give up, but it is essential that you don't listen to this voice.

You need to counterattack this voice. Remember the "If it were easy, everyone would do it"? The author Geronimo Theml reveals that he adopted this sentence in his life to counter such demotivating phrases.

He says that if we don't neutralize negative thoughts, we will allow them to settle in our lives as an absolute truth.

Instead of thinking about the problem, think about the solution.


Physical or emotional stress prevents us from achieving our goals.

And sometimes even this tiredness hits during the day, reducing our productivity. But you must educate your body and your mind.

See some practices presented in the book "Produtividade Para Quem Quer Tempo" that help you stay productive:

  • Walk and sit with a correct posture;
  • Prioritize decisions that are really important;
  • Adopt a daily routine;
  • Drink water regularly.

What do other authors say about it?

Tamara Myles, in the book "The Secret to Peak Productivity", teaches you how to organize the space where you work until you know how to decide what is most important and how to get closer to your life goals.

In "Deep Work", the author Cal Newport argues that in work and personal life, the focus provides enormous benefits. He also presents four rules for transforming your work.

Finally, in the book "Make Time", the authors Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky teach several tactics for you to be able to optimize your time.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Reflect on your life: "Are you where you want to be?";
  • Be clear when defining your tasks;
  • Make it happen now! Every day is a day to get closer to your success;
  • Neutralize negative thoughts so as not to create self-sabotage;
  • Organize your tasks in order of priority by "Productivity Sheet";
  • Carefully review the truths about productivity;
  • Practice a routine for your daily life;
  • Take care of yourself and dream big.

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