Segredos da Alta Performance - Douglas de Matteu, Raquel Fonseca

Segredos da Alta Performance - Douglas de Matteu, Raquel Fonseca

The most valuable secrets have been revealed and now you can learn how to be a high performance leader, opening up to new perspectives and facing your obstacles as great opportunities.

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Why can't all professionals reach the top? There are good leaders and high performance leaders. What differs one of the other is the way they see themselves and the world. Douglas de Matteu and Raquel Fonseca will help you to see the world differently with the book "Segredos da Alta Performance".

The high performance leader is always open to new perspectives and changes around them. They see their obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth.

But don't think that these leaders work 24 hours a day to obtain great results. They know how to manage their routine and have a healthy mind, because they know that their body is a temple, and they must set aside time for leisure activities.

Got interested to become this high performance leader? Stay with us and discover how!

About the book "Segredos da Alta Performance"

"Segredos da Alta Performance", brings together renowned writers and professionals specializing in Coaching, business and public management in order to pass on their valuable secrets to become a high performance person.

The Brazilian book was published in 2018, by Literare Books International, and has 303 pages. The book counts on a duo of weight in the editorial coordination: the master coach Douglas de Matteu and Raquel Fonseca, and many others references in the coach area.

About the author Douglas de Matteu and Raquel Fonseca

Douglas de Matteu is a master coach trainer and holds a Ph. D. from Florida Christian University, FCU, in the United States. He is President Director of IAPerforma (High Human Performance Institute).

He also teaches at FATEC and FCU about coaching courses, teaching in Brazil, United States and Japan. In Brazil, he represents SYPERSONA and the International School of Business and Coaching.

Raquel Fonseca is also a master coach trainer and has a PhD in Art and Philosophy of Coaching from FCU. She acts as a speaker around the country and is coordinator and trainer in FORMACOACH, giving Christian spiritual focus.

To whom is this book indicated?

This book is recommended for all leaders that pretend to be high performance person, achieving great results through coaching techniques.

Main ideas of the book "Segredos da Alta Performance"

  • The benefit of coaching to the development of high performance leaders;
  • How to have balance and generate extraordinary results;
  • How to become an extraordinary person;
  • The pillars to work at maximum performance;
  • How to see opportunities of the world.

In this summary, we will explain the 4 points addressed to obtain a high performance: coaching, leadership, behavior and results.

Download the "Segredos da Alta Performance" Book Summary in PDF for free

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[Book Summary] Os Segredos da Alta Performance - Douglas de Matteu, Raquel Fonseca, et al.

Overview: Coaching

One of the secrets of high performance, under the vision of coach Ana Karina Braga, is to get away from limiting beliefs. For this, it is necessary that the person is well resolved with their past, understand their present and focus on what they desire for the future.

The practice of coaching also helps to achieve success in the public security career, according to Antonio Gilvando de Souza. The key points are:

  • Cohesive teams and mutual trust;
  • Clear and accurate objectives;
  • Shared knowledge among individuals;
  • Discipline in initiative;
  • Prudence with risks.

Speaker and educational coach Débora Pires says the results depend as much on the coach as on who is being prepared. Douglas Siqueira, on the other hand, applies his coaching in sports with a focus on preparing an armored mind, overcoming obstacles such as:

  • The fear of losing;
  • Worry about what the others will say;
  • Difficult emotions with the family;
  • The past;
  • Low self-confidence.

Francisca Magalhães quotes vital definitions for those who want to achieve their goals in the business field, among them we have:

  • SWOT analysis: the acronym stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a tool designed to apply improvement strategies to the company or individual in question;
  • Rapport/Rapport of soul: the French word means empathy. Establishing rapport generates trust and harmony between you and the other person;
  • Flexibility: try other methods to do something you are successful; success can prevent the use of flexibility.

Overview: Leadership

Annelise Fonseca da Cruz, master coach, says that the main secret of high performance is intentionality. Know what you want to do, where you want to get, what you are willing to do to be the best and what you can do today, because you will be on the way to be a brilliant leader.

The corporate manager (MBA) Farias Souza points out that knowing how to say "no" is one of the powers of being the best in the game. By this way we gain the respect of other people, especially the self-respect for what we believe and are willing to do. Saying "yes" to please others can waste your time, health, mood and money.

Marcelo Simonato, also an MBA in business management, says that what makes a person extraordinary consists of three elements:

  1. Strategy: to draw your strategy, observe an exemplary leader who has won a similar challenge and copy it, adapting to your reality;
  2. Story: stop justifying your failures with limitations, build a positive line of reasoning and you will be one of the few who can get to the top;
  3. Status: nurture positive feelings to change the way you see your story. If you think you are not capable, you will never think you are capable of changing and achieving your goals.

Overview: Behavior

Coach Carla Alessandra Branca Aguiar points out that lack of planning can lead to a suffocating routine. When we are aware of what we have to do, we make the most of our time, leisure and recreation. If we let life take us without changing our ways, we are more likely to make the same mistakes as always.

Coach in spiritual intelligence and graduated in medicine from UFBA, Cynthia Barros gives 10 tips on how to build resilience:

  1. Affective bonds: leaders and people, in general, have great relationships with family and friends;
  2. Seek help and help those in need;
  3. Crises: avoid dealing with your problems as if there were no solutions;
  4. Changes: understand that some things don't change, so you can focus on what can be modified/improved;
  5. Objectives: draw up plans and goals to achieve what you want;
  6. Practicality: staying still doesn't add up to anything. Solve your problems, don't wait for them to disappear;
  7. Self-knowledge: tragedies happen to everyone. Take advantage of them to extract something good and grow personally;
  8. Self-confidence: recognizing your abilities helps you deal with your problems more effectively;
  9. Aim for the future: the past is behind us. Even if you have difficult times in the present, try to focus on long-term results;
  10. Self-care: take time to do activities that invigorate your mind and body so that you can be resilient with others.

Eulália Aragão highlights the fact that knowledge is not everything to have a high performance. It is necessary to tie it to wisdom, experience, and prudence. The speaker adds that it is important you be always motivated, to make it happen.

Raquel Fonseca, the editorial coordinator of this book, defends her point that people who rely on the behavior of others to define their relationships don't allow themselves to accept the other person as they are.

The master coach and speaker says that behaviors are copied, while relationships must be built and cultivated. Raquel gives some tips to improve relationships:

  • Develop your skills;
  • Joy is a by-product of kindness acts. Choose to live happily;
  • Words have power. Be aware of your personal style to develop your communication in the right way;
  • Have hope that the best is to come and celebrate your current achievements.

Overview: Results

The coaches Adriana Grossi and Simone Lopes state that it is necessary to have positive thoughts and attitudes. Caring for spirituality and doing physical activities are also invigorating for the soul. In this way, you have a healthy mind and good health to successfully achieve high performance.

The mind is a tool that has incredible power. Anderson Barbosa says that in order to change our results, we must change what comes into our minds. Choosing good information leads the mind to generate good feelings, which consequently lead us to new a conduct and, ultimately, new results.

The editorial coordinator behind this book, Douglas de Matteu, shares his valuable secrets to achieve better results, both professional and personal:

  • Don't seek for happiness: take it with you wherever you go;
  • Make a habit of gratitude;
  • Invest in self-knowledge;
  • Take note of its principles: to be aligned with its values is to walk on the opposite path to unhappiness;
  • Your beliefs are your reality: if you have beliefs that limit you, your results will also be limited. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to change your belief, you will open doors to new results;
  • Live your life purpose: not living what motivates you make your life seem meaningless;
  • Self-awareness: know who you are, what you want to be, take responsibility for your emotions and results;
  • Long live the present: "Anxiety means the excess of future. Depression, the excess of the past". It is in the present that we determine the results of the future;
  • Perception and keen senses: be more attentive, observe the environment around you and think beyond your field of vision;
  • Have a champion mind: the master coach quotes the book "Mindset: the new psychology of success", to explain that having a fixed mindset, staying defensive and being resistant to change does not help in improving results. Liking challenges and seeing obstacles as learning opportunities are actions of growth mindset and characteristics of high performance people;
  • Determine your thoughts and feelings: when we feel negative things, we manage negative results. Allow yourself to be flexible and aligned with your body and your feelings, always with your head held high;
  • Know your value as a person;
  • Respect the order of love: learn to forgive and move on; learn to give love and, most importantly, learn to receive it. Live fairly and respect others.

What do other authors say about it?

In the recommended "Everybody Matters", the authors Bob Chopman and Raj Sisodia explore how true leaders must continually study to develop those around them so that they also become excellent leaders who believe and value people.

In the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie brings teachings of interpersonal relationships, defending the importance of gaining people's trust and then influencing them so that the person becomes more captivating, persuasive and efficient.

In the book "The Leadership Pipeline", Ram Charam emphasizes that functional leaders need to manage certain areas that are outside their specialty. Therefore, they need not only to try to understand this different work but also learn value it.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

The coaches' secrets, as we have seen in this summary, are essentially practical tips. Because, in short, the big secret of high performance is to do it!

So take all the coaching, leadership and behavior tips to get the best results and practice it in your work and life.

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